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Our Client, and Author Olivia Gracey

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Olivia GraceyGracey and son    gracey-and-ty-her-son   gracey-12





More gorgeous photos can be found at this link where the Author is pictured with her handsome and talented son Ty, who seems to follow in his beautiful Mum’s footsteps, demonstrating his own unique and sensitive style, love and dedication to his music.




Listen to the wonderful synchronization of Mother and Son, and the way their vocals blend perfectly, and it will give you goosebumps without fail.  Monkenshine has got to be my favourite and invokes such a sense of malencholy and peace at the same time in the most ambivalent sense, I could listen to it over and over again…



Beautiful and sultry Olivia Gracey has been writing for over thirty years.  Whether it is songs, poetry or her latest novels The Allow Factor, and “Sailing the Alice Marie”, the written word has always been Olivia’s confidant.  She writes in a language you can feel, melting Romance books with Self-help books. Olivia comes from a long line of singers some straight out of Nashville and while you can often times hear her singing with her son and their Band “Just Gracey”, writing novels that appeal to real women has always been her first love.


Olivia’s leading men in her novels aren’t your typical “hero”, they are very relatable to women and their everyday lives.  They don’t have long flowing hair and Scottish accents, rather they are tight jean-hat on backwards-wearing men with a touch of Southern charm slathered, smothered and bathed in bad boy.  Her leading men will sweep you off your feet by being brutally honest and never claim to be the hero nor the bad guy – just a man.  Olivia’s characters are very relatable to all women – especially ones who have had a broken heart or two.


When asked what her goals are, Olivia is often heard saying (with that throaty laugh and deep Southern accent) “Why I want everybody readin’ my books and humming my songs. Share my passion.”


Every step she takes is one step closer to where she wants to be, a published Author. And if her books offer some self-help in the lives of women who read them then her work is accomplished. She is driven. She is confident and she is fearless



Olivia Gracey SAILING ALICE MARIE cover


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At the age of eighteen, Alice Marie Camden lost her virginity to a fine young sailor on the coast of Maine. A sailor whom she spent a glorious summer falling in love with before moving away for college. Although years have passed, she still finds herself reminiscing about Roger, the se-cret moments they shared, and the love he bestowed upon her. When Alice learns she and the lover are family, she has regret, anger, and now a forbidden desire.


He wastes no time tormenting Alice making sure she knows his desire for her. It’s his mission to reclaim what was once lost between them. How do you live your life being married to your first lover’s brother? Will she tell their secret? Or will she live with the regret? If you once loved someone and they returned to you, does it mean it was destiny? Or does it sail with a disaster of the heart?
Olivia Gracey, a Romance Fiction author, also author of The Allow Factor, was born and raised in Lawton, Oklahoma and currently resides in Huntsville, Alabama with her family. She spends most of her time writing her novels. She is a writer, a mother, a florist, a singer/songwriter with her son and band, Just Gracey, a gym rat, and one who encourages all who know her. She is driven. She is confident. She feels blessed.




Olivia Gracey The Allow Factor book cover
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What if you met someone tonight, someone that awakened your soul? What if the look he gave you from across the room shook your universe, caused your butterflies to come alive, made you weak in the knees?

What if you find yourself face to face with him, breathing the air he breathes with no clue how you got there. Of course nothing would make sense for you. Right?

Some say it’s love at first sight. Some say it’s Destiny. Some say run as fast as you can and never look back. That’s what I should have done. But no, instead I exhaled and then inhaled and said, “Hi, my name is Sadie.”

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