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A J Dormaar, was born in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1967 and lives in Pegasus, a new township north of Christchurch. She has dabbled in writing since the age of 12 and holds a BA in English and History from the University of Canterbury. Although she has considered teaching as a career and has worked (not happily) in mainly administrative type roles in the past, she has always considered writing to be her first love and true calling. Alison is an avid reader across all genres and believes familiarity with many good authors is the success behind the art of good writing. Thanks to Toastmasters International, she is also an accomplished public speaker and is an amateur historian, with a firm belief in past lives.   A J Dormaar is also our walking dictionary and is a wonderful storyteller.  Her work offers a diverse range of genres to her repertoire in both non-fiction, Y/A and Adult Fiction material.  A J  is well informed on modern history, military, and political history and is well read on all of these subjects.   We are proud to count her as one of our own.  A J Dormaar is currently working on several projects and is a masterful satirist and humorist; qualities which are clearly reflected in her appealing style of writing and approach to creating some of the most enjoyable and uplifting works for fans of all ages.


Book Description: Y/A Fiction Fantasy

Publisher: Solstice Horizons Publishing – http://www.solsticepublishing.com
Publication Date:  March 10, 2014

“You must prepare to be a ruling queen – in more ways than one.”

A timely warning of fate, given by a wizard of legend…it is a warning Auryn has no choice but to heed. But this time the ominous shadows lurk far closer to home than Auryn has ever believed possible, culminating once more in a forced return to Aridayn where her age-old nemesis plots and waits. Once a fearful fugitive, now Auryn returns as the harbinger of revolution …and, faced with greater and more complex obstacles than ever before, she must realize that in order to survive, strength is secondary to stealth and skill…

The Uncrowned Queen Cover

Overview – “The Uncrowned Queen”

Almost three years have passed since Auryn, Garth and his father, Gaheris, escaped from the ancient, magical world of Aridayn, but the long dark shadow of destiny continues to haunt them well beyond the Gateway.   Forced to come to grips with her evolving power and the formidable responsibilities it brings, the reluctant Auryn is well aware that one day she must return to that mystic world. But she soon discovers that the insidious reach of Sardon, her age-old nemesis, extends well beyond Aridayn and now directly threatens all she holds dear. His sinister shapeshifting agents have penetrated the Gateway and now prowl the lands of men, wreaking havoc…to read more about this amazing and enthralling epic – purchase a copy.


Book Description: Y/A Fiction Fantasy Series

Publication Date: February 24, 2014 – Kindle Edition  (Paperback to follow)
By Solstice Horizons Publishing – http://www.solstice publishing.com
“Believe me; you are going to find out just how strong you truly are.”

Words of warning…words that come horribly true for a lonely, misunderstood young woman in a way that no-one could have ever believed possible. Plunged from a sheltered life of privilege into a nightmarish magic world, hunted and pursued by a terrifying foe whose very name is a byword for evil, she must find the strength and the knowledge to save not just herself but countless others…and the courage to face her past as well as her future.

Unclaimed Throne Alison Dormaar

Overview: “The Unclaimed Throne”

“Be careful what you wish for. You may just get it.”

For Auryn, a brilliant and unusually gifted young woman born into the ignorant and troubled world of the Dark Ages, these words have a particular meaning. Although she is born a princess into a sheltered life of privilege and wealth, Auryn is unhappily aware that she is an unwanted youngest daughter, especially when her parents had so desperately craved a son and heir. Regarded as strange and plain by most people, her social awkwardness, reclusive ways, and superior intellect are gravely misunderstood by her peers, who only see in her royal marriage potential. Finally, Auryn is forced into a hateful and loveless betrothal by her scheming father to his ambitious but cruel and uncouth neighbor, King Horan. Appalled by her fate, Auryn’s desperate desire for escape and self-discovery comes true in a way she had never thought possible…to read more about this amazing and enthralling epic – purchase a copy.

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