Alien technology Reverse Engineering, and its bearing upon the Secret Space program…


The evidence of an extraterrestrial presence is forever growing and supported by many professional men and women who have come forward with their personal testimonials at the International Press Club event that was spearheaded by renowned Dr. Steven Greer in 2013.  All those in attendance provided what had formerly been highly classified information in regards to dramatic engagements that had taken place over some decades between these strange beings and the United States military and naval forces in an exchange program that involved highly classified alien technology in return for collaboration in aiding the various species of alien visitors with biological and genetic engineering programs to further their own objectives.   Are we indeed obtaining advanced technology from them? Information is now coming forward in regards to the huge construction of spacecraft built by human hands in Utah and has been ongoing since the early 1950’s

DR. TATIANA’S WAKING UP! PART OF THE ASCENSION SERIES INTERVIEW Engaging in close dialogue With Frank Chille relating to her about his personal experiences with Inter-dimensional beings…


The Downside of Advanced Technology and Biological Warfare development

What is Behind the Secret Space Program’s Agenda?


Pope worked in the Ministry of Defence from 1991 to 1994 in a section of Secretariat (Air Staff) known as Sec (AS) 2a, where his duties included investigating reports of UFO sightings, to see if they had any defence significance.

At the time, while the Ministry of Defence stated that it “remains totally open-minded about the existence or otherwise of extraterrestrial lifeforms”, it also stated that there was no evidence to suggest that any UFO sightings posed any threat to the UK or that they were extraterrestrial in origin.[4] It is clear from material that Pope wrote whilst still at the MoD that he did not share the MoD’s view that conventional explanations could be found for all UFO sightings.[5]

Pope’s final posting in the MoD was to the Directorate of Defence Security. In 2009 MoD announced that UFO sightings would no longer be investigated