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Jack King




Executive Vice President at Datatrax, Jack King studied at Stephen F. Austin State University Past: University of Oklahoma and Southern Nazarene University. Jack King is a former advertising Mad Man (including a stay at iconic Ogilvy & Mather) and senior marketing executive.  With multiple degrees and some doctoral work in history, he is fascinated with stories that capture the heart and soul of the past as well as the present; how people live, love, survive, overcome and triumph.   He has a great passion for writing fine books, and we are eagerly awaiting the publication for his book titled “QUEST FOR THE MIDDLE KINGDOM”  – the release date will be on  August 2014.   Jack has various other projects nearing completion.  These days, he indulges in another of his loves, basketball––coaching/playing on adult teams, as well as volunteer coaching youth teams.  A fitness fanatic, Mr. King works out as much as he writes, which is to say, every day. Mr. King Lives in Plano, Texas with his beautiful wife, and equally gorgeous two young daughters.




ABOUT – “Quest for the Middle Kingdom”

BOOK PROMOTION – “QUEST FOR THE MIDDLE KINGDOM” Creative effort by Jonathan Womack Publisher – Charles River Press

“Do buy a copy…and get hooked!”    

Published by Charles River Press



Quest for the Middle Kingdom_Jackkeene


First edition soon to be released.  We shall keep our Readers updated…



Genre: Fiction / Action Adventure

Paperback ISBN 13: 9781940676081

EBook ISBN 13: 9781940676098


Four years after the bloody Boxer Rebellion of 1900, the wounded lands of China had grown resentful of all things Western. Known as ‘The Middle Kingdom’ to the Chinese people, their capital city was no place for a lone Scotsman.

David was born and raised in the Scottish Highlands where he spends his days enjoying his family, the affections of his true love, Rose, and having an after-dinner drink with friends. Life is good in the brisk-green hillsides of David’s beloved Scotland.

But David’s life takes a sharp turn when he discovers his fiancée sleeping with a relative, leaving David brokenhearted and anxious to follow a recent vision compelling him to the exotic and faraway country known as The Middle Kingdom where the answers to his questions lie.

David sets out on an arduous voyage over land and sea in his search for closure. His aching-heart is the least of his trials when his journey becomes a dangerous quest, encountering pirates, bandits, and a bevy of lusty ladies with questionable motives.

Fighting to keep body and soul intact so that he may realize his predestined purpose, David struggles to reach The Middle Kingdom, or die in the trying.



The Art of matching amazing epic sound track to the graphics by Jonathan Womack – Publisher




TIME RIDER Wildertrek  Jack King Cover

Genre: Fiction / Action Adventure


Publication Date: October 2, 2014
A bad present. An unforeseen past. Somehow he’s got to survive each for any future.

Life sucks and it’s about to turn worse when a fantastic secret transports TJ back in time to 1802, when the world is raw, wild, and filled with relentless danger!

Another wonderful achievement by Jack King, offering many hours of captivating adventures reading. Go get your copy!

Publisher: Charles River Press (October 2, 2014)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English


 ISBN 13: 97819406

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