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We are proud to add Patrick Towne, I can only describe more aptly as a “Mr. Diversity of great achievements”, to our Author pages.  There is absolutely nothing more I could possibly add to what is already being posted here about our Client, except to say, we shall endeavor to do our utmost to help fulfill some of Patrick’s aspirations where his creative artistry is concerned and do him justice.


Patrick Towne lives and works in Fairfield, Iowa, southeast Iowa’s “Silicorn Valley,” a high-tech haven with an active performing arts culture. He’s a writer, editor, actor and screenwriter who integrates his experience in business, leading-edge technologies and acting into screenplays for film and TV. His most recent project is “Padre’s Cure,” winner of the 2018 Iowa Motion Picture Association (IMPA) Award of Achievement for Best Screenplay (Unproduced).


Patrick’s other scriptwriting projects include “Blackberries in the Dream House,” which won the 2016 Wild Rose Independent Film Festival Award for Best Screenplay, Iowa Feature Film (Unproduced) and the 2015 IMPA Award of Achievement for Best Screenplay (Unproduced). Patrick is also the co-author of “A Time Out of Rhyme” and “Music Most Foul,” screenplays based upon musical stage plays. “Music Most Foul” won the IMPA 2008 Award of Excellence for Best Screenplay (Unproduced). Under the title “A Time Out of Rhyme,” Patrick’s screenplay “Goosed” won the IMPA 2006 Award of Excellence for Best Screenplay (Unproduced).


Patrick’s other scriptwriting credits include “Love at Work,” a feature-length film script about a young woman whose unexpected pregnancy spurs her to become a successful businesswoman and turn the tables on a fickle boyfriend and a ruthless female competitor; “Goth King,” a historical epic about Alaric of Balthi, the Roman mercenary who became a Goth king and whose defeat of Rome in 410 A.D. signaled the fall of the Roman Empire; “Wild Woman Saint,” a screenplay about the life and times of St. Catherine of Siena; “Wilderness Spirit,” the story of legendary 19th Century wilderness lover and environmental advocate John Muir; and “The Trouble With Oliver,” a romantic comedy set in San Francisco in the early 1970s.


Patrick’s published credits include articles in numerous business and financial magazines and newspapers such as Futures, Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, Bull & Bear, Electric Light & Power, Teleprofessional, Personal Investor, Registered Representative, The Des Moines Register, Mortgage Banking, National Underwriter, Insurance Week, and Insurance Times.  He has developed story concepts for stories that have appeared in Time, Business Week, USA Today, The New York Times, Success, the Chicago Sun-Times, Dow-Jones Asset Management, Derivatives Strategies and Fat Pipe magazines and numerous news, business and telecommunications industry Web sites.


Patrick’s business and technical writing experience includes documentation of one of the first travel agency computer systems to interface with major airline reservation networks.  He has also documented computer systems that managed and reported on: commodity flow and delivery for the largest agricultural cooperative in the United States; circuit engineering and design for one of the largest telephone companies in the country; inventory control for a leading provider of business computer systems and networks; box office receipts, accounting and cash flow analysis for one of the largest cinema chains in the US; and corporate charitable contributions for a large pharmaceutical firm.  Patrick contributed to a best-selling “user-friendly” manual on the use of AmiPro, a word-processing and desktop publishing program.  He was also a contributor to the NeXt computer user’s guide for one of NeXt’s preferred word processing, desktop publishing and office management software packages.


Patrick became the Managing Director and Editor in Chief for IES Press in January 1998.  He served as editor of the first two books published by IES Press, Beliefs-Preferences Gauge Symmetry Group and Replication of Contingent Claims in a General Market Environment and Foundations of Foreign Exchange Option Symmetry. He also conceived and outlined an IES Press publication that explained physics-based financial technologies to non-technical audiences: P-28: The Coming Transformation in Global Financial Markets.  During Patrick’s tenure, IES Press became a distributor for World Scientific Publishing Co., a leading publisher of books for the natural sciences.  Patrick also established distribution relationships for IES Press with Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Global Investor, NUMA Financial, and fifteen other Internet distributors of finance-related books.


Patrick has contributed research, interviews and background writing to articles on advances in workplace management and other human resource issues in industrial and high-technology environments.  He has also written policies and procedures manuals for industrial, manufacturing, health care and engineering firms as well as technical and promotional copy for Web sites, instructional manuals, home study courses, books, newsletter articles, direct mail packages, press releases, promotional brochures and flyers on telecommunications, real estate investment, personal investment management, options investing, socially responsible investing, environmentally-sound solid waste disposal systems, satellite communications systems, consumer credit reporting, corporate takeovers and consolidations, and high-accuracy industrial cutting systems.  Patrick has designed sales presentations for a trading advisory service and has written and edited business plans and promotional materials for one of the world’s premier suppliers of high-performance transmission components for Porsche racecars, for a financial services firm entering the socially-responsible investment marketplace, and for a next-generation global IP Telephony cooperative.




We are very partial to the Supernatural, and who isnt?  It is the best form of escapism that has the ability to hoist us up and release us from our ‘earthly shackles, if only momentarily.   Right?   We believe this work would deliver well in the film industry.  I don’t want to give away too much of this treasure,  until we have caught the attention of some of our beloved colleagues in the film sectors, and so a simple log-line may need to suffice for now to give you a clue.  The plot is exciting, full of suspense, and loaded with humanitarianism and philanthropic courage where Providence is on their side, and ultimately lets the ‘good guys’ win, in their getting even with greedy corporates for once.


Two of Patrick latest Screenplays looking for a home with a keen Film Studio are:  



Padre’s Cure  by Patrick Towne

Based on a story by Patrick Towne and Randal K. West

Copyright ©2017 Patrick Towne

WGA Registration #1908195

Genre: Supernatural Action-Adventure Thriller


A strong-willed young Italian chemist and two of her friends stumble upon a deceased holy man’s simple, all-natural cure for AIDS and cancer, resolve to bring it to the world without profit to themselves or anyone else, and outwit a pharmaceutical company’s grasping CEO and his hit men to make it available to those who need it most.





Adaptation to the  Award Winning Novel of the same title by Diane Frank (See Diane’s Author Page on this site)

Again, more elements of the supernatural in the mix… Should be a wonderful eye catching materialization of the exotic on the silver screen, where West meets with Eastern culture, and philosophy.  However, whether Western or Eastern customs, love knows no bounds where the rapturous highs and ecstasies, as well as the painful lows experienced and intertwined within any romantic bond between a man and a woman, is destined to deliver the same severity of happiness or pangs of distress in all cultures, when events turn an unexpected corner.


Recovering from the loss of her first true love, a young geisha in 1850s Kyoto meets a youthful Buddhist monk who has never known a woman’s touch. Tenuous and then passionate lovemaking becomes their gateway to a deeply spiritual union. Their love affair cut short by an earthquake, the two inseparable lovers return in the present day and find each other once again.


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