Colonel Philip Corso and Supportive UFO and ET Witness Accounts – 180-Page Report on Alien bodies


What Lt. Colonel Philip Corso (Retired Ex US Army) Saw at WP-At.FB is Way Beyond Our Wildest Imaginations

Published on Aug 7, 201

Colonel Philip Corso claims he stewarded extraterrestrial artifacts recovered from a crash near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. Corso says a covert government group was assembled under the leadership of Adm. Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter. Among its tasks was to collect all information on off-planet technology. The US administration simultaneously discounted the existence of flying saucers in the eyes of the public, Corso says. According to Corso, the reverse engineering of these artifacts indirectly led to the development of accelerated particle beam devices, fiber optics, lasers, integrated circuit chips and Kevlar material. In the book, Corso claims the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), or “Star Wars”, was meant to achieve the destructive capacity of electronic guidance systems in incoming enemy warheads, as well as the disabling of enemy spacecraft, including those of extraterrestrial origin. Documentary evidence for a possible official relationship between Corso and MJ-12 is found in his official military records.

Major UFO Disclosure Are the Aliens from Venus Coming Back to Earth

Published on Jul 19, 2018

The more intriguing and mysterious type of reported aliens are the ones who appear to be humans, or at least of a human-like species. The various anti-nuclear messages and sightings over our nuclear installations lend a clue to why these people have decided to warn our Earthly population. One of the questions being asked is how many different extraterrestrial species and human looking ETs are currently visiting planet Earth? Recent estimates state there are around 57 different kind of extraterrestrial species.

Some of these 57 species are very similar to us in appearance. Harris will share her knowledge and international research of current human type extraterrestrial cultures, and current Latin American research. Poala detailed some of her conversations with the late great Colonel Philip Corso, known for the claims in his book, The Day After Roswell.

Phillip Corso Jr. is the son of Col. Phillip Corso. In this testimony, Mr. Corso Jr. reveals information he learned from his father including a meeting Col. Corso had with an extraterrestrial lifeform in Red Canyon, NM while Corso was commanding a missile battalion. Colonel Corso, Sr. discussed the ET issue with such people as President Eisenhower, Strom Thurman and FBI director J. Edgar Hoover as well as CIA leaders and several members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He said that much of this information was kept from multiple presidents including Carter.

Published on Jun 5, 2018

Phil Corso Jr. talks about his father and the book he wrote, The Day After Roswell. Why is alien technology and the truth about UFOs still being covered up?

More Witness Testimonies:

Hidden Energy – Dr. Hal Puthoff

Sirius Disclosure
Published on Dec 23, 2013
Dr. Hal Puthoff.

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Dr. Hal Puthoff, a theoretical and experimental physicist, is a graduate of Stanford University. He has published over forty technical papers in the areas of electron-beam devices, lasers, and quantum zero-point energy effects, and holds patents in the laser, communications, and energy fields. Dr. Puthoff’s professional background spans more than thirty years of research at General Electric, Sperry, the National Security Agency, Stanford University, SRI International, and, since 1985, as Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, Texas, and President of EarthTech International Inc. In his testimony, Dr. Puthoff points out that as we uncover the technologies that make space travel possible, we must consider the possibility that there are other civilizations who have been down this track ahead of us. This opens up the possibility of ET visitation. Considering that our electromagnetic technology is a century old, we must realize that there could be advanced civilizations out there that are millennia beyond us, and their technologies could be well beyond our imagination; therefore, the ET/UFO topic deserves to be taken seriously by modern scientists.


New Realities  
Published on May 5, 2013


Project Bluebook

Exclusive interview with Colonel Richard French, at the Citizen Hearings on UFO Disclosure. French was on the staff of USAF Project Blue Book, a government-sponsored study on the validity of UFOs. He says that his primary job on that committee was to make up logical explanations (debunk) what people saw when they reported a UFO sighting.

Lieutenant Colonel French served 29 in the United States Air Force and was first called to active duty with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) in 1952. Before entering military service he earned a position on the U. S. Olympic Team as a freestyle wrestler. He was a bit distraught when his OSI Commander refused to release him during the wartime to attend the final national Olympic qualification tournament in Sue City, IA. He volunteered for pilot training in 1954 in the Korean War. He was assigned to the 25th Squadron and flew the wing of Naval Exchange Officer John Glen, who went on to become the nation’s first man in space.

French graduated from Oregon State and continued his education with two PhDs in Philosophy and Astrophysics from the Kings College online education system.

More Witness Accounts: – Interview with Harvard professor John E. Mack about his discussion with the Dalai Lama about why aliens/ufos first came to earth, as well as alien concern about the destruction of the environment.

In August of 1976, twin brothers Jim and Jack Weiner, along with their two friends Charles Foltz and Charles Rack, headed to the Allagash in Maine for a canoeing and camping trip. One night they experienced an incredible encounter with a UFO. Years later, after the brothers suffered from horrific nightmares, they underwent regression hypnosis. They were regressed separately and most of the men had startling similar recollections of what occurred during the night of the UFO sighting. We are very happy to bring to you one of the most compelling and mysterious UFO – and potential alien abduction – cases from the perspective of the witnesses themselves. Link to more information on this case: 2015 International UFO Congress lecture by Chuck Foltz:… Full audio interview with Jim Weiner:… Full audio interview with Jack Weiner:…

Published on Oct 22, 2014

In this video, retired Belgian Air Force General Wilfried De Brouwer discusses a wave of triangular UFOs he investigated in 1989 and 1990. He was in charge of the Belgian Air Force’s official investigation. They never came to a definite conclusion as to where the mysterious triangles came from. De Brouwer also discusses the controversial photograph that was allegedly taken in Petit-Rechain.


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