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The Latest Works by the Author – Under evaluation for Film Rights

CYCLOPEAN REVENGE Book I in the Series…


cyclopeanrevengemockupdraft - Charles river Press



CYCLOPEAN REVENGE – Book I in the Series

Steven Douglas Womack

Genre: Science Fiction


(Watch Trailer produced by Jonathan Womack)


Product Details
Hardcover: 326 pages (and Paperback)
Publisher: Charles River Press (September 30, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1940676207
ISBN-13: 978-1940676203




“I am Captain James Clinton Poole. I am driven by cosmic forces toward an unknown destiny. I have been chosen for a special mission ten years in the planning. It was a decade ago when the aliens attacked without warning, decimating our cities and slaughtering populations. According to one sighting, the aliens appear as ‘one-eyed beastly creatures’. In a heroic act my father executed a daring strategy and sacrificed his life for a chance to turn the tide. His plan worked, the enemy left and have not returned. As I stand here at my father’s grave, my two closest friends Rowena and Billy at my side, revenge simmering my marrow, I make this solemn promise. I will pilot the new artificial intelligence ship to the Cyclopean home world, and I will deliver unto them a doomsday weapon representing earth’s retaliation. And in that moment, whether I survive or I perish, I will have my vengeance.” So begins the space odyssey of James Clinton Poole and the Cyclopean Trilogy.

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