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Our Client, Author David Crossman

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Our Client, Author A. J. (Anthony) Kohler

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ABOUT THE Author  A.J. (Anthony J.) Kohler




The talented Author’s  career has included insurance sales, collections and law, which he was engaged in, in Denver for about ten years before his retirement.   Anthony told us that he was never one to favor the Colorado harsh  winters, and skiing always seemed like nothing more than a waste of time and money. This is heresy in Colorado, of course, so when he retired, the Author headed south for a warmer climate. He now lives in the outskirts of Tucson, in the heart of the Sonoran desert, and he assured us that he can now honestly say that is where he has lost his heart…to the place where the saguaro grows.  He is keenly growing many diverse kinds of cacti  in his beloved  garden, and here in the desert, he also learned that gardening can be akin to a blood sport.

His educational degrees are all from the University of Colorado, and he was there during the time frame of Repeat.  Anthony writes from experience and what he knows, and this  is  reflected in the authenticity of his work, and there is so much that he could have included which could have turned Repeat into a much more voluminous work, such as the Light shows, concerts, winter storms and chinook winds, the trees leafing out late in the Spring semester, and there are myriad things that could have been included to make the setting even more real, but doing so while it would have been true to memory, Kohler maintains, would have resulted in the setting taking over the story.

Currently Anthony  lives on the outskirts of Tucson with a partner of the opposite sex and two long-coat Akitas, also of opposite…Lol!

We, as Anthony’s Agents,  beg to differ where he  maintains that these additional elements omitted from the story, would have resulted in the setting taking over the story.  Instead, we hope with keen fan eyes, that he will come back with another submission,  and another thrilling work to entice our greedy “reading buds”,  with nothing precious omitted of the locale and the full tapestry against which he sets his stories.

ABOUT –  “REPEAT:  A Love Story for the Ages!”


Product Details
File Size: 3701 KB
Publisher: Lang Book Publishing, Limited (October 1, 2016)
Publication Date: October 1, 2016


Paul and Angelina are old friends who dated in college, briefly, years ago, and recently reconnected via email. During their correspondence, they realized that they both regretted not taking up with each other back then, especially given their difficult and tumultuous first marriages after college.


When Angelina is killed, she is offered a choice of what to do next and opts to have both of them return to when she and Paul first arrived at college and do it over again … while remembering what happened to them over the years. They make many changes in the way they live their lives and find true happiness together. Although they don’t repeat those mistakes they made before, they definitely find new ones to experience and explore.



What a beautiful love story. So much there, about second chances, redemption, of being allowed to do it all over again — the right way. The end, so sad, so perfect, —- so beautiful. That end clings to my heart———- Wren Hartwood, short story author This book will touch your heart, bring a few tears and shouts of joy. Characters are well developed and they come alive as you fall in love with them. It left me wishing that I could have a Repeat. —- Joy Redmond, author of Stolen Lives, Give Me Wings and Finding Will Hennie As I read this book, it occurred to me that like a lot of people, I have wanted to re-live some things in my life but in a different way. There were things I would have changed, different roads I would have taken. Imagine for a moment, going back and doing it over, knowing what you know now. Living and loving the way it could have been. I could not put the book down. — Frank Drinkwine, Vietnam veteran It is a love story, it is a family story all wrapped around a very realistic Nam story. I enjoyed it immensely and laughed and even came close to crying a few times. It has a perfect ending. —- Joe Skarda, Vietnam veteran




Repeat: A Love Story For The Ages is still holding the #1 slot in Romance novels in the P&E poll! I’d like to thank everyone who has repeatedly (hopefully daily) cast their votes for it. I’m also voting for two works by friends of mine, Canoples Investigations Exposes Space Dodger, a Young Adult novel by K.C. Sprayberry and The Engineer, a Science Fiction short story by Ray Chilensky.

Thank you all again, and I hope you keep doing it as long as the poll goes on (the month of January).

Anthony J. Kohler

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Our Client, and Author Shaun Clements

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SHAUN CLEMENTS book cover photo


Shaun Clements, proud and caring Father, and Grandfather, was born in Zimbabwe in 1951, and  graduated as a geologist at the University of Zimbabwe in 1972.  He has worked as a geological consultant and gold prospector for the past 38 years throughout the world, while the bulk of his career has been spent in the outback of Western Australia.  While working in the mining industry, he has taken particular interest in the environment, and his travels throughout the world have starkly exhibited the devastation that has been inflicted on the earth by unbridled commercialism.  He hopes his writing will bring the environment to the attention of children worldwide through the “Narrowboat Natalie” Illustrated Series


We are proud to have Shawn on board and stand behind his outlook on matters on the preservation of our beautiful earth.  Mankind’s home.  We admire his ambition to bring the state of the world’s environmental problems subtlely to the minds of our young children and bring a certain awareness to our young generations that the preservation of our natural resources of earthly mineral wealth, the maintaining of its flora and unique fauna, remains the responsibility of all discerning humans.


We must all endeavor to be acutely conscious of our share in actively doing our part to nurture our delicate home for the continued preservation of our beautiful and unique planet, and bring a ‘collective’ voice to the seriousness of the current situation that is having its obvious dire and severe negative effects on our world, and the delicate balance of our ecology in general.  Not only the raping of natural resources on a global scale by industries, but our own, if somewhat unwitting lack of awareness limiting our understanding of the true seriousness at hand to a certain degree, is where complacency still threatens to rule the day.


Information and education is and should  become an imperative core part in making more transparent the reality of the situation into the minds of all humans, young and old.  Also the indiscriminate contribution by our global partners in trade particularly in areas  of industry related mass production of supply and demand to keep the banking systems flourish and the stock markets popping, we may need to curb the manufacturing of goods and products to alleviate the seemingly never ending accumulation of pollutants that our spilled into the atmosphere, severely threatening the survival of the species and undermining the health of our societies in many countries.  Our concerns must now be taken more urgently in hand and we may need to ask ourselves, how much is enough?  Where is the balance?  How can we all contribute in curing the ails of our global systems by producing products in a more controlled and sensible                                 way ?


In New Zealand it may indicate that we need to look at our dairy farming filtering systems and the recycling of cow dung and turn it into a viable and useful product, rather than blow it into dung pits, wasting gallons of water in the process.  So the recycling of cattle excrement and water is a sensible solution to what would otherwise become pollutant waste.
Also the continued research on how to minimize and cut down on green house gases produced by cows is one way of contributing to solving the woes of our globe.  Every country must do their collective share towards this effort.   Never before have we operated on such a grand scale dairying farms, factory style, with mass production in focus and aim then today.

When well managed, all waste can be turned into nutrient rich fertilyzer. We’re trying, but still it seems its not quite enough to stop our green house gases contributions from increasing rather than diminishing. They’re working on it.

We need to pull together as a united race of humans of all diverse cultural backgrounds. Rather than make senseless war, killing each other off, and continue raping the earth from its natural resources driven by an overabundance of greed.  Excessive greed, which is the motivating catalyst that stands behind this senseless excessive plundering of the earth’s resourses and natural riches.  For once these manifold mineral supplies in the earth’s crust and medicinal riches found in the flora of our unique rainforests, to name but a few,  have been harvested, utilized, exhausted, but are not systematically being replenished, renewed and maintained in a balanced approach for the prolongation of, and to the benefit of future generations. There is no hope for this blue sphere that hangs so delicately suspended in the cosmos of our vast infinite Universe, if we do not take this quest towards our global survival,seriously.




Narrowboat Natalie


File Size: 15790 KB
Print Length: 196 pages
Publisher: Sarah Book Publishing; First edition (July 26, 2015)
Publication Date: July 26, 2015
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English




Evee-Rose is a but small girl when her parents are called to the colony of Rhodesia and she is sent to live with her grandparents on board NARROWBOAT NATALIE, a canal boat that used to transport Josiah Wedgewood’s exquisite pottery. The canals and their occupants soon start to weave their magic on her. While travelling the network of Britain’s waterways, her grandparents teach her worthwhile values, good manners and a positive outlook.


She is made aware of Mother Nature’s gifts to be found all around us. She witnesses the marvels of the four seasons and how so much in life is free, and discovers how important it is to take care of the environment and its treasures.  Her life becomes a whirlwind of new sights and adventures as “NARROWBOAT NATALIE” Book I,  takes her to the eight “Great Wonders” of the waterways; tunnels, embankments, steam-powered lifts, plus hundreds of locks in some of the most beautiful settings in Great Britain.


NOTE OF INTEREST:  “NARROWBOAT NATALIE” Book II, which takes us through the War years of Great Britain, and which will soon be published.  The unique and wonderful illustrations are superbly vivid and their imagery conjures an era many will remember with mixed emotions.

Personally, I am bold enough to state that these books have the making of, and may well find their place among the ranks of some of the world’s best known literary classics.  As readers, I encourage you to be the first of many to purchase these works in paperback, and place them proudly upon your home library book shelves.




NarrowBoat Book II jpeg
The nightmare possibility or chance of war suddenly became a reality! Mr. Hitler’s army invaded Poland on the 1st of September 1939. Keeping their promise to the Polish people, Britain and France had no choice but to declare war against Germany. There were all kinds of confusion in London as Great Britain hastily prepared to go to war. There were soldiers everywhere, plus sailors and airmen.  It seemed that every 2 out of 3 men were in uniform, and that wasn’t counting the women who had volunteered or come forward to serve their country.


Day after day we saw young men marching bravely past, as Great Britain gathered an army to go to France. Most of them looked very young, and it was easy to see that they were doing their best to try and look as if they weren’t scared. If there was one thing that gave Dad comfort, it was the corporals and sergeants that shouted at those boys to keep in a straight line.  “Those sergeants and corporals served in the Great War, Evee, so they will have a very good idea of what war can be like. With men like them to take care of the lads,  Barbed Wire, there’s a good chance that most of them will come back.”


I was back in my home on Great Portland street, and there were vast changes being made to our capital city. Barbed wire barricades or fences were being erected outside certain buildings, and there were walls of sandbags protecting the entrances of London’s underground railway stations. It was very important to keep the entrances open to the underground, as it might be needed for
air raid shelters.

Digging Air Raid Shelters

Digging Air Raid Shelters

Then, of course, there were people whose homes were too far away from the underground, so they had to dig air raid shelters in their backyards.

Barrage Balloons

Overhead the sky was dotted with barrage balloons. There was even one floating above Tower Bridge.

There was no panic as everyone went about making themselves safe; however by the looks on everyone’s faces you could tell that they were very nervous about what the approaching or coming months would have in store for them. The platforms of every city station were crowded with soldiers being sent across the English Channel, plus children who were being evacuated or sent out into the countryside just in case Mr. Hitler’s air force arrived and bombed their homes! Everyone, even the smallest child, had been issued with a gas mask which we carried in little square boxes on straps hung from our shoulders. Poisonous gas had been used by the enemy during the Great War, and there was every chance they would use it again! Not just against our soldiers in the front line, but also against women and children in the streets of London as well!


In the Spanish Civil War that had just ended a few months before, the Luftwaffe or Mr.  Gas masks for all Hitler’s air force left no one with any doubt that they did not care if they bombed civilians or women and children. While Dad looked very handsome and dashing in his Royal Air Force squadron leader’s uniform, he was no longer the happy and care free man I once knew. Mum and I were seeing much less of him, and, on the rare occasion or time that he managed to spend with us, his face was mostly clouded with uncertainty or doubt. The reason for that was horribly simple. The war was going badly for Poland, and there seemed that so little could be done to help the poor Polish people.


Gas Masks For All

Gas Masks

Sound Asleep in the Underground

Sound Asleep in the Underground


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“BASTARDS FROM THE BUSH” BOOK I & II – Awaiting publication










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Our Client, and Author A. J. Dormaar

Our Client, and Author A. J. Dormaar.

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