Photo by Johnny Gilbert in New Zealand on May 28th, 2021

My take!!! Special Newsflash May 28th, 2021!!!

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Wow! An amazing phenomenon that took place as a super telescope from a private amateur’s backyard observatory in New Zealand (yours truly) captures images of the amazing blood moon’s transformation and morphs into a massive super pumpkin as it hurtles toward the earth….something is afoot me thinks? Unless it was just another version of an alien craft mimicking the moon and they think we were all born yesterday…Pray it burned up as it hit the earth’s stratosphere and its debris now lies at the bottom of the ocean.

The next spectacle in 2061 believe me if I say, I will long have departed from this realm and will be sitting on the moon and use it as my special prime viewing beacon of the entire Universe

EAM Parnall-Gilbert