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“The Bell’s Tell” presents as a fascinating, or better still mind-boggling concept and is a ‘must’ read.


A most compelling work that sets the imagination on fire, Greg Sexton has created a masterpiece which is able  to evoke the question: whether it may be expedient to conduct some further research into the possibility of this scientific formula’s validity; and whether it presents  as a workable experiment of substance.  Is it able to open doors to a whole dimension  of scientific wonders and calibrations – rather than merely providing a speculative theory merely to tickle our fancy, and love for Sci-Fi Fantasy thrillers.


We shall let the readers decide…



THE BELLs TELL Cover Greg Sexton


THE BELLS TELL Greg Sexton Back cover



Keel Manning wrote a science fiction book, and now someone wants him dead. When the FBI shows up at his door with news of a death threat, Keel is stunned to discover that the scientific research based on his novel, Life In Time and Space: Derived From Reality, might cost him his life, and he’s determined to find out why.


With help from his lifelong friend Mac, FBI agent Nate Seaver, and NASA consultant Frances Wilson, he joins an investigation to discover the source of the threat. As Keel comes into contact with both his best hope and worst enemy, he realizes that the dangers he faces are related to mindspeed and timespeed, life’s bells and time’s bells, and the search for the shape and origin of the universe itself.

  • Paperback:416 pages
  • Publisher:Solstice Publishing (July 18, 2014)
  • Language:English

The Bell’s Tell, Available in Paperback & Kindle Formats – July 18, 2014

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