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Our Client, and Author Greg Sexton

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – To be completed shortly


“The Bell’s Tell” presents as a fascinating, or better still mind-boggling concept and is a ‘must’ read.


A most compelling work that sets the imagination on fire, Greg Sexton has created a masterpiece which is able  to evoke the question: whether it may be expedient to conduct some further research into the possibility of this scientific formula’s validity; and whether it presents  as a workable experiment of substance.  Is it able to open doors to a whole dimension  of scientific wonders and calibrations – rather than merely providing a speculative theory merely to tickle our fancy, and love for Sci-Fi Fantasy thrillers.


We shall let the readers decide…



THE BELLs TELL Cover Greg Sexton


THE BELLS TELL Greg Sexton Back cover



Keel Manning wrote a science fiction book, and now someone wants him dead. When the FBI shows up at his door with news of a death threat, Keel is stunned to discover that the scientific research based on his novel, Life In Time and Space: Derived From Reality, might cost him his life, and he’s determined to find out why.


With help from his lifelong friend Mac, FBI agent Nate Seaver, and NASA consultant Frances Wilson, he joins an investigation to discover the source of the threat. As Keel comes into contact with both his best hope and worst enemy, he realizes that the dangers he faces are related to mindspeed and timespeed, life’s bells and time’s bells, and the search for the shape and origin of the universe itself.

  • Paperback:416 pages
  • Publisher:Solstice Publishing (July 18, 2014)
  • Language:English

The Bell’s Tell, Available in Paperback & Kindle Formats – July 18, 2014

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Our Client, and Author Suren Fant


Suren Hakobian 

Charming Armenian writer Suren Hakobyan was born in 1985 in Yerevan. Generally he is a writer of fantasy stories.

Suren Hakobyan’s first book was published in 2011 in the USA. Suren has translated one part of Armenian epic “Daredevils of Sassoun” into English recently.

Suren has been writing since he was 18, and has a host of short stories to his literary prowess and repertoirre which were never translated into English, but have been proving very popular in Armenia.  Suren Hakobyan has created a website-“Armenian literature social network”.  We believe Suren has a lot to offer to our industry as an author of unusual stories which always end in a twist.   Keep an eye on this talented authors whose works will make their impact in the literary industry.    Suren is married and maintains his wife is his best supporter and inspiration.



Book Description –  “Beneath Blackened  Clouds”

January 13, 2014
Publisher: Solstice Horizon Publishing 
Having attained near total control of his Earthly elements, humanity perceives itself as a master without rival. Man ignores his roots. He forgets that he himself is part of the world.

How can we dare to challenge nature’s raw powers when we still know little about this universe?

Yes, mankind managed to survive the first Flood. Given our technological advances, we might have been able to survive this Second flood too. But, this is no mere rain. Raw fury lurks within the depths. The water which sustained life for uncountable centuries has come to wipe the slate clean. Mankind, in his once unrivaled splendor, has forced to take shelter, no different than a colony of ants during a spring shower. This is the final chapter of man, unraveling before us as we stand powerless.

But, there is a very small glimpse of hope. Daniel realizes it. He feels it. He sees it. He, his girlfriend Milena, and his friend Edward seek out the high ground as they wait for the waters to recede. However, as time passes, Daniel begins to understand that there is something strange in the water, an evil entity. He senses it – he feels it from within. Daniel knows that mankind is doomed. Evil has come with the rain. It has come for their souls.

Book Description – “EDGE OF END”

Jonathan wakes up in a desert, his past wiped from his memory. He finds himself alone in the world, and what is worse – he has no clue who, and what he is, or where he has come from. Least of all has he any idea as to where he should go.  He realizes there is only one way, and that is forward – when in the far distance, he spots a little township.


All he finds when he arrives there is empty and forlorn streets, old and dilapidated houses and buildings, and the town seems almost ghostlike in its uneasy abandonment. There is no one to ask for help and there is nowhere to go.


Jonathan feels urged onward and begins to wander through the township in search of any sign of life; whilst wrecking his sore brain to try and bring back his memories. But only odd visions haunt him from time to time and flood through his mind,  as he continues quest for answers and search of the town, leaving  him feeling utterly exhausted and confused.


Soon Jonathan comes to the realization that he is moments away from some deathlike invisible clutches that pursue his every move, as the almost diabolical air and presence that dwells throughout the deserted township is seeking to capture and devour fresh souls, and to be sucked up in its evil and dark dimensions. The seemingly dead, forlorn and deserted town void of any life is only outwardly seemingly, empty of life.


With its Grey ominous sky hanging low over the buildings and fields, the absence of sunshine to brighten the place up is overly depressing. After some time Jonathan realizes that the dark and somber days that follow never really turn into nights, and seem to be stuck and fixed in a kind of twilight zone. The somber half light days of the township proof utterly soul destroying, monotonous and never-ending.  The only road leading into the town and the only exit and escape route out of the place, is filled with gruesome shadows of entities and a multitude variety of other evil creations, Jonathan has never witnessed or envisioned; even in his worst nightmares. He begins to realize that he is not hallucinating after all, but is actually finding himself firmly locked in the grip of an evil force that wants him to stay. He senses that he is looking straight into the face of hell on earth.


Who is he? Who brought him here? He feels lost, frightened and confused, but after a lengthy and thorough search of the entire township and its buildings, shops and house he discovers one tenant – a sole female resident whose name is Elizabeth.  He tries to discover about his past life and hoping in time to regain his memory, together with Elizabeth he attempts to find their way out to escape from the oppressive  and evil presence dominating the town; which could only be described as a no-man’s land, locked into the clutches of unspeakable forces of wickedness.

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Our Client, and Author Gerhard Plenert

Category:  For Literary & Film Representation 



As a consultant, Dr. Gerhard Plenert has facilitated organizational transformations all over the world including Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. He has worked in numerous countries including England, Australia, Malaysia, China, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, and of course the United States and Canada, and the list goes on and on.

As a professor Dr. Plenert was a tenured full professor at California State University, Chico, and a professor at BYU Provo, BYU Hawaii, the University of Malaysia, and the University of San Diego. He was awarded numerous academic achievement awards. In his private life,

Gerhard is a world traveler having visited every continent. He has published 15 business books focused on Organizational Process Optimization. His books have been endorsed by individuals like Dr. Stephen Covey, and by companies like Black and Decker, AT&T and FedEx. Gerhard has taken his passion for reading mystery / suspense novels and is now writing his own series of novels.

He enjoys integrating his travels into his novels to bring reality to some of his adventures. His first attempt is a series titled The New Templars. He lives in Sacramento, California and has been married to his wife for over thirty years. Together they have eight children and eleven grandchildren.

We are very proud to have Gerhard Plenert in our fold, as one of our more distinguished Authors.


Book 1 and Book II in this Series will be relocated with a new Publisher in 2019  

Dawn of the New Templars by Gerhard Plenert

Modern-day Templars, a group of mercenaries who execute paid contracts, are hired by Neo-Nazis to find the Ark of the Covenant, a treasure that the Nazi’s have been obsessed with since the Second World War. However, there is a hidden agenda on the part of both organizations as they work together to find the Ark, through a tangled web of global settings and organizations, while being hampered by religious radicals and international executioners. Convinced they’ve found the Ark, the Templars learn the real intent of the Neo-Nazis is world domination, and they may have just provided them with the weapon they needed. Gerhard Plenert weaves a tale full of suspense and intrigue in Dawn of the New Templars, that uniquely explores historical themes, geographic locations and cultural nuances, as it introduces thought-provoking themes that stretch the mind and leave the reader emotionally involved.

Product Details

Dawn of the New Templars Books 1 & II  Paperback  

To be relocated with New Publisher in 2019

Paperback: 634 pages          Publisher:




GerhardPlenert_ActivatingNewTemplars cover

Product Details

  • File Size: 3309 KB
  • Print Length: 336 pages

The New Templars, a modern-day underground organization of assassins and mercenaries who execute paid contracts, once again encounter their arch nemesis, a Neo-Nazi organization focused on world domination. The Nazi’s are fixated on creating a World War. Out of the ashes of this war, the Nazi’s see themselves as rising up and leading a new world order. In spite of all their experienced careful planning, the Templars find themselves trapped in the Nazi web, leading to situations which could inevitably spell disaster for the Templars and for the entire world.

Gerhard Plenert weaves a tale full of suspense and intrigue in this sequel to Dawn of the New Templars, that is filled with hidden agendas and sub plots, incorporating the US DOD, the CIA, the Israeli’s, and the French Mafia.

Other amazing works by the Author 

ABOUT “DRAGON PIT”  (A fictionalized work with a poignant message on  “the war on terror”.

Gerhard Plenert Dragon Pit


Product Details

File Size: 931 KB
Print Length: 384 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher:  Soon to be relocated with new publisher in 2019
Will be Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English

Meet the Dragon Pit!

This is a group of PhD students who decide that the war on terror is crazy, never-ending madness. They believe this war can only be won by fighting fire with fire; by getting on the same level as the terrorists. This tiny group of intellectuals take it upon themselves to “fight” the war themselves by getting rid of the constraints of Western morality and principles and going after the terrorists on their terms. Things become very personal when they lose one of the members of their group. More determined than ever, they plan their own version of retaliation. Does it work or does it backfire?

What a super movie that would make!


Gerhard Plenert flight cover

Many years ago, the smaller inhabitants of the Upper world became overpowered by their larger brothers. The bigger ones (men and giants) wanted more land forcing the little ones; (dwarfs, elves, leprechauns, and lepelves) into ever smaller corners of the world. Before long they didn’t have enough land to farm and they were forced to become dependent on the bigger ones. This is a path of discovery the Small World exceedingly delivers.

ABOUT THE XLs PROJECT – Category “Alien and Other Dimensional” Orientation

Another completed SCI-FI work entitled THE XLs, a 92,000 word count, is also under consideration for publication and Film Project which has now also been allocated to a new publishing house, but for which no date for publication has yet been designated, but we’re aiming for 2019.

THE XLs adventure is a genre that especially today, fits admirably into the Literary and cinematic landscape, as the rise to prominence about anything Alien and ET phenomenon constantly graces our news reports. With the declassification recently of highly Secret classified files by NASA and the Pentagon, admitting that a research program had been in place for some year on tracking UFO Sightings on which a cool $200 plus million dollars had been allocated testifies to the existence of UFOs.  Many of these sightings were brought to the attention firsthand to our US Air Force pilots specifically, who were no longer prepared to keep these phenomenon to themselves on the advisement of their superiors and respective authorities until recently.  The verification of these sightings by Air Force Pilots, Navy and Military people and even retired NASA Astronauts, and the general public worldwide can no longer be denied.  From observation by Pilots in particular, these crafts prove to be of a highly sophisticated and advanced technology in both maneuverability, and speed, and which suggests these crafts are not of this realm.

What seemed rather outrageous claims which have surfaced on line and YouTube over the years and the hundreds of reputable witness accounts bravely provided by those that worked at top level high security clearance departmental levels in the US government may now be counted as true and genuine. .  Many hundreds of these government personnel bodies, now in their retirement age since having worked within the sectors of the US Air Force, Black Military complex and the Secret Space programs at NASA, and more importantly their involvement at Roswell Area 51, and various other secret Area locations at Roswell in a professional capacity, have now come forward to testify of their experiences and speak freely of what they know.  Let me rephrase that – what they know from firsthand experience to be true and which brought many forward to provide these accounts in the public arena and even presented their reports and findings to the US Congress.  We’re talking Astronauts, NASA, Naval, US Air Force and military high ranking officials who all provided their testimonials, no longer afraid of the consequences.  Some have gone as far as to admit that they were aware of Alien back-Engineered technology research programs and advanced space craft technology in progress still now, about which information overload continues to surface and grace its presence on various Internet Websites, Social Networking and YouTube mediums and International Organizations like, an organization run by a Doctor Steven M. Greer, and is devoted to everything that encompasses Alien, UFO and ET news.

It is now common knowledge that these secret programs in connection to not only Alien back engineered technology and unlimited energy technologies, but also that NASA-funded-scientists-have-created-alien-dna/development Biological programs and research which now comes under the label of  ‘cryptogenetics’, and researched with a view to where this application could serve humanity and its future generations to the better.

We have high hopes for this amazing project to become a Film or a Sci-Fi Series to thrill fans and which will be able to project and even support the idea and possibility of advancing the human race in all areas of life, and medical advancements.  Watch that space and most of these new technologies which will continue to be broadcast and dealt with on YouTube.

Overview of THE XLs:-

Gerhard has published 18 books and over 150 articles plus those since recently not counted as yet ( ), four of which are his riveting and exciting novels.

When asked what the book is about he answered:  “It’s a science fiction novel that breaks free from traditional sci-fi themes and explores new worlds while attempting to maintain some level of scientific integrity. It mixes drama and suspense with a scientific twist.  It introduces thought-provoking themes that leave the readers emotionally involved as they weave through a tangled web of intrigue both on earth and in space.”

The book begins with a brain tumor which is operated on by a medical specialist.  The surgery results in the unexpected result where the patient ends up with super mental powers, including the ability to communicate telepathically, retain information with a photographic memory, and develop the ability to multi process.  The doctor successfully replicates the process on two additional patients at which point he goes public and announces his success.  Rather than receiving positive acclaim, he is criticized for performing experimental surgeries.  Additionally, he was criticized for recommending brain surgery as something that should happen to the population at large.  Even worse, he now became the target of computer industry moguls who see him as a threat because of his claim that these new super mental powers will eliminate the need for computers and cell phones.

The doctor is killed and the XLs (the individuals with the super brain powers) make a run for it, hiding out in Peru.  Eventually they are attacked and have to find a new hiding place.  In the meantime, one of the XLs has made contact with alien life forms on another planet and they plan to come visit the earth.  Another of the XLs has gone off in search of an access point for the center of the earth, which he became convinced must exist.  The center earth access point is found and all three of the XLs head there to hide out from the attackers.

The aliens arrive and find it difficult to communicate verbally with anyone.  They prefer to communicate with the XLs which requires one of the XLs to travel out from the center of the earth to see what he can do to help out.  He gets the US president involved, but is concerned about the threats on his life posed by the computer industry assassins…….

There is another full page of information in this Overview but for now we won’t give away anymore than is necessary of this amazing and  thrilling adventure.   We will make the appropriate announcement as and when the book goes to print with a new publisher hopefully also in 2019.








CONTACT:   Dominic Bria

Shingo Institute

Phone: 435-797-0771



Gerhard Plenert, Ph.D. Joins the Shingo Institute as Director of Executive Education


Summary: After an extensive search and screening process, the Shingo Institute has invited Dr. Gerhard Plenert to come aboard as its director of executive education. He will lead the Institute’s continuous improvement efforts in workshop design and techniques.


LOGAN, Utah — The Shingo Institute, part of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University, has a new director of executive education. Gerhard Plenert, Ph.D. started work at the Shingo Institute on January 4, 2016. His main function will be to continue the improvement of the teaching materials and techniques used to teach business executives in the Shingo Model™ that helps improve organizational cultures and create world-class results.


“We’re pleased to welcome Dr. Plenert as a member of our leadership team,” said Shingo Institute Executive Director Ken Snyder. “His work here will lead to even greater improvement in our ability to help organizations become better.”


Dr. Plenert has been helping organizations execute operational and supply chain transformations for more than twenty years. His experience includes significant initiatives with Genentech, Johnson and Johnson, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Shell, Aramco, Sony, Cisco, Microsoft, Freescale, NCR, The US Air Force and numerous branches of the US DOD. In addition, Dr. Plenert has consulted to major manufacturing and distribution companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Black & Decker, Raytheon, Motorola, Applied Magnetics, Toyota, AT&T and Kraft Foods.


He is internationally recognized in operations strategy and change management for utilizing team-based, Shingo-based Toyota Production System principles. He has been an examiner for the Shingo Prize, and has been on the boards of the Supply Chain Council (SCOR Model) and APICS.


Dr. Plenert has published 18 books and over 150 articles on lean, supply chain strategy, operations management and planning. He has also written MBA textbooks and operations planning books for the United Nations. Leaders such as Steven Covey and organizations including FedEx, Black & Decker and AT&T have endorsed his books. His publications are viewable at


He was a tenured full professor at California State University, Chico, and a professor at BYU, BYU Hawaii, University of Malaysia, University of San Diego, and has been a visiting professor at numerous universities all over the world. He has degrees in math, physics and German, as well as an MBA. He also holds an MA in international studies and a Ph.D. in resource economics (oil and gas) and operations management.


About the Shingo Institute

Housed at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University, the Shingo Institute is named after Japanese industrial engineer Shigeo Shingo. Shingo distinguished himself as one of the world’s thought leaders in concepts, management systems and improvement techniques that have become known as the Toyota Business System. Drawing from Shingo’s teachings and years of experience working with organizations throughout the world, the Shingo Institute has developed the Shingo Model™ which is the basis for several educational offerings including workshops, study tours, conferences and the Shingo MBA. It also awards and recognizes organizations that demonstrate an exceptional culture that continually strives for improvement and progress. Those interested in more information or in registering to attend the 28th International Shingo Conference may visit


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Our Colleague and Author Steven Womack

This presentation is for Advertising & Promotional purposes only for our Friend, Author, Screenwriter and Publisher Steven Womack…

(This page is still under construction)


(Photo here)


The Latest Works by the Author – Under evaluation for Film Rights

CYCLOPEAN REVENGE Book I in the Series…


cyclopeanrevengemockupdraft - Charles river Press



CYCLOPEAN REVENGE – Book I in the Series

Steven Douglas Womack

Genre: Science Fiction  

(Watch Trailer produced by Jonathan Womack)


Product Details
Hardcover: 326 pages (and Paperback)
Publisher: Charles River Press (September 30, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1940676207
ISBN-13: 978-1940676203




“I am Captain James Clinton Poole. I am driven by cosmic forces toward an unknown destiny. I have been chosen for a special mission ten years in the planning. It was a decade ago when the aliens attacked without warning, decimating our cities and slaughtering populations. According to one sighting, the aliens appear as ‘one-eyed beastly creatures’. In a heroic act my father executed a daring strategy and sacrificed his life for a chance to turn the tide. His plan worked, the enemy left and have not returned. As I stand here at my father’s grave, my two closest friends Rowena and Billy at my side, revenge simmering my marrow, I make this solemn promise. I will pilot the new artificial intelligence ship to the Cyclopean home world, and I will deliver unto them a doomsday weapon representing earth’s retaliation. And in that moment, whether I survive or I perish, I will have my vengeance.” So begins the space odyssey of James Clinton Poole and the Cyclopean Trilogy.

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Our Client, and Author Larry Krantz

ABOUT THE AUTHOR        (This page is still under construction)

larry krantz

Laurence Krantz– Author Biography


Laurence Krantz studied Honors English and biology at Cornell University, which he attended on the prestigious Dean’s scholarship.

He went to medical school in New York, and followed with a residency program in Oregon. He then entered private practice in Colorado, where he lives with his family.

Dr. Krantz has had numerous scientific and social commentary articles published.  Laurence has written two fiction novels entitled “Strange Miracles” a story of a doctor who discovers that he has the power to heal others by magical means, due to be published shortly.    His other novel is entitled “Dreams of Atlantis”  –  out now and available for purchase.

He lives in Colorado with his wife and family. He is a cyclist, hiker, swimmer, and volunteers for Hospice.




Book Description – “DREAMS OF ATLANTIS” 


Dreams of Atlantis - Larry Krantz cover

Publication Date: April 28, 2014

Publisher:  Solstice Publishing

Available in Kindle and Paperback from
The last days of Atlantis. The climactic end was not seen by most, yet a few saw ominous signs the end of their civilization was near. Into this world came Terrell, a young man apparently born into poor circumstances, who finds his way to spiritually-oriented mentors who set him in the right direction. Dreams of Atlantis follows Terrell on his journey, rising to great heights, facing innumerable challenges, and losing romance, then brought back to earth by circumstances and his own limitations. Finally, he comes to understand his destiny, and what awaits Atlantis, and sees the hope for the future vested in those who survive the turmoil.


The following novel to be published shortly….

Book Description – “STRANGE MIRACLES”


Strange Miracles cover - Larry Krantz

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Our Client, and Author T. W. Embry

ABOUT THE AUTHOR  – Page under construction




Revenge From Mars Todd Embry


Book Description
Publication Date: December 18, 2013

Publisher:  Solstice Publishing
In the future, Earth is controlled by one man, Supreme Leader Jeremiah Johnson. Fueled by a desire to control the world, Jeremiah Johnson infiltrated himself into the mega-churches and led a campaign of suppression and subversion that resulted in one Church of Enlightenment, with himself as leader. The political influence of the Church extended into the political arena where Jeremiah Johnson was also elected Supreme Leader of the World. With both the power of the church and the government in his hands, nothing stands between Jeremiah and world domination.

Henry Thomas’ parents were on a mission to uncover evidence that would undermine the doctrine that is the foundation of the Church of Enlightenment. Ten year old Henry watched as his parents were deemed heretics and violently murdered by a death squad of Church fanatics. Captured by fanatics himself, Henry is sent to a Church orphanage to be reprogrammed. After six years of captivity he manages to escape and begin a life on the run. He meets the love of his life, Annie Pearl, who shares his hatred of the oppression that has created a world of extreme wealth and extreme poverty. When Annie is murdered for her outspoken views, Henry’s life is set on a course of revenge and hatred. His mission to destroy Supreme Leader Johnson will take him all the way to the Martian deserts surrounding the new Mars colony. On Mars he hopes to find the proof his parents were seeking, the evidence that will topple an empire and exact revenge for the murder of those he loved.
Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed



ALIEN MANIFESTO – BOOK II of the Series – Under Contract for future Publication also with Crimson Oak Publishing


 Book Description


Alien Manifesto - Todd Embry

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