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Manichand Beharilal is a fulltime author.  He was born in Umzinto on the Kwazulu-Natal south coast in South Africa in 1960 and grew up in Springfield, Durban.


He is an in-demand motivational speaker and also facilitates Creative Writing Workshops and Reading Empowerment Seminars.  His hobbies include Indian music, stamp collecting, holy scriptures and ancient civilizations.


He is married to Reena and has four children and resides in Zakariyya Park, south of Johannesburg,


His writing is a dedication to the children of South Africa.


The Author is also fully focussed and devoted to ensuring that the Nelson Mandela Project he requested we represent on his behalf here in the West, will not only stay published solely in Africa only, but  also to see the titles of the Nelson Mandela books in the series enjoyed globally, by both young and old.  The author put this series and all his other books together as an educational learning tool, to also bring about a means to a cultural exchange of concepts, and familiarization tool for readers everywhere.  In other words we aim to see that Manichand’s wishes to land a contract with a Publisher in the West, who will become instrumental in International distribution of this wonderful and heartwarming series about Nelson Mandela is accomplished.  So as in Mandela’s very own words  “progress can only be achieved through struggle”.  We would like more readers to learn about Nelson Mandela’s own struggle, in exchange to seeing the fruition of this enigmatic leader’s unwavering and selfless ‘dream’ for his country and its people – and for which he well and truly paid the hefty price, dearly.


How true these words resonate and confirm in a sense that, indeed, our species were condemned to ‘toil in tears, and still continues to bear their struggles and hardships’ to which we were consigned and condemned from the time of man’s very humble beginnings.   But evermore with a predestined purpose of aim,  to learn  hard lessons along the way throughout man’s history.  Yet be handed the opportunity by divine Providence, to make the right, and free choices with our ‘conscious-given’ talent that does set us apart from the animal world, our gifted companions to caretake.   To mould and make this progressive world of ours into a better place in which we might all co-exist in peaceful cohabitation.    Indeed, could this task and rather tall order ever be achieved by mankind alone, I wonder?  Only ‘time’ and human progress, and social development in a positive direction, will be witness of that.   Even if not in our own lifetime right now.


However, that defeatest train of thought entertained by some that, the struggle towards positive change, may not be worth the effort of the outcome.  It neither reflects or nurtures any confidence in our humanity to think like that, and indeed as history has shown; what we are all truly capable of if we focus and  design our minds unwaveringly, and on procuring to fruition certain philanthropic goals in life that could change the way we cohabit, as a race of many diverse cultures.  Even to the point of sacrificing our very freedom for those ‘ideals’ which we are entertaining and seeking –  or more importantly to pay the expensive price of giving up our precious life; in exchange of what may seemingly still prove a somewhat premature and elusive  ‘dream’.    Certainly refraining from a defeatest attitude, or maintaining that it is all much ‘too hard’ to turn a seemingly unattainable quest into reality many seem to adopt, is neither testimonial to our Lord and great Prophet of all time, Jesus Christ himself.  Who was just one man, who managed to single-handedly change the course of history with  a most profound and very real, yet ‘unearthly’ ordained impact.


So we believe that one humble man, or one humble woman – has it in their power to move mountains, impact on  changing the way the masses think,  act and function about so numerous issues that continue to plague and befall our species dangerously locked into their conventions of the day; from generation to successive generations.


Manichand is fully focussed presently on writing his educational and cultural awareness books, which pages are endowed with the most wonderful graphics, to be enjoyed by the young people of his beloved country.  But with an aim to disseminating the beauty of his well written words of the titles currently published, and books yet to be planned for and written, towards global distribution.    We shall aim to do our very best for the author, in seeing this successfully accomplished.


BOOKS PUBLISHED BY MANICHAND BEHARILAL IN SOUTH AFRICA – Soon to be published by Lang Book Publishing, Wellington, New Zealand based for World Wide Distribution.

The Mandela Series range of Titles:


Mandela books 2


Mandela books


 Manichand Book 2


back cover for book 2




Manichand Beharilal book 1



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