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larry krantz

Laurence Krantz– Author Biography


Laurence Krantz studied Honors English and biology at Cornell University, which he attended on the prestigious Dean’s scholarship.

He went to medical school in New York, and followed with a residency program in Oregon. He then entered private practice in Colorado, where he lives with his family.

Dr. Krantz has had numerous scientific and social commentary articles published.  Laurence has written two fiction novels entitled “Strange Miracles” a story of a doctor who discovers that he has the power to heal others by magical means, due to be published shortly.    His other novel is entitled “Dreams of Atlantis”  –  out now and available for purchase.

He lives in Colorado with his wife and family. He is a cyclist, hiker, swimmer, and volunteers for Hospice.




Book Description – “DREAMS OF ATLANTIS” 


Dreams of Atlantis - Larry Krantz cover

Publication Date: April 28, 2014

Publisher:  Solstice Publishing

Available in Kindle and Paperback from Amazon.com
The last days of Atlantis. The climactic end was not seen by most, yet a few saw ominous signs the end of their civilization was near. Into this world came Terrell, a young man apparently born into poor circumstances, who finds his way to spiritually-oriented mentors who set him in the right direction. Dreams of Atlantis follows Terrell on his journey, rising to great heights, facing innumerable challenges, and losing romance, then brought back to earth by circumstances and his own limitations. Finally, he comes to understand his destiny, and what awaits Atlantis, and sees the hope for the future vested in those who survive the turmoil.


The following novel to be published shortly….

Book Description – “STRANGE MIRACLES”


Strange Miracles cover - Larry Krantz

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