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CATEGORY: Film Project now ready to go into production shortly…Finance has been approved.



LEN DAVIES    Les Davies behind the camera   len with hands in pocket   len grinning   Len the cop  Len Olaf in the last viking

                                                                                                                    Cute!  🙂 …as Olaf in The Last Viking

Len Davies is a talented and driven innovator, multi-media platform artist, musician, actor, producer, director, assistant director, music department, stunts, writer, editor, composer, sound department, cinematographer, second unit Director or Assistant Director,  and film company owner in his own right. You name it, he’s done it! So  it is safe to say he is a true Veteran in the entertainment industry sectors in the UK and the US, and Len’s credentials and professional prowess is far ranging and extensive.  He is a generous, kind, fun guy and an amiable man, who boasts an appealing and dry sense of humor.   After all folks – he is a Welshman.  Nothing is too much for Len, who is always ‘at the ready’ to experiment and tackle new angles and approaches in order to enhance the products he promotes, markets, and sells.  He is known for Real Quality Wrestling (2006), RQW Special Feature (2009) and RQW Bites (2012).







– Len Davies ran a professional wrestling organization, Real Quality Wrestling (RQW), in his native UK alongside his own video and audio production company.
– Hosted “The Magical History Tour” on KCLA FM in Los Angeles and has been presenting the show for the past 3+ years on solidgold14k.com.
– He Started “the Magical History Tour” in 1989 at Jovel Music Hall in Muenster, Germany every wednesday evening. Started with 400 audience and in 6 months had built it up to over 2,000 each Wednesday which was maintained until he left for Latvia in May 1994.
– Worked with Alien Sex Fiend from 1987 to 2005 and played guitar both on the recording of the 2003 album “Information Overload”, and on stage as ‘Slice’ at the Zillo festival in Germany and at the Whitby Gothic Festival in the UK in 2004.
– Has been a recording engineer for over 30 years and was chief engineer at Principal Studios in Muenster, Germany from 1991 – 1994.
– Len was a backing singer for the late, great Motown Legend Edwin Starr during tours in Germany in 1991.
– Len has contributed over 100 articles to various trade magazines, primarily “Audio Media”, European, US, German and Japanese editions. These included training, tips and equipment reviews.
– Len edited 300 episodes of “Kiss TV” from 1996 to 1998 in the UK when it was still in the experimentation stage prior to becoming a channel in its own right. After the Premiere episodes of “kiss Clubs”, “Kiss Music”, “Kiss Lifestyle” and “Kiss Classics” he was the sole editor.
– Len edited the video and post produced the audio mix for the “Barry Gray Centenary Concert” that was held at the Royal Festival Hall in London on November 8th 2008 featuring The Philharmonia orchestra. He proudly claims to be one of the only people that can feature the “Thunderbirds” March amongst his volume of work and resume. A sample is on his website www.len-davies.com.
– Len produced a TV show for transmission on Baltcom TV in Latvia during 1994/1995. It was a music magazine show entitled ‘MIX’ and featured live band performances from the Hellfire club in Riga which burned down in 1995 shortly after taping began there.
– Len owned Apex Recording Studio in Cardiff, S. Wales, UK from November 1985 to May 1989. In an attempt to promote local artists he launched the Apex record label with 4 single releases from local bands. The music industry woke up to Cardiff bands shortly after Len moved to Germany with Catatonia and The Stereophonics leading the charge.
– Len has released an album “Invitation To A Dream” featuring his songs and some covers, including the epic “Moonshot”, tribute to the Apollo Mission. It’s available on itunes and amazon amongst others.
– Len recorded the album “Inside The Dazzledome” with Razzle Dazzle from Muenster in Germany, and they hit it off so well that he was invited to join the band, which he did throughout 1993 prior to leaving for Latvia.
– Len was the sound designer on the first Latvian surround sound movie “Drosme Nogalinat” (Courage To Kill) which premiered in Riga in 1994.
– Len created the album “Shanghai Attraxions” by Yellow Men in 1998 for a French Producer. Apart from Session Guitar work he was the sole musician and never received a copy of the work until it was linked with his name after a release on itunes in 2011.
– After his move to Latvia in 1994, Len introduced the first hard disc audio systems into the country. “Soundscape” was bought by State TV and several studios, moving them away from the Soviet technology that was still prevalent after the country’s independence in 1991.
– When TNA wrestling started touring the UK and Europe in 2008, Len joined the team and became a regular member of the team, responsible for the logistical organization of the rings and crews. Since arriving in California he’s worked with the company on several occasions and still organizes the UK logistics long distance.
– Len is a part of “The Amanda Show”, produced and directed by Amanda Callas. As well as being a performer on the show he’s also the audio supervisor, and recently recorded new versions of the “Baby Snooks” radio plays from the 1940’s playing Daddy to Amanda’s Baby Snooks.
– Len’s production company, Spectrum Multimedia Hollywood, completed 65 episodes of Daytime TV programming within 6 months of 2013. He formulated a cost effective plan for creating 13 episode seasons on practically any subject, most of the shows falling under the company’s created heading of “California Style”.
As a producer, Len is moving into TV Drama, being in Pre-production of a major drama pilot that will herald a mainstream series.
“Emergency:LA”, a drama series created by Len Davies, is his first major drama Production in Hollywood, which has gone into pre-production.  Len is a contributor to ultrahdtv.net, and is widely acknowledged as an expert on 4K, and all of his programs are filmed to that standard.
ABOUT “EMERGENCY: LA”  (Featuring Pilot movie & a 13-Episode Television Drama Series)
The Gilbert Literary & Film Agency – Subsidiary of Hawkspurr Productions New Zealand, is proud to represent this extensive project and its “hot, sultry, and sizzling” cast line-up.  They are all the ‘beautiful people’ who will bring this amazing series to life.  They will be the ‘pulse’ or ‘heart beat’ that will keep this 13-Episode Television Drama ‘smorgasboard of a show’ pumping over.   Undoubtedly, they will infuse a breath of fresh air into what we believe, poses as a smart and brilliant concept in the drama category, presenting as a well constructed amalgam of creativity, providing a colorful and diverse tapestry of backdrops against which the stories will play out on our Television screens once a week, around the world.   Or at least that is our aim.
All unsolicited inquiries are now closed and Finance has been approved.
EMERGENCY LA By Len Davies Producer

Diane Schram - Producer Emergency LA 

 DIANE SCHRAM – The Show’s Producer

‘SERIES’ CAST’- Aren’t they an adorable collection of beautiful people?

Kurt Angle Kurt Angle
 Sgt Gabe Mandell LAPD (2014) (13 episodes, 2015)
Greta Garland Greta Garland
 Paramedic Stacey Brook (2014) (13 episodes, 2015)
Maggie Lehman Maggie Lehman
 Firewoman Beverly Ely (2014) / … (13 episodes, 2015)
A.J. Ruiz A.J. Ruiz
 Paramedic Tony Decarlo (2014) (13 episodes, 2015)
Hayley J Williams Hayley J Williams
 Dr. Catherine Naylor MCh, MChir (2014) / … (13 episodes, 2015)
Greg Burridge Greg Burridge
 Fireman Blake Thomas (13 episodes, 2015)
Francis Chen Francis Chen
 Dr. Damon Sun (13 episodes, 2015)
Richard Hench Richard Hench
 Dr. Pierce Thatcher (13 episodes, 2015)
Megan Renee Kim Megan Renee Kim
 Nurse Angie Lee (13 episodes, 2015)
Jonathan Krebs Jonathan Krebs
 Officer Danny Prescott (13 episodes, 2015)
Ian Lauer Ian Lauer
 Fireman Josh Randall (13 episodes, 2015)
Norton Leufven Norton Leufven
 David Deacon (13 episodes, 2015)
Thomas Pierre Maddox Thomas Pierre Maddox
 Fireman George Maddox (13 episodes, 2015)
Demi Mann Demi Mann
 Officer Helen Dorsey LAPD (13 episodes, 2015)
Christopher Lee Page Christopher Lee Page
 Nurse Clark Branson (13 episodes, 2015)
Rossano Rea Rossano Rea
 Fireman Sonny Grinaldi (13 episodes, 2015)
Nancy Rizk Nancy Rizk
 Jennifer Jackson, 911 Supervisor (13 episodes, 2015)
Ray Trickitt Ray Trickitt
 Dr. Ray Newman (13 episodes, 2015)
Deepak Verma Deepak Verma
 Dr. Daniel Fernandez (13 episodes, 2015)
Katarina Leigh Waters Katarina Leigh Waters
 Officer Dana Lewis (13 episodes, 2015)
Alana J. Webster Alana J. Webster
 Senior Nurse Diana Bennett (13 episodes, 2015)
Len Davies Len Davies
 Captain Lee Carter LAPD (2014) (12 episodes, 2015)
Bianca Lebbar Bianca Lebbar
 Detective Jo Frazer (12 episodes, 2015)
Katie Lynn Mapel Katie Lynn Mapel
 Carol Deacon (8 episodes, 2015)
Myles Cranford Myles Cranford
 Detective Bryce Stanton (3 episodes, 2015)
Robb Conner Robb Conner
 Roger Deacon (2 episodes, 2015)
Claudia Ferrazzani Claudia Ferrazzani
 Nurse Maria Conti (1 episode)

 Salutations with love, to the show’s creator Len Davies, and Producer Diane Schram, and the Cast of “EMERGENCY: LA”!

We shall do our very utmost for you all, and get this show on the road!  🙂

Emerantia and Team

Gilbert literary & Film Agency

Subsidiary of Hawkspurr Productions 

New Zealand

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