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Our Client, and Author Malay A. Upadhyay



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Malay is one of our beloved and impressive clients, and a most intellectually talented Author, whose works are to make their own impact upon the literary world.

Our Author was born in Kolkata, West Bengal on the eastern coast of India, in a family with roots in the village of Ballia in Uttar Pradesh, northern centre. Having grown up in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, Malay’s undergraduate years were spent pursuing Bachelor of Engineering in Manipal on the western coast, following which he worked for a year in Accenture in Bangalore, Karnataka, in the south. His growing years were thus, spent amidst opportunities and relatives not just all over India but also lifestyles varying between both ends of the economic scale.

Successive years then saw Malay live and travel across Southern Europe as well as Qatar & UAE, thereby, enriching his knowledge of people and culture variations across borders. The topics he chooses are normally based on what he has learnt or gained experience in, as it imparts a holistic perspective to a plot and aids its authenticity. Accordingly, the premise of ‘Kalki Evian – Kalki Evian: The Ring of Khaoriphea , draws from topics  the Author extensively researched on and was awarded Excellence for at Bocconi in Milan, Italy. Meanwhile, ‘Kanha Evian – The fly that followed me’ is an actual account of instances and behaviours observed over the years. The diverse locations, of course, correspond to reality as well. We believe this amazing series will become a far reaching concept.

Malay’s CV spills out achievements in Himalayan expeditions, consulting & research performance in different industries as well as global conferences and projects encompassing strategies for future markets. While he  had ghost written interviews and short write-ups on the professional front by the time he graduated with a Masters in Marketing Management in Italy. Malay enjoys unconventional plots and structures, having often written about, or for, ones he knows on social networks. While these have been received well, Malay’s  blog remains limited to short poetries or write-ups as of now. Marketing is a field that deeply interests him also, and while the Author’s immediate future remains open in this case, writing has had a more specific direction.

Human behaviour backed by its latent mentality always intrigues Malay, and invariably compels an iteration of reasons often speculated upon or hidden in history. Malay’s wishlist, thus, is led by a storyline he finds highly crucial and technologically disruptive. Born out of mythological data and chiselled under the guidance of professors, the story is a Science fiction touching upon human evolution, which aims to judge our capacity to control our own growth, as it attempts to answer two simple questions:

How does Kalki – the final incarnation of Lord as per Hindu mythology – bring about the next human evolution?

On its way, many other questions follow as to the nature of changes that the future undertakes, beginning with the evolution of money. Travels, and observations that come with it, are Malay’s primary hobbies.  Malay pointed out ever so eloquently, and which is so atypical of his character, finds life as an experience first, and the world, a crypt fit for a million years of human evolution that it would require to be understood. It is Malay’s  facile attempt to make an audience think just enough to break out of notions that seem to bind us otherwise, by our own respective cultural conditioning.

The Author’s works may well encourage readers to think and speculate further ‘outside the box’, and view life and what makes us humans tick from a whole new perspective. After all, life is about exploration, change, shedding of the old personality and taking on a new one, and drives us on to exploring further and taking delight in how other cultures and traditions imparted through our interaction with our  fellow man,  may enrich us all.



  • Paperback: 316 pages
  • Publisher: Solstice Publishing (February 12, 2015)
  • Reviews –


KALKI RING Cover book I


Every choice we make leads to its own unique consequence. To change the consequence, therefore, one must travel back in time to change the choice. But what if such change, instead of altering our future, simply created another – one that came to exist simultaneously with our world? This is a story of how one such moment of love led to two parallel futures; a story of how your choices have an impact far beyond the world you know; a phenomenon that we had sensed, and wished for, all along.

There are 4 Novels in the Kalki Evian Series.  Book II is due for publication in the not so distant future.



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The first book in the Kalki Evian series saw Kanha Evian rescued from a ghastly train accident—a move that spawned a parallel reality. However, what he was never told was that his rescuers had traveled back in time once before. Only, this time, they did not save him. The Fly That Followed Me is a prequel to Kalki Evian: The Ring of Khaoriphea. It recounts Kanha Evian’s journey across India in the days leading up to his train accident. His time-traveling rescuers retrieve a diary that opens up the world that led Kanha to his eventual fall. As they begin to read through the pages, the story unfolds backward in time. Venture into a narrative that runs as much in the mind of the protagonist as in the real world, accompanied by a single fly that may yet change the course of our world.


Product Details
Paperback: 248 pages
Publisher: Solstice Publishing (August 18, 2016)
Language: Englis




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