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For those Authors seeking other options and who prefer full control over the publishing processes of their books please contact Mahip Bhatia direct. However, should the author prefer a more traditionally aligned publishing contract with Pharos Books, India, you will only be able to enjoy and achieve such an objective by becoming one of our agency-represented clients at the Gilbert Literary and Film Agency, New Zealand.

Pharos Books, India, has shown to be a most outstanding publisher, who has gone ‘above and beyond’ great efforts to provide many of our client authors the very best services and support system and as Agents in today’s industry climate have sadly found that these basic and important provisions found to be greatly lacking among some Western Publishers. Although we enjoy an outstanding working relationship with many of our Publishers over the course of several decades, the speed at which Pharos Books has gone to task in order to get all our agency authors into print has been short of amazing. They deserve our deepest respect and admiration for how they have executed their publishing tasks with precision and care and for seeing smiles on the faces of our authors.

We envisage being able to enjoy many more magical years with Pharos Books and Mahip Bhatia with whom we have already had the pleasure to share such a fantastic liaison experience not only with him, but with the outstanding publishing house he represents.

Mahip Bhatia

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1. Manuscript review

2. Line editing

3. Copyediting

4. Proofreading

5. Cover and book design

6. Final checking

7. Then you receive a final ready-to-print or electronic copy to publish for yourself. You retain all of your Publishing rights. You can Avail yourself to a 30% promotional Discount on the Services provided. Ph : ‪+1 (404) 800‑7244‬ Ph : +91 9871704091

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Facebook: Mahip Bhatia


The printing Services charges for the A5 Size, 5.70$NZD. Size would be 8.5 X5.5 Inches.* Less than 200 Pages ( 65 – 70 GSM paper will be used , Maplitho or Sunshine paper will be used ) * Client can choose for Glossy & MAT Title Cover.

(No other charges)

* In the book calls for illustrations, the Client needs to pay extra.

* We will provide a Doorstep delivery

* Before printing all the copies , ( we will sent you the 2 copies )

* If the client wants the Hardcover, ( they need to pay extra for that )

* If pages would be above 200 charges would be 6.50$NZD

Here is the Printing Services charges for the A4 Size, 4.5$NZD

* Size would be 11X8.5 Inches

* Less than 30 Pages

* Client can choose for Glossy & MAT Title Cover (No other charges)

* Illustration will be provided from the client-side

* We will provide Doorstep delivery

* Before printing all the copies , ( we will send you the 2 copies )

* If the client wants the Hardcover format (extra costs apply )


ABOUT UNO PRINTING SERVICESInterview with Mahip Bhatia

What are your product policy and brand strategy?

UNO Print offers both black and color laser printer cartridges of superior quality. The main problem today for the customers is they are not getting the right quality in the aftermarket consumables. On the other hand, OEM cartridges are too costly for them. We want to bridge this gap by providing superior quality UNO Print laser toner cartridges, both black and color, at affordable prices. The Covid pandemic has driven the Work From Home (WFH) culture to new levels. Unlike earlier times, today more people want to take color printouts. We want to give Indian customers a better color experience through our superior quality color cartridges at affordable prices.

How do you educate your partners and customers and provide after-sales service?

Companies including OEMs do not educate customers about their products and how to take care of the machines. To fill this gap, we focus especially on educating the partners and the end customers and that is how we stand apart from others. We guide the partners to remain in close contact with the end-users and deal with their issues promptly. We have a robust after-sales service team which ensures that the customers prompt and effective service.

What is your current R&D and marketing strategy?

We provide genuine product information and clear specifications to our partners and end-users. Moreover, we have an advanced testing facility and quality control. In case there is a flaw in our products, we rectify it immediately. We promote our brand through print and social media channels and through our channel network.

What new products are you launching and how do you face the competition?

Recently, we launched 50 different cartridges for different models of machines, including color and black and white. In the ink segment, we are going to launch 22 types of inks. In the coming months, we want to provide a wide range and variety of toner cartridges and inks to Indian customers. We offer the best quality and price to the customers. We don’t want to compete with anyone; we want to compete with ourselves. We want to give consumers the best satisfaction and superior experience. We are planning to launch machine treating solutions that are natural, chemical-free and very safe for the user. We also plan to add compliance and some quality seal on our products so that we can keep a track of them.

What message do you want to give them and where do you want to be in the future?

We want to work with partners who can understand our products and policy thoroughly and give the customers the right value-added products and services. Moreover, we want partners to be in close contact with the end-users. If partners have full knowledge about the product, they can explain to the customers the benefits of our products better. Partners who are working for us should win and place everyone in a Win-Win situation. Partners should aim to reach the customers of our products promptly and ensure the greatest customer satisfaction. UNO means No. 1—we want to be the No. 1 color compatibles provider in India

NOTE: For those authors who are represented by our Agency, the rules change and authors under-representation with our company are able to enjoy a more ‘traditional’ publishing contract with Pharos Books under the protection of our mutually arranged and approved ‘boilerplate’ Pharos Books contract.

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