Our Client, and Author Cornelius!


Wow!  What an eye-opener, and what a clever and innovative way to present what would otherwise seem a rather dry topic – Cornelius has turned his clever delivery into a funny and entertaining read.  Not least, an informative account to serve as a warning against the pitfalls of the finance industry so many people have lost their life’s savings to.   A MUST READ!


Cornelius has been involved in the finance industry for over 25 years. He has seen all the negative influences that are involved in the finance industry and its affiliates and decided that it was his moral duty to tell all. This is the book that everyone was too afraid to write…. It exposes the wheeling and dealing, the trick, transactions and corruption that occur on a daily basis behind the scenes and closed doors in the finance industry and its affiliates. An industry that is worth tens of billions of dollars per annum and that some major players would do anything to protect – this is the one boat they do not wish to have rocked… As you read on you will be able to identify and understand the legions of vampires and leeches that all feast upon the flesh, getting fat and sucking dry the life juices from the walking blood bank – the client – with their insatiable and never satisfied hunger. This book will give you the opportunity to learn about the finance industry and its affiliates and will empower and enable you to use that knowledge to make informed decisions and protect yourself against any future dishonest dealings.



Product Details:-

Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Solstice Publishing  (November 18, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1503144143





Another exciting novel soon coming our way from Cornelius is:




Maximiliaan has spent the last two years reflecting, deliberating and ruminating on the existence, status and relationships that women have with males, while consuming copious amounts of beer, wine and whisky, accompanied by many imported French and Dutch cheeses, Persian grapes, Sicilian olives and Arabian water biscuits

It is conclusive that he has certainly not disappointed his legions of fans with this latest offering; it not only combines his unique humor with his creative writing style, but also showcases his academic skills in the fields of research and philosophical understanding of the human condition, highlighting all aspects of the weaker gender.


Observation:  One funny and very cleverly written work and  rendition of the battle between the sexes which  will not leave  readers disappointed.   The Author’s take on the  basic differences that are manifested and shall continue to exist between the human male and  female species can be quantified as a form of tenacious plague, loathe to be lifted and wiped from our atypical human makeup.  It makes one wonder how men and women even manage to interact, communicate and coexist with one another.   Irrefutably drawn to their respective ‘differences’, both genders continue to harbor a deadly fascination for the other.  The French refer to that state of being as the “Vive la différence’ component.  Or is it really justified to state that this so-called ‘difference’ between the male and female species is something to be joyful about?


Could the tenacious pursuit and desire to taste that ‘difference’ in its multifold rich, tempting forms and manifestations, which sets us so uniquely apart yet draws us together like an enormous magnet, become our ‘fatal attraction’ over and over again.  Because we never learn.  The history books will tell you that.  The conclusion I can only derive at is that our state of being and how we perform and function in life, starkly projects those primeval urges we are cursed with as a force to be reckoned with; an affliction we have absolutely no control or power over to resist.  Yet some call it love…a strange bond of love and hate that has formed over the evolutionary millenniums between two unique alien species; whose very origins were birthed at opposite sides of the galaxy.


After having read the work which, despite its home hitting truths and stark realization that we are absolutely incompatible, tells me that miracles still exist.  That men and women are still somehow capable of blending in, compromise with one another’s demands to the point of utter frustration, and are even prepared to lose their self respect and pride is totally confounding to me – but oh, so very funny too!




Another great book you won’t want to miss out on, when it comes to our bookshelves in the not too distant future.


Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert 





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