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 Brandon J. Hall was born October 11, 1981. Very early in his life he’d developed a fondness for literature. He’s always aspired to share his voice, his vision, through the craft he’d so embraced. Having his art showcased during his elementary years at the Detroit Institute of Arts and praised throughout middle school he knew that his path was defined for him. After several publications in the magazine, Afterthoughts, throughout high school for his poetry and art he knew his passion was clear. After years of exploration and self-discovery he finally published his first novel in the year 2007, Reflections–The Chronicles of a Man Scorned.   Brandon is in the process of creating more volumes to this amazing series. Brandon’s other interests and expertise in the Martial Arts, and Graphic Arts.  We shall be hearing more about this innovative author over the coming months.



Book Description


Brandon Hall - Neuralian Chronicles


Publication Date: January 6, 2014
Publisher: Solstice Publishing
Available in Kindle Format – Paper back to follow

HOPE is reborn—through him… Anthony Griggs is a dreamer bound to discover that the world behind his eyes is as much reality as when he is awake. Having survived an abusive childhood, escapism is all he had until his fiancée, Audrey, became his tether to the world. Unsure of himself he withdraws into the realm of his imagination. That is until he saves a coma patient in his dream. Anthony soon learns that the world isn’t as 3 dimensional as he once believed when the veil of reality is drawn before his eyes. The coma patient is a direct link to Anthony’s heritage and it befalls him to use his ability to protect an unborn child as darker forces seek to prevent his birth. The child is the new vessel for Hope and the world’s quiet salvation or its complete undoing. Anthony delves into a world of gods and entities…demons and Jinn learning the hidden mythologies of life. He must rediscover who he is and learn what sacrifices he’s willing to make. Will he choose Audrey for the life he’s dreamed of? Or will he choose the Hope of mankind?




Great fantasy novel of history and humans re-imagined…. January 11, 2014

By Rabid Readers Reviews Format:Kindle Edition Hall takes on a lot in “Inception (Neuralian Chronicles: The Siede).” He rewrites the history of the planet using what is commonly accepted with new motivations for why those events happen. The Neuralians not only rewrite the history of the planet but mythology as well and that is the aspect that plays the biggest part in this novel. The premise is that we are all evolved from this race but most of us are too muddied to understand. We have lost the ability to live forever or communicate through thought. Rather like the idea of enlightenment, only the highest forms still have a glimmer of the former being. There are Neuralians still around and they exist in mythology as it was known across the ancient world. There are a number of characters in this novel and Hall manages to keep distinct. Some perhaps rely on what we already know of them. Loki, for example, is a trickster. Anthony Griggs is framed early on through introspection before the mystery of the novel begins and Hall gives us a character that has survived extraordinary odds. He is looking for that higher purpose and when he finds it that purpose is life and death in a very literal sense. I have to commend Hall on the pacing of “Inception (Neuralian Chronicles: The Siede).” The flow of the story is masterful. This is a tale that could have been easily bogged down in minutia but Hall kept his narrative moving with graceful impact and economical phrasings. The action, though fast moving, loses nothing in translation. If you like fantasy and a clever rewriting of our world, pick this one up today.


WEBSITE  http://nodnarbllah.wix.com/neuralian-chronicles

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