Our Client, and Author J. C. Belgard


Joel Photo for author page

J. C. Belgard has have been writing for as long as he can recall. Even before he ever had the idea to put any of his ideas on paper he’s been regaling stories. It’s what he does he told us.   We sense it is the Author’s natural compulsion and comes driven from the creative spirit within, he was born with.


Joel has a love for telling stories and the craft of writing them down, and he has yet so very many to tell. His particular passion has always been for Fantasy / Sci-Fi though; and loves the freehand in being able to bend the reality somewhat.


Only since recently he came to the rather sudden realization that the rest of the world might also like to read them. Since then, he’s been very prolific in the distribution of  samples of his work.  He now claims a small but growing and fiercely loyal following of his works that he distributes though e-mail.


He did have a live blog at one time, where he would feed a couple of pages a time for his faithful fan base following,  but is currently focusing and expending all of his efforts on publication, and which he has now achieved with the “ERAS’ STORY”.  Nothing will stop him from succeeding he avowed us and his words were fulfilled.  It seems that J. C.’s  persistence is legendary and he very much hopes you will enjoy having a read of his first book out and sold in Kindle format at Amazon.com  Paper is to follow.  We urged J. C. to submit the rest of his planned works so he can build up that impressive literary portfolio we believe he is capable of, providing us with much entertainment and great unique visuals and colorful, sentimental imagery, created by choice narrative for your reading enjoyment.


More about this author in the months to follow!  We wish him the best of success and consideration for film representation at some time in the future is definitely an option.



ERAS STORY cover J C Belgard

Product Details
Print Length: 173 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: LadyBee Publishing (November 3, 2015)
Publication Date: November 3, 2015
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.


Eras is the youngest Archmage in history. Her power and skills with magic are unheard of. Still, even with all her power, can an eighteen year old girl really live up to the station of Archmage?

When she falls into a whirlwind romance with a devilishly handsome young man from Zal, will she have the strength to save him from the darkness to come?


There are things in the world that Reality itself refused to acknowledge. Things that even Eras, with all her perfect scores from the academy has no knowledge of. What will happen when one of these Forgotten creatures threatens to take away everything the young Archmage holds dear?

“Eras, I read the book.” Roth was solemn as he spoke but he hugged Eras back just as tightly.
“So what? I forgive you. We can move past this.”
Roth sighed. “It’s more complicated than that. You have a Forgotten One inside you. I’ve seen it with my own eyes now. I will not let you become one of those creatures.”
Eras shook her head violently. “No it’s not true! I feel perfectly fine.” Eras was clinging tightly now, her knuckles turning white.
“Eras, I love you and I promise I will find a way to save you but right now I need some time to think.”
Eras shook her head again. “When will you listen to me!? I don’t need saving!”

Roth gently pulled her away from him and held her shoulders at arm’s length. “I wish I could believe that but I’ve seen things now that I’ll never be able to forget. Visions of creatures the world was right to forget about. Please just trust me. I need some time.” Hot tears began to roll down Eras’ face as she shook her head again.

“What do you mean? You’re not leaving are you?!” Thunder rumbled in the distant darkening sky and the first drops of rain began to fall.

“I don’t know yet. But please give me some time to think.” Eras’ tears began to fall in large heavy drops and the rain followed her example. Long minutes passed with only the sound of the rain to drown away the silence. Roth let go of her shoulders and stared out over the city. Eras could control herself no longer and ran down the stairs, her tears copiously falling without restraint.



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Our Client, and Author Palomo Palacios

Category: Film Option Agreement signed with UK Film production company

The “Dear James” Project is now in pre-production




Palomo Palacios Picture for author page.pdf_page_2Palomo Palacios Picture at 100% cropped (2)


PALOMO PALACIOS, is one of the most humblest and endearing human beings I have had the pleasure to serve  (gorgeous then as a young man, and even more so today looking very suave and dashing, while attending one of his public functions  in bowtie and formal evening attire).  PALACIOS emigrated to The United States from Mexico at a young age. Having  grown up with very limited means and with only his dreams to back up his courage, he flew to New York with only twenty dollars in his pocket.


He took on a job in a hotel where he washed dishes, and then became a Porter.  From there he eventually graduated to the position of Doorman in a very posh residential building that opened his eyes to a world he never knew.


He also became a silent witness to the secret lives of the rich, the famous and the powerful. Years later, Palacios worked his way from becoming a hair stylist into owning and managing his own salon and ladies’ boutique, where he got to intimately observe human behavior, interactions and relationships at their best and most controversial.


Utilizing his gifts and his unique experiences, he authored several books that regaled interesting stories that, although were written mostly as fiction; were inspired by real  life events he witnessed as a distant observing bystander. Palacios is a natural creative who is ever spurred on by the compulsion to keep on writing about what he knows, and masterly turns his works into, if somewhat controversial and not least, extremely ‘risque’, yet impacting and heart stirring stories that were written as fiction, but were for the most part based on actual events.


The controversial characters in Palacios’ novels reflect the times and lives of the individuals he became closely acquainted with, when he was at the height of what had built into successful career in the hairdressing industry, catering to the needs of the many celebrities and well known personalities and those involved in the entertainment sectors  who frequented his salon during his time, as a well respected, and much sought after  professional in the industry.



  •  Confessions of Carlos, Emilio

The Author also has five other, but still as yet incomplete Novels which shall make for riveting reading.  We look eagerly forward to all of Palomo’s works as each project has been translated into English and targeted to the English reading market.



GENRE:    Drama, Erotic, Romance for General / LGTB Mature Reading Audiences

Publisher: Solstice Publishing 


Dear James Written by Palomo Palacios

“Dear James”
Written by Palomo Palacios


James Bowden, an Air Force Colonel, seems to have it all. Everything is going as normal as it can be until he falls in love with the most unexpected person who, even James himself was not ready for. He knows that following his heart means going against the rules of convention and the grain of society as to what was considered morally acceptable or not in minds of society in general. Can he keep faithful and live up to cherishing the love that he knows, everyone will despise and incriminate him for?

This is one of such stories, of a man who dared to explore the unknown, then follow his heart into an area of the  human  condition that was considered ‘taboo’ and was severely frowned upon by society, and allowed himself to venture into the forbidden…


Excerpt from the Novel:

” Dear James! Accepting your relationship with the one you love so deeply, didn’t come easy for me either, but I eventually did because my love for you both is much greater than my views and principles. 

Your love may have been controversial, but could I blame you both for following your hearts? No, my dear James, it was far better than not having loved at all.”

Your best friend,

Gen. Frank Bowden Snr. (Ret.)


“DEAR JAMES” , is a moving and heartrending love story, presented by the many colorful, wonderful, beautiful, but mostly lovable and endearing characters who will occupy a place in the hearts of readers.   Once the book has been read to the last closing pages, readers will never forget them.  Their memories shall echo in the minds of many discerning readers for years to come.

AIM:   This work has been contracted for film or a possible Cable TV/Feature film presentation by an independent UK Producer, working the Hollywood circuit.

AUTHOR INTERVIEW By “YOUNG” himself, Creator of “The Harem Boy Saga Series” Published by Solstice Publishing, for which a  Film Contract has been secured with an independent UK Producer, operating in Hollywood.
Author Interview has been booked for April, 2016 with Author “Young” for:-

Your latest/current work:

Release Date:
FEBRUARY 25th, 2016


1. Tell us about your latest book about to be released and can you give us a teaser?

More information can be found on my Author page created by my Agent

Excerpt Teaser

“DEAR JAMES”, is the story of a man who explored the unknown and allowed
himself to venture to the forbidden. A controversial love story with a soul.
James Bowden, an Air Force Colonel, seems to have it all. Everything is going as normal
as it can be until he falls in love with the most unexpected person who, even James
himself was not ready for. He knows that following his heart means going against the
rules of convention and the grain of society as to what was considered morally
acceptable or not in minds of society in general. Can he keep faithful and live up to
cherishing the love that he knows, everyone will despise and incriminate him for.
This is one of such stories, of a man who dared to explore the unknown, then follow his
heart into an area of the human condition that was considered ‘taboo’ and was severely
frowned upon by society, and allowed himself to venture into the forbidden…

5. Where can readers find your books?

Printed copies signed by the author will be available at BIJOUX in The Waikiki Shopping
Plaza, # 211A, 2nd Floor, 2250 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, HI. 96815
Where readers can place their order for the “Dear James” book, with Mr. Joseph Ko,
Contact Email: kokojoe48@yahoo.com

6. What do you think are the biggest challenges for the type of writing that you do?

My concern is that readers get to discover the feelings and the emotions in the
characters I have created by given them life in my novels. Its very important to me
and try to reach into my character’s soul.
8. How did you get started in writing?

As a nine years-old-boy in my small hometown in Mexico, I used to write letters to
people who never had the opportunity to go to school, or ask the assistance of their
relatives. They also did not know how to express their thoughts, and this is when I
started using my imagination in writing my stories even as a young boy, and in a sense I
I am grateful to those people , who have indirectly helped me in developing and
nurturing my love for writing.

9. Where and how can readers get in touch with you?

I will be grateful to hear from the readers their critique, advice or some compliment
I believe any feedback would a benefit to improve my work.
Contact Email: palomo.palacios9@gmail.com

10. So with your latest work released/or being released, what comes next?
What can we expected from you in the future?

Future Titles:

Life After James
Betrayal And Revenge
Hidden Lives
Only Human
Confessions Of Carlos
The Maid
The Window Of Her Soul

11. How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing?

There is a part of me in every one of my novels directly or indirectly, by nature
I am a shy person, I have tried to overcome it but I have not succeeded, at the
same time I have discovered that being shy I concentrate all my attention in other
people’s worlds, and that has helped me to go deep into my characters that I have

12. Do you have a set schedule for writing or do you go just with the flow?

I am retired now, and the clock became not as important as it was when it was ruling
every step of my life, now I am writing as my moods and inspiration allow me,
At any time of day and night.

14. What about you in general? What makes you tick? Makes you you? Things
you like to do and what prompted you in writing?

When I was a young man I fell in love deeply with the popular girl in town, but
I was not reciprocated and I was hurting inside, at that time I started to write about
my sadness and suffering, then I started feeling a healing by writing about it
without sharing my inert feelings with anyone. What makes me me?…There was
this humble woman in Mexico, who as a child, had lost her parents and she grew up
in the care of her very strict aunties. She was full of wisdom and life’s knowledge
and and had a natural instinct and intelligence bout many things, even without
the benefit of any scholarly education, and I was very lucky to know her, and will always
be grateful for her guidance in my life,and I am so very proud of her, and its a privilege
to be her son.

15. Among your own books, have you a favorite Hero or Heroine?

‘DEAR JAMES’ is my first book, I have written nine manuscripts and in everyone
there is a Hero and a Heroine, In this one JASON is my Hero, he is his own
man, he knows what he wants in life and he has my admiration.

16. Where do you see yourself in five years?

I do believe that life is a thief of time at any age, and honestly in my life I was never
sure about “The Tomorrows” but always been thankful and grateful for “The Todays”
and for me its “The Present” what counts.

20. Have you ever experienced Writer’s Block? If so how did you work through it?

I am not sure if I should call it a Writer’s Block, When I am not completely satisfied
I immediately stop writing, and by the next day I have a much better approach into
my story.

22. Anything else you’d like to tell our readers?

The unknown readers will be the judges of my work and not my friends who may
be kind to me, I respect and believe any comments coming from the readers,
because in the final analysis it will improve my writing, and for this I am grateful.

23. Lastly, do you have any words of encouragement for unpublished writers?

Please believe deeply and without a doubt about the work that you have created
and don’t feel down because someone has rejected your work, keep in mind
that many wonderful books and unforgettable movies were turned down before they
were discovered by a more talented publisher and movie producer.
At the end the losers were the one’s who do not believe in your work.



Copies of The “Dear James” novel, will also be stocked for Readers’ convenience, by Joe Ko, Owner of the BIJOUX Jewelry Boutique, in The Waikiki Shopping Plaza, # 211A, 2nd Floor, 2250 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, HI. 96815

BJOU Jewelry Hawai



The work known as “Dear James” was originally written in the Author’s native tongue, Spanish, and  later translated  into English. Ghostwritten contributions throughout the work were provided by Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert. This work is now optioned to film with a UK Film company, working the Hollywood circuit, and the preproduction preliminary processes are already in full force as we speak.

“Dear James”, one of those stories which took me thoroughly by surprise, made a huge impact on me personally, and became a project I wanted to be part of and contribute to.  “Dear James” (as  all Palomo’s novels are) was loosely based on the Author’s personal encounters over the labyrinth of his life’s rather amazing journey, while working in Hollywood, and Manhattan NYC, the people he befriended and became acquainted with.  We would categorize and rank this tale as ‘controversial’ by all accounts; and may by some readers, be considered questionable content.  It will have its critics also.

However, the core characters (all wonderful creations brought magnificently to life by this sensitive and most talented author, in a most personable and unforgettable way, are real, endearing, heartrending, home hitting and again...unforgettable.  Especially where the diversity of gender issues, values on love and romance, loyalty and devotion comes into play, this story, once read, will remain indelibly imprinted upon the reader’s mind .

Palomo is currently working on the sequel “Life After James”, and I shall again feel very privileged to be able to contribute my share of ghostwriting services to make this work and Palomo’s future works and unique creations, the best they can be. For me personally, I can’t wait to read “Life After James”, as I had wanted to find somehow, ‘closure’ to “Dear James”, and now we will find that peace and fulfillment very soon.   The social conscious awareness issues and quests within the pages of this book, which touch succinctly and dramatically upon the more tender gender diversity issues and elements, and which run parallel in all of the Author’s works, they are of significant importance to the author personally, and were forged from the heart.

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Our Client, and Author Shawna Ryan

Category:  Literary and Film representation projects of quality



Shawna Ryan pic.

Shawna Ryan, a wonderful and very special  human being writes about what she knows.  Ever consistent and unwavering in her approach to her work, and somewhat of a perfectionist until she gets it 100% perfect, perhaps an attribute and acquired skill whilst learning the disciplines studying for her law degree, has produced another wonderful literary creation in the form of her “KINGDOM Series project, and certainly deserves to be read.


Shawna Ryan was born and raised in the Northwest, United States.   After obtaining her law degree, she was a corporate attorney and a trial attorney. She retired from practice so she would have time to write. She has always been interested in the philosophies of religion and enjoys researching and writing about the histories behind them. She is a descendant of Catholics, Mormons, Methodists, Baptists, and other Protestants and tries to be both critical and objective about them all.


The inspirations for the research that led to the  “KINGDOM” project were Shawna’s great grandmothers, who converted to Mormonism in 1854 and who were among the first European converts to immigrate to Utah. Some of the anecdotes on which KINGDOM was based are theirs.


It gives us therefore great pleasure in proudly being able to present Shawna Ryan to readership not only in the USA, but globally.  As Shawna is not new to writing and has already achieved to produce a very compelling Trilogy which has drawn some very positive critique from appreciative quarters.  The  “KINGDOM” series  is Shawna’s  fourth thriller.   She is also the author of  Destiny’s Damned, Satan’s Scat, and Triumvirate of the Damned, a thriller trilogy. 

Douglas Preston, author of Blasphemy,  et. al. said of the trilogy:  “Destiny Damned “ series by Shawna Ryan is an outstanding trilogy — shocking and fast-paced, full of interesting characters, twists, turns and surprises.  I  highly recommend it.”   The ForeWord CLARION Reviews said that Triumvirate of  the Damned is a multi-layered story that surpasses the predictable formulaic  religious conspiracy thrillers that currently glut the market.”

Patricia Harrington, Mystery author, said: In Satan’s Scat, the second book in Shawna Ryan’s thriller trilogy, the author continues the page turner pace she established in Destiny’s Damned.  ForeWord CLARION Reviews said of the trilogy:  “Despite the immediate similarities to the works of Dan Brown, Ryan has created a truly thrilling and entertaining series that is as original and insightful as anything in the genre.”

In researching the material for “KINGDOM”, Shawna utilized her skills as an attorney.  The inspirations for the research that led to “KINGDOM” were her  great grandmothers, who converted to Mormonism in 1854 and who were among the first European converts to immigrate to Utah. Some of the anecdotes on which  “KINGDOM” Series was based are theirs.

We have included a Synopsis (below) for your attention, and Author Biography, as well as a Chapter Summary as per attachment.  We are able to provide you with a copy of the  completed manuscript upon your request.


We urge all discerning readers of fine books offering suspense, tension and thrills, and a birdseye view into the lives of the characters the “KINGDOM Series Book One & Two embraces, to purchase a copy without delay.



Kingdom Kindle Edition


Kingdom Book 1


  • File Size: 2206 KB
  • Print Length: 371 pages
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publisher: Solstice Horizons (March 19, 2014)
  • Genre: Adult Fiction/historial Thriller


Mormon Fundamentalists are fulfilling their Prophet’s dream: – slicing a Kingdom out of the United States.


To build its Kingdom, the Church demands its men murder and torture men, women and children of all religions, even its own. Mormon priests require from Church members complete and utter obedience to every order they issue. The penalty for refusal is torture and death. The Mormons openly claim as their territory most of the United State territories west of the Rocky Mountains. They threaten and abuse Federal officials and judges. They drive out Gentiles.


The Mormons declare war on the United States and President Buchanan sends an army against them. To ensure the loyalty of Church members, the Church conducts a reign of terror against its members, reorganizing a group of vigilante murderers they once called the Sons of Dan to ritually kill anyone who disobeys or is disloyal. The revived Sons of Dan murder Gentiles as well.



Kingdom Book 2 Kindle Edition

Kingdom Book 2 Cover

Product Details

  • File Size: 1442 KB
  • Print Length: 353 pages
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1625262221
  • Publisher: Solstice Shadows (May 22, 2015)
  • Publication Date: May 22, 2015
  • Publication Date: March 19, 2014
  • Genre: Adult Fiction/historial Thriller


Requiring their men to murder men, women and children, including their own, for salvation, the Mormons plot to fulfill their Prophet’s dream: – to slice a Kingdom of their own out of the United States


In the present: Wayne has developed the protocol for achieving their Prophet’s dream. Yet his co-conspirators ritually murder him and kidnap his wife, Kim. Kim’s sister, attorney Sharon Marshall, hunts for them with Alex Caldwell, a New York Post investigative reporter, and Kevin James, an authority on mythology. The only object stolen from Wayne and Kim’s house is an urn with Egyptian hieroglyphics. The only clue to their disappearances is a gold medallion Wayne was hiding, even from Kim.

Hank Blanchard, a Gentile friend of Wayne’s, is attacked by one of the fundamentalists. He stabs his attacker, is jailed for it, and is murdered in his cell. As Sharon, Alex and Kevin search for Wayne and Kim, they, too, are hunted.

Mormon priests require from Church members complete and utter obedience to every order they issue. The penalty for refusal is torture and death. The Mormons openly claim as their territory most of the United State territories west of the Rocky Mountains. They threaten and abuse Federal officials and judges. They drive out Gentiles. The Mormons declare war on the United States, and President Buchanan sends an army against them. To ensure the loyalty of Church members, the Church conducts a reign of terror against its members, reorganizing a group of vigilante murderers they once called the Sons of Dan to ritually kill anyone who disobeys or is disloyal. In the present, the Sons of Dan have revived and murder Gentiles as well.







“KINGDOM” Book Two

By Shawna Ryan

Published by Solstice Shadows.


“Interweaving 1850s Utah with various present-day locales, this sequel continues the bloody back story of religious extremists as they battle to create the 21st century’s “perfect” race. Combining all the tropes of mainstream action-adventure, this book delivers a bloody fusillade of murder, betrayal, historically rooted agendas, and contemporary political corruption. Part Clive Cussler, part Michael Crichton, with just a dash of Thomas Harris….”Kirkus Reviews


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Our Client, and Author Terry Farricker


Photo author page


Terry Farricker, an up and coming very talented UK Author, has lots to offer our readers partial to literature set in the supernatural realm.

As in Terry’s own words during an interview, he was born on the outskirts of Manchester in the UK in 1965. As he came into the world mankind was again showing the heights to which our worldly progress and development can aspire as Soviet cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov became the first man to walk in space, and the depths to which it all too often falls, as the first combat troops arrived in Vietnam.


The Author was educated in an ordinary secondary school and was a spectacularly average student.  His only real ability seeming to lie in his propensity towards writing. So he thus began to write.  He remembers thinking from an early age, what a wonderful thing it would be to compose a story using nothing more than a pen, a sheet of paper and his imagination, and then have someone read it and actually be affected by it.


That maxim still holds true for Terry today, and is the single most motivating factor in his life.  This motivation and determination was reinforced by reading a quote from Alan Alda, Be brave enough to live creatively. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. You can only get there by hard work, by risking and by not quite knowing what you are doing. What you will discover will be wonderful: Yourself


So, ludicrously, the Author relates, he began work in the financial sector.  He still functions  in that field today; although each day he finds himself drifting between the mundane reality of his profession, but in the hope that, one day he will count himself among the celebrities literary achiever as a full time author; and one who can actually boast procuring a living from purely just writing his books.


The greatest achievement in the Author’s  life is being a father to his cherished son. and maintains that his child is his inspiration; his consolation through disenchantment, the antidote to disillusionment and the reason he is still able to smile at disappointment.

He awoke on his forty-fifth birthday with the idea for a book. The premise was given him during a dream he explained, by one of the protagonists in the story and almost related to the Author page by page.     He sat at his PC the next morning and mused, I’m not a writer! I can’t write a book!  Some measure self doubt that crept in and so often assails many new authors when embarking on a writing career.  Nevertheless, not swayed by that momentary twinge of self doubt, Terry started writing regardless. And the strange thing is, each time he finished another segment he simply closed his eyes and found himself sat in a cinema, watching the next section of his book unfolding before his mind’s eye.


Four years and four books later the Author is still sat in that cinema watching his stories unfold, and told us that as yet, he has nothing to show for this adventure.  But curiously, he feels still now that does not seem to be the point. The point appears to be, as Mr Alda said, being brave enough to live creatively, leaving that city of your comfort, going into the wilderness of your intuition, risking not quite knowing what you are doing and, ultimately, discovering that something wonderful, yourself.


We are thankful that Terry Farricker revealed himself, and came out of his hiding place.  His first book “SPAWN OF MAN” – Rebirth, in the Series of 2 more sequels planned (Book 2 now completed) and waiting to go into print in the not so distant future as a publishing contract was secured for him recently.


We are proud to count Terry Farricker as one among our numerous clientele.  We believe that Terry’s books may well present as suitable film material, the representation of which we will be discussing with the Author once the complete series of “Spawn of Man” books are published and for readers to enjoy.





Terry Farricker Spawn of Man Cover

Product Details

File Size: 1290 KB
Print Length: 256 pages
Publisher: Solstice Shadows (October 30, 2015)
Publication Date: October 30, 2015
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English


The final battle that will decide if humanity survives or if it falls, will not take place on the battlefields of Earth, but on the planes of the Afterlife. And one woman holds the destiny of Humankind in her hands; torn between the love for her child and the burden of confronting the source of all evil that pursues her through the fantastical landscape of the dead.



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Our Client, and Author Consuella Harris

Consuella Harris headshot

Category: Destined for Literature & Film




Consuella Harris, was born on January 13, 1947, one of five children.  She was raised in Washington, D. C.  After completing high school, Consuella was offered a typist position with the local telephone company.  At nineteen the Author got married and moved to Cleveland, Oho.  She had one daughter born on January 1, 1967.  After living in Cleveland for three years, in 1970 her husband was offered a position in Washington, D. C., so they relocated back to my hometown.

While in Cleveland, Consuella began her writing journey, and wrote satire articles on race relations in America.  After six years working in secretarial positions which the Author did not consider find satisfying to boost her natural sense of creativity, realized that she wanted more meaningful work that would offer her a sense of achievement in progress.  For the next six years Consuella began seeking a professional position and undertook college courses, however, she didn’t have a degree which made her feel somewhat lacking in her journey towards the great goals she had set for herself.   In 1970, the Author was offered the opportunity to train for a position as a contract monitor.  Subsequently, over the next thirteen years, she held various positions and accepted a position in Human Resources in the area of Classification.

She divorced my husband when her daughter was eight and began raising her child as a single parent.  Based on professional and management courses and supplemental college courses, Consuella was promoted to her first management job in 1980, and worked as the Administrator for Community correctional programs and retired as a Human Resource Director for the City of Greenbelt in Maryland.

In 1975, Consuella was asked to write an original play for presentation in the Maryland Bicentennial Celebration in 1976.  She wrote the Play, entitled “Invisible, But I Am Somebody.”  The play was produced by a local County Community College.  In 1980, Consuella saw a television show on the 60-Minute series about surrogate mothers, and this inspired her greatly to write more about this very, if at that time, controversial subject.  Thus was born the book, The Surrogates.

Over the years, Consuella attended Lincoln University, still keen to achieve her dreams and aspiration to undertake higher education levels, and obtained a Master’s Degree in Human Services, and graduated in 1991.  We here at the Agency are kind of astounded by the perseverance, aim of purpose and the tenacity of the Author, to never distance herself far from her aspirations to achieve the highest levels of learning, but despite the convoluted labyrinth her life’s journey took, along with her gains and losses, ups and downs, nevertheless did achieve what she’d set out to do, not leaving ‘age’ stand in her way.  I have been greatly inspired by this wonderful lady.    Through several rewrites, many edits, the book has remained her primary focus.  We imagine we will see more books planned on this amazing subject by Consuella.

Today, Consuella is still as devoted to this story subject now published, as she was in 1980.  Today, I’m fortunate to be the mother of one, Grandmother of five children, and Great Grandmother.



Consulla Harris The Surrogates cover


The deaths of two prominent businessmen on the same day of heart attacks is at first declared to be of natural causes. No investigation happens until a former law clerk hires an investigator to check into these murders, and the connection to the Lake Shore Parenting Group. Three women became surrogate mothers through this group and their children were adopted by five couples. Once the information about their births is revealed to them, it sets in motion events none had anticipated. The investigation into these families, their lives, and those behind the events changes everything they believe. Yet, there is still a murderer on the loose, unless the intrepid investigator can bring that person to justice.


Product Details
Paperback: 372 pages
Publisher: Solstice Publishing (June 20, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1625260849
ISBN-13: 978-1625260840





Consuella Harris_BookCover Vengeance is Nine


Product Details:

  • File Size: 1220 KB
  • Print Length: 112 pages
  • Publisher: Summer Solstice (July 19, 2015)
  • Publication Date: July 19, 2015


ABOUT “Vengeance is Nine”

Peggy is told by a fortune teller that she will meet an untimely end in a tragic accident. Sadly this was true a few months later. Through a séance her husband and twin daughters are told that one of the twins will be joining her soon and not so long after they will all be reunited.




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Our Client, Author and Award winning Screenwriter Timothy M. Benson

Timothy Benson

ABOUT THE AUTHOR and Screenwriter



Tim is a self-taught, multi-award-winning screenwriter, who is driven by his innate love and passion for storytelling. His mission as a screenwriter…to write original tales of legend, tales of the unimaginable, and tales that showcase the enduring and endearing human spirit. He writes primarily for the animation genre, where anything is possible and where there are no limits to what the mind can reveal. His screenplays are often inspired by everyday childhood experiences and are usually told from a child’s point of view. He writes stories that are wholesome, captivating, and truly impactful in meaningful ways.

Tim founded Story Giant Films in 2014 and teamed with a group of liked-minded, award-winning screenwriters to collaborate together and to establish a platform to promote their narrative talents. Since that time, Tim’s stories have been well received by today’s Film Festival circuit, where he has won over 20 screenwriting awards in the spring/summer of 2015.

Literary Film Agent contact info. available upon request.


Chief Creative Officer/Head Screenwriter

Story Giant Films

November 2014 – Present (11 months)Rochester, NY Area

STORY GIANT FILMS is home to a global conglomerate of award-winning screenwriters who craft legendary tales for today’s motion picture industry. The company’s primary focus is writing for the animation genre and is proud to supply award winning animation stories. Story Giant is an all inclusive story-house where groundbreaking tales emerge and where today’s studios/production companies seek out tomorrow’s animation classics.

Freelance Screenwriter

Freelance screenwriter & Script consultant

March 2013 – November 2014 (1 year 9 months)Rochester, NY Area



View Story Giant’s Script Library(Link)

Story Giant is proud to offer a fleet of award winning speculative screenplays, including: Full-length Animation, Period, Action, Romance, Western, Drama, Comedy, as well as short film scripts.

Honors & Awards

HATCHED” – Feature Screenplay

Genre: Animation/Family/Adventure/Science Fiction


Logline: Three middle schoolers race to save a city under siege after a greedy extermination company’s genetic experimentation goes horribly wrong.

WINNER – The New York Award – 2015 West Field Screenwriting Awards
WINNER – Best Feature Screenplay – Digitalmation Awards
Official Selection/Best Feature Screenplay – Los Angeles Independent Film Festival
FINALIST – 2015 StoryPros Awards – Best Feature Screenplay – Family/Teen/…more

“HOOKED” – Feature Screenplay

hooked 100

Genre: Animation/Family/Adventure


An epic adventure unfolds in a small lakeside town, where an annual fishing derby is turned upside down by rumors of a WORLD RECORD FISH (“The Beast”). Timmy, a young African American boy adopted at age three, is finally old enough to fish in the annual tournament and is enchanted by the possibility of catching such a behemoth. A sizable bounty is placed on the great fish and an international buzz erupts; fishermen and media from around the world flock to the small lake in droves. Veteran fishing captain, Reggie Steele and sons stroll into town with their fancy boat & gear and boldly claim that they will use whatever means necessary to capture and kill The Beast. Their tactics don’t disappoint! Below the water’s surface, a young fish named Maverick learns of the bounty on his great aunt, Grace (the mightiest fish in the lake), and joins with a team of young and spirited comrades to find her. Above water, Timmy’s and Reggie Steele’s worlds collide, as the race to save Grace intensifies below the lake’s surface.

WINNER – BEST NEW SCREENPLAY – 2015 British Animation Film Festival
WINNER – BEST FEATURE SCREENPLAY – 2015 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival
Official Selection/Nominated Best Feature Screenplay -…more


“CUPCAKES” – Short Screenplay

Genre: Animation/Family


Logline: A kindergartener follows her American Dream and opens a neighborhood cupcake & lemonade stand. Sales are brisk, until an unfortunate series of events threaten to shutdown her noble start up.

Official Selection/Nominated Best Short Screenplay – Los Angeles Independent Film Festival
BRONZE WINNER 2015 – Best Short Screenplay – International Independent Film Awards
Official Selection/Nominated Best Short Screenplay -…more

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Our Clients, and Co-Authors Kristal McKerrington and Joe E. Legend

ABOUT OUR AUTHORS – Kristal McKerrington and co author Joe E. Legend.  

Together, this amicable and unique writing team of two very special authors’ and wonderful human beings, have managed to blend in their respective talents, and have co-authored many great concepts together and stories written for your reading pleasure.   Their co-authored efforts are novels that make impact, and speak to the heart of so many of us who have experienced their story telling.  Particularly in the Romance department, and isn’t that what life is all about and what makes the human race perpetuate?   Many of their jointly written novels listed herein, were as told from the heart.  Some of the contents their novels were  based on were taken from ‘their school of life’ experience; and their respective professional backgrounds.



Joe E Legend’s has starred in films, TV shows and as the face of many wrestling companies worldwide. He’s venturing into the publishing world. He works in 44 countries. He has heavyweight championships worldwide. He’s starred in Celebrity Wrestling as the co-host for ITV. He has several films he will be staring in over the next year. If this wasn’t enough he has created the “wrestling romance” connection with his co-author Kristal McKerrington. He’s represented with Kristal McKerrington by Barone Literary Agency.
Kristal McKerrington has been a professionally published author since 2010. She writers for Reem Vision and is the former writer of Bishop-Lyons Entertainment. She is published worldwide. She has been a commentator for TMZ. She is an award winning marketing and promoting author. She has put together the intense media list that Joe E Legend has been on. She’s appeared on talk shows worldwide as well as Radio stations. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America’s Association. Kristal is co-author of the “wrestling romance connection”. She is represented by Barone Literary Agency.


Marie’s World

Maries World cover

Marie’s World tells a tale of love gone wrong, of doing the right thing even if it hurts and how to survive when your world is turned upside down.

Famed dancer, actress and Reality TV star Marie returns from LA to her hometown in Scotland to escape the fall-out from the damaging revelations in her twin sister Layla’s thinly-disguised novel. As she attempts to rebuild her life and career with her partner Derek, Marie’s long-repressed memories and emotions come flooding to the surface, and she finds herself menaced by the world of her former husband, the only man she has ever truly loved and now her most dangerous adversary.


Calling You Home – Film Project under consideration

Calling You Home_Book One

Jason finds out about his secret child and emotions explode out of him. His relationship couldn’t be more fragile with May, than it is now. He’s about to learn, it’s not just May’s family who knew about little Dolly. Is there no one who didn’t know?


First Love



Whether bitter or sweet, you never forget your first love. In this anthology, Kristal McKerrington spins romantic and erotically charged tales of love.

Burning: Torn between lust and pain, Helly concocts a twisted plan of revenge for the man who broke her heart.


Fighting For Love – Contains Erotica

Fighting for Love

…is the first book in a series of books. This series focuses on a group of independent Sports Entertainers who get themselves tangled up with fiery women. This is designed to be a great book to ease you into the Erotica genre. Its not an in your face sort of erotica adventure. You’ll find the suspense in the lead up to those moments well worth it. Thank you for checking out this book and I look forward to talking to you soon.


Waking Up His Wife –  Film Contract signed

Waking up his Wife


Strong, muscled, chiselled, good looks and a gentleman to boot. This is what Anna’s friends thought she married,
however this wasn’t what she had caught. They thought she caught herself a fighter. Instead she caught herself
trouble on two legs.





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Our Client, and Author Manichand Beharilal


Manichand Photo image 2


Manichand Beharilal is a fulltime author.  He was born in Umzinto on the Kwazulu-Natal south coast in South Africa in 1960 and grew up in Springfield, Durban.


He is an in-demand motivational speaker and also facilitates Creative Writing Workshops and Reading Empowerment Seminars.  His hobbies include Indian music, stamp collecting, holy scriptures and ancient civilizations.


He is married to Reena and has four children and resides in Zakariyya Park, south of Johannesburg,


His writing is a dedication to the children of South Africa.


The Author is also fully focussed and devoted to ensuring that the Nelson Mandela Project he requested we represent on his behalf here in the West, will not only stay published solely in Africa only, but  also to see the titles of the Nelson Mandela books in the series enjoyed globally, by both young and old.  The author put this series and all his other books together as an educational learning tool, to also bring about a means to a cultural exchange of concepts, and familiarization tool for readers everywhere.  In other words we aim to see that Manichand’s wishes to land a contract with a Publisher in the West, who will become instrumental in International distribution of this wonderful and heartwarming series about Nelson Mandela is accomplished.  So as in Mandela’s very own words  “progress can only be achieved through struggle”.  We would like more readers to learn about Nelson Mandela’s own struggle, in exchange to seeing the fruition of this enigmatic leader’s unwavering and selfless ‘dream’ for his country and its people – and for which he well and truly paid the hefty price, dearly.


How true these words resonate and confirm in a sense that, indeed, our species were condemned to ‘toil in tears, and still continues to bear their struggles and hardships’ to which we were consigned and condemned from the time of man’s very humble beginnings.   But evermore with a predestined purpose of aim,  to learn  hard lessons along the way throughout man’s history.  Yet be handed the opportunity by divine Providence, to make the right, and free choices with our ‘conscious-given’ talent that does set us apart from the animal world, our gifted companions to caretake.   To mould and make this progressive world of ours into a better place in which we might all co-exist in peaceful cohabitation.    Indeed, could this task and rather tall order ever be achieved by mankind alone, I wonder?  Only ‘time’ and human progress, and social development in a positive direction, will be witness of that.   Even if not in our own lifetime right now.


However, that defeatest train of thought entertained by some that, the struggle towards positive change, may not be worth the effort of the outcome.  It neither reflects or nurtures any confidence in our humanity to think like that, and indeed as history has shown; what we are all truly capable of if we focus and  design our minds unwaveringly, and on procuring to fruition certain philanthropic goals in life that could change the way we cohabit, as a race of many diverse cultures.  Even to the point of sacrificing our very freedom for those ‘ideals’ which we are entertaining and seeking –  or more importantly to pay the expensive price of giving up our precious life; in exchange of what may seemingly still prove a somewhat premature and elusive  ‘dream’.    Certainly refraining from a defeatest attitude, or maintaining that it is all much ‘too hard’ to turn a seemingly unattainable quest into reality many seem to adopt, is neither testimonial to our Lord and great Prophet of all time, Jesus Christ himself.  Who was just one man, who managed to single-handedly change the course of history with  a most profound and very real, yet ‘unearthly’ ordained impact.


So we believe that one humble man, or one humble woman – has it in their power to move mountains, impact on  changing the way the masses think,  act and function about so numerous issues that continue to plague and befall our species dangerously locked into their conventions of the day; from generation to successive generations.


Manichand is fully focussed presently on writing his educational and cultural awareness books, which pages are endowed with the most wonderful graphics, to be enjoyed by the young people of his beloved country.  But with an aim to disseminating the beauty of his well written words of the titles currently published, and books yet to be planned for and written, towards global distribution.    We shall aim to do our very best for the author, in seeing this successfully accomplished.


BOOKS PUBLISHED BY MANICHAND BEHARILAL IN SOUTH AFRICA – Soon to be published by Lang Book Publishing, Wellington, New Zealand based for World Wide Distribution.

The Mandela Series range of Titles:


Mandela books 2


Mandela books


 Manichand Book 2


back cover for book 2




Manichand Beharilal book 1



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Our Client, and Author Gary Starta

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Our Client, and Author Florence Whalling

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