Our Authors – Present and Future Publications Scheduled


Quotable Quotes:  Planting the Forests of Our Imagination…Becomes the Seeds of Our Inspiration!”

AUTHORS  from 2000 up to 2020 not listed due to lack of time availability to list the remaining hundreds) 

More Published Authors are waiting to be added, time permitting!

Paolo de Ruggiero    –  Pen & Sword Publishing UK

Mark Antony      

M. P. Ward    –    Muse it Up Publishing       

Sam and the Seawitch  

Sam and the Beast of Bodmin Moor                        

John Tomaino –  Karabeth                               

The White Room                                        

Stardoom – “The Understudy”           

Scott Fields – Karabeth & Outer Banks Publishing

Summer Harvest
Warm Winds of Autumn
Just Believe
One Violent Summer
The Mansfield Killings
Summer Heat

Ray Owen – Better Karma Publishing               

The Hole 

Amy Johnson – World Castle Publishing

Meg’s Moment

Destiny Webb  –  World Castle Publishing

My Wish for You 

Qwaun Chi  – World Castle Publishing


Angie West  – World Castle Publishing

Shadow Cave Series Book I   

Wallace Berger   –   World Castle Publishing

The Wormhole Prophesies 

Undine Celeste & Donna Giancola – Solstice

Her Underground

Wally G. Vaughn –  Black Book Plus

The Montgomery Bus Protests 1955-1956  

R. Milton Quibner   –  Black Book Plus

How High Should I Jump?        

Clare Mansfield  –   Black Book Plus

Away With The Fairies                   

William Hinson  –  Black Book Plus

Discovering Ancient Giants            

Angel From the Whirlwind

Steven Porter   –   Black Book Plus                                        

The American Covenant                  

Barrak Adams  –  Black Book Plus           

Pre-Emptive Thinking

Jaden Kelly  –  Briona Glen Publishing  

Codename Viper       

Ken Brewer  –  Black Book Plus

The Enfield Conspiracy                

Claire Mansfield  –  Black Book Plus

(Soon to be released)

Away With the Fairies 

William Hinson – Black Book Plus    

Discovering Ancients Giants                                                       

Angel From the Whirlwind

Wally Vaughn  –  Black Book Plus

Montgomery Bus Protests 1955-1956  

Noel Myricks    –    Black Book Plus

Sometimes I Feel Like a Fatherless Child

Mike Ward – Muse it Up

Sam and the Seawitch Book I (Series)

Michael Moscaritolo –  Damnation Books


Dorothy KnightDamnation Books  

Cannibal Man

Death and Innocence

Ed Schroeder    –   Damnation Books

Duty, Honor, Country: Kill, Capture…or do Nothing

Joel Belgard   –       XOXO Publishing

Eras Story – ebook and paperback

Christina Matson  –  Black Book Plus

Revelation – “Our Future in Our Past”  

Rachel     –                          World Castle Publishing

Carl Vennitti   –        Black Book Plus                 

The Giant Killer

Michael Tewell  –     Black Book Plus

The Signs in the Sky  “The Seven Eclipses of Jesus”

Eclipse 2012

Wayne Trebbin  –   Vamptasy Publishing


Robert Jay Arnold  –  Black Book Plus

Chasing Dreams to China – “The Successor”

David M. Cosgrove  –  Black Book Plus

DIGBY  “Challenging Borgen Black” 

(To be released in October 2013)

Rival Gates      –        Alpha Wolf Publishing

Quest of the Red Sapphire

Tom Foster      –       Alpha Wolf Publishing

Of Light and Shadows Series (To be released end of 2013)

Shawna Ryan        –          Alpha Wolf Publishing

Kingdom   (Yet to be released)

Carey Groendal         –         Alpha Wolf Publishing

How Evil Works       (Yet to be released)

Fabulous Pouch Jumpy   –  Training with Omar (have a laugh)  http://www.youtube.com/embed/5I_QzPLEjM4?rel=0


Lawrence Abel
Barrak Adams
Obinna Akuwuduike
Jennifer Anderson-Bounds                                                                                              Rick Bounds (The late author)                                                                                            Gerhard Plenert                                                                                                        Annette Creswell

Robert Jay Arnold
Imogene Ashton
Ian Austin
Edward Averill
Charity Barger
John Barnett
Joel Belgard
Wallace Berger
Peter Bernfeld
Fritz Blackburn
Blake Edward
George Bowley
Minette Breitenberg
Russell C. Brennan
Ken Brewer
Christine Cartledge and Wendy Watkins
John Caulfield
Shaun Clements
Robin Lee Cooksey
David Cosgrove
Brett Dana
Paolo de Ruggiero
Evgeniya Degtyareva
A. J. Dormaar
Steven Dubrofsky
Eugene Elander
Todd Embrey
Paul Feenstra
Michael Fields
Scott C. Fields
Jane Finch
Dennis Flockton
Bernard Foong/Young
Tom Foster
Frank Frede
William Fripp III
Donna M. Giancola
Undine Pawtrowski
Kimmy Goff
Sandra Golden
Lynn Gomez
Matt Grawitch
Carey Groendal
John Guzzardo
Suren Hakobian
Brendon Hall
Consuella Harris
Jessa Harris
Molly Hill
william Hinson
Edward Hughes
Gilbert Jackman
Jean-Guy Jacques
Amy Johnson
Les Johnson
Jacob Kaine
Allan Karson
Jaden Kelley
Brian Kieffer
Jack King
Sarah Louise Klouth
Dorothy Knight
Laurence Krantz
Mason Kuldinow
Kwan Kew Lai
Paul Lott
Richard Lyon
Clare Mansfield
Joseph Martin II
Christina Matson
Kristal McKerrington
Joe Legend
Alan Mehrer
Pauline Miller
Terry Mondry
Frank Monte
Michael Moscaritolo
J. Muzacz
Noel Myricks
Matthew Nancarrow
Dirk and Marie Nicasi
Vic Nikitin
Meeka O’Brien
Ray Owen
David Palmer
Bart Patton
Jonathan Pease
Robert Pinnock
Gerhard Plenert
Steven Porter PhD – Remembrance in Memorium – Rest Easy Steve
FRanklin Prue
Kiryl Reut
Janet Rigg
Leslie Roberts
David Robinson
Shawna Ryan
Colleen Salway
Garry Satherley
Ed Schroeder
Greg Sexton
Patrick Shanahan
Bill Sharpsteen
G E Landers
Anjum Shiekh
Jane Simpson
Gray St. Claire
Howard Small – School Teacher Remembered in Memorium – Rest Easy Howard
Joanne Smith
Max Spaanenberg
Gary Starta
Bary Swartz
Kent Goodman
Dolly Tavaras
Michael Tewell
David Thulin
John Tomaino
wayne Trebbin
Lea Tynkova
Malay Upadhyah
Raymond Van Horn
Wally G. Vaughn – Pastor / Ex US Airforce Colonel
Carl Vennitti
Koos Verkaik
Devon Volkel
Jay von Minden
Darren Walling
Mike Ward
Destiny Webb
Angie West
Stuart Yates

Note: The remaining other 300 authors and their published titles are not yet listed due to lack of time availability, but their names abd author pages will be created and published in due course, as time permits.


2 responses to “Our Authors – Present and Future Publications Scheduled

  1. Ken Brewer

    As a first time fiction author Emerantia Parnell-Gilbert invited me to sign up with her agency and with her guidance I was signed up with Seaburn Publishing of New York. My work was published in November 2012. She was amazing in providing me with support and encouragement. Thank you Emerantia. I would recommend your agency to any budding author.


  2. Hi Ken, 🙂

    You are a wonderful and most exemplary client. Always patient and kind, and not once have you complained lol! Thank you for that lovely accolade, I treasure those more than any gold.

    Warm regards as always,

    Emerantia 🙂


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