ET and UFO Tech Advances and the Secret Space Program Disclosure 2020


The evidence of an extraterrestrial presence is forever growing with new information coming forward in regards to dramatic engagements between these strange beings/ETs and the United States military, Air and naval forces and other many nuclear capable global governments.  All military sectors that profess to entertain a vested interest in these associated  phenomena, (which so many around the world have witnessed in our skies for years too) are connected to and associated with the ‘Space Race’ and its Secret Space Program endeavors.   Are we obtaining advanced technology from these seemingly more technologically advanced beings/races?  Information is now emerging from the hidden archives regards the huge construction of space craft built by human hands in Utah.  It still always amazes me what we humans are capable of.

Human Cloning also discussed on this page in the 20 & back Secret Space Program videos presented by Whistleblowers who were involved, had already been addressed years back now in one of Clinton’s former briefings at the time he was in office.  Amazing to see this video I fell over quite by accident while searching for something else on YouTube.   


In his live public lecture at Perimeter Institute on February 5, 2020, astronomer Bryan Gaensler (Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Toronto) explored the latest thinking on interstellar travel and on the search for alien life – including why he believes the frontiers of current research may be more exciting and visionary than any fictional stories we can imagine. Perimeter Institute (charitable registration number 88981 4323 RR0001) is the world’s largest independent research hub devoted to theoretical physics, created to foster breakthroughs in the fundamental understanding of our universe, from the smallest particles to the entire cosmos. The Perimeter Institute Public Lecture Series is made possible in part by the support of donors like you. Be part of the equation: Subscribe for updates on future live webcasts, events, free posters, and more:




So, what are we dealing with here?  Mind controlled programming  and virtual reality-interplanetary-combat-training missions?  Simulated star travel to distant galaxies or the  ‘MILABS’ fashioned biological and diabolical mind control indoctrination methodologies which has over the years amounted to pure human exploitation?  Are these so called whistle blowers exploiting an innovative avenue to cashing in on what some factions in our society are desiring to hear?  Or are they to be given the benefit of the doubt and what more a measure of compassion and that 1. they were victims of exploitation by the authorities, and 2. that what they relate during these interviews about their purported involvement in the Secret Space program which began way back in the 50’s already are indeed factual.

But you be the judge!  I for one, have not yet conformed or accustomized myself to where these truths  may lie, including the notion that humans have already been to Mars to conduct missions on behalf of the Government.   I believe these ideas may have been inculcated into the minds of trained recruits with mind altering substances and induced psychological mind control programming which renders the recruit into a very surreal environment when these simulations are happening.  I could be entirely wrong in my opinionated sounding assumptions, but I believe there are more subterfuge programs going on to which these young men as well as women recruits were chosen for and used, and many were induced to this programming from a very young age.  Many ultimately suffered from this maltreatment rending many in a constant state of psychosis and having to battle with PTSD and other mental and physical consequences.  They all made it clear that some damage was incurred upon their health after leaving the program and returned to a civilian lifestyle.   l also asked myself why would these same men and women, who took part in the 20 & back space programs exploration have made this knowledge public over very recent years and are all still in their prime? So it makes sense that what they claim about having been chosen and monitored even from birth is factual.   Many maintained they were already being indoctrinated when they were toddlers and is more fully explained in these videos.  

A twenty year term so-called spent on taking part in rigorious training and psychological conditioning and orbiting in advanced space craft derived from ET advanced anti-gravity technology  around the Earth, to the Moon, to other planets, and on to Mars Expeditions are no mean feat.  Or if these were broken up in a number of visits of brief duration.  I.e. With convential space vehicles it takes 9 months to get there.  So spending 3 months max on Mars, owing to the environment which has such a debilitating effect on their anatomy they claim, and then 9 months back to earth, I can’t imagine within that 20 years service span these trips can be repeated more than a number of times only.  It seems entirely implausible.  However, if these expeditions were made possible with advanced ET anti gravity space vehicles where time and space can be warped (according to the general quantum physics hypothesis) then perhaps anything is possible and where time could be cut back by an enormous time factor.   But from what I’ve already discovered as purportedly stated by one or two ex-military professionals where were involed in building these advanced space vehicles that human have yet to learn (if ever with our disadvantaged anatomy in such an environment) how to fly and man these crafts.  But what do I know, I am just guessing.

However, too many of these individuals who are privy to the highest level of classified information and worked within the Military, Naval and Air Force in their capacity of medical scientists, engineers and astrophysicists have since recently and over the last  20 or so years turned into whistle blowers TO TELL THE TRUTH.  They would not have been fibbing with us by exposing this information to the US Congress on a number of occasion led by Dr. Steven Greer, and as well as by laying their precious reputations on the line.  However, since the Pentagon’s recent release of former classified files, important and significant documentation, photographic evidence and  their admission to the effect that they have been involved researching the ET and UFO Phenomenon for some decades at great cost financially, its clear that something is afoot and brewing in rendering a global preparedness for something bigger to be brought to light.  It’s well overdue.

In a sense Disclosure has already been made public in gradual increments of time by releasing snippets of evidence since recently by the associated authorities, and there is now a clear sense that full Disclosure is drawing imminently closer.  I ask myself why now?   There is no doubt that a lot of pressure has been applied by so many departments within government that is has become harder to keep this information under wraps for much longer; what with our access to the media and a growing public awareness having experienced tens of thousands of sightings across the world over some decades that now the time is right for full disclosure when we are facing this pandemic which may linger for years and claim more lives.  The world is on the threshold of a Recession and a Depression as the economies world wide are hanging by a thin thread in the balance and unless a vaccine cure is found rather sooner than later, I dread and fear the outcome of a very turbulent future that lies ahead.

At this point in time we can only wait and speculate and hope that in the not so distant future all shall be revealed and verified.  Providing of course I,  and those of my generation live long enough to become witnesses to finally seeing these realities authenticated, as a reality and will no longer lead us into worlds of fabricated fantasies.  To serve as entertainment and a form of escapism to satiate the appetites of our most gullible human counterparts in our crazy and tempestuous world.   The percentage of already staunch believers is on the up rise and these individuals can be found coming from all walk of life.  But along with that increasing awareness we also have to contend with the most outrageous conspiracies that are likewise prevailing these days.  Or worse still that we continue to be exposed to endless misinformation and constant mockering coming from these same authorities, to keep other more diabolical programs well under wraps.

A new insider has come forward to reveal his experiences within the Secret Space Program. Jason Rice is a veteran of the 20 & Back program which has sent many unsuspecting “volunteers” on a shocking tour of duty through the cosmos. Much of what he brings forward corroborates the testimonies of several other SSP whistleblowers.

Some are called to service with the Secret Space Program, others are born into it. This is the case with Randy Cramer, who claims to have been engineered for a military life on the moon and on Mars. After his return from 20 years of service, disturbing memories flooded his mind which he worked hard to reconcile. Knowing that there are many others who are enduring the same ordeal, it has become his mission to tell his story, to encourage them to come forward and reveal their experiences and heal.

In this Segment Laura Eisenhower, (Grand Daughter of President Eisenhower, who was purportedly involved with the collaboration held between the ET’s and the Government under his presidency during the 50’s), has herself become involved in researching deeper into these Recruitment and brainwashing programs.



First contacted by a highly benevolent extraterrestrial in 1956, at the age of 9, and currently in ongoing telepathic communication with her, I am sharing vital information for humanity about what we need to do to establish world peace and harmony. Overcoming religious prejudice and misunderstanding is an important first step, while understanding that all religions are paths to self-realization and direct experience of the divine is also essential; I am expert in enabling sincere persons of all faiths or no faith to personally experience this.

Having had many years of experience teaching world religions and philosophy in various institutions of higher education, I am able to integrate academic understandings of religion and philosophy with direct spiritual awareness of transcendent reality. As Professor of Universe Studies at the Institute of All Intelligent Life (, I am also sharing extraterrestrial knowledge and understandings of cosmology, theology and universal history.



MORE PERTINENT INFORMATION – (Not for the faint hearted, is about technology described going back to the 1970’s or earlier, so what advances have been made since is unclear).


It is easy to doubt and close the self off to this kind of information, but this is mind-blowing. Read this description. Some of this is rather graphic so just a warning. My guest went through a torturous MK-ultra type program and then years living in Peru doing intuitive work in drug running – and then to lose the intuitive ability and be taken to Seattle to be owned as a sex slave for a Satanic worshiping Elite. He was then sold off to Secret Space programs where he served a short time on Mars as a support soldier for Mars Colony Corp. When the Mars program was cancelled he was traded off to the Ceres Colony Corp where he lived for over a decade. Working on German ships as repairman and eventually cargo engineer on interstellar trade missions. Tony since has been an advisor to a foundation on the pedogate elite practices in an effort to stop human trafficking and has worked with hundreds of people with similar types of memories. As well as authors for books and movie productions based on the Score years and back tech.

By Laura Eisenhower July 22, 2019


Laura Eisenhower’s recipe to accomplish the restorationof Planet Earth is exactly what our world needs in these urgent times in which we now live!


Having looked at all of Tony Rodriques’ videos and what other victims such as Cramer, Rice, and many other well known personalities who were entrapped in this socalled ’20 & Back Secret Space training program’ have been espousing for many a year now, I am beginning to realize that there were so many other adjuncts of crime attached to and hidden within these socalled highly classified movements to serve as a front. I am not generalizing here as that would be unjustified, however there is always a ‘subversive’ element that infiltrates legitimate organizations where debauched peodophile rings and even satanic cult based operations manages to creep into any human endeavor, even the noblest of causes for the advancement of science. I found some of Tony’s aspersions nauseating as he reveals issues about these drug induced psychological mind control programs and which were abused on a grand scale involving large shipments of illegal drugs which off railed entirely out of hand. What was going on then seems diabolical and linking it to the Bohemian Grove was chilling enough to say the least.

This, I guess is the story and history about human nature since we came looking, and goes comfortably and unconcsionably hand in hand with and where complete power corrupts. This to me personally, also substantiates that the Apple Adam and Eve was supposed to have chomped their perfect pearly whites into in the Garden of Eden back in the day, was simply a safe and acceptable term and a more apt insertion into scripture by the scribes of the early establishment, as there is always basically only one thing that can turn healthy sexual endeavors into debauchery to the most animalstic and diabolical degrees. This great burden of sin was of such great magnitude that by God’s decree we ‘would now surely die and lose out on our capacity to live into eternity in our perfected human condition.

This is sadly the story about the amoral levels of human nature and the degree and capacity to which man is able to stoop since we came looking. This is not to say all humans are bad, but a huge percentage of the world’s societies especially today even more so are prone to doing what is bad; rather than exercising good and doing what is right…Am I the only sceptic here? Especially in the case of where these powerful organizations run by covert and untouchable syndicates are able to exercise absolute ownership over their merchandise, and in this case it is kids and young adults with a strong used by date, i.e. the younger they are the more use gotten out of them, and easier to be disposed of without that ever being questioned, as it is all done covertly where the law can’t reach. I mean what was that all about other than that these sources providing the perpetrators of these crimes with access to an inexhaustible supply of vulernable children and young adults who came from complicated and already abusive backgrounds.

These acitivities have been going on since Adam and is well steeped and entrenched deep within the cracks inside these organizations running these peodophile rings. That was then and is probably still now going on today with a vengeance. As it symbolizes the most amoral of ways and means to yet more wealth, power, debauchery, generating obscene riches and power through the exploitation of human resources. To believe otherwise would seem naive and close-minded. Alex Jones’ asperions which were at the time played down and ridiculed somewhat by his side kick Jon Ronson, when at the time the two of them crashed the Bohemian Grove’s Estate while recording the traditional rituals on their spy cameras. Dubious activities that only their members were privy to and in those early days were only accessible by manfolk. Alex Jones’ asperions about these pagan satanic rituals and crimes that were supposed to be manifesting at the Bohemian Lodge, seems far-fetched but it would not be too hard to believe it exists nevertheless even still today.

However, these rituals have remained well hidden, protected by powerful member conglomerates who were/are on the main notable figures in society whose reputations were never questioned, along with those who had/have an ownership stake into these operations. Take the Epstein horror case for example, and who would have thought or dared suspect anything untoward was going on there? That is, until they were finally exposed. Am I wrong in assuming that this is not just fabrication or heresay, or was/is fabricated by the distorted and fertile imaginations of so many individuals relating the same stories and experiences? Or is there indeed an unquentiable fire where smoke screens are a dead giveaway? Come to think of it – is this why the authorities running these secret space programs are keeping a very low profile and are continuing to work against this public pressure by keeping a tight lid on the socalled highly classified status, providing them with exclusive, untouchable and unaccountable protection..

This smacks after some kind of diabolical affiliation going on between the socalled generally respectable establishments aligned to government affiliated departmental factions but are in collusion with these other corrrupted organizations. By simply turning a blind eye to the immorality and collateral damage procured on human lives that are being exploited and which have been so for decades apparently, all in the name of the Space Age Race progress and of their socalled ‘Secret Space programs and its causes’. Much is at stake today but a line must be drawn and public awareness must become imperative if we are to survive as a human race. We all have a part to play in this scene. What affects and hurts our fellow men may ultimately spill over into our lives also. Can you imagine the unlimited supply of abused children that were used and exploited over the decades? Jason Rice, and even Emery Smith and Goode have already alluded to similar story content. However, I have the sneaking suspicion this horse has bolted and left the stable yard and their code of silence has been shattered in a thousands pieces and tears. Heavens above are there no decent humans in authority left in our world? Perhaps

Tony Cramer has also been encouraged by his superiors to talk about his experiences whilst engaged in the 20 back Secret Space Race programs’, as he actually confirmed during one of his symposiums. This is an indication that there are those in authority, who do want the associated corruption exposed and do not condone the exploitation that has beem amd is still going on. Never mind that old cliche of “its all for the purpose to protect our ‘national security!’ I suspect irreparable damage has clearly been procured onto the innocent who were exploited. It is obvious that there is merit to the enormous baggage that has gone hand in hand with progress and deep space exploration and those victims who took part in it mostly under duress and coercion, rather than voluntary, and who are still paying the price. Must the relentless research into further discovery of possibly an unestimated multitude of other habitable planets within our ‘Goldilocks Zone’ and possibly even beyond’ waiting to be discovered and colonized, come at such great cost to so many human lives? Will man in his eager drive to expand his Universe ever be satisfied when they can’t even take care of this our own home Planet…Earth. We are successfully raping and making an absolutely bloody shambles of it. That said, I imagine this ongoing exploitation to yet more wealth and taking ownership of other planets would also generate extreme wealth for the few, who may have the means and wealth to seeing this accomplished. If alone for the purpose to serving their own selfish agendas.

As a last observation, I believe Tony Rodrigues has hit the nail on the head in how how he views life, and the good and bad elements that are manifested in all walks of life, corportions, and government departments. It was heartening to hear that he has not lost his humanity and faith in Goodness, the Light, or even dare I say it, his belief in an omnipresent God who loves us. Tony has ‘soul’ and is in one word ‘a true survivor!

By Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert September 6, 2020S




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Escape From Area 51 J-Rod Incredible Testimony from Michael Schratt, military aerospace historian,In this Open Minds Production, Michael Schratt provides specifics regarding Dr Dan Burisch’s alleged interaction with an extraterrestrial known as “J-Rod”.

Openmindstv click link!

This historically significant account of human/ET contact allegedly took place at the super-secret S4 facility located 12 miles south of Area 51. Also included are details drawings of the flight simulator on level B, along with a very accurate schematic layout of the cafeteria, file department, communications and transportation logistics to the facility. Footage Provided and Permission Granted to Thirdphaseofmoon from Openmindstv click link!


Full Dan Burisch ‘Caltech Lecture’: “A Peculiar Silicate-Associated Phenomenon.”

Relating to ‘Project Lotus’ and the ‘Ganesh Particle.’

Even if readers are not fully familiar with micro-biological shoptalk Dr. Dan Burisch uses and demonstrates in this compelling Video presentation below, nevertheless clearly shows the brilliance and wide knowledge of this microbiologist on the behavior of Cells, DNA and the presence of Micro RNA, applied to a process to protect cell structure effected by a Retro Virus.

Dr. Burisch’s understanding of the The Ganesh particle which he discovered during his extensive research, can allegedly be used to heal everything from earthly ecosystems to the human body, including cancer. Regrettably this version suffers from a couple of ‘pauses’ and also loops back on itself at one point, professionals in the field and audiences and fans will still find it both compelling, fascinating and reassuring to watch Dan Burisch in his element and know we have the real deal here.