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How Evil Works_Carey Groendal

Available from Amazon.com in Kindle Format – Paper back to follow

Publisher: Solstice Horizon

Book Description

Publication Date: January 6, 2014
Owen Black is wealthy, powerful, and deadly. His sole purpose for existence is to infiltrate the human mind, deaden the human heart, and keep it hostage for an
eternity. He slithers his way into every human life at one point or another… but today he has been given an assignment…Rory Analise McClelland. Fourteen-year-old Rory McClelland doesn’t know it yet, but she has a destiny ordained by God. It is because of this destiny that she finds herself fighting for her life against the unseen force of Owen Black.

Rory stared at her phone in horror. Her assault had been immortalized on the Internet for everyone to see. The mob of zombie cheerleaders and quarterback Marcus White encircled her crumpled, half naked body, like a tribe of cannibals looking down at their next meal. A warm sensation washed over her arms and belly. Rory watched with shame as a river of crimson flowed from her self-inflicted wounds. Would she ever find redemption for her broken spirit? Will she ever break free of the black shroud that blinds her to her Creator’s open arms? Rory’s parents Will and Miriam are doing everything possible to help Rory recover from a viscous assault suffered at the hands of a mob of sadistic cheerleaders and the Grafton Junior High quarterback. When Miriam is offered the opportunity to leave Detroit and open a new hospital in Southern California, she seizes the chance to offer her daughter a new beginning.

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