Bob Lazar – A Condemned Hero Vindicated…

A once young and extremely excited Bob Lazar made a huge error in discreet judgment by making a couple of his closest friends and his wife aware of the UFO reverse engineering programs at the time he began working at Roswell Area S4, in which he had been involved in his capacity of astrophysicist and related duties thereof in a top-secret UFO reverse engineering project and the ongoing developmental program in perfecting the technology, and which is still ongoing today.

Unfortunately, he and his friends were caught one night when spying from a discreet location to watch one of these test programs that were ongoing on the base where he worked in an attempt to perfect mastery over flying these experimental UFO crafts during these experimental phases. He and his friends were caught and immediately apprehended by a military security team, who man-handled the curious group who were then immediately transported to a interrogation facility where they put the pressure on Bob Lazar in no uncertain terms.

Word spread to the media before long when Bob Lazar (in order to establish for himself some security) took it upon himself to contact the Media about the existence of the UFO program he was involved in, as he feared his life may be at peril and which brought him furthermore into very deep murky waters with the authorities.

From that moment on his life and that of his wife had changed dramatically as a department annexed to the military industrial complex took over his life, and his very existence which seemed in peril when government spooks began to bully him and his family, and continued to exert the pressure by warning him off and silence him. They persisted in harassing him and his family and making life in general very uncomfortable. Several attempts on his life were not ruled out but fortunately he managed to escape such drastic harm. He was robbed of his identity, and was disowned and blacklisted after having gone through several more rigors and attempts on his well-being, he was ridiculed by his superiors for breaking the privilege of his highly classified code of silence began denying that they had ever heard of him.

Sometime later he discovered that all his personal records had been erased, and he was stripped of the very identity and that he had ever existed. The black military complex involved in top secret UFO reverse engineering programs denied Bob Lazar’s existence and declared him a crackpot. They went as far as withholding his educational records, and the fact that the college he had attended had ever come across his name while a student there. Such is the power exercised ‘by the powers that be’ when you mess with them.

Then his personal bank account and indeed even finding information about his birth records had been withheld/erased and Bob decided it was best to blend in with the populous and keep a low profile and his head well below the parapet so to speak. He sculpted a new life for himself and his wife and is now an established entrepreneur in various areas of Nuclear Scientific Equipment and chemical Supplies.

For the record, Lazar attended Pierce Junior College in Los Angeles.[1] He filed for bankruptcy in 1986, after suffering financial hardship naturally seeing the nature of his dire circumstances, where he described himself as a self-employed film processor.[2][3]  However in reality Lazar owns and operates United Nuclear Scientific Equipment and Supplies, which sells a variety of materials and chemicals.[4] (

At every twist and turn over the time of his life while reestablishing himself outside the Rosewell period, they have tried to blacklist Bab Lazar’s good character by maintaining he had been involved in a prostitution ring or some other areas of criminal intent. What the powers that be had omitted to explain that he merely provided a service installing camera monitoring security and safety equipment on the premises of the said establishment left Bob’s reputation open to all manner of speculation.

But as human nature goes your public judges and juries will invariably draw all manner of assumptions based on innuendo and bad mouthing an individual who has no resources to defend himself and his good name. Despite the persecution and an attempt to throw blemish on the good character over the ensuing decades, Bob Lazar truly became a condemned man and over time wondered whether he should just have kept his mouth tightly zipped than giving way to petulant excitement. Any intelligent person would realize there was something more going on when a government body behind the government norm are doing their utmost attempts at continuing to remain in denial of having any knowledge of Lazar and to continue discredit an ex-employee with so much fervor of ill-intent, especially one who had formerly been employed by that same organization under a top security clearance status.

However 30 years on, much has come to light already about the top-secret level programs that have been going on covertly, particularly in the UFO area, and which have conveniently been kept from public scrutiny for the same old excuse, that of National security concerns. But thanks to many other hundreds of high-ranking secret government employees and officials who worked in these departments and NASA, and the CIA, once into their retirement also began to spill the beans, and together formed a collaborative group of people who decided to approach US Congress headed by one Dr. Steven M. Greer, ( as well as the Witness Accounts that were provided by many notable professionals at the National Press Club event headed under the banner of “The Disclosure Project” in May 2001 headed by Dr. Steven M. Greer, ( All attendees boasted an impressive attendence by various other well-known astrophysicists and aeronauticcal engineers, who presented their cases in regards to the Alien presence and UFO technology which had been under close scrutiny and examination by the military complex since the 1940s until today.

Time is running out and Official Global Disclosure is imminent but does not minimize the fact that in a sense Disclosure has already begun over some time by many other Nuclear Powered nations, and which is a significant fact. We just need to be vigilent and patient to see this full confirmation happening on a global scale in the near future.


Bob Lazar sketches one of the UFOs he allegedly worked on in the late ‘80s. Vinay Menon says the whistle-blower has been vindicated at every turn.


Evidence suggests UFO whistleblower Bob Lazar was telling the truth all along

Vinay Menon

By Vinay MenonEntertainment ColumnistFri., July 24, 2020timer4 min. readupdateArticle was updated Sep. 12, 2020

Near the end of his 2019 autobiography, Bob Lazar writes, “I’m no kind of hero.”

With each passing day, that seems less true. I know what you’re thinking: Is this idiot really devoting a column to a controversial UFO whistleblower during a global pandemic? Should I stop reading this tinfoil claptrap right now and spend the next few minutes on something more productive?keyboard_arrow_leftHome

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That was then…but much has changed today for Bob Lazar and the UFO/UAP phenomenon. They (the powers that be) well and truly screwed him over and made him disappear. He was proved right and is also known as an ‘upright’ individual, a rare commodity today. He was one of thousands of government insider employees within the Military, Navy and Air Force from the period of 1940 unto as recent as 2012, and who were coerced on national security grounds to keep their lips zipped, and were threatened with huge fines, jail time and the safety of their families…..