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About Our Client, and Author John Caulfield


John Caulfield was born in May 1964 in Cape Town, South Africa. He completed his schooling at the South African College School and went on to study at the University of Cape Town where he obtained a degree in English as well as a post graduate degree in Law.

In 1989, he was admitted as an Advocate of the Supreme Court of South Africa and, some years later, joined the Department of Justice where he prosecuted in a series of high profile criminal trials including Fraud, Armed Robbery, Rape and Murder.

Since moving to the United Kingdom, he has written two crime novels, both influenced by his experiences as a criminal lawyer in Cape Town. His first novel, The Atom Heart Murders, won a number of accolades, including a joint first prize in the UK magazine, Writers’ Forum.

Apart from writing, he loves music, mountains and the sea.


GENRE: Adult Fiction/Suspense Thriller


About the book:

 On a clear winter morning, after months recovering from near fatal injuries, Captain James Blake is discharged from a Cape Town hospital. In the shadow of Table Mountain, the city streets appear familiar yet dreamlike, as if Blake is viewing his post hospital world through a hazy and distorted looking glass. His mission is to trace his attackers, but Blake soon finds himself side-tracked by the cold blooded execution of a prominent Cape Town attorney. Against the backdrop of the new South Africa, with all its mystery, beauty and unfathomable contradictions, Blake plunges into a twilight world of inexplicable accidents, mail order brides, music, madness and murder. As the investigation races towards its climax, Blake’s sense of dissociation intensifies, and it becomes clear that he is struggling, not only to catch a killer, but also to reclaim his sanity, as well as his very life…


“Stay with this well-written story. It seems slow at the beginning but it really draws the reader in. The author creates a convincing atmosphere of the location of this book – South Africa. The mystery is centered around a series of deaths connected to members of a former rock band, and the outcome leaves the reader hanging to the very end.”
“If you like your prose lyrical, and a read that will stretch your mind – then this book has it all.”
“From page one we follow a man trying to glean some sense from the circumstances he’s been thrown into – a journey that is every bit as much outer, as it is inner. The world almost bending to the fabric of his perception.”


THE ATOM HEART MURDERS tells the chilling tale of Superintendant John Murdoch, second in command of the Serious Violence Unit of the South African Police Service, as he investigates a series of execution style killings in Cape Town.
After the discovery of the first victim, a young female advocate in the employ of the Director of Public Prosecutions, it seems apparent that the murder is related to the investigation of a notorious terrorist cell. But when a second body, that of a young prostitute, is found in a parking lot near Rhodes’ Memorial, the circumstances surrounding the killings begin to kindle sinister memories from Murdoch’s past, and it soon becomes clear that the murders are of a personal, rather than of a political nature.
Beneath the veneer of perfect blue skies and white sandy beaches, Murdoch descends into the dark and violent reality of the new South Africa. The past, however, hovers malignantly in the background, and Murdoch finds himself recalling a series of tragic incidents that occurred during his early teens, during the height of the apartheid era, while on a family holiday in Knysna. He remembers stumbling across their young coloured maid performing a sexual act on his middle-aged uncle, and how his subsequent desire to play the voyeur, may have led to the drowning of his two young cousins. Above all, Murdoch must gradually confront the recollection that his uncle had murdered the young maid to keep her from instituting a charge of rape.
When it is revealed that Murdoch, too, is under investigation, the reader begins to realise that he, the very narrator of the tale, may not be who, or even what, he seems.
In a series of twists, it is revealed that his cousins had not drowned, and that the young maid had not been murdered, but had merely been dismissed from the household, her silence secured by a handsome pay-out funded by his uncle and his father. Murdoch’s lifelong torment and hatred of his family, he discovers, had been the result of a tragic series of misunderstandings.
The present series of murders, Murdoch discovers, were committed by a man who had been falsely convicted of rape because of the suppression of evidence by the prosecution authorities. Past and present appear to blur and it is only in the closing lines of the final chapter that the whole truth – regarding both the plot and sub-plot – is finally revealed.

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Our Client, and Author Jaden Kelley


Jaden Kelly

Jaden Kelley is a native Floridian residing in Orlando, Florida.  She currently works in the healthcare field as a pharmacy technician but her passion for writing has been a dream since grammar school.  It seems that when she writes a story, the characters take on a life of their own and it becomes an adventure to see where the plot will lead.  Even though most of the characters are lesbian, anyone can relate to the affairs of the heart and with relationships, how exciting, daring and complicated they can become.

During her free time other than writing, she keeps busy by volunteering with local community organizations and traveling, which includes a desire to visit Europe in the future. Jaden’s other hobbies include swimming, the martial arts (kung fu, tae kwon do), and bowling.  She admits that her love of Italian food is her Achilles’ heel and the local restaurants know her by name.


Genre: Adult Fiction/Espionage Thriller

Word Count: 57,20

Publisher:  GREY GATE MEDIA, LLC (Formerly Briona Glen Publishing)   Pamela Marin-Kingsley


Jaden’s soon to be released “Codename Viper”  is an espionage thriller involving an American woman assassin named Adanna Taylor.  She works for a secret government agency that assigned her the code name of ‘Viper’ because of her dead-on accuracy in killing skills.   She lives with her girlfriend and lover Brenda Winters, who has no idea of the “real” profession her girlfriend is in.  She believes that Adanna works for a computer agency, which requires her to travel a lot.

Things become complicated when one of Adanna’s assignments hits close to home.  Deso Alomar, a hired assassin for a secret terrorist organization only known as “La Peste Negra”, or the “black death” has arrived in the states for unknown reasons.  Deso and Adanna have prior history because he was responsible for a bombing that took place 15 years ago in Caracas, Venezuela, which killed her life partner and wife of five years, Elena.

Thinking that she will have the chance to avenge her death, this obsession blinds her to the point where history may repeat itself in her new relationship with Brenda, if she is not careful.

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Our Client, Author Scott C. Fields

Scott Fields Book Signing


Scott Fields was born and reared in La Rue, a small village nestled in the farmlands of mid-Ohio. There he learned to appreciate small town life and country living. After graduating from Ohio University in 1970 with a degree in English Literature, he entered the field of retail management and for the next 30 years managed many stores in the Detroit, Michigan area. In 1996 Scott acted on his lifelong dream of being a writer by writing his first short stories. Within two years, he had four published and then began work on All Those Years Ago. Scott and his wife, Deb, now live in Mansfield, Ohio. Their children, Sara, Angela, Michael, and Matt are still living in the Detroit area. Scott has always considered writing to be his hobby. Over the years, he has written numerous great novels before he came one of our clients, and many thereafter followed, plus a volume and compilation of short stories, and nine screenplays, and has nearly a dozen more projects either started or in outline form.  He often laments that “there’s so much to write, and so little time to do it in.”

A Candid Interview with the Author: 

When did you first decide you wanted to write? I was born with the nagging obsession to write. It literally haunted me for most of my life until I sat down at about the age of 50 and started writing. I’ve been doing it ever since.

Did you get nervous the first time you put your work out there? I don’t think anybody truly knows if he or she is good enough. I kept trying until finally I was told that one of my novels was going to be published. Hopefully, my wife will never see this because I can safely say it was the greatest moment of my life, even better then the day I got married.  

What is your favorite genre to write? I have written 12 different novels from many different genres. I cannot control what kind of story hits me. I always have 5 or 6 ideas cluttering up my brain.

Do you have a favorite author? I am a big fan of Jack London and Steinbeck.

Is there something you want to write about, that you haven’t yet? I recently finished writing a book called Just Believe. It is not a religious book rather an entertaining book with inspiration to the reader. I hope to write another such book that people will feel better about themselves when they have finished reading it.

Spaghetti or Lasagna and why? Spaghetti, because it’s sloppy.

Anything you would like to say to the aspiring authors reading this blog? I went to college to learn how to write and learned from experience that nobody can teach you to write. If you have the desire to tell a story, you simply need to practice everyday by writing short stories, novels, screenplay or whatever you like.




Is the tender story of Frank Watson, a retired farmer who lived in a small town nestled in the cornfields of rural America. He spent his life farming the land that had been in the family for over a hundred years and reared two children with Ida, his wife for over forty years. It has been two years since the death of his wife, and Frank Watson still struggles with the loss. Every morning, he meets with his friends at the local diner to talk and to exchange gossip, but inevitably must return to his farm that remains undisturbed since his wife’s death. As Frank gazes from the window at the backyard, he winces at what he sees, as though seeing the neglect for the very first time since his wife left him. Trash littered the backyard, and weeds grew where once there were none. A gust of wind scatters the thin strands of hair on his head, and a discarded newspaper comes to life, its pages spreading across the yard like ghosts in the wind….” The bedroom where Ida had died had been locked and bolted. Until now, Frank had been unable to face that evil place that had taken the only woman he had ever loved. As he opens the door sending a cloud of dust swirling across the floor, Frank walks across the rank smelling room and sit himself down on Ida’s side of the bed. The bed groans in protest. He pulls back the comforter and with one hand strokes the cool sheets where she had last rested. He had wanted to do this for so long. He had often dreamed of caressing that special spot. His hand seemed to drink in the coolness of the sheets. He gently slips both hands under the down-filled treasure where her head had once rested, and pulls it close and lowers his face and inhales deeply, filling his lungs with the soft fragrance that still lingered in the air. Then Pepper Ledley walks into Frank’s life. She was the new waitress in town nearly half his age and offers Frank something he had never before considered, a new beginning, and finds he is still struggling with his new feelings for this lovely young woman, and the memory of his beloved wife. He also faces the biggest crisis of his life. A large foreign corporation needs five hundred acres of land to build a factory and Frank alienates himself from the rest of the town when he, steadfastly, refuses to sell. Unlike the other members of the community, Frank is certain there will be problems if they are allowed to build. ‘Warm Winds of Autumn’  is a story that looks into the very heart of small town life. It is laced with humor and filled with warm sentiment of enduring love. Examine a one man’s triumphs and his losses and allows us to share with you the simple yet meaningful life in the heartland of rural America. Available at


Category: Literary and  Film Representation


  • Print Length: 214 pages
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publisher: Outer Banks Publishing Group (May 1, 2012)
  • Publication Date: May 1, 2012

If you read Fifty Shades of Grey, you’ll like Summer Heat!

When she was 17, there wasn’t a man alive she would let get near her, and when she was 18, there wasn’t a man she would keep away.

She stood five feet seven inches tall, weighed one hundred twenty pounds, her green eyes sparkled like brilliant cut emeralds, her inviting full lips always ruby red and moist.  Women universally hated her, men continued to hold doors for her long after she passed by – just to watch her walk away. To imply that Jessie exuded sex would be an understatement, akin to inferring that water was wet.    Ninety-nine point nine percent of the men in Steam Corners wanted her, but she only wanted one man, Spencer Deacon. He was everything that she was not, even-tempered, amicable, well respected and kind. The one thing that Spencer didn’t want was Jessie, and his firm and undeniable rejections infuriated her.

What followed was a series of sordid events involving murder, deceit, betrayal and the conviction of an innocent man.

It was the second year of a drought, and it had forced Frank Harlan to find work in another county. When he did, he left behind his wife, Jessie who found a job as a waitress in a local bar. Just about every man in town wanted Jessie, and, with Frank away, there were those who had their wishes come true. One of her admirers was her twenty-year-old stepson, Porter Harlan. More than once, Porter had tried to win her favor but was rejected every time. When a tornado strike the little to

When a tornado strikes the little to of Steam Corners and tears the roof from Jessie’s barn, she hires Spencer Deacon, a twenty-two-year old black man, to replace it. As time goes by her lust for Spencer grows with every torridly hot day until one night when Spencer arrives home from a date with a beautiful young black girl by the name of Skeeter, Jessie is consumed by jealousy and tries once again to tempt and lure Spencer into bed. When he refuses, she becomes enraged with anger.  A series of dramatic incidents ensues, and when Porter, Jessie’s son in law, comes home heavily intoxicated one night, makes an attempt to rape Jessie… A series of dramatic incidents follow from that point onward which necessitates the legal intervention of a court trial which lasts less than a week. Find out who was wrongly convicted and what happens at the culmination of this hot story. Great writing by Scott Fields a wonderful and prolific author with a style all his own. This book offers a compelling read, great suspense and very appealing appropriate adult content within the context of the plot line, and is never gratuitously overdone and makes for great reading for all ages 18 years and upwards.
LATEST THRILLING NOVEL BY  BY SCOTT C. FIELDS – FILM PROJECT fund raiser is now in the hands of Producer Don Fauntleroy
Author:  Scott Fields
Genre: Adult Fiction/Religious/Spiritual/Based on Miracles of Faith
Publisher:  Outerbanks Publishing 
Tony Franko and his brother, Odell are two young black men living on the south side of Detroit. When a robbery attempt goes bad, Odell is shot and dies in Tony’s arms. Tony goes to prison for the crime and soon befriends a mob boss. At the same time, he upsets a rival mob boss and his life is now endangered.His friend breaks him out of prison, supplies him with priest garb and drops him off in a small farming village. He sees a sign attached to the local Catholic Church that refers to raising money to support Chapel Hill. With that in mind, he approaches the local priest, Father Edward McKinley, and tells him that he was sent by the bishop to help raise money for Chapel Hill. McKinley reluctantly takes him in, but vows to verify his story with the bishop.
With his outgoing personality, Tony soon wins the approval if not the friendship of most everyone in town including, to a certain extent, that of Father McKinley. Even Tony himself is falling in love with small town life until one day when he runs into Frank Bower, the town bully.
For some reason, Frank dislikes the Amish people, and when Tony stumbles across one of Frank’s thugs beating an Amish man, he jumps in and stops the fight. Frank is livid and vows to get Tony. To further torment the Amish, Frank dams the creek that flows through his property and past the Amish farmers who live below.One day, Tony is walking downtown and comes across an automobile accident. A young boy is hurt and lying in the street. Tony picks him up and runs across town to the doctor’s office. As the doctor and nurse frantically work on the boy, Tony stays by his side. When the boy finally passes away and the medical staff walks away, Tony is heartbroken. It was if he was reliving the death of his brother. In a last desperate attempt at saving this boy, Tony for the first time in his life utters a prayer asking God to spare this young life. Almost immediately, the boy’s heartbeat returns.
This is a life-changing event in Tony’s life. He now not only believes in God, he wants to follow in Jesus’ footsteps by helping others. To this end his first triumph is to reunite a mother and son who had been estranged for years. From there, he organizes and opens a soup kitchen to feed the poor.Fortunately for Tony, the little boy he saved just happened to be the grandson of Frank Bower.
Many challenging altercations and injustices rear their ugly heads and ensue as the story unfolds. Read more about the amazing developments  which manifest themselves in the form of compassionate neighborly deeds contributed by some of the most unlikely of characters, and proving that with acts of selflessness and goodwill towards those less well off, and those unfortunate ones who are discriminated against simply on account of their beliefs and associated and perhaps unconventional lifestyles, can procure a profound effect on the most unbending of personalities.
Part of the proceeds will be donated to Chapel Hill.
Category:  FILM PROJECT awaiting funding to meet our budget requirements
Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert
 The Mansfield Killings by Scott Fields
Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Outer Banks Publishing Group (October 24, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0982993137
Posted by The Publisher,  Outer Banks Publishing, on September 3rd, 2013 

The Mansfield Killings” to be  published in paperback by December by Outer Banks Publishing USA,  is Scott Field’s latest publication.   Paperback copies can be purchased direct from the Publishers now.  The Kindle version will also be out, and the book will be available in December at all book retailers in both ebook and Kindle versions.This was a work  close to Scott’s heart which the Author has researched extensively.   Below find a full synopsis.  It is a well written work that will hold your attention, and will also provide the reader a stark reminder how easy it would be for any one of us to become victims perpetrated by senseless and amoral individuals who show no regards for the sanctity of life and all living creatures.

“The Mansfield Killings” is a Creative Non-Fiction/Suspense/Mass Murder Account based on Factual Events

Available at and Barnes & Noble

In the spring of 1948, Robert Daniels and John West were paroled from the Mansfield Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio. Within a few months after returning to society, they began a life of crime that included robbery of gas stations and small bars and restaurants. On July 10, 1948, they entered a small bar on the south side of Columbus with the intentions of robbing the cash register. When they pulled their guns, the owner, Earl Ambrose, went for his gun, and John West shot him in the head. On July 21st, they decided to return to Mansfield to “get even” with an abusive guard named Red Harris. They didn’t know his home address, so they went to the home of John Niebel, who also worked at the reformatory, to get the information. To afford them time to “deal” with Harris, they needed to tie up Mr. Niebel, his wife and twenty-year-old daughter. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any rope. They searched the entire house but couldn’t find any. They drove them 6 miles into the country, led them into a cornfield, and Robert Daniels shot all three of them in the head. Two days later, they tried unsuccessfully to steal a car. John West shot the owner, Jim Smith, in the head. Hours later, they killed Orville Taylor and took the truck that he was driving. The next morning, they were stopped by a roadblock near Van Wert, Ohio. A gun battle broke out, and John West was killed. Daniels was captured and taken back to Mansfield where in September of that year, he stood trial for the first-degree murders of the Niebel family. Five days later, he was found guilty and was executed in the electric chair on January 3, 1949. The Mansfield Murders’ details the life of a Christian family as well as the evil lives of two killers and graphically reveals what happens when the two worlds come together. It is an accurate representation of the events that occurred during the summer of 1948.

MANSFIELD, OHIO – The Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society hosted a book signing this Labor Day weekend for Outer Banks Publishing Group author Scott Fields, author of The Mansfield Killings at the historic and haunted Ohio State Reformatory.  Scott said he sold approximately 60 copies of his best selling novel, The Mansfield Killings, based on true events about two ex-cons who went on a 2-week killing spree in the summer of 1948.
The spree attracted national headlines back then ending in a dramatic shootout with police on Route 224 where one ex-con was killed and the other captured.Scott meticulously researched the event obtaining copies of original documents and photos and then turned the dark chain of events into a novel.
“I just had to write this book. It took me only four months to finish it,” he said earlier.
The killing spree is part of Mansfield, Ohio’s dark lore, where the state erected an historical highway marker on Route 224 where the killers were confronted and stopped. It’s like the town fathers wanted future generations to remember the horror of that summer more than 60 years ago.
The book signing was held at the Ohio State Reformatory, reputed to be haunted by former prisoners and the location of the filming of the 1994 The Shawshank Redemption, starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman.
Scott’s book signing was part of the  20-year-reunion party of The Shawshank Redemption where fans were treated to a Hollywood tour of the rooms and areas where the movie was filmed.


  • Publisher: Solstice Publishing (May 6, 2014 Paperback to follow in due course

Geezers Bench Scott Fields

 May 6, 2014
It has been a tradition that has existed for years. Four old men meet everyday at a park bench in front of Lingo’s Dry Good Store. They discuss and ultimately resolve all of the world’s problems and then return home to face their own.The Geezer Bench is lighthearted talk and has drama that will bring tears to your eyes. It depicts life as it was years ago in a small town, and is life as we know yet today.
It was the first day of spring, and, as every first day of spring, Murphy Flemming grabbed his coat to head downtown. The tradition had been set some ten years before that everyday there were four old men sitting for an hour on what became known as the geezer benches. Besides Murphy, there was Walter who just happened to hate his resident ex-son-in-law, Sully, who just happened to be the third member. The fourth and newly appointed member was Riley Hoagland. Riley was an overweight, sixty-five year old virgin, who had never been on a date and was still living with his mother. After an hour of lighthearted talk, they would return to their private world of happiness and sometimes sorrow. The Geezer Bench is full of laughter and sorrow. It is about life as we knew it years ago and life as we know it today.
Scott Fields Book SigningScott Fields Books signing and readersBook Signing Venue
The Mansfield Killings is available from Amazon in both ebook and print versions and in fine bookstores everywhere.
The Ohio State Reformatory, alleged to be haunted by former prisoners, now a significant US historical site
SCOTT FIELDS A Montage of Short Stories (1) Oct 2015 cover

Product Details

  • Paperback: 292 pages
  • Publisher: Solstice Publishing (October 1, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1625262833
  • ISBN-13: 978-1625262837
Their twenty-five years of marriage was coming to an end. The nightmare peaked on the day that he loaded his belongings and drove away. He turned in time to see his three kids watching out the bedroom window and whispering,” Good bye, Daddy.” For the last twenty years, Harold’s best friend had shown up at 7 o’clock every Friday night to play checkers. This Friday night, Harold waited patiently by the door. It was almost 7:30. It is the day before Christmas, and as I stood before the markers of where my mother, father, grandparents, uncles and aunts lie in eternal peace, I look back on a life of happiness, grief and regrets, and yet a childhood of love and affection. Already snow was collecting on the stones hiding the lives and memories of two loved and loving people. “Merry Christmas,” I uttered softly, turned and walked away. This is a collection of stories that will bring tears and some will bring laughter. It is  a collection of real life stories.
File Size: 725 KB
Print Length: 220 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: Outer Banks Publishing Group (July 11, 2016)
Publication Date: July 11, 2016
Dale Marlowe drifted from town to town, taking odd jobs when he ran out of money until he met Rachel Armstrong and fell in love for the first time in his life. Shortly after they were married, Dale seemed to settle into a steady job and married life until his obsession raised its ugly head.
He went back to heavy drinking and soon Rachel and Dale were arguing almost non-stop.
Dale had had enough and went back to his drifting, but this time instead of taking odd jobs, he took people’s lives. Little did he know that his first victim would seal his fate.When Erv Meyers, a retired detective and his brother, Kramer learned about the rape and murder of their sister, they became as obsessed as the killer to find Marlowe and bring him to justice. What ensued was a multi-state killing spree and one of the most extensive manhunts in criminal history.The story is based on actual events.
The Author’s 2nd book “The Killing Road”, another book to add to a planned crime series for which talented author Scott Fields seems to have developed a very strong penchant of sorts, is a must read!   All works  in this crime series are based on factual events.  We envisage a Purchase Option Agreement is shortly to be signed by the Author for both “The Killing Road” and the controversial historical drama The Mansfield Killings”. 
OTHER WORKS BY THE AUTHOR – All Available from and all good Book Sellers


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A Solstice Publishing Author R. B. Clague

Advertisement Only
Category :  All of R. B. Clague’s works present as Ideal material for Film Projects
with great universal appeal 
Rob Clague

R.B. Clague was born and raised in Melbourne, Victoria. He attended Heidelberg Technical School and studied social sciences at Monash University. R.B’s employment in a variety of fields throughout his career has included Health Care, Child Protection, Forensic psychiatry, Juvenile Justice, Community Outreach and Youth Residential work with several non-Government Agencies.

R.B. spent seven years, employed in various states and Territories around Australia as a Probation and Parole Officer, including three years in Central Australia, where he worked with tribal Aboriginal people on remote desert communities.

Other writing credits include: “Twenty Twisted Tales” “Daisy” “Whitefella dreaming” (and the three sequels to that book) and “Finding the Here” which will all be re-published with Karabeth publishing 2012-2013.

R.B. currently resides in Grafton New South Wales, where he writes.

GENRE: Young adult/Adult/fantasy/Satire
PUBLISHER: Karabeth,  Aberdeen, Scotland.
FORMATS: Paperback; digital formats
SYNOPSIS: Who would ever believe that three cows, absconding from a farm in a country town somewhere in New South Wales Australia, could bring a father and son closer together, reunite two long-lost lovers, form a lasting friendship between completely different animal species, receive aid from a mysterious Swami, and have a song dedicated to them, by an internationally famous country music singer?
Who would ever believe that those same three bovines could become enlightened, aware that humans actually consume cows and in the end, capture the attention of the national media and the hearts of an entire nation, as they attempt to escape to India, where cows are sacred and not included on the human menu?
This and much more besides, is the occasionally hilarious, uplifting and thought provoking  story of Daisy, her friends, Bunyip and Tulip; whilst on  their amazing quest to step outside of their limitations to become wiser, and much more than others expect them to be. This well moving and diverse fauna encountered tale is filled with metaphorical content can be categorized in the genre suitable for young adults, as well as adults.  This charming and educational story offers an unorthodox and very  revealing insight into how we as humans and our wily ways are evaluated, scrutinized and sized up by the intuitive minds of the animal creatures’ perspective.  I have always said to R. B. Clague after first reading his ‘Daisy’ novel that this book had the makings and hallmark of what all enduring ‘classics’ are made of.

This work is currently being reviewed by our contacts in Los Angeles for a ‘live feature length movie production.  ‘All the more reason why we should perhaps urge R. B. Clague if he would consider writing a sequel to “Daisy” about her new-found exotic lifestyle in India???


Below an additional pre-release review of Daisy, by the well-respected G.N. Braun, President of the Horror writers association Melbourne, who can indeed put it much better than we can – in all of its worthy 5 star ratings:-
G.N.‘s review
Mar 23, 12
5 of 5 stars
Read in March, 2012
An absolutely brilliant book.
I had the honour and the pleasure of reading this before publication, and loved every page, every sentence and every new concept the author comes up with. R.B. Clague pushes the boundaries even for animal metaphors. In Daisy, the cows who feature as the main characters—especially Daisy herself—manage to achieve a higher level of self-awareness than any cows have in the history of the world, at least as far as humans know. They love, they laugh, they share adventures with other friends they meet along the way, and most of all they lift us up with their simple yet at the same time heartfelt and complex views of the world.
R.B. Clague allows Daisy and her friends to light up our imagination, to truly believe that the world is a beautiful and wondrous place, despite all the sorrow it contains. We follow the title character’s adventures with hope in our heart, and we are never let down by the storyline.
The archetypes and the story-arc presented herein are classic, yet fresh and entertaining. We find all the old favourites here; the hero, the wise mentor, the journey to enlightenment, and the shadow. We find a love story, a coming-of-age, a tale of responsibilities lived up to, a tale of friendship and sweet parting, the joy of reunion and the despair of failure.
And you, lucky reader; by the time you finish Daisy, you will know the joy and exuberance of a life well-lived, of friendship, bravery and loyalty, of imagination and what lies beyond the ordinary. You will experience loss, love and anger, and, finally, the joy of a story well-shared.
I thoroughly enjoyed travelling with Daisy and her friends, and I know you will too.
For you, though, the story has just begun.
“WHITEFELLA DREAMING”  –  A Brilliant and visual Work with great Film
Potential, R. B. Clague has set the wheels in motion himself with a film production company  and a fundraising campaign is in progress.  We wish him much success.

RB Clague

Just an average guy, Rob Swift has a great life – he works with Michael, his best friend, in a job he enjoys, and the love of his life, Aroha, lives just downstairs

On the way to work one morning, an Aboriginal man runs out in front of their car and is killed in a horrific accident. The accident

also kills Michael and leaves Aroha in a coma. His life shattered, Rob can only hope Aroha will awaken. When her sleeping form is possessed, and she rises to declare her soul will remain in spiritual prison until Rob pays for his actions, it sends this average guy on an electrifying journey into the unknown, leaving him forever a changed man as he battles to save the woman he loves.

“WHITEFELLA DREAMING” and followed by its three now completed sequels – entitled “DESERT OF THE MIND”, “FIRE OF THE SUN”, and “SIGH OF THE WIND”, all equally wonderful, compelling and visual works – to our mind is a Series of novels that would present itself for a fantastic film / movie project, yet to be explored.
R.B. Clague

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About Our Client, and Author Dr Steven Porter

GENRE: Non Fiction/Political/Social
PUBLISHER:  Black Book Plus – To be released for publication  2012
FORMATS:  Paper bck and all digital formats

Published by Black Books Plus (Seaburn Publishing & Distribution Group)

Available at  –  and your local bookstores

Dr Steven Porter was born in New York City in 1943 and throughout his life has continued to develop four streams of activity:  education, political involvement, writing, and music.  He earned BS, MA, PhD, and PD degrees in fine arts and educational administration at leading university centers in the New York metropolitan area and enjoyed a career in teaching and educational administration which lasted from 1967 to 2002.

Dr. Porter began his involvement in politics in the 1960s working for reform Democratic candidates in New York City.  His early campaign experiences were for New York City Council manic races in the borough of Queens.  Later, as a Graduate Fellow at Queens College of the City University of New York, he worked for New York Senator Robert Kennedy’s 1968 presidential campaign. His assignment was to organize the Queens College campus for Senator Kennedy in preparation for the 1968 New York primary.  The Senator was assassinated before the primary was held.  Between 1975 and 1980, Dr. Porter wrote a weekly column for the Northport Journal on Long Island which commented upon the events of the day particularly as they affected America’s political, economic, and educational climate.  When he moved to Binghamton to start the Rod Serling School of Fine Arts, Dr. Porter was asked to help Dr. Kathleen Gaffney, the Broome County Commissioner of Public Health, in her 1988 campaign for the New York State Senate.  In 1990, the Democratic Party asked Dr. Porter to run for that office.  The district (NY SD-51) is a conservative Republican one, and the Democrats needed a voice which articulated the principles of the party, especially those involving more egalitarian economic action and laws which reversed the mistreatment of women.   When he moved to Pennsylvania, the Democrats again approached him to run for the United States Congress which he did in both 2004 and 2006.  His various campaigns brought him into close contact with many of the top Democrats of the nation including Congressmen Maurice Hinchey, John Murtha, and Dennis Kucinich; Senators Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Bill Bradley; and Governors Mario Cuomo and Ed Rendell.

Dr. Porter’s teaching career began in 1967 when he was appointed to the faculty of the Mannes College which is the Music Conservatory of the New University for Social Research in New York City. There he taught both Music Theory and The Philosophy of Education.  Following the awarding of his PhD from the City University of New York Graduate Center and his PD degree from the C.W. Post Center of Long Island University, Dr. Porter began to do ability grouping research through grants from the New York State Senate and the Carnegie Foundation.  His work in this area led to a proposal from the Binghamton City School District in 1984 to found a school of fine arts which was subsequently named for writer Rod Serling who had grown up in Binghamton.  Dr. Porter managed the Rod Serling School for eighteen years until his appointment to Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA as the head of the division of Musical Theatre.  He retired from active teaching in 2002 after a 35-year career.  His work in fine arts education and educational administration garnered both national and international attention.  Occasionally, he still appears as a guest lecturer, most recently at the Pedagogical College of Borovichi in Russia.

In the late 1980s, Dr. Porter accompanied Binghamton Mayor Juanita Crabb to Russia with members of his touring choir and jazz combo as part of a diplomatic exchange of the Sister Cities Program.  The trip was filmed by CBS-TV Binghamton affiliate WBNG, and the resultant documentary won the New York State Broadcaster’s Award for the Best Documentary of 1989.  It was this exposure which led the Democrats of the area to ask him to run for the state senate.


Dr. Porter began writing and composing in 1970 and since then has published over 150 works for the concert and theatrical stage as well as twenty books ranging in topics from education to theatre and from fiction to political science and philosophy.  His choral works continue to be performed many times each year around the world.  Among his books are WISDOM’S PASSING:  the decline of American public education, a comprehensive review of the faltering U.S. schools systems, PRESERVING AMERICA: ten things we must change to survive; and AMERICA’S DYING DEMOCRACY, a political treatise on the current corruption of the U.S. political system.

Today, Dr. Porter continues to be active in local politics and continues to write and compose.  He is married to Rita, his wife of 36 years, and together they have devoted much of their marriage to the rescue and rehabilitation of abused and abandoned dogs.


SYNOPSIS:   Mankind pauses at the gates of the twenty-first century awash in some of the most controversial issues of his tenure on earth, issues like abortion, euthanasia, sterilization, cloning, stem cell research, homosexual rights, the distribution of wealth, gun control, immigration concerns, the use of justifiable force in a nuclear age, policies relating to drugs and alcohol, prostitution, ecological morality—the list is seemingly endless.

For a closed or captive society, establishing the standards by which such issues are handled is not difficult.  The prelate or prince simply says, “I am the law.  I define right and wrong, moral and immoral, legal and illegal.”  In a democracy, however—especially a pluralistic democracy like America—the “I” has become a “we,” and questions of ethics and morality must pass through some kind of social consensus if the laws enacted with respect to them have any chance of functioning successfully.  Additionally, the standards set and laws enacted must square with the tenets of the United States Constitution if they are to properly express the American covenant between government and citizen.

Currently, America has no coherent moral standard against which the issues of the society can be applied.  The nation is torn between religious and secular pronouncements, few of which are accepted by the totality of the nation.  And the laws which have been enacted to enforce the “morality” of the country are at best inconsistent and at worst prejudicial to the point of unconstitutionality. The results in many situations are disobedience, anger, and social violence.

“THE AMERICAN COVENANT”   discusses the conditions by which democratic moral standards need to be derived and then presents such a standard for consideration.  The standard is then applied to a myriad of contemporary issues to illustrate how the dangers of America’s moral amorphousness might be ameliorated within the philosophical strictures of the Constitution. The work is written in easily understood language rather than the often arcane verbiage of academic philosophy.  It is not simply a text of social theory, but a means by which many of the problems of our society can more successfully be understood and addressed by today’s leaders whose philosophical and constitutional grounding seems shallow, and by today’s citizens whose mis-education has allowed them to embrace ignorance as a virtue.


Hi all!
On Sept. 12, I will be taping a candidate interview and personal statement in Pittsburgh for WXPI, the Cox Network TV channel for the Pittsburgh area.  The statement will be about 5 minutes; the interview about 15 minutes with WXPI reporters.  WPXI and Cox are to be congratulated for extending this opportunity to all those running for Congress in their listening area.

Steven Porter

I will be conducting a book signing for my new work, The American Covenant, at the Barnes and Noble bookstore in Vestal, NY on Oct. 15th at 7 PM.  If you are in the area, please stop by.  We’d love to see you there and have your support.

Steve Porter



September 18, 2012

I will be doing the Vestal Barnes and Noble event on Oct. 15 at 7 PM
Yesterday we filmed several utube spots for the book and campaign.
I am this minute working on my first podcast for the book website.
Utubes and podcasts will be online soon.
More later.

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About Our Client and Author Amy Johnson

Author Amy Johnson

About the Author

I live in New Mexico with my husband, children and 4 dogs. I am currently working on my next book which is a sequel to Meg’s Moment.  I enjoy writing, reading and crafting.

Author’s photo taken by Leslie Bailey Photography.


Meg’s Moment

Author: Amy Johnson

Print ISBN: 9781937593247

E-Book ISBN: 9781937593254

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Humerous

Release Date 10/1/2011

Buy Now


Megan Malone is a bored housewife determined to put passion back into her marriage. When she discovers that her husband, Ted, is a lying cheating scumbag, she decides to dump him and have a wild night with one of the hotties from her high school days. She enlists the help of her eclectic group of friends and a down in the dumps Private Investigator, Jack Weston, who coincidentally is investigating her husband and his girlfriend. She hires Jack to locate these hotties so she can put some passion back into her boring monotonous life. But Jack has other plans. Megan snubbed him back in high school and he wants revenge. Megan finds herself in a hot mess of passion, love and murder. Now its left up to Jack to try to prove her innocent. Has Megan finally gotten herself into a mess she can’t get out of?

1/15/2012 Top 50 Amazon Bestseller

3/30/2012 Amazon Top 20 Bestseller

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #78 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)

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About Our Client, and Author Angie West

 About the Author

Angie West was raised in the suburbs of Chicago and has always felt a passion for literature and the arts. Her earliest (and fondest) memories include making up song and dance routines to perform at family gatherings. Connect with her on Facebook, send her an email at, or follow her blog for the latest updates on her projects


Print ISBN: 9781938961502

E-Book ISBN:  9781938961519

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Suspense

Release Date  11/15/2012


“A flame to light the path; gateway to all things past. A door from which there is no going back. Born in truth; forged in lies. Never betray the secret…forever shielded from human eyes.”    The account was more than five hundred years old-the last remnant of an ancient tribe. Was it the vision of a beloved priest or the ramblings of an afflicted man?

Claire Roberts is in for the ride of her life as she journeys to a world that history books claim never existed. Together with the help of her friends, she must use an ancient relic and find her brother before the Shadow Man finds her. She becomes the hunted in a dangerous game that threatens a nation that is the stuff of legend. Along the way she will learn that the best gifts are the ones you never expect to find.

Favorable Reviews

Review for Shadow Cave-Paranormal Kiss

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November 5, 2012

See this review on Paranormal Kiss

Shadow Cave by Angie West

Shadow Cave #1

World Castle Publishing – November 3, 2012

Urban Fantasy

4 Stars

Book Description-

“A flame to light the path; gateway to all things past. A door from which there is no going back. Born in truth; forged in lies. Never betray the secret…forever shielded from human eyes.” The account was more than five hundred years old-the last remnant of an ancient tribe. Was it the vision of a beloved priest or the ramblings of an afflicted man?

Claire Roberts is in for the ride of her life as she journeys to a world that history books claim never existed. Together with the help of her friends, she must use an ancient relic and find her brother before the Shadow Man finds her. She becomes the hunted in a dangerous game that threatens a nation that is the stuff of legend. Along the way she will learn that the best gifts are the ones you never expect to find. (From the publisher)


Shadow Cave by Angie West is the first book in her new Shadow Cave series. It is a great start to the series. Once you start reading it doesn’t take long until you are swept along on a journey with the heroine, Claire. It is a journey to search for her missing brother Mike and it is fraught with equal amounts of danger and discovery. Angie West weaves a tale that is both fascinating and suspenseful. The world she creates is imaginative and nicely detailed. Claire is a great heroine. She’s smart, gutsy and down to earth. She’s easy to like and relate to. You can’t help but root for her.

There is a love interest which will satisfy romance fans. It isn’t a central part of the story but it is a nice addition. The flow of the story is very well done until the end when things come to a conclusion in a rapid fashion. I wish the ending had been drawn out just a bit more. As this first book ends things are left pretty open-ended, which is typical and expected for the first of a series. I wouldn’t classify it as a cliffhanger so you can join me while I breathe a sigh of relief and say, “Dear Author, Thank you for not torturing me with a cliffhanger”. It does leave plenty of questions unanswered and I look forward to discovering the answers in future books.

Shadow Cave is recommended for fans of Urban Fantasy Shadow Cave

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About Our Client and Author Qwaun Chi

Author Qwaun Chi

About the Author

Qwaun Chi lives in Connecticut with her husband and two children. She writes on a daily basis and has acquired nearly thirty titles. With a background in English, she continues to write, and can almost always be found with a pen and paper in hand.


The Ian Hawkins Story

Author: Qwaun Chi

Print ISBN:

E-Book ISBN:

Genre: Psychological Thriller/Crime

Release Date to be determined


Have you ever wondered who watches your children while they walk home from school with their friends? Well, in Bigford Connecticut, a pedophile named Ian Hawkins is watching your children, deciding who should be the next victim for his sadistic kidnapping scheme. His way of avoiding the law with his brutal ways is only the beginning. Will the law enforcement catch him before he completes his master plans? Or will the parents of the missing children raise against him and put a stop to the madness? Only time will tell as this criminal laughs at the prospect of being apprehended.

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About Our Client and Author Wallace G. Berger

Author Wallace G. Bergerwallace-berger


More About the Author Here:

Wallace G. Berger has been a researcher scientist, a U.S. Senate Staffer, a system engineer, and a program evaluator.  He has worked in small and large research and development companies, the legislative and executive branch of the U.S. government, at a major research university, and as the co-founder of a consulting organization. He also has done volunteer work for a number of national charitable organizations.  He has a keen interest in cosmology and theoretical physics. He is an active wood artist and his art reflects his interest in physics and the natural environment. Wallace graduated from Michigan State University with a Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology. He lives with his wife Charlene in Melbourne Florida and Saratoga Springs New York.


About 25 years ago, I joined Harris Corporation in Melbourne as a Senior Principal Engineer.  At Harris, I lead engineering teams in the development of new information and communications systems for US civilian and intelligence agencies. While at Harris I authored over 100 reports on decision making, new technology and new processes.  I also gave numerous presentations internally and to the US Government.


For eight years, I served on the United States Senate Appropriations Committee in Washington DC.  I was responsible for the $84 Billion HUD-Independent Agencies Appropriations Bill as Majority Counsel and Staff Director.  I recommended and crafted legislation for the International Space Station, the science and engineering programs at National Science Foundation, and various national security programs. I initiated numerous GAO reports and studies on the effectiveness of government programs. I worked closely with Cabinet Secretaries of two administrations in developing budget and national priorities. During my tenure as Majority Counsel, the Subcommittee’s annual budget authority was reduced by 56 percent in constant dollars and the Subcommittee was complimented by the President and Senate Majority Leader for being the first to complete appropriations bills in fiscal year 1983 and fiscal year 1984.


Prior to the Senate, I was an Associate Research Psychologist with the Institute of Science and Technology-Highway Safety Research Institute at the University of Michigan. At the University of Michigan, I was the Principal Researcher on a contact for the National Highway Traffic Safety.  I published over 20 scientific papers and studies prior to joining the U.S Senate.


I received my Ph.D. at Michigan State University in Industrial and Quantitative Psychology.

I have presented and/or published over 30 peer-reviewed technical papers in psychology.


My interests include writing, wood art, photography, and kayaking.  During the last five years I have been an active wood artist and have had my works displayed in juried shows and in numerous venues. I  am currently pursuing my interest in writing science fiction novels.

Wormhole Prophecies

Author: Wallace G Berger

Print ISBN


Genre: Science Fiction/Suspense

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Publisher: World Castle Publishing (2012)


Two American scientists discover the existence of a wormhole that provides information about the world’s future.  It’s a shocking vision of the effects of global climate change. Chronic food, power and water shortages lead to pandemics and world-wide turmoil.

Understanding how the future will unfold is of great political value. Both the U.S. and the Chinese government vie for control of this information. The struggle to control access to the wormhole sets off a series of event involving the U.S. intelligence community, the U.S. Senate, the Chinese State Security Ministry, the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, and the families and friends of the American scientists.  As the plot unfolds there are two kidnappings, two deaths, the destruction of both an American and a Chinese satellite, and the use of the wormhole prophecies to change the planet’s future.
More About the Author

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About Our Clients and Authors Undine Celeste and Donna Giancola

GENRE: Feminist Adult Fiction/Mystery/Adventure    PUBLISHER: Solstice Publishing  – Soon to be released in print  2012

Co-Authored by Undine Celeste and Donna Giancola
Undine Pawlowski - for Page
Genre:      Feminist Adult Fiction/Mystery/AdventureThe combined efforts in the creation of  ‘Her Underground’ by Donna Giancola and Undine Celeste  respectively, is set in the city of Boston where the Big Dig public roads work project unearths an ancient stone chamber deep below the city. Just as the highway twists and turns, so goes the story. Our mystery involves top Harvard anthropologist Richard Lyons, law professor Alexandra Martin, her lesbian friend Diana Wolfe, and Richard’s arch nemesis, crone archaeologist Moira Fennessey.When Richard and Alex are called by the Mayor’s office to consult for the city, Alex discovers that the Big Dig has ruptured one of the Earth’s sacred energy centers. Moira knows Richard has sabotaged these sacred places in the past for his own glory. Boston politics, secret ancient goddess myths and philosophies, along with mother Earth’s wisdom all push and pull on the underground chamber and our characters. Will the Earth be allowed to reveal the truth of cultures past or will her consciousness be lost?
Dr. Mary Daly, a leading feminist author, philosopher and women’s rights advocate gave Her Underground high praise and support, saying: “I have been stunned; I’m very excited about it, it is real! Her Underground is there, …it’s HERE!!!!” We believe that this work will appeal to a vast segment of the feminist/women’s market. This book may be fiction but the Big Dig and its effects are real. Recently a 2000 word excerpt was published in “Sinister Wisdom,” (Issue 75; winter 2008-2009 95,000 words in final draft.
The idea for this book came about as a result of each author’s possessive life work, expertise and passions.

Dr. Donna M. Giancola is a tenured Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of Religious Studies at Suffolk University in Boston. She has published a book on World Ethics with Wadsworth Publishing (2003), as well as numerous articles in academic journals. She lectures internationally on issues pertaining to ancient goddess traditions, feminist philosophy and ancient philosophy.

Undine Pawtrowski – Is a Lawyer/Civic Leader& Public Speaker and Freelance Artist.   Undine  has extensive experience in public speaking, advocacy and environmental protection policies in St. Augustine, FL where she serves on this city’s Planning and Zoning Board.

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