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Consuella Harris, was born on January 13, 1947, one of five children.  She was raised in Washington, D. C.  After completing high school, Consuella was offered a typist position with the local telephone company.  At nineteen the Author got married and moved to Cleveland, Oho.  She had one daughter born on January 1, 1967.  After living in Cleveland for three years, in 1970 her husband was offered a position in Washington, D. C., so they relocated back to my hometown.

While in Cleveland, Consuella began her writing journey, and wrote satire articles on race relations in America.  After six years working in secretarial positions which the Author did not consider find satisfying to boost her natural sense of creativity, realized that she wanted more meaningful work that would offer her a sense of achievement in progress.  For the next six years Consuella began seeking a professional position and undertook college courses, however, she didn’t have a degree which made her feel somewhat lacking in her journey towards the great goals she had set for herself.   In 1970, the Author was offered the opportunity to train for a position as a contract monitor.  Subsequently, over the next thirteen years, she held various positions and accepted a position in Human Resources in the area of Classification.

She divorced my husband when her daughter was eight and began raising her child as a single parent.  Based on professional and management courses and supplemental college courses, Consuella was promoted to her first management job in 1980, and worked as the Administrator for Community correctional programs and retired as a Human Resource Director for the City of Greenbelt in Maryland.

In 1975, Consuella was asked to write an original play for presentation in the Maryland Bicentennial Celebration in 1976.  She wrote the Play, entitled “Invisible, But I Am Somebody.”  The play was produced by a local County Community College.  In 1980, Consuella saw a television show on the 60-Minute series about surrogate mothers, and this inspired her greatly to write more about this very, if at that time, controversial subject.  Thus was born the book, The Surrogates.

Over the years, Consuella attended Lincoln University, still keen to achieve her dreams and aspiration to undertake higher education levels, and obtained a Master’s Degree in Human Services, and graduated in 1991.  We here at the Agency are kind of astounded by the perseverance, aim of purpose and the tenacity of the Author, to never distance herself far from her aspirations to achieve the highest levels of learning, but despite the convoluted labyrinth her life’s journey took, along with her gains and losses, ups and downs, nevertheless did achieve what she’d set out to do, not leaving ‘age’ stand in her way.  I have been greatly inspired by this wonderful lady.    Through several rewrites, many edits, the book has remained her primary focus.  We imagine we will see more books planned on this amazing subject by Consuella.

Today, Consuella is still as devoted to this story subject now published, as she was in 1980.  Today, I’m fortunate to be the mother of one, Grandmother of five children, and Great Grandmother.



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The deaths of two prominent businessmen on the same day of heart attacks is at first declared to be of natural causes. No investigation happens until a former law clerk hires an investigator to check into these murders, and the connection to the Lake Shore Parenting Group. Three women became surrogate mothers through this group and their children were adopted by five couples. Once the information about their births is revealed to them, it sets in motion events none had anticipated. The investigation into these families, their lives, and those behind the events changes everything they believe. Yet, there is still a murderer on the loose, unless the intrepid investigator can bring that person to justice.


Product Details
Paperback: 372 pages
Publisher: Solstice Publishing (June 20, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1625260849
ISBN-13: 978-1625260840





Consuella Harris_BookCover Vengeance is Nine


Product Details:

  • File Size: 1220 KB
  • Print Length: 112 pages
  • Publisher: Summer Solstice (July 19, 2015)
  • Publication Date: July 19, 2015


ABOUT “Vengeance is Nine”

Peggy is told by a fortune teller that she will meet an untimely end in a tragic accident. Sadly this was true a few months later. Through a séance her husband and twin daughters are told that one of the twins will be joining her soon and not so long after they will all be reunited.




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