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A warm and wonderful human being is our Richard Lyon. We deem it a privilege to have him onboard.   A talented Author/Educator/Actor – Richard was born in Great Britain and educated at the University of Lancaster where he graduated with a BA in History; Russian; One year preliminary Work on PhD.

Liverpool MA: Latin American Studies

St. Anthony’s Oxford, M Litt on Race in prison following on from work, of which more soon; Middlesex University: Certificate of Education

Other Relevant Courses

Other Relevant Courses
Relate Group work and Counselling
RSA Professional Coaching
RSA Professional mediation and work place dispute resolution

The Author has also been involved in his capacity of actor in a Historical drama production – titled “Jamaica Inn” currently being screened on the BBC  ; is widely travelled and has a weak spot for one of his most frequented countries, France.  Richard is a prolific author, and will be offering us many more hours of fine reading in the months, and years to come.  Richard, it gives us always great pleasure to support and represent you, and your fine and exciting works.

The Billy Can Bomb by Richard Lyon

Publication Date: April 9, 2014
Publisher: Summer Solstice Publishing (April 9, 2014)
Kindle and Paper Back Edition out now!


Billy Day is an emotionally intelligent teenager – though with self-doubt and a troubled history – living in a rundown district with his lone parent father; ex-army, ex-prisoner. Close to his father Billy’s familiar with the realities of life.

The Billy Can Bomb opens with Billy viciously attacked. Kevin Knight intervenes to rescue him. Despite their differing backgrounds, Kevin is affluent, high achieving middle class, Caribbean, they instantly click.

The Billy Can Bomb adventure follows the two tracking down a gang selling drugs in their town. As the story unfolds Billy’s positive relationship with his father comes alive. Billy constantly wonders how his father, who served in Northern Ireland, acted facing extreme danger. This is answered when Billy reacts instinctively to confront the drug gang to better them.

Billy and Kevin’s character differences are probed when they discuss how to catch the pushers. Kevin sees everything in personal terms, whereas for Billy it’s a game of outwitting King, the drug gang leader.

Nor is it about revenge, rather, devising strategies to overcome the gang’s willingness to use force.

Awakening into maturity Billy’s determined no one was going to defeat him. His father, with special forces training was, sure enough, inside of him, speaking softly, directing his actions.

“THE MONESSE MYSTERY” Volume II and “WHEN THE STRING BREAKS” Volume III of the Trilogy are soon to be released.

Frayed Rope



Dear  K. C. Sprayberry from us all here at the Agency thank you for your wonderful assistance always – brilliant!



ISBN: 978-1-62526-041-3 (for loading your book to Goodreads)

Amazon Geotracked Link: http://bookgoodies.com/a/B00JLWKHQK

CreateSpace: https://www.createspace.com/4756004

Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-billy-can-bomb-richard-lyon/1119167289?ean=2940149401772

Also, if you can forward Richard’s twitter handle, I can get on with promoting his book there. I’ve also put up a spotlight for this book on the Summer Solstice fan page, in addition to the other Solstice Publishing pages. Here’s the link to the fan page:


K.C. Sprayberry
Editor In Chief
Summer Solstice Submissions


Wheelchair Warriors by Richard Lyon

RICHARD LYON Wheelchair Warriors cover

Publisher:  Penrose Publishing Ltd (November 2, 2014

Pages: 194

Available from: Amazon.com in Kindle and Paperback formats


Wheelchair Warriors web adv1  –  Please do try them!!! ”  


Ponderous Maxine  lobbed her Molotov cocktail into Kilkeith House with venomous satisfaction. Big John, commandeering the builder’s digger,  has  laid  waste  its extensive gardens. In the near distance the Farm Estate is aflame; rioters wreaking revenge against police brutality. Monica Wormange, head of Kilkeith’s independence  training unit, lies dead in her bunker, phone clutched in her charred hand. Her boys and girls, as Monica referred to Kilkeith’s physically disabled young adults, had finally revolted against her capricious, authoritarian regime.

Joey Cribb, a six foot five Liverpool criminal and Kilkeith volunteer, had teamed up with local councillor Joshua Mukomo, a political refugee from Zimconga. Together they help residents’ fight back following Monica’s forced medication of Hyacinth for sleeping with Simon, a fellow wheelchaired resident. Rumours about Hyacinth’s mis-treatment, galvanise the community   to organise a vigil outside Kilkeith.  Following Hyacinth’s hospitalisation residents plan their own just retribution.

Wheelchair Warriors, part based on real events, is a story of courage and resilience by individuals too often excluded from mainstream society by fear and prejudice.



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