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Meeka Obrien


Meeka O’Brien   Meeka was born in South Africa during the turmoil of the apartheid era. Even at a young age she instinctively knew that she wanted to be a healer. She wanted to take away hurt and soothe troubled souls. Only today she truly appreciate the enormous role her parents played in the long journey she undertook to achieve her goals.   Meeka is blessed with two wonderful sons.  ‘We always think that we are supposed to teach our children. Yet, I have learned more from them than they will ever know’ she told us.  How true that is for most of us parents, if we are honest with ourselves that is.   The Author  immigrated to New Zealand with her family, where she met the love and light  of her life. She shares with him such true happiness and deep love, and their solid and loving relationship continues to leave her breathless.   Meeka is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Healer, Karuna Reiki Master and Herbalist. However, her biggest passion has always been writing.  She loves the way ideas and thoughts can be transformed into words than can change and influence people’s lives.  We believe this story would offer a visual feast transformed into a film.   She is no different to anyone else though. Her life has had its fair share of highs, lows and regrets. What those events are is not important. What is important is that everything that happened was the perfect experience for her.  It helped Meeka be the person she is today.   If she can make a difference in just one person’s life than her dreams have come true. We believe Meeka’s influence and trying to make that positive difference in other people’s lives through her writing, will prove multifold.


Meeka Obrien’s Educational Background


National senior certificate

Advanced Bookkeeping Certificate in Management

Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy (Psychology, Counseling, Behavior modification, Psychopharmacology, Anatomy, Physiology and Human Sexuality)

Comprehensive Writing course
Why the Author wrote this book

Meeka O’Brien  wrote this book because she feels that finding direction in the technically orientated and fast living world we live in is a challenge.  She aimed to awaken the possibility that everything taught to us by our parents and elders has value, but is not always correct.

There are lots of romance, detective and travel books on the market. However there are curious readers that enjoy reading books that don’t fall in that category. A book with a great story and information on how to change yourself, and ultimately the world, always has a place.

We agree that “Nothing Remains the Same” offers such a message and provides an exemplary journey noteworthy to honor such a claim. Though the era of the novel is not modern day it is of great cultural interest and incredibly thought provoking and at times heart-rending.  It focuses on the lives of the twin brothers and the people close to them. Superstition, conflict and regret, creates exciting as well as devastating events in all of their lives. The subject is the same as the name of the book. “Nothing remains the same.”

So, as with our own lives things are constantly changing for the characters in the book also. It leaves them with more questions than answers and they learn that the only way to solve it is by looking inside themselves.  Only we can make the changes not only in our own lives, but set an example for all those we come in contact with that making personal changes can be achieved.  No matter where we come from, or who we are now.

—Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert


The key points of this book are:

Nothing remains the same Life is change, and change is life.

Every journey creates its own momentum

Violence begats violence – love creates love


What About Marketing and Promotions Efforts?

Answer: I will complete building a website to promote and markets my planned books.

Question: Do you have a database of fans and the ability to contact them (newsletter, email, etc.)? If so, please describe.

Answer: Yes – 600 subscribers to a new age/ spiritual newsletter (Seek the Truth) 350 – client database of new age/ spiritual books

Question: Do you have a non-book related audience base (e.g. students, radio or TV audience, religious organization, clubs, professional organization, alumni, etc.)?  If so, please describe.

Answer: Yes – 3500 client database for hypnosis products (Serenity Hypnosis)



March 26, 2013
Publisher: Tenth Street Press, Australia
Nothing Remains the Same cover_Meeka OBrien

 Condensed Introduction


In a relentless world of set traditions, Lindiwi, one of Thukani’s wives, gives birth to twin boys. Thukani is desperate for an heir; however twins are not exactly what he had in mind. Superstition surrounds the birth of two children from the same womb and Lindiwi’s lineage, complicates matters even more.

Thukani meets with the elders and a momentous decision is made. The child with the birthmark will be disposed off. It signals the beginning of a series of events, which will leave the Ndebele tribe in South Africa fighting for survival.

In the deep crevices of her cave Mthisa, the witchdoctor, agrees to help the Spirit People rescue the rejected child and raise him in their ways. With her friend Zinhle, to help nurse the infant, they embark on a long and grueling journey so that the bright light she sees inside Mandla, can reach its full potential. Were they aware that Shaka had declared war on Mzilikazi, they might not have been so eager to leave the protection of the cave.  To find out more about the final outcome of this amazing story we urge you to purchase your copy.

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