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Our Client, and Author Jean Jacques

AIM OF PROJECT:  Film representation




Jean Guy 1

What an amazing man is Jean Jacques.  So funny and so entertaining, a man of the world and a Hollywood Veteran, Jean Jacques will be providing us with many more entertaining literary projects.    This man has at times managed to keep me sane and smiling, just when the doctor ordered it.  Busy and overwhelmed with much Agency work, Jean Jacques has on many an occasion uplifted my spirits in my darkest hour.  I will always welcome and thank him for his support.


Jean Jacques was born in Quebec City, a charming little town in Canada. It’s 1930, during the great depression. He had a feeling something was wrong out there, and really didn’t want to leave his mother’s womb, so he turned his little body around and became a breech baby.  Duh?  Lol!   Jean Guy had an eight-year-old brother who was his senior sibling in rank; he sadly just left the planet a year ago, but we’re sure he is looking down on our world with some optimism, glad he is not longer part of the turmoil.


Jean Jacques is now eighty-one year’s young but to be fair he looks about sixty five and very sexy, and still acts like a school boy.  At least he told us that is what his friends tell him, but I can vouche for that truth, as Jean Jacques keeps me young and standing on my toes at attention with his funny, adolescent ways.


His Father was a Barber, and his mother a housewife – taking on the most difficult of professions of all. The author attended a Catholic School run by the Christian Brothers, (and in Jean’s own words were ‘a bunch of pedophiles’)  Ooooh!  and feels they wasted 10 years of his early life.  He maintains he didn’t learn a crumb; and Religion had no place in his world.  Being artistically driven and minded, and very naturally talented, but above all very precocious, always demanded  ‘proof’, so was always asking the type of questions that would render any clergyman uncomfortable or drive him out of his comfort zone – and I wonder why???  And sure enough as Jean  always anticipated they would come back with... “You have to believeeeee.”


Well, Jean Jacques explained, he simply didn’t. But he did have ‘faith’ in his own endeavors, and attended Art school on the weekends. At sixteen years of age he started to work as a Window Trimmer for a big Department store being paid a salary and the modest sum of around  $12 weekly. Four years later he his income had risen to around $25 a week.  Due to the economic circumstances of the era Jean Jacques was made redundant along with so many other workers, and got himself a job as a chauffeur driving a friend around, (a traveling salesman), who had been badly injured and couldn’t drive a car.  Jean Jacques loved the job, and it gave him the opportunity to  travel all over the Province.  Some time later he applied for another position with Lever Bros. At the time he was hired by that company he was already 21 years old.   He also benefited much by the  great on the job training he received.  All of a sudden he told us, he is a soap salesman, which made us laugh heartily.   However, (as they say on US infomercials…”but that’s not all” he was paid $60 a week for his services on the job,  which included the use of a company car…and what’s more… that came with all expenses paid, wow…what a jump.


Sadly, his makeup and sense of the adventurous, Jean Jacques simply did not find the job terribly inspiring, save, keeping himself sparkling clean and smelling of soap, and soon found out that selling soap was not ordained in his special destiny.  Next, Canadian Breweries happen to be looking for an ‘Art Counselor’.  The author quit his job with Lever Bros. and went to work for Carling Black Label Beer, at a whopping salaried increase of some $160 a week, company car inclusive and all expenses paid.  It was clear that the ‘gods’ were looking out for him guiding him up the ladder to good fortune.  Jacques really loved this job, and provided the travelling opportunity, which would always give him a sense of true ‘freedom’, finding him visiting all over his beloved Province.  As time progressed Carling Black Label Beer company changed company policy, stipulating that their Counselors become sales people, selling the product, a job description requirement.   This was not for Jean Jacques and promptly left the security of a job that could probably have led him far up the ladder.

That’s when Jean Jacques decided to use his talents and took up the study of animation in California.  It is now 1957 and he finds himself in Los Angeles learning his new trade at Chouinard Art Institute.  In 1960 he began working for  John Urie and Associates, a TV Commercials Studio. At the beginning we were three people, ten years later the studio grew up to sixty employees. That was the greatest job anyone could ever have asked for.  Now in his chosen niche of Animation Director, his job responsibilities also involved editing, costuming, set design, make-up, live action, stop-motion, special effects, photographer, writer and actor.   You name it, Jean Jacques did it.


From there on he became involved in directing,  acting, and wrote many award winning short subject films. What a life that was. In 1970 Jean Jacques started his own Commercial studio.  In 1990 he ventured to Taiwan to direct and supervise an animation show. Back to Los Angeles, got divorced from his first wife, and married Helene. (a beautiful Taiwanese gal), and in  1992 moved to Montreal to direct two TV series for Sesame Workshop, “Bad Dog” and “Sagwa The Chinese Siamese Cat” written by Amy Tan. After Sept 11 the shows were cancelled so they moved to Provence, where he worked for some French Studio for a while, and wrote another screenplay. In 2009 he  moved to Shanghai, where an old friend gave Helene a Landscaping Design job. Now his lovely wife has started a new business, teaching Italian and French Cuisine to Chinese ladies, and they’ve decided to film all the segments, and produce the show  on the internet. In the meantime Jean Jacques is full on  writing more of his amazing, and mostly humorously based novels, and loving it.

That’s a short recap.  But wait till he’s completed writing his riveting autobiography, but we shall keep you in the loop when that goes to print.



download - Jean-Guy JacquesJean Guy photosJean Guy

Jean-Guy Jacques-74762656352F2632AJean Guy 2Jean Guy 5jean guy 7Jean guy 8

These are a number of photos from our Album, but will do for now.  Will add more time permitting.



ABOUT “The Baby Factory

  • Print Length: 128 pages
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publisher: Summer Solstice Publishing (September 7, 2015)
  • Publication Date: September 7, 2015

Paperback version coming out soon…


A daring work superbly presented by talented Author Jean Jacques in his usual uniquely form, makes for a blowing hilarious read!”  But do not be misled!  The tale has some thought provoking, sinister and serious undertones!

Overview – Synopsis

Heinrich Himmler started a program called ‘Lebensborn’ in a little village near Munich,
Aryan women came here to be impregnated by a selected group of SS officers.

They would then give the Aryan babies to designated German families. To reach their goal, they kidnaped thousands of blond blue-eyed Polish children, Germanized them, gave them German names, and assigned the children to elite German household.

‘The Baby Factory’ is inspired in part by Himmler’s Lebensborn program. The story is about the discovery of and attack on a Los Angeles based, secret and demonic organization, ‘The Genesis Society’. Their goal, like Himmler, attempting to resurrect the Aryan race on a grand scale in America.  Stevie, an African-American investigative journalist is writing an exposé on Hollywood prostitutes.

Genesis Society agents kidnap Margie, a young blond blue-eyed prostitute who happens to be the star of Stevie’s story.

With the help of his buddy Eric, an LAPD detective, they go to her rescue. Will they make it in time to save her?

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

“When I first saw this book it seemed like a weird idea. That’s because it IS a weird idea, but somehow I kept reading and reading. It’s a cross between Charles Bukowski, George Orwell, Quentin Tarantino and The Comedy Store. Sometimes the descriptions have a screenplay feel, but that’s probably one of the ways the book blows off standard categories. It was written by a guy named Jean Jacques from the corner of Vine and Apocalypse, or somewhere, and his bad dream is so convincing, street-slangy and savvy and no holds barred, that the dream starts to seem realer than real… Thing is, it IS real, Himmler lives and we know it, and “never again” is a feel-good mantra to erase our guilt. This book brings us face to face with some seriously hard stuff …. but Jacques is some kind of pulp poet and street prophet and funny guy and turns his weird cautionary tale or allegory or whatever it is into a kind of… okay, hilarious tragic romp, I don’t know what else to call it. Read it and see.”
Another gripping story written in the unique style that is Jean Jacques –  witty, humorous, satirical, clever, and totally unique indeed!  Love what he writes and how he writes it.  There is only one Jean Jacques…
You might fall prey to an insidious blackmail scam, but can you ever bail yourself out of the mess? Senator Harry Day lies to his wife telling her that he has business to attend and blows off an important family reunion dinner. Instead, he attends his best friend’s bachelor party at the Wild Irish Rose Pub. The party gets out of hand when Patricia, a stunning lady, accidently trips and spills her red wine on Harry’s shirt. Harry is fuming. She offers to take him to her home and clean his shirt. After throwing his shirt in the washing machine, Patricia begins to seduce him, dragging him to her bedroom, and setting him up for one of the most insidious scams ever conceived. Will he be able to save his reputation?
Product Details
Paperback: 124 pages
Publisher: Solstice Publishing (September 30, 2016)

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Our Client, and Author Jacob Kaine

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Our Client, and Author Nathen Mazri


Brand Ambassador for leather designer Maledetti Toscani @maledettitoscani Follow @bestmazriselect Photographer @eric.bergeron Make Up @dydynm #fashion #leather #italy #italian #model #guy #smart #witty #business #gentleman #hot #sexy #dubai #photoshoot #makeup #jacket #love #life #follower #instagram #amazing #eyeglasses #look #sharp #oscars2015 #film #producer #actor #host #brand #brand

ABOUT THE AUTHOR NATHEN MAZRI World Youngest Actualizer and Superbrands Jury

Nathen Mazri a.k.a Ayman El-Masri is a branding expert from Montreal,Canada. He is a multi-talented entrepreneur at heart founding his advertising agency at age 24 yrs old,  A3 Communications in Canada, Dubai and Saudi Arabia working with major Forbes Middle East 500 Companies. He also stands as the General Manager and board member of Superbrands Saudi Arabia honoring the best brands in the region. As appeared regularly on radio shows, Arab Ad magazine, and channel Global Canada, CNBC Arabia, Mr  Mazri discusses the importance of branding and media in today’s global cluttered digital economy.


Mr Mazi was honored by the participation of HH Prince Saud bin Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer at A3 Brandnomix Show, the first branding event in Saudi Arabia hosted by Mr Mazri, creating the new study called, Brandnomix.


However, Nathen went through a career transition as he has always been passionate about filmmaking enrolling in Montreal School of Performing Arts, Howard Fine Studios and UCB Comedy Theater in Los Angeles; determined to become a storyteller on the big screens. Nathen started writing, co-directing, producing and starring in 3 short films including “Ahmed and Howard” accepted at the International New York Film Festival.


Mr Mazri dreams to brand the Western-Arab culture in the entertainment field showcasing the talent of Arabs beyond what the media’s distorted image of the culture by building a bridge between Hollywood and Middle East. Nathen Mazri co-wrote a slate of 4 feature film projects with Arab storylines at a combined budget over $42 million by Mazri Pictures. Nathen Mazri is indeed a fast climbing producer accomplished in various fields reaching his fullest potential inspiring young men around the world. Moreover, Nathen was the guest of honor for Fashion Victims in Dubai presenting an award along with Nancy Ajram, Middle East superstar singer as appeared on Oprah at the Atlantis Hotel.


Founder of Entergagement

NATHEN MAZRI INDIEGO PAGE wmcnfextdslb0weqol13


Nathen Mazri has been invited to be Knighted by the Prince of Montenegro – Prince Stephan Cernetic in June 2015 which is an honor to be the youngest knighted man in the world. Nathen Mazri understood the power of the digital era and mobile marketing producing the world first branding reality show, The Brand Guru, bringing the world of entertainment and engagement in one application generating not just viewers but active users around the world that impact a company valuation sponsored by Dubai Studio City and Dubai Film Commission.

Nathen Mazri has now published his earth shaking book titled:

ARABIOLOSIS” THE WORST 12 Years of hardships has brought the BEST of me in the Kingdom

He is a speaker in Dubai and will be one of the headline speakers at the prestigious World Trade Center in Dubai for Customer Loyalty Middle East event and The Big Show Entertainment in November 2015.

Nathen Mazri is a newly rising multi-talented young handsome gentleman who envisions to leave a mark in the world powered by a purpose via mobile vision (MV vs TV).


“ Always know what you want, who you are, and why you do what you do…I traveled to over 20 countries and I lost myself to find myself through understanding why people do what they do…be in tune with yourself and you shall know the rest”– Nathen Mazri


Who is Nathen Mazri, Author, and a guru of sorts, of many diverse and specialized aptitudes?

Nathen Mazri is a man of many diverse talents, and has made his debut not only as a promising Author, Actor and Producer of his own Mazri Pictures film productions company (, but has achieved ‘specialist extraordinaire’ status in the field of ‘branding’ and all its associated industries in which he is involved and supports with his specialist knowledge.  One might ask ‘what does branding entail, and where is this specialized field applied?


NATHEN MAZRI in his element 🙂



As one of the World’s Youngest Actualizer & Superbrands Jury | Speaker | Producer, it is clearly and potently transparent that this young man has achieved his phenomenal successes in all of those fields to the full extreme, purely generated by his very palpable and ‘driven’ nature from a very young age – and secret aspiration to become the ‘very best’ in all endeavors he has  undertaken and is about to pursue yet in life.

Always with an aim to only succeed and to never fail in achieving all he has set out to accomplish in his young life, Nathen Mazri remains ever vigilant and entirely devoted to a much higher, unearthly Hierarchy;  spawned from certain trials and tribulation experienced and overcome in his adolescent life whilst growing up.  His undeniable and obvious deep devotion to his work ethic, and a strong personal adherence to self discipline this ever remaining constant in his attitude has never failed him to to undertake any sized project and to explore and meet any new challenges as he has done over the ensuing years.   His achievements and growth in many diverse areas shall also stand to benefit him in all his ongoing future aspirations in the Film, and Entertainment Media fields.

By example, Nathan wants to  inspire other young men to achieve their fullest potential, where no challenge is too great, and where the word  ‘impossible’ does not exist in their vocabulary.  To give them the freedom to think for themselves, to become the individuals they truly are on the inside, and to become fully empowered to not just do ‘the talk’, but follow through by ‘doing’ what they preach.  Nathan believes that it is possible for all young men of similar background as Ahmed Al Omar is finding himself locked into,  to break free from all peer pressure and criticism which may limit them from reaching their goals and desires as ‘free thinkers and doers’.   Nathan believes that in order to reach those goals one must make a stand, and indulge in total self awareness in order to come to know oneself intimately and be able to enjoy the triumph over the attainment of ‘actualization of being’.  It takes strong self belief in what one might actually be capable of and achieve in life.  Self confidence and self introspection brings confidence to break free from the oppressive shackles imposed on one’s cultural background, and  Nathan aims to instill in those who are already aspiring after self achievement to the highest levels possible, by the examples of his own achievements, against all the odds.

Throughout his own life Nathen, has come to a deeper understanding of the diversity of his fellowmen, and their own respective individual plights, trials and tribulations which they may have to face in their personal lives.  So as seen from an Author’s perspective,  he has also become a spokesman and ‘brother’ in a sense for those, who have their own stories to tell about living under an oppressive regime but are not in a position to write about it for fear of resprisal from their government, and so this is what Nathan Mazri’s new book is all about, titled,  “ARABIOLOSIS” The WORST 12 years of hardships has brought the BEST of me in the Kingdom . a “MUST READ” by all forward thinking young men and women who have come from similar background in particular, as well as those from other International destination who want to reach their heights in achievements and success.   The book is available from  Available from om eBook, paper back, and hard cover in beautifully illustrated, innovative and colorful  presentations.  This book presents an amazing story about a young man’s journey, who dreamed his dreams, never let go, or gave up hoping, and finally achieved the heights of his professions as a freelance innovator, one of the World’s Youngest Actualizer & Superbrands Jury | Speaker | Producer.



barnes and noble


and 300 more outlets

The Author hopes that this book will serve as an eye opener about what it is really like to being denied the freedom of worship and to be able to freely practice one’s own self-belief system, without having to suffer the recriminations from oppressive governing religious leaders, who are able to exercise total power over the masses, and where in particular, gender related issues of the individual’s sexual orientation is not acceptable in a land where homosexuality is forbidden.

“ARABIOLOSIS” The WORST 12 years of hardships has brought the BEST of me in the Kingdom, is a heartrending journey written and narrated by Nathen Mazri on behalf of one such friend, who also faced a similar fate that rendered him a future without hope.  It is also about the young man’s personal trials and tribulations which he, and so many others of his peers had to face growing up in Saudi Arabia, where he lives.  For all the obvious reasons staying hidden seems imperative for fear of reprisals or recrimination by the religious oppressors, whose powers still reign and remain in full force today in that land.

Despite the fact that the Author decided to chose self publishing this work, as time was of the essence, sothat the publication would meet in time with the launching of Nathen’s new show, which, had we gone the traditional publishing way with a publishing house, may not have met with the time factors indicated.  However, the Agency does believe in Nathen Mazri’s concept, and we would wholeheartedly like to support him all the way with the promotions.





Product Details

  • File Size: 2745 KB
  • Print Length: 144 pages
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse (March 2, 2016)
  • Publication Date: March 2, 2016
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

“We can devoutly express, now having gone on this journey unfolding within the pages, that  “ARABIOLOSIS”, is proving the most shocking of revelations, so revealingly expressed in this heartrending untold story – that is, until now…

One can only imagine, and come to a true understanding of how it must have felt for the young man featured here, and what this story is really about, until one has experienced all of what lies ahead in the middle of the desert.  The misconception, the stigma, the stereotype, and the pact with Allah!  Now turned into a Hollywood feature film script.

Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert

As in  the author’s own words: “Destiny, is a word, which we think has already defined and shaped our future, and we always think that we have it all figured out for us. But how is our path drawn? Do our actions and thoughts shape it? Do our religious beliefs lead it? Does the universal external energy know what my fate is? Do I really know what I want in, and out of my life?”


My name is Adam Burak and moved from Canada to the kingdom of the Arab world for 12 years of my adolescent life.  Where hardships stood in queue ravaging me physically and internally, leaving nothing but strings of hope and dreams hanging out. As a young ambitious man, I thought I had my future all planned out for me, instead, I never knew I was destined for the unexpected, the unthinkable, and the uncalled for; I guess I was simply a citizen of life tested by fate at every step of the way on how badly I desired then, and how much I desire the best out of my life, now !


“I have become like a prisoner but for injustice, like a soldier fighting for my life, and like a survivor thriving out of this underground world.”

Please support by using the movement Ribbon called {ARABIOLOSIS} to promote survival and the fight to end oppression and suppression caused by social stigma, repression, racism, disparagement, and lack of freedom rights. Download, learn more, and share the {Arabiolosis} ribbon image, donate, or find exclusive high-quality products by visiting the website:

“Thank You KSA for the man I am today! #TYKSA” – Adam Burak






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Our Client, and Author Malay A. Upadhyay



MALAY UPADHYAH Stage 32 image


Malay is one of our beloved and impressive clients, and a most intellectually talented Author, whose works are to make their own impact upon the literary world.

Our Author was born in Kolkata, West Bengal on the eastern coast of India, in a family with roots in the village of Ballia in Uttar Pradesh, northern centre. Having grown up in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, Malay’s undergraduate years were spent pursuing Bachelor of Engineering in Manipal on the western coast, following which he worked for a year in Accenture in Bangalore, Karnataka, in the south. His growing years were thus, spent amidst opportunities and relatives not just all over India but also lifestyles varying between both ends of the economic scale.

Successive years then saw Malay live and travel across Southern Europe as well as Qatar & UAE, thereby, enriching his knowledge of people and culture variations across borders. The topics he chooses are normally based on what he has learnt or gained experience in, as it imparts a holistic perspective to a plot and aids its authenticity. Accordingly, the premise of ‘Kalki Evian – Kalki Evian: The Ring of Khaoriphea , draws from topics  the Author extensively researched on and was awarded Excellence for at Bocconi in Milan, Italy. Meanwhile, ‘Kanha Evian – The fly that followed me’ is an actual account of instances and behaviours observed over the years. The diverse locations, of course, correspond to reality as well. We believe this amazing series will become a far reaching concept.

Malay’s CV spills out achievements in Himalayan expeditions, consulting & research performance in different industries as well as global conferences and projects encompassing strategies for future markets. While he  had ghost written interviews and short write-ups on the professional front by the time he graduated with a Masters in Marketing Management in Italy. Malay enjoys unconventional plots and structures, having often written about, or for, ones he knows on social networks. While these have been received well, Malay’s  blog remains limited to short poetries or write-ups as of now. Marketing is a field that deeply interests him also, and while the Author’s immediate future remains open in this case, writing has had a more specific direction.

Human behaviour backed by its latent mentality always intrigues Malay, and invariably compels an iteration of reasons often speculated upon or hidden in history. Malay’s wishlist, thus, is led by a storyline he finds highly crucial and technologically disruptive. Born out of mythological data and chiselled under the guidance of professors, the story is a Science fiction touching upon human evolution, which aims to judge our capacity to control our own growth, as it attempts to answer two simple questions:

How does Kalki – the final incarnation of Lord as per Hindu mythology – bring about the next human evolution?

On its way, many other questions follow as to the nature of changes that the future undertakes, beginning with the evolution of money. Travels, and observations that come with it, are Malay’s primary hobbies.  Malay pointed out ever so eloquently, and which is so atypical of his character, finds life as an experience first, and the world, a crypt fit for a million years of human evolution that it would require to be understood. It is Malay’s  facile attempt to make an audience think just enough to break out of notions that seem to bind us otherwise, by our own respective cultural conditioning.

The Author’s works may well encourage readers to think and speculate further ‘outside the box’, and view life and what makes us humans tick from a whole new perspective. After all, life is about exploration, change, shedding of the old personality and taking on a new one, and drives us on to exploring further and taking delight in how other cultures and traditions imparted through our interaction with our  fellow man,  may enrich us all.



  • Paperback: 316 pages
  • Publisher: Solstice Publishing (February 12, 2015)
  • Reviews –


KALKI RING Cover book I


Every choice we make leads to its own unique consequence. To change the consequence, therefore, one must travel back in time to change the choice. But what if such change, instead of altering our future, simply created another – one that came to exist simultaneously with our world? This is a story of how one such moment of love led to two parallel futures; a story of how your choices have an impact far beyond the world you know; a phenomenon that we had sensed, and wished for, all along.

There are 4 Novels in the Kalki Evian Series.  Book II is due for publication in the not so distant future.



Fly That Followed me Book Cover



The first book in the Kalki Evian series saw Kanha Evian rescued from a ghastly train accident—a move that spawned a parallel reality. However, what he was never told was that his rescuers had traveled back in time once before. Only, this time, they did not save him. The Fly That Followed Me is a prequel to Kalki Evian: The Ring of Khaoriphea. It recounts Kanha Evian’s journey across India in the days leading up to his train accident. His time-traveling rescuers retrieve a diary that opens up the world that led Kanha to his eventual fall. As they begin to read through the pages, the story unfolds backward in time. Venture into a narrative that runs as much in the mind of the protagonist as in the real world, accompanied by a single fly that may yet change the course of our world.


Product Details
Paperback: 248 pages
Publisher: Solstice Publishing (August 18, 2016)
Language: Englis




Website and Blog links:-





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Our Client, Len Davies – Actor, Producer, Director, Musician, Media Programmer

CATEGORY: Film Project now ready to go into production shortly…Finance has been approved.



LEN DAVIES    Les Davies behind the camera   len with hands in pocket   len grinning   Len the cop  Len Olaf in the last viking

                                                                                                                    Cute!  🙂 …as Olaf in The Last Viking

Len Davies is a talented and driven innovator, multi-media platform artist, musician, actor, producer, director, assistant director, music department, stunts, writer, editor, composer, sound department, cinematographer, second unit Director or Assistant Director,  and film company owner in his own right. You name it, he’s done it! So  it is safe to say he is a true Veteran in the entertainment industry sectors in the UK and the US, and Len’s credentials and professional prowess is far ranging and extensive.  He is a generous, kind, fun guy and an amiable man, who boasts an appealing and dry sense of humor.   After all folks – he is a Welshman.  Nothing is too much for Len, who is always ‘at the ready’ to experiment and tackle new angles and approaches in order to enhance the products he promotes, markets, and sells.  He is known for Real Quality Wrestling (2006), RQW Special Feature (2009) and RQW Bites (2012).



– Len Davies ran a professional wrestling organization, Real Quality Wrestling (RQW), in his native UK alongside his own video and audio production company.
– Hosted “The Magical History Tour” on KCLA FM in Los Angeles and has been presenting the show for the past 3+ years on
– He Started “the Magical History Tour” in 1989 at Jovel Music Hall in Muenster, Germany every wednesday evening. Started with 400 audience and in 6 months had built it up to over 2,000 each Wednesday which was maintained until he left for Latvia in May 1994.
– Worked with Alien Sex Fiend from 1987 to 2005 and played guitar both on the recording of the 2003 album “Information Overload”, and on stage as ‘Slice’ at the Zillo festival in Germany and at the Whitby Gothic Festival in the UK in 2004.
– Has been a recording engineer for over 30 years and was chief engineer at Principal Studios in Muenster, Germany from 1991 – 1994.
– Len was a backing singer for the late, great Motown Legend Edwin Starr during tours in Germany in 1991.
– Len has contributed over 100 articles to various trade magazines, primarily “Audio Media”, European, US, German and Japanese editions. These included training, tips and equipment reviews.
– Len edited 300 episodes of “Kiss TV” from 1996 to 1998 in the UK when it was still in the experimentation stage prior to becoming a channel in its own right. After the Premiere episodes of “kiss Clubs”, “Kiss Music”, “Kiss Lifestyle” and “Kiss Classics” he was the sole editor.
– Len edited the video and post produced the audio mix for the “Barry Gray Centenary Concert” that was held at the Royal Festival Hall in London on November 8th 2008 featuring The Philharmonia orchestra. He proudly claims to be one of the only people that can feature the “Thunderbirds” March amongst his volume of work and resume. A sample is on his website
– Len produced a TV show for transmission on Baltcom TV in Latvia during 1994/1995. It was a music magazine show entitled ‘MIX’ and featured live band performances from the Hellfire club in Riga which burned down in 1995 shortly after taping began there.
– Len owned Apex Recording Studio in Cardiff, S. Wales, UK from November 1985 to May 1989. In an attempt to promote local artists he launched the Apex record label with 4 single releases from local bands. The music industry woke up to Cardiff bands shortly after Len moved to Germany with Catatonia and The Stereophonics leading the charge.
– Len has released an album “Invitation To A Dream” featuring his songs and some covers, including the epic “Moonshot”, tribute to the Apollo Mission. It’s available on itunes and amazon amongst others.
– Len recorded the album “Inside The Dazzledome” with Razzle Dazzle from Muenster in Germany, and they hit it off so well that he was invited to join the band, which he did throughout 1993 prior to leaving for Latvia.
– Len was the sound designer on the first Latvian surround sound movie “Drosme Nogalinat” (Courage To Kill) which premiered in Riga in 1994.
– Len created the album “Shanghai Attraxions” by Yellow Men in 1998 for a French Producer. Apart from Session Guitar work he was the sole musician and never received a copy of the work until it was linked with his name after a release on itunes in 2011.
– After his move to Latvia in 1994, Len introduced the first hard disc audio systems into the country. “Soundscape” was bought by State TV and several studios, moving them away from the Soviet technology that was still prevalent after the country’s independence in 1991.
– When TNA wrestling started touring the UK and Europe in 2008, Len joined the team and became a regular member of the team, responsible for the logistical organization of the rings and crews. Since arriving in California he’s worked with the company on several occasions and still organizes the UK logistics long distance.
– Len is a part of “The Amanda Show”, produced and directed by Amanda Callas. As well as being a performer on the show he’s also the audio supervisor, and recently recorded new versions of the “Baby Snooks” radio plays from the 1940’s playing Daddy to Amanda’s Baby Snooks.
– Len’s production company, Spectrum Multimedia Hollywood, completed 65 episodes of Daytime TV programming within 6 months of 2013. He formulated a cost effective plan for creating 13 episode seasons on practically any subject, most of the shows falling under the company’s created heading of “California Style”.
As a producer, Len is moving into TV Drama, being in Pre-production of a major drama pilot that will herald a mainstream series.
“Emergency:LA”, a drama series created by Len Davies, is his first major drama Production in Hollywood, which has gone into pre-production.  Len is a contributor to, and is widely acknowledged as an expert on 4K, and all of his programs are filmed to that standard.
ABOUT “EMERGENCY: LA”  (Featuring Pilot movie & a 13-Episode Television Drama Series)
The Gilbert Literary & Film Agency – Subsidiary of Hawkspurr Productions New Zealand, is proud to represent this extensive project and its “hot, sultry, and sizzling” cast line-up.  They are all the ‘beautiful people’ who will bring this amazing series to life.  They will be the ‘pulse’ or ‘heart beat’ that will keep this 13-Episode Television Drama ‘smorgasboard of a show’ pumping over.   Undoubtedly, they will infuse a breath of fresh air into what we believe, poses as a smart and brilliant concept in the drama category, presenting as a well constructed amalgam of creativity, providing a colorful and diverse tapestry of backdrops against which the stories will play out on our Television screens once a week, around the world.   Or at least that is our aim.
All unsolicited inquiries are now closed and Finance has been approved.
EMERGENCY LA By Len Davies Producer

Diane Schram - Producer Emergency LA 

 DIANE SCHRAM – The Show’s Producer

‘SERIES’ CAST’- Aren’t they an adorable collection of beautiful people?

Kurt Angle Kurt Angle
 Sgt Gabe Mandell LAPD (2014) (13 episodes, 2015)
Greta Garland Greta Garland
 Paramedic Stacey Brook (2014) (13 episodes, 2015)
Maggie Lehman Maggie Lehman
 Firewoman Beverly Ely (2014) / … (13 episodes, 2015)
A.J. Ruiz A.J. Ruiz
 Paramedic Tony Decarlo (2014) (13 episodes, 2015)
Hayley J Williams Hayley J Williams
 Dr. Catherine Naylor MCh, MChir (2014) / … (13 episodes, 2015)
Greg Burridge Greg Burridge
 Fireman Blake Thomas (13 episodes, 2015)
Francis Chen Francis Chen
 Dr. Damon Sun (13 episodes, 2015)
Richard Hench Richard Hench
 Dr. Pierce Thatcher (13 episodes, 2015)
Megan Renee Kim Megan Renee Kim
 Nurse Angie Lee (13 episodes, 2015)
Jonathan Krebs Jonathan Krebs
 Officer Danny Prescott (13 episodes, 2015)
Ian Lauer Ian Lauer
 Fireman Josh Randall (13 episodes, 2015)
Norton Leufven Norton Leufven
 David Deacon (13 episodes, 2015)
Thomas Pierre Maddox Thomas Pierre Maddox
 Fireman George Maddox (13 episodes, 2015)
Demi Mann Demi Mann
 Officer Helen Dorsey LAPD (13 episodes, 2015)
Christopher Lee Page Christopher Lee Page
 Nurse Clark Branson (13 episodes, 2015)
Rossano Rea Rossano Rea
 Fireman Sonny Grinaldi (13 episodes, 2015)
Nancy Rizk Nancy Rizk
 Jennifer Jackson, 911 Supervisor (13 episodes, 2015)
Ray Trickitt Ray Trickitt
 Dr. Ray Newman (13 episodes, 2015)
Deepak Verma Deepak Verma
 Dr. Daniel Fernandez (13 episodes, 2015)
Katarina Leigh Waters Katarina Leigh Waters
 Officer Dana Lewis (13 episodes, 2015)
Alana J. Webster Alana J. Webster
 Senior Nurse Diana Bennett (13 episodes, 2015)
Len Davies Len Davies
 Captain Lee Carter LAPD (2014) (12 episodes, 2015)
Bianca Lebbar Bianca Lebbar
 Detective Jo Frazer (12 episodes, 2015)
Katie Lynn Mapel Katie Lynn Mapel
 Carol Deacon (8 episodes, 2015)
Myles Cranford Myles Cranford
 Detective Bryce Stanton (3 episodes, 2015)
Robb Conner Robb Conner
 Roger Deacon (2 episodes, 2015)
Claudia Ferrazzani Claudia Ferrazzani
 Nurse Maria Conti (1 episode)

 Salutations with love, to the show’s creator Len Davies, and Producer Diane Schram, and the Cast of “EMERGENCY: LA”!

We shall do our very utmost for you all, and get this show on the road!  🙂

Emerantia and Team

Gilbert literary & Film Agency

Subsidiary of Hawkspurr Productions 

New Zealand

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Our Client, and Author Jane Finch

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Our Client, Author Koos Verkaik



An image posted by the author.

CATEGORY:  All the Authors Works listed here are Literary and Film Projects.

LASTEST DEVELOPMENTS JUNE 2021 – View More of this Fine Author’s Published works here:


ATTENTION – HOT NEWS: Dutch Version of bestselling novel The Dance of the Yester soon in English and Indian Versions with new covers…

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is de-dans-van-de-nar-koos-verkaik.jpg


The Dance of The Jester is my ‘magnum opus’, the flagship of my fleet of books.

Soon it will be published by Outer Banks Publishing Group, North Carolina, USA.

It was published before in The Netherlands as ‘De Dans van De Nar’.

***EXTRA***: It will also soon be published in Indian by Pharos Books, New Delhi!

Soon available in English!

Find your Koos Verkaik Books here:


Barnes & Noble:;jsessionid=1C19A7BBE584EC758073CA76F671BB83.prodny_store01-atgap08?Ntk=P_key_Contributor_List&Ns=P_Sales_Rank&Ntx=mode+matchall





Prolific Author and Super Nova Musician – A sweet combination of talent to make a strong impact on the industry!   Listen to his message and feel the vibes!  All of Koos Verkaik’s works were published in Holland, and he is now looking to global publishing for all his books in various languages.

Most of Koos Verkaik’s books have been published in Holland where he is a very popular author in great demand.    The first Novel we represented on behalf of the author, entitled “HIM” was accepted and published by

It is the author’s dream to see all of his popular Novels and his range of children books’ series published in other languages as well, and to find strong readership globally.  We are gradually achieving this goal.

On September 18, 2016 Koos send out an Exciting Newsflash when he received a message from a new Publisher who were keen to offer Koos another publishing contract, and a film contract for his book Titled  “HIM” After the UFO Crash!

“I Came back from vacation and found an envelope on my doormat: 50 (!) pages film contract, signed by all parties, for my novel HIM, After the UFO Crash.  Yes, Al: Onward & Upward now! We will reach our goal!  My Thanks goes to: Al, Jeffrey and Richard from Three Corners Entertainment (and their Publishing Division at Righters Mill Press) – Emerantia, my agent from New Zealand.”  Things were looking up!

Koos Verkaik


HIM (After the USO Crash) 

How apt that this work should now become a movie at this time as the world is on the brink of meeting our distant cousins from other galaxies.   

HIM (After the UFO Crash) by Koos Verkaik


Title of the Book:  HIM, after the UFO Crash)                                         

Author:  Koos Verkaik                                                                                     

Genre: Urban Fantasy Novel, 86.868 words Fan                                                 

Publisher: Righter Mill Press / 3 Corners Entertainment

Release Date:  Out Now and available from and all Book Retailers



Published by Outerbanks Publishing Group


Nothing is what it seems in this new, exciting Koos Verkaik murder mystery titled ‘HEAVENLY VISION’, undoubtedly one of his masterpieces!    “Heavenly Vision” is about a book collector of limited means who comes across a 1745 Atlas of the Cape of Good Hope in a second-hand bookshop in Amsterdam. Once his historian friend lays eyes on it, he becomes very excited and life for Jan Glas is never the same again.  Murder, mystery and intrigue will keep the reader guessing what is going on. Is the world coming to an end, and who will survive?  You only realize what has happened after you have finished the book!

Product details





Nothing is what it seems, in this new, exciting Koos Verkaik novel…It starts with the finding of an old manuscript hidden in an old atlas of the Cape of Good Hope, around the year 1745.

“Allart Vroom climbed down from the ship, and we stood ready to catch him,” wrote Captain Adriaen Kalf. “His clothes, his flesh, his bones pulverized in our hands. He formed a small heap of powder at our feet. Please, believe me—it is not, like someone suggested, the contents of broken hourglasses.”

Jan Glas, an Amsterdam publicist, reads about a machine that could cause the end of the entire world! Of course, he wants to find out the truth about the remarkable manuscript!

A long journey takes him to England and the USA.

A peculiar man crosses his path – Wesley Dunn, Raso Preacher, Center of the Heavenly Vision, Franks Knight, Florida, USA.

This man says that the world will be destroyed by ‘the Machine of Colton’, which is also mentioned in the manuscript that Jan found! Only a few people will survive – the true followers of the odd Mr. Wesley Dunn, and the Raso way of life!

Murder, mystery, and intrigue will keep the reader guessing as to what is going on. Is the world coming to an end, and if so, who will survive?

OmniLit * Amazon * Smashwords

Koos Verkaik a ‘Dutchie’ with spunk and a heart of gold, and an inexhaustible drive and fathomless imagination, is one of the most productive authors of the moment.  Koos is not only an author but an accomplished Musician.   We deem it our special privilege to work with an author of his caliber and have him on board.  Besides a fast-growing pile of novels in his specific genre: Mystery, Adventure, and Magic, he also writes children’s books. Well-known is his enchanting series of children’s books Alex and the Wolpertinger, published by LadyBee Publishing, Canada.

Koos wrote his first novel, a sci-fi, when he was only eighteen years old, during a weekend; it was published immediately—he was only sixteen when he wrote a series about a young space traveler who went in search of adventures on a far-away planet; it got published in the weekly newspaper (three pages each week). He published with big Dutch publishers as De Arbeiderspers in Amsterdam. With his books All-Father and Wolf Tears, he earned the name critics gave him of The Dutch Stephen King.


A wonderful new author on the rise!   Gripping story!   Page turning suspense/adventure and mystery, an all-night read!  A master storyteller!

A fantastic and spectacular intrigue; Dutch Koos Verkaik can hold his own with the best foreign names in this field! A.P. magazine.

“I am a very fast worker; always have been, always sitting behind the keyboard and write! It is not a neurosis or so, it’s just that I have a lot to tell…” Haagse Courant.

The Dutch Stephen King, that’s the best compliment we can give horror writer Koos Verkaik. With his novels he fills a gap in the market – he is writing original fantasy and horror. Verkaik has a personal, original style! Aktueel.

Verkaik is always flirting with the paranormal. The tight, balanced style of his works give away his great craftsmanship. Koos Verkaik is called the Dutch Stephen King. Where productivity is concerned, this is right, but where his work is concerned I think that Koos is just himself and that is quite a lot! Penthouse.

Koos Verkaik gives a new substance to the literary thriller! The new book of Koos Verkaik is a well-constructed thriller with an original storyline wherein cleverly is made use of horror elements. But Koos Verkaik has more to offer than just a thrilling story. Weaving mythical and psychological elements in it, in a very subtle way, he makes novels with many mentions and gives a new substance to the literary thriller. And that is a remarkable performance for an author who writes through the years in order to make a living, publishing countless novels and comics. De Persunie, Holland, De Standaard, Belgium.

“I knew I would become a writer when I was only six years old,” tells Koos Verkaik. “I have always been working on stories.”And so it went – he wrote during his high school years, walked away from home and lived by his pen. He worked for countless publishers and wrote what they asked for: children’s books, novels, comics, scripts, name it. He has become a well-known fantasy writer; one of the best! Aktueel.

Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert



ABOUT “THE NIBELUNG GOLD”  Published as a 2nd edition under a new cover by  Outerbanks Publishing Group.

Product details


At the end of the nineteenth century, the rich have great interest in the occult; tables dance everywhere, and ghosts speak in many a darkened room. Willem Wolf, a wealthy young man, has a passion for exploring psychic phenomena and exposing the charlatans. He believes many are fraudulent and he becomes a one-man inquisition hunting for the truth, first giving the psychics the benefit of the doubt until he sees through their trickery.Then he decides to find out what happens when more than a dozen mediums concentrate on the same thing at the same time. He finds himself in a mesmerizing world where the intriguing story of the long-lost Nibelung Gold seems to be a fact.Wolf begins a journey he never expected, dealing with dishonest and evil people while searching for the truth of the legendary Nibelung treasure or Rhine Gold that has been lost since the 5th century along Germany’s Rhine River.”…A very interesting story. I really liked Wolf and the story being set late in the 19th century. The magic, spiritism, ghosts and of course finding out the story behind the legend, along with the suspense, mystery and adventure made for a delightful read. I highly recommend “The Nibelung Gold” to those who love a great mystery/adventure/suspense story.” – Amazon review by Sheri A. Wilkinson

Ironically, to say a wonderful new author is on the rise, Koos Verkaik has been writing since he was a young teenager and had a series of books published in Holland, and had already found his fame in his beloved home country at a very young age.  Both “Nibelung Gold” and “Heavenly Vision” are Novels that coming under the heading “Must Reads!”

Both Novels are Gripping and suspense filled stories you will never forget!

Page turning suspense/adventure and mystery, this author’s books are promising to be your all-night reads!  Here is a master storyteller borne to his craft and that caliber of writer don’t come any the better and more impacting upon his ever-growing readership around the world!


OTHER THRILLING TITLES BY KOOS VERKAIK can be found on the author’s Website:

The Author can be reached at:

The details about the author’s  “Wolpertinger Children’s Fantasy Book Series can be found on this  website:

Wolpertinger Trailer:






Koos Verkaik is a true master in his genre: Mystery, Adventure, and Magic. He published over fifty different titles, both novels for adults and children’s books. Author of more than 60 different titles! He works hard on a new series of children’s books,  “ALEX AND THE WOLPERTINGER”, sold in Europe and Canada.

He wrote his first novel, a sci-fi, when he was only eighteen years old, during a weekend; it was published immediately—he was only sixteen when he wrote a series about a young space traveler who went in search of adventures on a far-away planet; it got published in the weekly newspaper (three pages each week). He published with big Dutch publishers as De Arbeiderspers in Amsterdam. With his books  “ALL FATHER” and “WOLF TEARS“, he earned the name critics gave him of The Dutch Stephen King. Several new books will be published this year: DE DANS VAN DE NAR (THE DANCE OF THE JESTER), NEANDERTHALER DROMEN (NEANDERTHAL DREAMS) and many new books in his series of children’s books. Koos Verkaik is one of the most productive authors of the moment—and never ever had a writer’s block. He works very hard, writing every day.

Koos Verkaik

Alexanderstraat 28

2713 AT Zoetermeer

The Netherlands




The first 3 Wolpertinger Titles in a series of 8 books, this amazing Children’s Series is under consideration for a substantial Animation Project.


Wolpertinger serieswolpertinger series 2Wolpertinger 3 



The amazing friendship between a clever boy and a mean, wonderful, odd, mysterious, magic, terrifying, great, supernatural, awesome, amazing, clever, unequalled, unbelievable wolpertinger…

ALEX AND THE WOLPERTINGER by Koos Verkaik. An extensive series of children’s books of 14 different titles so far (intending to write 30 books)!
Publisher:  Outer Banks Publishing Group, North Carolina, USA
Website Koos Verkaik:
Interview about Alex and The Wolpertinger:…/meet-fantasy-and-childrens-aut…/

News Update for Dutch Readership




The Book’s previous publisher has gone into liquidation.


ALL FATHER Koos Verkaik Book cover


Product Details
Paperback: 296 pages
Language: Engli


Most Helpful Customer Reviews
A true five-star read!

By Sheri A. Wilkinson on November 24, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition


Peter Jonker has special magical gifts. He is told of the horrifying tales of Wodan, God of the Germanic tribes and Scandinavian Berserkers. Then he finds out he has immortal powers, something some would like to take advantage of. Wodan is on the hunt for him to join his evil army, the Berserkers who bring destruction and death. Soon he is not sure what is truth, or merely a horrible dream from which he would soon wake up, or is he really responsible for the death of people? Peter decides to find out by being hypnotized, and soon his world as he knows it is about to change.

Peter is very likable, he wants to do what is right and is faced with challenges. He encounters good and bad people/events. The story moves at a steady pace with attention to details, pulling you into this fantastic magical thrilling story. The plot is original with the perfect balance of drama, suspense, action, and adventure. A definite five-star read. I highly recommend to young/adult as well as adult lovers of action/adventure/magic.

CommentWas this review helpful to you? YesNo Report abuse

By Yvonne Crowe on November 24, 2015

Format: Paperback

In true Koos Verkaik fashion, his febrile mind weaves a story of the Gods who inhabited the ancient world and find their way back through the surrealistic paintings of a modern Dutch artist.
A small boy, Peter Jonkers, who was left with the artist Poolman, listens to his stories and is drawn into his paintings until the berserkers inhabit his world. He possesses a unique gift. What he writes down will happen. Not with the power of foresight. Even he cannot understand it.  As a grown man this gift brings him fame and fortune in the business world. For some inexplicable reason, his power wanes and he is in danger of losing everything.  Murders take place and he has written down the names of 4 victims. Is he, in fact, the murderer?
Or is the All-father with his army of the dead directing other receptors?
Buy the book and find out. You are in for the ride of your life.

” I could easily see some of his work next to greats such as Stephen King, or Dean Koontz.”

Head over to the interview with Koos Verkaik on Fanatic Reviews by Jess’s Facebook page. Show some support and like the page and the post!          

Fanatic Review’s sat down with Koos Verkaik to learn more about him, this is what we learned.
15 Questions about you, and your work (s).

1.) What would you say inspired you to write your story?
I wrote All-Father in Dutch, it was first published by De Arbeiderspers in Amsterdam. I read a lot about history and love the old stories about the Celtic and Germanic tribes. In All-Father we learn how Woden (Odin, All-Father) rides the sky with his Army of the Death and about Berserkers who fear steel nor blood. (We still talk about going berserk!).
2.) Are some of the details rendered in your story from real-life situations?
Yes, it enacts in The Netherlands of the seventies. With real people in a recognizable setting. The story is about a little boy who becomes so afraid of the horrible stories a Rembrandt-like painter tells him about Woden and berserkers, that he almost dies… but then he finds out that he has special powers and he is going to use them.
3.) At what age did you begin writing? When did you know you would make writing a career path?
I started writing at the age of seven and never stopped. I still have a pile of notebooks from my youth, full of stories. I knew I would become a writer when I was about twelve.
4.) Who is your favorite character in your book(s)?
I have no favorite characters. Mostly I create them during the writing process and suddenly I know everything about their specific character. It is great to be able to bring the most peculiars persons together in a novel!
5.) How long did it take you to write your first novel?
I am so happy that you ask me this. My first novel was a sci-fi of 160 pages and I wrote it during a long weekend when I was only 18 years old. It was published immediately and I was very proud when I saw it in the window of a bookshop.
6.) Where can we find your work(s)?
I have published about 60 different titles in the Netherlands and they are available in the bookshops and on the internet. You can find my books in English on the internet:,…


MORE REVIEWS–the-monster-inn


(More Wolpertinger Volumes recently published will be added this week)




Alex and his friends, Shabby Tabby Chum and Ludo the wolpertinger are on a mission to save the magician Halo. Halo is being held prisoner by Prince Ruff Rumble. The giant prince wants the magician to make gold for him. Halo’s magic books are now unreadable after falling into the lake but he couldn’t have made the gold even if his books hadn’t gotten wet. The prince doesn’t know that, and Alex’s real mission is to find a magician that can help Halo and get him set free.
Excerpt: Halo put me under a spell that shrank me till I was just as little as Chum the old tomcat. And suddenly I was able to speak the language of the animals! On the back of the fat cat, I traveled to an oak wood. On the way, I met two friends, William Wing the miller and Alfred Axe the woodcutter. With their help, I reached the tallest oak of the wood. It was there that I first met Ludo the wolpertinger. He had blue fur and a lanky figure. His feet were very, very big. When I asked the wolpertinger how we could reach the Downhills, he said: “You have to believe in the Downhills. If you don’t believe in them, then you will bump your head on the trunk of the oak tree. If you do believe in them, then you will walk straight through it, and you will be where you want to be.”
He was right! Chum and I believed in the Downhills, walked right into the oak, stepped right through the bark, and ended up in a tunnel. There we reached a mysterious land and saw a big, red sun in the sky.

“I’ve loved illustrated children’s chapter books since I was a young sprite. Their usually epic stories that carry with you a lifetime of happy memories. Especially, those that remind me of warm nights nestled by the fire, listening to Hans Christian Anderson cassette tapes on the radio in the living room. While reading, I reminisced back to how truly remarkable those stories were, and of how they caught and easily kept my attention. Mr. Verkaik has done it again! This time it came in the guise of a children’s book. I fell in love with this timeless story, and so will you.”

Koos Verkaik 

From the Reviewer About the book:

“Mr. Verkaik paints a vivid portrait of the life of Alex, a boy from the Alps, who works in the land of the Giant Clover King. Alex is sent to help a magician and finds a world of adventure before him. Alex meets Ludo the Wolpertinger, and the two embark on a creative trek filled with shrinking, talking animals, and giants beyond measure!

I rather enjoyed the tempo of this short, yet remarkably expansive story. I will definitely be getting this in paperback for my daughter to read when she is old enough. It has such colorful illustrations, and engaging artwork, that will easily keep your child entertained. The best part about this book is that it’s really for all ages. It reads like an adventure, one that any age can get behind. Five stars Mr. Verkaik. Truly an adventurous read!”


Posted by Jessica Ozment at 11:28 PM

April 2016 Reviews:-

Saladin the Wonder Horse (Book 1 – Volume  1) Paperback Edition


Product details

  • Series: Book 1
  • Paperback: 132 pages
  • Publisher: Outer Banks Publishing Group (December 4, 2017)
  • Language: English
It is a rough time in England, where Prince John sits temporarily on the throne of his brother, Richard the Lionhearted. When Angie, a poor Saxon girl, who takes care of the horses for Lord Baltimore, attempts to save her beloved colt, Silver, she is plunged into a series of wild adventures as she tries to keep a colt out of the greedy hands of the prince. While on the run, she meets a mysterious knight who grants her his horse – Saladin, a magical black stallion from a faraway, unknown country. This wonder horse teaches all his tricks to the beautiful young stallion Silver. The strange knight has a very important message that he believes only Angie and Saladin can deliver to Robin Hood. With the two faithful animals, Angie manages to reach the camp of Robin Hood, bringing him the important message that could save the kingdom. But, it is not that easy as Angie tries to outsmart Prince John and his men. And of course, she cannot achieve that without her special horses…and some very special friends.
“A must read, created by an extraordinarily gifted Author  “Saladin The Wonder Horse” can be purchased from and all good bookstores.
Born to write – is the category under which Koos Verkaik talents a natural born author falls.   His first novel was written at 7 years of age.  At 16 he churned out a series of works that were published.  Koos is what I would term a ‘Vintage Author’, whose works will hit the Cinema screens in due course, and the spin off books sales will flow as lava down the mountain ranges.
If you are seeking enlightenment and a little respite from the pressures of our chaotic world, then lose yourself in the magic and wonder of the many diverse genres and titles that are part of the author’s repertoire of amazing adventures.  Koos is one of those unique authors who is able to create a thousand page book borne out of a ‘one liner’, a nuance, or a fleeting image that incites his creative juices.  Certainly his recently published book titled  HIM “After the UFO Crash” is a fine and typical example of the author’s authentic works and the intensive research he devotes his time to, and goes so far as even traveling around the globe to the locations to help inspire him to produce authenticity to his story telling.  The author’s kinship with the Paranormal has been one of a close bond all of his life.  Today, these magic events and hundreds of magic characters Koos creates and writes about may not be as fictitious as one might assume, as we enter a new age of ‘Universal Consciousness’.  Where familiarity with other dimensional realms are becoming more noted to our attention, become more real and tangible and visible to the awareness of the ever developing mind the human race is so potentially receptive to.
As we progress further into the future, and all manner of highly sophisticated technological developments are invented across the spectrum of industry and are  manufactured to serve mankind, but are also proving to provide supportive means even to the validity of that so called existence of the ‘coveted Afterlife’  phenomenon, now experienced by many millions around the globe and are researched and recorded by the medical fraternity,  reading some of Koos Verkaik’s works that touches on otherworldly dimensions and realms, and the ET phenomenon and their Reversed Engineered Technology under the microscope by the Military Complex and its Privateer Investment Associates, makes for even more rewarding and satisfying reading, that maybe, just maybe these worlds already exist, are no longer elusive, and are within man’s grasp?
Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert
Recently I had the distinct privilege to chat with Dutch author Koos Verkaik. Mr. Verkaik is a prolific author of novels for both children and adults and is also an accomplished musician. In this sprawling interview, we discuss his life, passions, and inspirations for writing. Whether you are a budding writer or a reader I hope you will enjoy this interview as much as I did!

Byron:  Being a prolific writer, where do you find your inspiration comes from to write your various stories?

Koos: I have written stories all my life, from the age of 7. Wrote my first novel when I was 18 and it got published right away – and I had published many, many comics in weeklies when I was only 16.  Often one single line is enough for me to write a novel. It can be just a thought: “What will happen is a dozen mediums concentrate on conjuring up one and the same spirit?” That is the start of The Nibelung Gold, which will be published in a few weeks. Or: “Can a little boy ever become friends with a mean wolpertinger?” So I started writing a series of children’s book, working on part 14 now and will eventually write 30 different titles. There is always inspiration, never had a writer’s block in my life.

Byron: You have written in many different genres of fiction, is there one that stands out as your favorite to write in?

Koos: No. I am used to writing different books at the same time, mostly a novel and a children’s book. In The Netherlands, one of the big publishers, De Arbeiderspers in Amsterdam, placed three words on the covers of my books to describe my genre: Magic, Mystery & Adventure. Sometimes I burst out laughing when I write Alex and The Wolpertinger books and I can look rather angry when I write dark passages for novels. I love to write about fantastic things in a normal setting. And I always explain what it is all about, I never keep my readers in the dark; after they have finished my books, they will understand everything. When you read Heavenly Vision, for instance, you really only know what it is all about after you have read the last page.

Byron: Being from Europe, do you find that the taste for fiction is the same everywhere? Or is there some fiction that does better in Europe say then America?

Koos: One of my favorite authors is Jack Vance. He is a great American writer, but I think he was more popular in Europe (here in The Netherlands, where I live, in France etc.). Books from the USA dominated the world for a long time, especially with science fiction and fantasy; horror was more European (but I immediately have to mention the great Edgar Allan Poe from Boston!). Jules Verne from France was unique and influenced many other writers. And now the world has grown smaller thanks to the internet and we notice quicker what happens in other countries.

Author Koos Verkaik

Author Koos Verkaik

Byron: All Father has a very interesting premise; how did you go about creating that story?

Koos: I read lots of nonfiction books and love history. For All-Father I studied the old European gods. The All-Father and Wodan and Odin are the same. Long, long ago the Germanic tribes had special feasts and ecstatic men joined the Army of The Dead that traversed the skies following Wodan with his black ravens and his white horse. It is said that the Army of The Dead was seen through the ages, even in modern times. But it goes further – in those dark ages there were parades of men who entered all houses to steal something (bread or beer, you name it), the had the right to do so on such days. That was how jesters came into being and I studied jesters as well for several novels.

All-Father is special to me. The leading character is a copywriter. Everything he writes actually happens! I have worked as a copywriter myself for a big agency in Rotterdam.

This is how the story of All-Father goes:

Peter Jonker has special gifts at his disposal. As a provoked, frightened child, he has come under the spell of master painter Poolman and his evocative, terrifying canvases. Poolman has spun gory tales about Wodan, god of the Germanic tribes, and the fearless Scandinavian berserkers. And now it seems Peter has seen the magic truth behind those sagas. In his agony, he discovers unknown talents, and soon it is said he has the possession of immortal powers! Haunted by the fantasies of his youth, the adult Peter is going downhill, and in his vulnerable state strangers intervene trying to reach their own dubious goals by taking advantage of him. Wodan is looking for him and wants him to join the Army of the Dead – Berserkers who carry death and destruction… Peter’s life becomes a choking nightmare. Is he responsible for the death of four people, or being set up by unknown forces? Brought under hypnosis, the horrible truth may come out…

All-Father will be published again by Righter’s Mill Press in Princeton and for film it is contracted by Three Corners Entertainment, also in Princeton; both companies have contracted me for 10 different titles; Mr. Al Longden (who was my former literary agent, now the president and publisher) allows me to play with the big boys now! I consider myself lucky that I know so many people in the USA now who are giving me a chance to publish.

Byron: You have been called “The Dutch Stephen King” how does that feel to be likened to such a famous author?

Koos: There was that Dutch magazine, Aktueel, that was looking for the Dutch Stephen King and in an article, they wrote that I was the one – later Penthouse picked it up and then everyone was talking about it.

And this is very curious: years later one of my agents in the USA asked me if he was allowed to show one of my manuscripts, Dance of The Jester, to Bill Thompson, the editor of the first Stephen King Books (Carry, Cujo) and the first John Grisham books. That was quite a challenge. Bill Thompson was so excited that the invited me to come to his office in the Empire State Building in New York and so I took a plane to the USA. We worked on the manuscript to make it perfect. It will be published again this year, also by Righter’s Mill Press and Three Corners have it for film rights.

Having said this all, I don’t want to be compared with anyone, I write typical Koos Verkaik books. It is just that the press in small countries like The Netherlands likes to compare native authors with writers in the ‘big USA’.

Byron: Do you have a favorite novel or author?

Koos: Many. In already mentioned Jack Vance. There are Theodore Sturgeon and Roger Zelazny. But my number one had always been Edgar Allan Poe. Not long ago I was asked to tell about him. For the people who are able to read Dutch: work of Poe is so intense. I must have read some short stories a dozen times or more.

Byron: In a few of your book ads you play music (Very well I might add) Do you listen to music to get into the mood for writing a certain type of story?

Koos: Yes, I have my own recording equipment here in my workroom and play lead and rhythm guitar, bass, drums, mouth harps and so on. And I always listen to music when I write. Bob Dylan’s Blonde On Blonde has been a favorite for years. These days I listen to Johnny Winter records, Eric Sardinas, Dave Hole, and other guitar heroes. And I play my great Fender ’63 every day! You can find some songs here:

Author Koos Verkaik

Author Koos Verkaik

Byron: Are you working on any new books at the moment?

Koos: Finished another novel yesterday (Nicolaes Nimbus)! In Dutch, of course, so now I have to translate it. But it is already contracted by Outer Banks Publishing Group in North Carolina; they also publish my series of children’s books Saladin the Wonder Horse and Alex and The Wolpertinger and other novels. And I am working on book 14 of the Wolpertinger series. After translating the novel, I will start writing another one immediately.

Byron: Out of the more than 60 titles you have written, do you have a favorite?

Koos: I have 60 titles under my own name, more than 60 other ones under a pseudonym to make a living. I have written 4 books per month. IBM once asked me to come and write in a lab, connected to a computer, so they could see what was happening in that odd brain of mine while writing. It never happened, but it was an intriguing idea. My favorite book is always my last one and I finished Nicolaes Nimbus yesterday, a book about our scientists working on a fantastic future with artificial intelligence, and human hybrids etc. But Nicolaes Nimbus is a phenomenon from the past who might know all about eternal life. Scientists start tracking him down. This is a book for the present, a book with all ingredients for curious, modern people. But okay, my real favorite novel is Dance of The Jester – there is a lot of me in the main character, Prince Oscar Man, the crazy jester…

Byron: Lastly, what is your favorite movie?

Koos: I seldom have the patience to sit and watch a movie on TV and also seldom go to a theatre. I think The Godfather is still one of the most impressive movies made.  3Corners Entertainment (  is working hard with my books for film and it starts with “HIM – After the UFO Crash” this year. That will be a great movie. Well, let’s wait and see…

Byron: Thank you, Mr. Verkaik, for taking the time for this interview, it was a true pleasure!

To learn more about Author Koos Verkaik and find out more about the amazing worlds he creates in his books check out his website here! To read some of our other interviews click here



Product details


The book that had to be written…


Koos Verkaik is one of the hardest working authors today; 60 different titles under his own name, with even more than 60 under a pseudonym! He a true master of the genre: Magic, Mystery and Adventure!

For Outer Banks Publishing Group he has written the intriguing novels Heavenly Vision and The Nibelung Gold, plus the series of children’s books Saladin the Wonder Horse and Alex and The Wolpertinger.

Outer Banks Publishing Group will be publishing the Author’s newest novel, the sensational, breathtaking Nicolaes Nimbus, a high tech science vs ancient magic blockbuster out now!

From the back cover:

Scientists and wealthy owners of high-tech companies have pumped millions of dollars into the search for immortality. But does the future look bright or is there disaster waiting behind the horizon of time? The world is getting more complicated by the day, but who’s actually in charge?
A group of scientists in Germany have unmasked a cheating visionary. An intriguing phenomenon from the past turns up. Who is Nicolaes Nimbus? Is he an immortal man of flesh and blood from our ancient past? The hunt is on! The secret is priceless! Who is in control, the scientists or the mystic? The intriguing novel Nicolaes Nimbus embraces modern developments… and warns against ancient magic that never dies, waiting for the right time to manifest itself.

OBXPG: A book for this day and age, a book that had to be written…

Koos Verkaik: We live in a very interesting time, with a period of magic and superstition behind us and a period of unknown technical progress in front of us. You might say that we live in an interim. Allow me to tell you the facts in just a few words:

We see the world through the filter of our brain – brainstem, midbrain, frontal lobe.
As human beings we are still evolving and we cannot imagine how we will see our world after our frontal lobe has grown, and it will. Scientifically, intervention will make us almost immortal, hyper-intelligent, and very different from what we are now.

Today we stand with one leg in the past (the magic and superstition I mentioned) and one leg in the future (longing for the possibilities that will make us live healthy and strong for ages).
Magic is still around us but we are afraid of the future, of what will happen to the human race.
That is what Nicolaes Nimbus is about, ancient magic vs high tech science!

OBXPG: I assume you studied about the past and the future for this novel?

Koos Verkaik: Oh yes! I always do a lot of research before I start working a novel. I am a collector of books about history, magic, strange phenomena, science, etc. There are over 2000 different books in my workroom and I know exactly where to find the facts I need for new novels. For Nicolaes Nimbus I read several non-fiction books. Here are just a few: Religion and the Decline of Magic by Keith Thomas, almost 800 pages of stunning information; The Secret History of the World by Jonathan Black, The Greatest Show on Earth, The Evidence for Evolution by Richard Dawkins; What We Cannot Know, Explorations on the Edge of Knowledge by Marcus de Sautoy and of course the great works of Yuval Noah Harari, From Animals into Gods, and Homo Deus. I admire the German author, Hoimar von Ditfurth, he has written in depth about the universe, about the developing of the human brain and about the way life became possible on our planet.

OBXPG: Heavy stuff – but your books are so easy to read…

Koos Verkaik: That is right. You can read my books as pure entertainment. On the other hand, you can read between the lines and discover interesting facts. My fiction is easy to read. I will take you by the hand and lead you through my odd worlds of fantasy. All my work is pure adventure.

OBXPG: Have you written about magic and science before?

Koos Verkaik: Many times. I wrote my first novel at the age of 18 and it was published right away. It was about a young man who offered his brain to build an intelligent starship. The main character, Adolar (also the title of the novel), said no to this weird proposal from the scientists, but his friend and colleague Jit agreed to do it. More than often I often perform tricks with the human brain in my books.

OBXPG: So you started very early as a writer. And it is said that you have never had writer’s block…

Koos Verkaik: I write like I work, from one to the next with almost no break in between. I was the youngest comic writer in Europe at the age of 16. Then I started to write novels. And I worked as a copywriter for a big agency always working, every day. I write in Dutch and then have my books translated into English with the help of my editors. Nicolaes Nimbus was edited by Mr. Dennis De Rose of Moneysaver Editing. He did a fantastic job with Nicolaes Nimbus and I intend to work with him on my next book.

OBXPG: Tell us some more about Nicolaes Nimbus.

Koos Verkaik: One of the main characters is Rein Vulpes, a young master painter from Rotterdam.

He always uses a stage name, derived from Vulpes vulpes, the Latin name for fox. His first name is his true name but he feels a strong affinity to Reinaert, the fox from medieval Europe portrayed in adventurous animal stories as a very sly rascal who is always one step ahead of the others. Rein always manages to nudge things his way, to manipulate people and situations, he knows how to lead everyone up the garden path, how to set a trap for other animals, from cats to dogs, from badgers to hare, even the strong wolf, the bear and the royal lion. He has memoized many lines from poems about the fox and every now and then, when the situation calls for it, he recites:
“Then hear me, noble gentlemen, I will be happy to inform you how I, innocent like the hares, came to my first tricks and snares…”

Rein Vulpes is given to laughter, he is pliable, but is not to be trifled with and he will get his own way. He lives from day-to-day confident that he owns the town; he diminishes all people around him to mere walkers-on in a play that is especially written for him.
“And when the curtain falls, when I breathe my last, it is all over and done – then nothing exists anymore.”

OBXPG: You come up with odd, colorful characters often. It has become a Koos Verkaik trademark. Can you expand on that?

Koos Verkaik: Nicolaes Nimbus is full of strange people, scientists and charlatans, for instance. And then there is, of course, Nicolaes Nimbus himself, a most mysterious figure from the past, a sorcerer, a magician – but no one knows if he actually exists; is he a just larger than life or is he still alive, perhaps he is immortal?

That is what it is all about in this novel – the search for immortality. A group of extremely clever rich German and Dutch scientists hope to live forever. They search for different possibilities to prolong life and spend lots of money to reach their goal. Then they hear about a wizard who was supposed to have lived ages ago – Nicolas Nimbus. If Nicolaes Nimbus is still alive and has found the secret of immortality through magic; the scientists want to find him – to examine him in their labs! But they need master painter Rein Vulpes to set a trap for Nicolaes Nimbus. Then high tech science meets ancient magic…

Yes, this book had to be written… before magic has completely vanished from our world.
Here we stand, halfway up the ladder to perfection, with a brain that has not completely developed, the earthly past beneath us, and the heavenly future high above us…

The following reaction by one of the Author’s new fans, and one of thousands is both heartwarming and profound.  We here can’t wait to see the reaction by movie buffs, when the movie version of HIM comes to cinemas…

Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert 

Ever Persistent and Tireless Promoting his works!

Michelle Bianchi5.0 out of 5 stars Nothing is what it seems to be! Superb & thrilling science fiction!Reviewed in the United States on October 4, 2020Verified PurchaseEven my Yorkie, Jersey-Girl loved this book!

This is a very entertaining read with a few surprise twists, especially in the last quarter of the book. Mentioned several times throughout the book is the phrase “Nothing it what it seems to be”. Very true in this book and in real life!

The synchronicity encounters and understanding of connections was phenomenal! I love “sometimes we see things that are not there. Sometimes there are things that we do no see”.

This is the first book I’ve read by this author, but I plan on reading many more of his works! It was not coincidence that I came across this author by chance, it was another example of synchronicity!

review image

One of Koos’ hundreds of Wolpertinger fans

More than just Booksigning time…Koos’ Fans are priceless and he is fast becoming a Cult figure Worldwide!

Book Signing: Flowers from a young Wolpertinger fan! How cool is that?(Wolpertingers eat dandelions – every now and then children actually came up with dandelions for Ludo the Wolpertinger…)

Find all Koos Verkaik Books here:Amazon:… See more

Next objective? Wolpertinger movies ofcourse, ofcourse…ofcourse!!!






First of all, thank you for inviting me to tell more about myself and my new novel ‘HIM, After the UFO Crash’. 

My name is Koos Verkaik, I am a Dutch author, having written over 60 different titles under my own name and even more than 60 under a pseudonym.

My first novel was published at the age of 18. 

I write in Dutch, then translate into English.

‘HIM, After the UFO Crash’ is very dear to me. 

It is published by Righter’s Mill Press and for film it is contacted by Three Corners Entertainment. Both companies are established in Princeton. Their mission is to find the very best books to develop for film and television. 

President and publisher Al Longden was my literary agent and when he started up this both companies, he approached me with a contract for ‘HIM, After the UFO Crash’. He’s a big man in the publishing business now, with much experience and knowledge. 

Exciting times; the book is published and now we wait for the right film company…

This is, in short, what happens in this novel:

The race for the moon.

Arthur Croft, great rocket engineer, will sent a special capsule into space, hoping that it will be intercepted by extraterrestrial creatures.

Then he commits suicide!

Arthur Croft and many others who deal with space travel strongly believe that UFO’s are a reality. 

Jasper Froch, an American hippie, learns how to control the phenomenon of synchronicity and finds out that all kinds of coincidences lead him into a certain direction. A Swiss psychiatrist, asks Jasper to make friends with a special patient: a rich American by the name of Francis Lockhart.

Sanguine, Florida. A UFO crashes there. Sanguine changes: people act strange, and many of them turn out to be a genius!

There are also murderers who are so clever that they become a danger for the USA.

The army is ready to destroy the town, but then Jasper finds out about the influence of the UFO, about Arthur Croft and his own role in a very dangerous game…

I received wonderful reviews. This one is from a ready from the USA, Marjory:

HIM: After the UFO Crash by Koos Verkaik is a book that you’ll read and then you’ll wonder did you really read what you did. Before beginning though you must be sure to have your seatbelt on nice and tight, then hold on because you’re about to go on one twist and turned ride of your life. Once you open the first page, it will grab and hold you tightly until you finish reading the last page. As you are reading, you will begin to feel that you are being drawn in and become a part of the story. Then when you think you have just read a fantastic part, up comes another one, then there is more and more. The storyline is very unique and is a great one. You will be kept on the edge of your seat as you read all the action, thrills and suspense that is on each and every page. My question is, why would Arthur Croft create that special capsule, sending it into space then commit suicide? Or was it really suicide. The writing is amazing. After reading this you may (as I did), wonder can this someday be in our future. This book is a must read for all. It would make a great addition to anyone’s book shelf. It would also make a perfect gift for anytime of the year, especially for that special person that loves sci-fi. I gave it 5 stars but wished I could give it more because it deserves more. I very highly recommend it all. I have to admit that Koos Verkaik hit it out of the ballpark with this book and Koos, I wait for another great book from you.

Here are some points that make the novel extra interesting:

There is a perfect mix of true psychology and fantasy: Carl Jung’s synchronicity and the phenomenon of UFO’s.

Good descriptions of the Magical Sixties.

Great variety of locations: Paris in France, Bern in Switzerland, different places in the USA.

Again a typical Koos Verkaik story: lots of different things happen, the readers will be confused, but in the end there will be an explanation for everything!

After closing the book, there is a lot to think for the readers and one will come to the conclusion: it all seemed impossible, but on the other hand, things like this might be true…

You can find my books here:


Barnes & Noble

My website:


I signed contracts for my series of children’s books Alex and the Wolpertinger; the first 7 titles of the series will be published simultaneously in a few months.

New novels:

All-Father, Wolf Tears, Neanderthal Dreams, Nicolaes Nimbus, Heavenly Vision.

An important aspect in ‘HIM After the UFO Crash’:

A French clochard finds out that leading character Jasper Froch has an extraordinary talent: without realizing it, he makes use of synchronicity. (Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung gave this name to this phenomenon.)

The clochard explains: 

“First I’ll tell you about synchronicity. It literally means simultaneity. It is an intriguing phenomena! It is a marvelous coincidence. Two events that apparently have nothing to do with each other and of which the one is absolutely not theresult of the other, gives one food for thought! Many people see it as an important warning or a sign. It was the famous Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung who came up with the term synchronicity and studied thephenomena profoundly. Synchronicity is unexplainable, elusive; it’s simply beyond us. I just gave you examples,experiences from your own life: you mention a kestrel, I see one; you talk about getting pushed by the storm, and astorm splashes rain against the windows; you mention the river Rhine, and I pick up a bottle of Rhine wine. You think of a novel by Poe, open a book at random, and read all about it on that particular page. Synchronicity should have to do with subconscious processes, because combinations of events also occur in dreams.”

Jasper learns how to control synchronicity and finds out that all kinds of coincidences lead him into a certain direction…

Music compositions created and played by by Koos Verkaik a man of many talents…

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Another Wonderful Children’s book by Koos Verkaik, filled with great stories for little folk 🙂

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Publisher:Repro Books Limited
Publication date:07/02/2021
Product dimensions:5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.39(d)


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