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Our Client, and Author Kristal McKerrington



Kristal McKerrington for Author page



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History Is Made By A Highland Born Author

Kristal McKerrington has made history by getting two wrestlers to appear in her sports romance (wrestling romance).

Kristal was born in Shetland where she was inspired from a young age and to be blessed with a great imagination, and becoming a prolific author.

She started writing from the age of eight years old and didn’t get published until she was 20.  She maintains that her writing adventures weren’t kicked off until she met the wonderful Debi Gliori.

Since then she has had the honour and pleasure of knowing the wonderful authors and wrestlers that she is delighted to call friends today.

Kristal still very much lives in Scotland, just outside of Glasgow where she continues to write, and is helping her Publisher Solstice Publishing, based in Farmington, Missouri, USA,  to launch its Faith brand of books.

Breaking new ground in the literary sectors is something that Kristal loves to occupy and challenge herself with, and is what she lives for and keeps her going, as unfortunately Kristal suffers from Arthritis and other related and energy sapping illnesses, but her writing keeps her focussed and fully occupied, and allows her much enjoyment and personal fulfillment.  Kristal was blessed with an abundance of creativity, so writing her books is her outlet.

She co-authors with the European wrestling superstar Joe E Legend, who is famous from WWE/TNA, where he spent several years.

He started to publish books in the last 3 years, and Joe loves and is fond of superheroes, and always has time to sit and chat about wrestling, and his books.

He lives in Germany but spends most of his time in London, where he is a teacher for the Al Snow wrestling school.  Joe is a well known International celebrity and his wrestling takes him all over the world, and is close to doing his 100th visit to the United Kingdom.

Kristal’s characters in the novel are Scottish.


ABOUT THE BOOK –  Marie’s World – “The Aftermath” 

Marie's World The Aftermath

The Aftermath is the second in the series called Marie’s World which will branch out in Susan Family Series that will include books that take place in Scotland.

At the end of the book one Marie has been forced to return to Chicago to make her twin sisters tell all book about her, family and friends into a movie.  She is also forced to return to the side of her estranged husband despite the old flames that appeared in her life.

The Aftermath follows the journey of Marie through a cruel world and not knowing where she belongs, and whether it’s in sports entertainment or dance.

She has slowly lost touch with her allies and she finds it hard to know who is her enemy or her friend.  There are many unexpected twists and turns that brings her back to Glasgow, where she confronts those who have caused her the most misery.

The Aftermath made history when it’s book cover was launched depicting two well known sports entertainers on the cover, both of whom have worked with some of the biggest wrestling companies known to the sports industry.

One of them has the support of WWE and he’s the male in the cover, and he is called Rhyno, and the curvaceous female is former TNA/WWE superstar Katarina or otherwise simply known as Winter.

The Aftermath is going to be released worldwide on



ABOUT – “Marie’s World” Book I (in the Series)

Maries World first book


Marie’s World (Book I in the Series) tells a tale of love gone wrong, of doing the right thing even if it hurts and how to survive when your world is turned upside down.

Famed dancer, actress and Reality TV star Marie returns from LA to her hometown in Scotland to escape the fall-out from the damaging revelations in her twin sister Layla’s thinly-disguised novel. As she attempts to rebuild her life and career with her partner Derek, Marie’s long-repressed memories and emotions come flooding to the surface, and she finds herself menaced by the world of her former husband, the only man she has ever truly loved and now her most dangerous adversary.

Marie’s World, the forerunner in the series is on sale in every Waterstones and WH Smith store in the UK.  It was later released nationwide in the United States main bookstore Barnes & Noble.  It’s on all booksellers websites.   Readers can also order the book through Waterstones and other booksellers.




Loving A Man I Can’t Have By Kristal McKerrington and Joe E Legend
Loving a Man I Cant Have

Trace was the man of Katie’s dreams. She was the woman he never expected to meet. There’s just three people standing in there way. When these two get tangled up in each others lives, they might just break a lot of hearts

Product Details
File Size: 2099 KB
Print Length: 112 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: Crimson Frost Books (July 15, 2014)
Publication Date: July 15, 2014

Calling You Home By KristalMcKerrington and Joe E Legend
Calling You Home first Edition
Calling You Home 1 by Kristal McKerrington and Joe E Legend
Jason finds out, Mary, the woman he let go all those years ago has returned. Now they have a second chance at the future they have always dreamed of, but she carried a secret away when she left. Now that she’s back her secrets have come home to roost. How will Jason react when he finds out what she has been hiding?Product Details
File Size: 416 KB
Print Length: 48 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: Summer Solstice (December 3, 2014)
Publication Date: December 3, 2014

Calling You Home: “Remember Me”
Calling You Home remember me
Jason finds out about his secret child and emotions explode out of him. His relationship couldn’t be more fragile with May, than it is now. He’s about to learn, it’s not just May’s family who knew about little Dolly. Is there no one who didn’t know?Product Details
File Size: 2099 KB
Print Length: 112 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: Crimson Frost Books (July 15, 2014)
Publication Date: July 15, 2014

Waking Up His Wife by Kristal McKerrington and Joe E Legend
Waking Up His Wife

Strong, muscled, chiselled, good looks and a gentleman to boot. This is what Anna’s friends thought she married,

Product Details
File Size: 812 KB
Print Length: 136 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: Solstice Publishing (September 11, 2013)
Publication Date: September 11, 2013

Fighting For Love by Kristal McKerrington
Fighting for Love
***Erotica Category****
Jasmine got obsessed with a man and now he’s obsessed with her.
Steamy nights, kisses and rules being broken awaits them. She turned his
whole world upside down and now he’s doing it to hers. In this free fall, can
they survive each others love?”Product Details
File Size: 355 KB
Print Length: 120 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1491286318
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: Solstice Publishing (July 8, 2013)
Publication Date: July 8, 2013

Finding God In Hope by Kristal McKerrington
Finding God in Hope

Matthew loses his wife, Julia, suddenly and he falls into a tailspin. He doesn’t know how to cope. His family rallies around him and still he feels lost—until he prays to God who leads him into the arms of Hope. She will take him to places he never thought he would go after he lost Julia.

Product Details
File Size: 267 KB
Print Length: 112 pages
Publisher: Solstice Faith (December 22, 2015)
Publication Date: December 22, 2015

First Love by Kristal McKerrington
First Love

Whether bitter or sweet, you never forget your first love. In this anthology, Kristal McKerrington spins romantic and erotically charged tales of love.

Burning: Torn between lust and pain, Helly concocts a twisted plan of revenge for the man who broke her heart.

Being Free: Infidelity and the pressures of his profession ripped Andrew and Bethany’s marriage apart. Now that they’ve been brought face to face again, old feelings have been rekindled. Will they be able to put the pieces of their relationship back together? Or will a new dilemma tear them apart for good?

Bayou Heat: Howling – Successful author Leah Clarkson arrives at a book convention in New Orleans and runs into her ex-fiancé Antony. The love and desire they had for one another has not waned. Can their love finally overcome the circumstance that caused Leah to leave him at the altar?

Wrong Hearts: Brook loves and adores Jane with all he has. However, being treated like a rock star in his field has temptation thrown at him at every turn. He fights to quell his lustful desires before he loses the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

Only a Santa Hat under the Tree: While her husband is away, Paula’s vivid and sensual writer’s imagination has the juices flowing for her latest story. Her writing session is interrupted by a tantalizing surprise waiting for her under the Christmas tree.

One Night with the Jarl: Set in the Shetland Islands, this story celebrates the traditions of its people. Melinda is to become wed to Joseph at midnight on the eve of the fire festival, Up Helly Aa. The night promises to be an exciting one as their love and bond is sealed by marriage.

Product Details
File Size: 777 KB
Print Length: 149 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0615889964
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: Indie Gypsy (May 19, 2014)

Stories in The Key of Erotica (An Anthology by numerous authors and Kristal McKerrington)
Stories in the Key of Erotica

There has long been a connection between music and sex. For instance, many of us get in the mood for lovemaking by putting on music that strikes a chord with our sensuality. Stories in the Key of Erotica explores that connection in this sizzling compilation from a talented and diverse group of authors. Whether you like your erotica soft and sweet like a love ballad, or raw and edgy like a hard-driving rock beat, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this anthology.

Product Details
File Size: 615 KB
Print Length: 230 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: Indie Gypsy (November 26, 2013)
Publication Date: November 26, 2013















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Our Client, and Author Joyce Marks



Joyce Marks was born in 1942 in London, UK.   The Author emigrated to New Zealand in 1989.\

Her impressive educational background:  She obtained a degree in Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Bristol in the UK.  She  then obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Education at the University of London, after which Joyce trained as an educational psychologist at the Tavistock Clinic in London.

She has two poems published in anthologies.

Another novel Joyce has written titled “The Man Who Wore Brothel Keepers”.  We are hoping to get this work published also.

Joyce has written a children’s story; “The Boy and the Bird King”,  also soon to be published.


In “A Lift From a Stranger,  and Other Stories”, Joyce Marks, describes significant facts and incidents occurring in her childhood.


The family is Jewish and emigrated from Russia and Latvia. Several settled in the UK.  The author’s  parents and grandparents lived in London and Scotland. The author has a younger sister, Marian. They have music lessons; one of their teachers is the father-in-law of Vladimir Ashkenazy.   Joyce has one daughter (Musician and Composer), and a son (a Lawyer) residing in New Zealand.


Several holidays are described and dramatic incidents which occurred on some of the holidays.  This Collection of Short Stories make for fascinating reading, and is especially poignant since these stories were based on factual events.


Other Projects by the Author

The Author is working on her new  book titled “Childhood Memories” which will nicely compliment this work.

Another novel Joyce has written titled “The Man Who Wore Brothel Keepers”.  We are hoping to get this work published also.

Joyce has written a children’s story; “The Boy and the Bird King”,  also soon to be published.

She has two poems published in anthologies.



A lift from a stranger and other stories_Cover Pauline Miller Nov 3 2014


In “A Lift From a Stranger,  and Other Stories”, Joyce Marks, describes significant facts and incidents occurring in her childhood.   A must read book, providingpoignant and nostalgic moments, which may resonate with many other readers also.



Product Details

  • File Size: 785 KB
  • Print Length: 160 pages
  • Publisher: Summer Solstice (January 4, 2015)
  • Publication Date: January 4, 2015




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Our Client, and Author Gilbert Jackman



Gil - Staircase.pdf_page_1


Our handsome looking, prolific author Gilbert Jackman, is a formidable and diversely talented professional, who has s acquired an eclectic variety of skills and experience over the years, serving in the Royal Marines (SNCO), NZ SAS (SNCO), NZ Police (D/SGT), and as Chief Security and Training Officer on cruise ships (3 Rings).  Gilbert has written more than  30 books, and three Children’s stories, and having more planned on his extensive agenda.  We are proud to have him on board.


A Non-smoker, and in pursuit of maintaining a healthful active lifestyle, our Author lives in the UK, and can travel anywhere at short notice and have spent a lifetime being away from home on duty.

He was relocated to the UK from France in 2011.

He holds a British (EEC) and New Zealand (Australian) citizenship and passports, and South African permanent residence.   Gil has embarked upon an active writing career and has many exciting books published.  Gil writes from what he ‘knows’, and has based much of his literary works on a lifetime of personal experiences, and exciting professional posts which carried along with it a great measure of responsibility on his shoulders.




As Chief Security/Training Officer I hold the following qualifications appertaining to ship work, as laid down by the latest IMO and STCW regulations.  I have instructed weekly in:  ISPS Training, Drug Awareness, Harassment, Bomb Searches, and Anti-Piracy.  These are apart from military and police training, experience and skills.

The most important qualifications are underlined:


PAIE                 Pre-Departure Safety Training                                                       NoCert Issued 95

SSOT                Shipboard and Safety Orientation Training                               NoCert Issued 95

IPSA                 Refresher Course in security training                                                 25:05:95

STCW               Certified Lifeboat man                                                                              04:11:96

AFFT                Advanced Fire Fighting Training                                                            12:11:97

CPRE (3)           Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation                                                      16:04:98

Rural/Metro      Hazardous Material Awareness & Initial Response                  15:04:98

Rural/Metro  Gen Fire Fighting Tactics to Mobile Group Standard                  16:04:98

Rural/Metro  Adult CPR – American Red Cross                                                        16:04:98

PAIE                 Safety Course for Pers Nom to Assist Pax in Emergency            03:04:98

STAR Ctr    Instructor, Supervisor and Assessor Qualification Course             27:03:98

Comp.             Computer Skills Somerset County Training                                       06:10:98

SABRE             Use and Wearing of Breathing Apparatus                                         01:08:99

SABRE              Servicing and Maintenance of Breathing Apparatus                     02:08:99

DNV                   Paxtrim Crowd Management                                                                  31:10:99

DNV                   Paxtrim Crisis Management                                                                    01:10:99

DNV                   Paxtrim Trainers Course                                                                          03:10:99

NAHS               Security Course                                                                                              18:02:00

St John             First Aid at Work                                                                                           03:03:00

FPTC                 Fire Training Course                                                                                    14:03:00

NCL                    Illegal Drugs Lecture Certificate                                                             01:04:02

MARPOL           Hazardous & Solid Waste Management                                             24:01:03

STAR Ctr           Crowd Management and Human Behaviour Course                    02:14:03

ISPFSC              Crew Safety and Security Awareness Training                                 04:09:04

ISPS                  Training for Ships Security Officers                                                       13:07:05

AMS – CG        Drug & Alcohol Specimen Collection Training                                   13:07:06

A.G.S.              Screener Training Program

A-V3                Crowd Management

Passenger Safety

Crisis Management and Human Behaviour                                             13:05:08

HAL                  Responsible Service of Alcohol                                                                 16:10:08

HAL                  Norovirus on Board: Gangway                                                                  16:10:08

HAL                  Environmental Management System Basics                                        16:10:08

HAL                  Marine Fire Fighting                                                                                      17:10:08

HAL                  Environmental Management System                                                      26:10:08

HAL                  Security Training Level 2                                                                              15:10:08

HAL                  Security Training Level 2 – Refresher                                                     31:03:09

HAL                  Ships Security Officer – Level 4 Training                                               2009

V.Ships      VGP (Vessel General Permit) – Environmental Protection Agency  2011

The Staff Captain, among his many duties, usually holds the designation of Ship Security Officer but there have been recent movements to change this to the Chief of Security, as the vessel’s security is after all his main priority.  With this in mind I qualified as SSO in 2009.


Independent:                                              CRUCCERO EXPRESS                                    1995

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line:              MONARCH OF THE SEAS  )

SOVEREIGN OF THE SEAS (twice)          )

SONG OF AMERICA                                                                                                                  1995-1998

MAJESTY OF THE SEAS                              )

RHAPSODY OF THE SEAS                          )

Celebrity:                                                       ZENITH (as Art Director)                             1998

Orient Cruise Line:                                    MARCO POLO  (6months)                            1999

Renaissance Cruise Line:                        RENAISSANCE 6 (5 months)                      2000/1

RENAISSANCE 3 (6 months)                                                                                                 2001

Holland America Line:                             VOLENDAM                                                        2001/2

Norwegian Cruise Line:                           NORWEGIAN SUN (4 contracts)              2002/3

NORWEGIAN MAJESTY (5 contracts)                                                                              2004/7

NORWEGIAN SPIRIT (6 Contracts)        2007/8

Holland America Line:                             MAASDAM                                                           2008

MAASDAM                                                           2009

Silver Sea                                                       WHISPER                                                             2011



Crew discipline and drug enforcement.

Investigations into complaints ranging from theft to rape and murder.

Investigation of all accidents of crew and passengers.

Assisting Legal & Claims Department in preparation and depositions for litigation.  Liaison with shore side police and customs.

Supervision of security staff, placement and supervision of gangways.

Compiling and producing all relevant reports.

Implementing and conducting training of crew in terrorism/bomb threats, drug awareness training, ISPS awareness training, etc.

Also Diving Officer and sometime leader of Mobile Fire Team.

Deck & Engine 3 stripe Officer designation.



Familiar with most ports in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, the USA and French Polynesia, and have visited many more.



Spent short time in 1 Ranger Squadron (NZ SAS) before Vietnam finished – then 10 years in the New Zealand Police, served in the Crime Control Unit, also responsible for Diplomatic Protection.  Trained as Hostage Negotiator, Firearms and Physical Training Instructor, Search and Rescue, sometime Prosecutor in magistrates’ court.  Personal protection to PM of NZ in Auckland venues.  Rank of Det/Sgt.  Attended Auckland University – 2 years law then returned UK.



15 years in the Royal Marines served as Reconnaissance Troop Leader (Recce courses, sniper, parachuting and climbing).  Commando Instructor, Marksman on all weapons.  Navy Diver, Mixtures and Re-breathing qualifications, and all SBS diving qualifications.  Military guarding and anti-terrorist deployment.  Served on ships as well as Commando units (40, 41, 45 Commandos) – 2 1/2 years on HMS Ursa, also HMS Fearless and HMS Bulwark with Commando groups as SNCO.  Saw combat in Cyprus, Aden and Northern Ireland.  Rank of SNCO.



Hold Dip. CRS (Diploma of the Council for Recreation and Sport), and Senior Instructor for NABBA (National Amateur Bodybuilding Association).  Personal trainer.  Ran own health studio for eight years.



Computer literate, diving, skiing, published author, rider (horses and motorbikes), weight training.



Member of International Police Association, Society of Authors, National Amateur Bodybuilding Association, Sergeants Mess Commando Training Centre, Auckland University Club, Royal British Legion, Bergerac branch of RNA.


Non-smoker,  live in the UK, can travel anywhere at short notice and have spent a lifetime being away from home on duty.

Relocated to the UK from France in 2011.

I hold British (EEC) and New Zealand (Australian) citizenship and passports, and South African permanent residence.  Have US visas B1B2 and R C1/D.

Hold recent medical, X-ray and Yellow Fever.





Craven By Gil Jackman


Thomas Craven is a snappy dresser, art school graduate and antique dealer. He is also a faker and forger, a coward, and an all round detestable person. He is in partnership with Charlie Feathers, also crooked, with whom he once shared a cell. Their two employees are Ray, a middle-aged craftsman, and Cassius, a black rugby player in his early twenties.
The mysterious Mr. Deville contacts their firm and an agreement is made, so Craven and company begin collecting artifacts for the new customer.
The attractive Amanda Hastings and her father are on the trail of Deville, their journey taking them through time and space. Now she is forced to obtain the help of someone she detests, Thomas Craven. Together they follow events to their conclusions, and the terrible purpose Deville plans for two civilizations.
Somehow, Craven turns out to be the unlikely hero in the end.


Gil Jackman was born in Liverpool, England, became Architectural Draughtsman, then joined the Royal Marine Commandos and saw action in Cyprus, Aden and Northern Ireland. Wounded twice, Jackman left the Royal Marines as a SNCO and went to New Zealand, where he joined the NZ SAS and became a SNCO. After Vietnam Gil joined the NZ Police, serving as a Det/Sgt. He then returned to the UK and opened a gym – teaching bodybuilding, karate and general fitness. Later, he found a position on cruise ships as Chief of Security, serving for sixteen years. Besides the UK, Jackman has lived in NZ, France and South Africa.























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