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Suren Hakobian 

Charming Armenian writer Suren Hakobyan was born in 1985 in Yerevan. Generally he is a writer of fantasy stories.

Suren Hakobyan’s first book was published in 2011 in the USA. Suren has translated one part of Armenian epic “Daredevils of Sassoun” into English recently.

Suren has been writing since he was 18, and has a host of short stories to his literary prowess and repertoirre which were never translated into English, but have been proving very popular in Armenia.  Suren Hakobyan has created a website-“Armenian literature social network”.  We believe Suren has a lot to offer to our industry as an author of unusual stories which always end in a twist.   Keep an eye on this talented authors whose works will make their impact in the literary industry.    Suren is married and maintains his wife is his best supporter and inspiration.



Book Description –  “Beneath Blackened  Clouds”

January 13, 2014
Publisher: Solstice Horizon Publishing 
Having attained near total control of his Earthly elements, humanity perceives itself as a master without rival. Man ignores his roots. He forgets that he himself is part of the world.

How can we dare to challenge nature’s raw powers when we still know little about this universe?

Yes, mankind managed to survive the first Flood. Given our technological advances, we might have been able to survive this Second flood too. But, this is no mere rain. Raw fury lurks within the depths. The water which sustained life for uncountable centuries has come to wipe the slate clean. Mankind, in his once unrivaled splendor, has forced to take shelter, no different than a colony of ants during a spring shower. This is the final chapter of man, unraveling before us as we stand powerless.

But, there is a very small glimpse of hope. Daniel realizes it. He feels it. He sees it. He, his girlfriend Milena, and his friend Edward seek out the high ground as they wait for the waters to recede. However, as time passes, Daniel begins to understand that there is something strange in the water, an evil entity. He senses it – he feels it from within. Daniel knows that mankind is doomed. Evil has come with the rain. It has come for their souls.

Book Description – “EDGE OF END”

Jonathan wakes up in a desert, his past wiped from his memory. He finds himself alone in the world, and what is worse – he has no clue who, and what he is, or where he has come from. Least of all has he any idea as to where he should go.  He realizes there is only one way, and that is forward – when in the far distance, he spots a little township.


All he finds when he arrives there is empty and forlorn streets, old and dilapidated houses and buildings, and the town seems almost ghostlike in its uneasy abandonment. There is no one to ask for help and there is nowhere to go.


Jonathan feels urged onward and begins to wander through the township in search of any sign of life; whilst wrecking his sore brain to try and bring back his memories. But only odd visions haunt him from time to time and flood through his mind,  as he continues quest for answers and search of the town, leaving  him feeling utterly exhausted and confused.


Soon Jonathan comes to the realization that he is moments away from some deathlike invisible clutches that pursue his every move, as the almost diabolical air and presence that dwells throughout the deserted township is seeking to capture and devour fresh souls, and to be sucked up in its evil and dark dimensions. The seemingly dead, forlorn and deserted town void of any life is only outwardly seemingly, empty of life.


With its Grey ominous sky hanging low over the buildings and fields, the absence of sunshine to brighten the place up is overly depressing. After some time Jonathan realizes that the dark and somber days that follow never really turn into nights, and seem to be stuck and fixed in a kind of twilight zone. The somber half light days of the township proof utterly soul destroying, monotonous and never-ending.  The only road leading into the town and the only exit and escape route out of the place, is filled with gruesome shadows of entities and a multitude variety of other evil creations, Jonathan has never witnessed or envisioned; even in his worst nightmares. He begins to realize that he is not hallucinating after all, but is actually finding himself firmly locked in the grip of an evil force that wants him to stay. He senses that he is looking straight into the face of hell on earth.


Who is he? Who brought him here? He feels lost, frightened and confused, but after a lengthy and thorough search of the entire township and its buildings, shops and house he discovers one tenant – a sole female resident whose name is Elizabeth.  He tries to discover about his past life and hoping in time to regain his memory, together with Elizabeth he attempts to find their way out to escape from the oppressive  and evil presence dominating the town; which could only be described as a no-man’s land, locked into the clutches of unspeakable forces of wickedness.

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