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ABOUT CIARON DAVIES – Out Stage32.com Colleague and friend


Introducing Ciaron Davis –  Screenwriter, producer, director, musician and actor – from Los Angeles, California

Ciaron Davies,  is a versatile Irish actor and musician and multi-platform Artist.  Check out his work on youtube and on the website. If you want to hire him for your film he is solely represented by Irish Showreels and you can email them directly at irishshowreels@gmail.com

Greetings and welcome to the directing part of this website. I’m interested in doing a broad range of projects and love travelling. To date I have worked as a director, camera man, editor, musician and C.G.I. artist. No job is too big or too small. Check out the video section to see my directors show reel, short films, feature film trailers and also my most recent music video, “Like we used to.”

Thank you for visiting and talk soon :)

Ciaron Davies

The Many Faces of Ciaron Davies in acting capacity


Ciaron 1 Henry V Ciaron 2 Ciaron 3 Ciaron 4 Ciaron 5 Ciaron 6 Ciaron Davies photo gallery Compound


Our verytalented Ciaron Davies, boasts strong improvisational skills, has worked as a musician, actor, performance poet and stand-up comic. He is also known to be a great mimic and is able to perform any accent, a definite advantage in the acting industry. 

He is proficient in most styles of combat, including Wing Chung, sword work (mainly foils, rapier, and Asian Catana).  Ciaron keeps to a strict fitness regime and is an experienced runner, he devotes regular sessions to weight lifting to keep up his level of stamina and devotes time to aerobics also.  He can also perform stunts and as a musician, plays the guitar, piano and he has a voice.  He creates, builds and operates puppets.  For relaxation he takes time out to paint with oils from palette to canvas, with brush and knife.  He can operate camera equipment, audio equipment and is computer literate. He enjoys movement to tempo as a Free-style hip-hop artist, and last but not least loves to sing his heart out when the mood takes him as a ‘Blues’ rock singer.  What hasn’t he done? 

All these diverse talents, and necessary skills to make it in the Entertainment industry, will set Ciaron Davies among the ranks of the best in the business in the not so distant future.  Keep your eyes peeled and watch this energetic space.

If you need Ciaron for anything you can mail him directly from the ‘Contact’ section of his personal webpage or at Stage32.com

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