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 JOHN L. D. BARNETT had some varied and illustrious, and not least exciting career choices, before he retired in 2002 at the age of 55 after working 25 years as a heavy haulage Tanker Driver Class 1, in the Petroleum industry. After leaving his Secondary Modern School at the end of 1961,  he worked in the steel industry in Sheffield South Yorkshire England, and attended higher education classes at the Sheffield Granville Collage, where he was awarded the City and Guilds higher education certificate. At the age of 17.

The author enlisted in the British Army, serving with 24th Missile Regiment Royal Artillery for 2 years before transferring to the Royal Military Police for a further 7 years, serving on Front line action stations in BAOR, Middle East, and the Far East.

After retiring from the Royal Military Police at the end of 1970, the Author secured a job working as the Chief Security Officer for HRH Sheik Isa Bin Salmon Ruler of Bahrain and its Independent States, eventually returning home to England where I found employment as a 2nd Engineer with the deep sea fishing fleet, sailing out of the port of Grimsby. It was there that he met and married his beautiful wife June, and  had two children together, both of whom are now married with their own children, and they have now been very happily married for 38 years.

After 3 years sailing with the fleet all through the Icelandic Cod Wars, John settled down ashore and  took his class 1 Heavy Goods Licence, becoming a Petroleum Tanker Driver for Burmah Castrol, and then Q8 Petroleum until his retirement. John’s hobbies included canoeing, waterskiing, Judo, and motorcycling, but due to four major operations which left the author with severed nerve endings, he has now taken up writing and  illustrating books with cartoons, and have to date completed three biographies, entitled “NO PAIN NO GAIN!”, “THE SEA IS MY GRAVE”, and “YORKSHIRE REBEL Part I & REDCAP FOREVER Part II” (A two part autobiography).      

Book Description –  “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”  Available at Amazon.com


This is a true to life story, beginning with the author’s vivid childhood memories of the 1950s, all through his Military Service and highlights the hardships suffered at sea, during the Cod War trawling days of 1973, when fishing out of the port of Grimsby was not undertaken lightly. It describes how, after leaving the fishing industry, he obtained his HGV class 1 licence and his lorry driving experiences, which were both colourful and humorous. It continues to highlight his ongoing experiences until his retirement at the present day, which gives substance to the title of the book; “NO PAIN, NO GAIN!”

Book Description – “THE SEA IS MY GRAVE”  –  As articulated by John L. D. Barnett

JOHN L D BARNETT_The Sea if my grave book cover

Available in Kindle and Paperback at Amazon.com

“The Sea is my Grave” is a self published  non-fiction rendition and a wonderful insight into the professional life and personal story of our Author’s own father, that of Bill Barnett; a decorated member of the British Royal Navy Submarine Service.  I took the liberty to show it on our Author’s page anyway, as it is a wonderful work that deserves to be promoted.

The work gives the reader a bird’s eye view of what our British Naval serving men and officers had to tolerate, particularly those who served under those claustrophobic conditions on Submarines, whilst in pursuance of the enemy might at sea. It puts the reader very eloquently into the middle of John’s father’s life.  The work will captivate any history-searching reader, covering the 60 years of Bill Barnett’s professional and domestic life. It displays nearly 100 authentic photos, letters and military writings.  The work is a historical event, describing much of the action which transpired during World War II, as well as covers details of Bill’s personal life trying to raise a family at intervals; whilst away serving in the British Navy, and the events and adventures that transpired fighting for King and Country and Great Britain’s cause in their collective the fight for freedom.    Not only for the British peoples, but on behalf of all our Western allies, as the conflict and quest for world domination by our German and Japanese oppressors gradually and insidiously encroached upon all of European nations, Russia and then spreading to the USA.  The American War Effort Aid came none too soon, as WWII escalated,  and the Japanese surprise bombed Pearl Harbour – which proved a little bit too close for comfort to our American allies.   The title of the book “The Sea is My Grave” became in a sense Bill Barnett Sr.’s nemesis, as the sea claimed his life providing his final resting place.    His ashes were ceremoniously scattered when given a submarine funeral.

John’s story about his Father is intriguing, frank and honest, and is an eye-opener about Bill Barnett Sr.’s life, as well as some insight into the lives of and the rest of the so many heroic serving men, who likewise became victims of the sea, and lost their lives to it.  We are hoping that this book may offer food for thought for all those who may read it, and poignantly show that so many gave their lives during the passing of our two major global conflicts of WWI and WWII,  but are not forgotten.  So that future generations might live their lives in peace and freedom void of the presence of an occupying oppressor; thanks to their predecessors who fought and sacrificed their lives on behalf of future generations.  Clearly the Author did his extensive research,  and brought to life much historic detail of Bill Barnett Sr.’s  era, of which much secret detail will have been kept under wraps in the historical Naval archives away from public viewing, until now.  However, now almost 80 decades on, much today about WWI and WWII has been brought to light already by the unearthing of old and forgotten records of the many factual accounts and horrendous atrocities that were committed by the enemy during that grave period in our human history.

Today, we are living in an age of ‘enlightenment’ and the ‘public awareness and total accessibility to information’.   Our present day generations born in the 50’s, 60’s and onward to 2015  are becoming more aware about our political and military history as well as the more recent conflicts around  the globe that are brought to our attention daily via the Internet.  We are all aware of the numerous Military, Navel and Air force campaigns that have been deployed and made history in years past, and the various conflicts experienced with other cultures that are still today being suffered and fought on both sides.  Not only has the public been made aware and are given insight to yesteryear’s two major World Wars, but hundreds of minor and and  lesser commonly known political conflicts which yielded millions more casualties than our 2 major World wars combined, that until not so long ago were public knowledge have been brought to our attention through our Television news reels, and where the Internet became a very public component in bringing awareness regarding the various conflicts existing today, and which are negatively affecting all nations of the globe.  Our current involvement with  Middle Eastern conflicts  are continuing to be in the news daily; and which are on the up rise in this, our 21st Century – when we ought to have learned something from history and know better that indeed massive losses of human fatalities, and the continual destruction of infrastructure  robbing ordinary citizens of a normality of lifestyle, is not acceptable and must not be tolerated in any passing and future generations’ human life span.  Life being such a precious gift instead, must be nurtured and secured under sacred wraps.  Making our peace with our neighbor, irrespective of cultural or nationalistic traditions and differences which must be respected and reciprocated, is of the utmost priority and the only solution to changing our world, and the preservation of the entire human race forever.

Undoubtedly, “The Sea is my Grave” offers a harsh ‘reality lesson‘ in military history and gives all discerning readers, both young and old, some honest and factual insight of what life was like for these officers serving the war effort on a submarine.  It gives a full picture of how Naval submarine serving personnel coped on a daily basis, with the hardships that were associated with serving on a WWII Submarine.  “The Sea is My Grave” is the first of 2 other books soon to be released by the Author, titled “A Hero to Die For”; “Dive Silent, Dive Deep” and “Yorkshire Rebel” – The Boy Part I, and “Redcap Forever” – The Man, Part II, a two-part rendition of the Author’s own fascinating life in service.   In which he richly regales and reminisces about his life as a typical English youth born, bred and educated, whilst growing up in Yorkshire, England, during the 1950’s., who as a mature man became an officer of the most feared division fo the British Army (as they were looked upon by our regular serving men and women in the British Army), that of the British Military Police known as, the Redcap Division.



The Author, now also a grandfather himself, has also written and illustrated a wonderful selection of Children’s books.  He is most prolific and his imagination, sheer genius, knows no bounds.   Both educational, the books are a delight for both young and more mature readers, and the colorful and humorous illustrations are a feast to the eyes.   Titles which the author has now completed are soon to be published, however, the first in a series of wonderful reading material for our younger readers, titled “The Wonderful World of the Frizz the Bee” Volume I, of a series of 6 books, can  be purchased from Amazon.com.   We shall keep you posted on the rest of this amazing and lovely series of books.

Join Friz the Bee on one of his many adventures in the first book of the series: “The Wonderful World of Friz the Bee”. Will Friz ever learn his lesson and grow up?


JOHN BARNNETT The Wonderful world of Frizz the Bee

Below, check out the cute slideshow he made…


FIZZBEES Promo jpeg




– “Nutty Neighbours” – A wonderful children’s educational book written and illustrated by John L. D. Barnett – Soon to be Published by Sarah Book Publishing – Texas

– “Poppy Finds a Home” Book I in the Series – Written and illustrated by John L. D. Barnett – soon to be published

– “Bertie Barge” – Written and illustrated by John L. D. Barnett – soon to be published by Crimson Cloak

– “Cloggs” – Written and illustrated by John L. D. Barnett – soon to be published by Crimson Cloak

– “The Incredible Bucky Berrot” – A wonderful educational children’s book written by Author E. G. Lander Illustrations by John L. D. Barnett.

BUCKY BERROT_Cover George Shelander best selling author

Another illustrated Book Series titled “The Legend of Tim Turpin” by Author Peter N. Bernfeld were illustrated by John L. D. Barnett in 2014. 

– “The Legend of Tim Turpin” – Was A wonderful work of humor and clever satire suitable aimed at both children and adult audiences.  These books were also illustrated by John L. D. Barnett


– “The Terrific Adventures of Trembling Tim the Two-Toned Tiger” – A wonderful work of clever satire suitable for children and adults alike also created by Peter N. Bernfeld  and Illustrated by John L. D. Barnett

These books are now sadly out of print in May 2020, and we may revisit the Author, Peter Bernfeld and see whether we could place them with a new Publisher.

CLOGGS EDUCATIONAL PROJECT –  Very much in demand by local schools…

Cloggs project John Barnett for Author page

About the illustrated Children’s Project – “THE CLOGGS”

CLOGGS Book John L Barnett


Series: The Cloggs
Paperback: 28 pages fully illustrated by the Author himself
Publisher: Crimson Cloak Publishing; First edition (October 20, 2015)
Language: English

Ever wondered how bread is produced? Casper and Claudia Clogg buy corn from a local farmer and grind it into flour in their windmill near Amsterdam. Benjie the Barge transports it via canal to their bakery, where they sell the baked loaves in their little shop. Amusing pictures help to show a young child how flour is produced and made into bread. With a little help from the Cloggs’ cat Ginger!








This is this autobiography of the author and ex trucker John L D Barnett

John was an HGV Class 1 lorry driver for 28 years and his book tells the story of his life on the road whilst driving all types of haulage vehicles. His story begins with the day he passed his HGV driving test and tells of his very funny experiences whilst working for a number of poorly managed haulage firms to gain experience. After driving refrigerated articulated vehicles from coast to coast for a further 9 years with John T. Howard Refrigerated Haulage, he eventually became an experienced petroleum tanker driver for a number of top multi-international Petroleum companies such as Major, Burmah, and Q8 Petroleum. After a further 15 years of service, John finally retired as the Driver Foreman for Q8 Petroleum North East in 2004.

The book contains many colourful photographs and is certainly a very funny book by this author not to be missed.



Category:  Literary and Film 


This is the autobiography of the author John L D Barnett and tells the story of his life whilst serving as a 2nd Engineer on the deep-sea Grimsby trawler fleet during the Icelandic Cod Wars of the 1970s and the dangers a trawlerman had to face whilst fishing the freezing waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Barents and the White seas in the Arctic Circle. This is a wonderful educational book full of photographs and illustrations for all the family to read and a book not to be missed.   This sounds like a fascinating work, and one that shows film potential!








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