About the NDE AND ADC Phenomena – Presented by Dr Jeffrey Long and Attorney Jody Long



The Near Death Experience (NDERF.ORG) and the After Death Communication Experience (ADCRF.ORG) go hand in hand.  Extensive research over a number of decades to which Dr. Jeffrey Long (Oncologist) and his lovely wife Jody Long (Attorney), have been fully committed, has paved the way to bringing these phenomena to light not only in the public arena, but also into the medical sectors.   In a combined effort with other International foundations over the course of several decades they have been able to keep detailed records and were able to conduct their in-depth investigations as to the merit of these phenomena experienced by many millions of people, when finding themselves on the threshold betwixt life and death, or when pronounced clinically dead and when revived, were able to relate these events of their journeys to Heaven or another benevolent dimension,  in great emotional detail.

The courage taken to speak out without the fear of having to face ridicule and relating their personal experiences in great detail by so many people, has consequentially become the catalyst to making it more accepted and an easier subject to talk about.  The veil of skepticism has gradually been lifted and much research in the neurosciences sectors has begun to take the validity of these astounding witness accounts short of mind blowing, very seriously. Undoubtedly, the schism of the stigma and skepticism between fact or delusional fallacy are still lingering as these phenomena seem to go right up against the convention and many religious institutionalized belief systems, however that gap is gradually closing and making way for continued research and investigation in more intensified measures.

The courage and bravery of the couple demonstrated, and  their eagerness to promote and  speak out with some fervor and great conviction at Symposiums, has paved the way for the establishment and all sectors of the medical community in particular.  In order to promote more open mindedness and receptive acceptance to the possibilities NDEs and OBEs present in contrast to the commonly accepted views that have prevailed until now.  Hopefully, this good news may set many hearts at rest and at peace that there may be nothing to fear when we or our loved ones find ourselves at the end of our life, or weary of a long period of suffering through terminal illness and physical deterioration, and to be reassured that our ‘Consciousness Awareness’ lives on and an All Loving reception is awaiting us on the other side.   We love the work the couple is promoting so unabashedly, and hope this continues to open the eyes of many millions looking for hope, getting their questions answered and verified, and that this ongoing development on matters of life, death and ‘life after death’ is not a dream but is the reality.





Why do people read about ADCs? We have many people who come to the website out of curiosity. Many people have just lost a loved one and are in the grieving process. Some people are getting ready to go to the other side and reading about other peoples’ journey helps to alleviate fear. Near and dear to my heart are the also the pet ADCs – we have many pet ADCs.

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