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Our Client, and Author Christina Matson

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Author Christina Matson

Chistina today

About the Author

Christina photo 2

Christina lives with her husband and youngest son on their lavender and garlic farm in Pokeno, New Zealand. Writing and storytelling have been a passion for as long as she can remember. As a stay-at-home mum, she home schooled her children and owned a successful secretarial business. She loves nothing more than writing on her laptop while sitting on her deck, overlooking a field of lavender. Christina also writes a monthly for a prominent New Zealand Lifestyle magazine, sharing her adventures in creating her own a slice of paradise in the country.  Christina is also writing a series of biblical theology books entitled The Book of Revelation –  “Our Future in our past“, for which we have secured another Publishing contract for Christina with Seaburn Publishing and Distribution Group in the USA.  The first book in this series is envisaged to see publication either in late

Rachel – Three Part series now available in its full paperback version

Christina MatsonRachel full version book cover

Christina has been a busy girl, and has published a favored historical fiction romance suspense noveltitled “Rachel”.   A great romance thriller, filled with suspense that takes us back to a bygone era of genteel and gracious living, rambling estates and grand homes.  This Novel can now be purchased from World Castle Publishing, in both Kindle and paper back formats.  Great going Christina!!!

Rachel – Three Part series now available in full version

Rachel Paperback – April 13, 2013

The vibrant world Rachel knew was gone and total darkness reined. Forced into a loveless marriage, Rachel leaves the only life she has ever known, to begin a new life with Lord Thomas Montgomery, a man she has never seen. Can blind Rachel compete with the alluring Matilda, who refuses to see Rachel’s marriage as a barrier to winning the heart of Thomas? Can cash strapped Geoffrey convince Thomas he still holds Rachel’s heart? As the newlyweds begin married life, sinister events unfold, threatening to destroy their developing relationship. Can Rachel find the love she so desperately seeks?

Newly wed Rachel Thornton has no idea what is to be expected of her in this new marriage. Finding herself married to a man she’s never seen posts its own challenges. Yet, she finds herself drawn the mysterious man. Maybe even love? She only dares to hope he feels the same. But when the vicious vixen next door declares Rachel’s marriage is a sham, and that Thomas will never love her, she isn’t sure what to believe.

Lord Thomas is confused at Rachel’s sudden change in attitude. She seemed perfectly content after their shared night of marital bliss, so he was blindsided when Rachel had her maid move all her possessions out of the master bedchamber. He doesn’t know why she had a sudden change of heart―she’s not talking―but he does know one thing…Thomas wants his wife back.

The vibrant world Rachel knew was gone and total darkness reined. Forced into a loveless marriage, Rachel leaves the only life she has ever known, to begin a new life with Lord Thomas Montgomery, a man she has never seen. Can blind Rachel compete with the alluring Matilda, who refuses to see Rachel’s marriage as a barrier to winning the heart of Thomas? Can cash strapped Geoffrey convince Thomas he still holds Rachel’s heart? As the newlyweds begin married life, sinister events unfold, threatening to destroy their developing relationship. Can Rachel find the love she so desperately seeks?


Product Details
Paperback: 270 pages
Publisher: Sarah Book Publishing (December 18, 2015)  Went Bankrupt – Now seeking new Publisher
Language: English
ISBN-10: 161456387X
ISBN-13: 978-1614563877

Christina Matson THE ONE Cover

If you had a dream warning you to leave the city, would you? What if your family didn’t want to leave just because you had a dream? Would you still go? In a dream Jo promises something, but can’t remember what it is. She sees warnings on billboards and TV. She hears the same warning from a colleague and client, ‘The time is near; you must prepare’. Jo and her family decide the warning means something big is coming and they must prepare for it. They decide to act on the warning and move out of the city. When the unthinkable happens, Jo finds herself alone in the city, not knowing where the rest of her family are. She must make her way home, hoping that the rest of her family are doing the same. Find out what happens to Jo on her journey home. Discover with her how the world has changed forever.

Keep eyes on this new Author, whose creations will be represented for film projects.

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Our Client, and Author R. Milton Quibner


A most insightful man and perhaps a dying breed, R. Milton Quibner has written a most eloquent work and incredibly thought-provoking book on a very ‘today’ and immensely relevant topic.   That of unraveling the mysteries of what represents typical ‘womankind’ , and what makes this species of human gender so mysterious, fascinating, alluring, mystifying, exasperatingly gorgeous, whilst at the same time being able to display patterns of behavior that could only be aptly described as a profound ‘pain in the butt’. 

Yet they are unarguably creatures man cannot ‘live without’, and yet finding an intimate co-existence with one is perhaps somewhat vaguely similar to a juggling act and a haphazard attempt at a ‘happy go lucky’ challenge, by making the continual compromises and sacrifices, swallow that male pride, and pretend it’s a union of heavenly bliss on earth with an alien, albeit on a severely borderline plane of pure insanity.

“HOW HIGH SHOULD I JUMP?”  Is a must read for both men and women alike,  provides a laugh a minute, and offers some very useful information and revealing insights which all males should take to heart.   R. Milton Quibner writes from life and what he knows.  He offers food for thought and pearls of wisdom which other receptive and sensitive males could learn from, arm themselves with, and then hopefully utilize these tips, suggestions and instructions  in order to prepping themselves up to laying the groundwork for a blissful, and successful loving relationships with the gals of their choice.

© Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert 2013

Available Now!!!

Publisher:  Seaburn Publishing and Distribution Group

Events and Discussions – Follow the links below:

R. Milton Quibner,

Author, How High Should I Jump?
The Satirical Guide to Pleasing Today’s Woman
#FREE EXCERPT#! “The Pain of Infidelity.”
If you’re suffering from the pain of infidelity, there IS an antidote!

Happy News Flash to  Sam at Seaburn Publishing,  and Emerantia my Agent!

6:32 AM (7 hours ago)

I leave tomorrow for Brasil, Sam, but I wanted to let you know of some recent good news on my promotion front: just published a front page review of the book (a satire site); take a look:

Also, just got a great review on Amazon from Dr. Glen Hepker:

Dr. Glen Hepker “Dr. Glen Hepker” reviewed How High Should I Jump?: The Satirical Guide to Pleasing Today’s Woman
A well-written and hilarious satire… March 10, 2013

“Mr. Quibner has set forth a startlingly humorous work, which when reflected against our culture, is quite succinctly/splendidly thought-provoking. I was unable to read it all at once…but each time I came back to it I clearly looked forward to learning more about his outlook on what troubles contemporary men in this regard, i.e., in their interaction with women. It is even scarey in many ways, i.e., because it clearly sets forth notions that are difficult to objectively argue against, and if so, will prompt men to rethink their attitudes and behavior toward/with women. It is an original work, and though set forth in the spirit of good humor, it is difficult not to take it seriously – on many levels. Men typically do not work hard to display adequate appreciation for their mates/significant others, and this book is a funny treatise on how to go about being just that – being appreciative –“

Dr. Glen Hepker

And, getting lots of mileage from last week’s radio interview with Ellen Rathbone’s Your Pleasure Radio:

Big conference in Brasil, then I return for more promotion, got a few radio shows coming and all told, I am doing everything I can, and loving it! Leslie/Milton Quibner!


Episode Directory

July 2013

  • 7/17/2013: She’s the Pub Girl, and I’m the Club Girl! Coming Soon
  • 7/10/2013: The Gander is Taking All That’s Good, and Calling it Her Bitch. Listen Now
  • 7/3/2013: I Love It When a Woman Causes a Scene Listen Now

June 2013

Kate Good

R. Milton Quibner

The Gander is Taking All That’s Good, and Calling it Her Bitch.

July 10, 2013
Hosted by Heather Jones

[Download MP3] [itunes] [Bookmark Episode]

What’s your honest opinion about women today? Are they money hungry, self serving, sluts who have lost their minds and wouldn’t settle down and commit to one guy if their life depended on it? And what about men? Have they become confused, insecure whiners who blame women for all their problems? We’ll explore these questions and many more this upcoming Wednesday, July 10th with guest speaker Milton Quibner, acclaimed author of How High Should I Jump? A Satirical Guide to Pleasing Today’s Woman. This week’s program will explore the dating dilemmas women are confronted with today, and further expand on where men find themselves in the face of rapidly expanding feminine power. Join Milt and me for what’s sure to be a spirited conversation about role reversal, open relationships, and dispelling the most recognizable double standard of our time.

The Dating Revolution

Wednesday at 8 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Variety Channel

My show is about what’s going on right now in the real world of dating, and how what’s happening today is shaping the future of our society and culture. The topics I cover will be cutting edge and controversial, and are meant to question what society deems to be socially acceptable with regard to sex and dating. My show will address all the different double standards in dating, and will give listeners permission to step outside comfort zones and challenge social norms. I provide women with an alternative lifestyle of success, freedom and fun, which is becoming ever more popular. My advice also appeals to men because I help women take responsibility for their own dating success, rather than blame men when things don’t work out. My show will inspire women to take control of their lives and not rely on men for validation and happiness. Check it out! The Dating Revolution airs live every Wednesday at 8 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.

Heather Jones

I’m a writer who puts a light-hearted, yet honest spin on casual dating and relationships. My bottom line approach to advice provides clear and concise answers to today’s dating dilemmas. I’m happily single, and have been actively casually dating and documenting my experiences for the last ten years. I enjoy being single, and have no real desire to marry or have children. I recently published a book called “F*#k The Double Standard in Dating,” and the reviews so far have been outstanding from both men and women. In my book you’ll learn how to casually date and have a great time doing it. You’ll actually look forward to dating, and by the time it’s all said and done you’ll be loaded with confidence and ready to conquer the world. Personally, I have a very active social life and live a super fun lifestyle that supports my dating philosophies, and I want you to have the same! If you’re struggling out there, or if you just have a funny story to share, I’d love to hear from you so give me a call during today’s show or shoot me a message so we can chat!


 MY AUDIO BOOK – By R. Milton Quibner

Friends, I am about to launch my audiobook version of How High Should I Jump. Gonna be out in the next week or so, and quite affordable, so for a 7 minute free sample of what it’s all about, go here:





our podcast

Leslie Roberts
9:17 AM (5 hours ago)

to me

Hey, Emerantia, I want to share my Huge News:


Get Over Yourself! The Milt n Mia Show! is now live on ITunes! Yea!

This is the podcast I have been yearning to produce, a weekly show where Mia and I let loose on a wide array of relationship, sexuality and general life problems with street philosophy and a generous does of fun self-deprecation. The show is a half hour or so, and it’s loose, wild, irreverent and, in my view, packed with information, thought and opinion you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

I hope the title of the show tells you our essential direction:


Stop taking your problems so seriously, and learn to laugh at yourself while you change your life to who you actually want to live it.

Oh, and it’s totally free. Yep, you can download and share our podcast to your heart’s content, and that’s fine by me.


There’ll be a new show every Sunday; here’s the show link at ITunes where you can download and listen to us whenever you wish:!-milt-n/id796661531


Thank you, Milt/Leslie

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Our Client, and Author Wayne Trebbin

We would like to introduce Dr Wayne Trebbin a certified physician in  internal medicine and nephrology.


Wayne’s first novel ‘Bruja’ is an Adult Adult Fiction/Medical Horror Thriller, which grabs the attention at first instance, and makes for compelling reading.   The settings and location where the story line unfolds is based on Wayne’s personal experiences, whilst working in Africa in his capacity as a Medical Physician.  Wayne Trebbin and his team of associates, all physicians certified in internal medicine and nephrology provide  medical aid to the poor.   The author is also the founder of ‘WORTH’  (World Organization of Renal Therapies), ( a non-profit organization that places dialysis units in the third world and is dedicated to treating the poor, and in so doing he has spent extensive man-hours of his valuable time in the sub-Saharan Africa.


The author has also published a non-fiction work with more scientific overtones which was published in 2006, and is currently working on a sequel to his novel ‘Bruja’.  We include the Synopsis and a short author Biography, and find three Chapters as per your submissions guidelines requirements for your attention as per attachment.



Author: Wayne Trebbin                                                                                                                                       Genre: Adult Fiction/Medical Horror Thriller


The old woman, her visage hidden in the depths of her cowl, had been living in the shadows of Africa for centuries. Occasionally called upon, she would contract missions with the few who dared to meet her. The goal of these missions was always the same…protracted misery and death.  The Bruja’s tools were rooted with the magic of the dark spirits, and it was they who generated her fearsome abilities.


Dr. Mark Michaelson was an American physician who dedicated a considerable amount of his time volunteering in a clinic in sub-Saharan Africa.  The charismatic young physician had, despite is good intentions, made an enemy of a ruthless man whose rage propelled him to take an unspeakable step beyond the pale of natural life…he made a deal with the Bruja.  Although he was soon dead, the man’s bargain stood, and the Bruja set about forming a plan to destroy Mark in a manner fitting her taste.


Jesse Varet was a nurse in a little New England Hospital.  She was also Dr. Michaelson’s fiancée.  Young, beautiful and competent Jesse held the respect of those with whom she worked; and she had the deep love of Mark.


The ayudantes were a small brood spawned by the Bruja.  She cared for them and loved them in her own way. She killed the weak ones and groomed the strong ones, gradually nurturing their dark powers so that they could better serve her.  They were her family; they were her guardians and they were her slaves.  Small at first they hunted as a pack, doing the Bruja’s bidding.  Where they went, death swept in like the cold deep indigo that covers the land when clouds sweep away the full moon. They grew in stature, and their powers burgeoned, but so did their self awareness.


The components of the struggle lock in place.  Overpowered by what they don’t understand, Jesse, Mark, Mark’s assistant and a medical resident find themselves forced to accept things they would have scoffed at before their lives were changed.  Their intellects are their weapons, but their doubts undermine them.  Not understanding what it is that is threatening them terrifies them, but they stand their ground partly because of their nature and partly because there is no sure escape.  The struggle evolves, moving to North America and then back to Africa. Yet Mark and his small group are not without allies. There are people and forces of magic that want to help them and the battle intensifies and casualties burgeon.


As their experience increases their understanding grows and Mark and Jesse become more fit adversaries to the malevolence that stalks them .  This draws the Bruja more directly into the fray, and with this comes an even greater threat to her victims, but it is not without greater risk to the Bruja herself. Her tenebrous powers do not give her invulnerability. The struggle intensifies. They become engaged in a dance of wills, spinning and turning towards a crescendo the end of which will bring resolution, but the nature of that resolution…that is not at all clear.


While the Bruja stalks Mark and Jesse, they, in turn, hunt her.  They discover a vulnerability and exploit the very magic that surounds her.  A fierce struggle ensues and the Bruja is brought down.


With the Bruja dead Jesse and Mark go on with their lives.  This is briefly described as a dénouement. They marry and Mark continues to work part time in his clinic in Africa. All goes well until his plane crashes. Jesse sinks into depression at his apparent death until one night she sees Mark. He survived, but something is seriously awry. The Bruja had passed on some of her dark traits to him, and all is most definitely not well. At this point the story concludes, and while the ending is clean it is set up for a sequel which is now beginning to be prepared.


The story takes place in medical settings both in the United States and Africa. While the story is, of course, fiction the descriptions of medical practices and of places and customs are authentically created based on my personal experiences as a physician in both America and in sub-Saharan Africa.  There is a great belief in magic in sub-Saharan Africa.  People hold to those beliefs not as legends, metaphors or childrens’ tales, but as literal realities of nature. The belief in magic, to them, is a subjective reality, and I have tried to realistically convey that to the reader.



The author is a physician certified in internal medicine and nephrology.  He is the founder of WORTH (World Organization of Renal Therapies), a non-profit organization that places dialysis units in the third world and is dedicated to treating the poor, and in so doing he has  spent extensive amounts of time in sub-Saharan Africa. I am well versed in medicine and the cultures of sub-Saharan Africa both qualities of which give validity to the work I would like to submit.  I have published widely in the scientific literature and have written another novel (Source of Shade) which was accepted and published in 2006.   I have diversified interests that I think help in my creativity.  These include karate (I have a second degree black belt), a propensity for pencil sketch portraiture, sculpting, sailing and in line skating.

Get your copy of what makes for a compelling read:-



WAYNE TREBBIN_Primeaval Seed book cover



Be the first to review this item
Kindle Price: $3.45 includes free international wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet
Length: 266 pages
Don’t have a Kindle? Get your Kindle here.

Formats – Products Details
Kindle Edition $3.45 — —
Paperback — $14.95 —                                                                                                                                     Publication Date: September 8, 2014                                                                                                                 Publisher: Sarah Book Publishing, Texas, USA; First edition (September 8, 2014)


Janis Michaels is training to be a cardiologist. Brilliant, beautiful and ambitious she is on her way to a stellar career. However, unknown to her, the destiny she envisions is not at all secure at this point. Her world is about to be entered by something ancient; an unparalleled predator so skilled that it has given rise to legends that go back for centuries. The creature is intelligent, with vast experience and talents that make it nearly invulnerable. Janis is young, modern, scientific and evidence based in her approach to problem solving. This is a great advantage in the care of her patients; but it may make her too slow in accepting the threat coming toward her. She will need to think and adapt in ways few have ever had to. Legend and science will clash in a dance of death as each encounters the other and reacts to survive.


Wayne Trebbin is a physician who practices nephrology on the North Shore of Boston in Massachusetts. He is also the founder and president on The World Organization of Renal Therapies (WORTH), a non-profit charitable organization that builds self-sustaining dialysis units for the poor in the developing world. Besides Primeval Origins he is the author of the medical thriller Bruja, where he draws upon his medical experiences in Africa. Other works will be coming out in the future. He has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and enjoys sailing, karate and pencil sketching.

Two great novels which ideally lend themselves to the medical thriller category for movie material, which are not too common right now where movie preferences go…so high time for a change.   More novels planned and being worked on as I speak.




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