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Jonathan Womack – Editor-in-Chief / Publisher


Jonathan Womack comes from an entrepreneurial family of writers. In 2003, faced with the many obstacles of conventional publishing routes, Jonathan created a publishing company that would serve as a production/marketing conduit for his family’s books, and provide gifted writers snubbed by the big houses an opportunity to get their work in print. In 2004, Jonathan’s brother Steven and his wife Debbie acquired a second pub, Whiskey Creek Press, which now boast over 500 authors and 850 titles. Jonathan lives with his two cats outside of Boston where he is at work on his fourth novel, Ram I Am

The Other Face of Jonathan Womack


Grand Prize Winner 2013_A Cry for a Hero by Jonathan Womack – Publisher Charles River Press

Graphic Novelist, Spiritualist, writer, Publisher, and expert and adherent in the Martial Arts.

The “A CRY FOR A HERO” promotion is aimed at reaching potential Film Producers, Directors, and Film Production companies with the goal of acquiring a movie option for Jonathan Womack’s out-of-body superhero  Fantasy Action Adventure novel, “A CRY FOR A HERO”.  We welcome unsolicited inquiries, opinions and suggestions from industry professionals regarding this exciting Action Fantasy Adventure project comprising of two additional sequels, and further future planned novels in the series.  Jonathan Womack approached us for Film Rights representation, and “A CRY FOR A HERO” is the first book in the series, which is to be followed by RAM I AM”, the sequel.  “THE DOLPHINIUS EFFECT”, yet another emotionally charged work projected with yet more amazing and eye popping graphics provided during the ongoing marketing and promotions efforts, and the 3rd sequel in this amazing super hero adventure series will be carrying a strong and important symbolic message, to all loyal and supportive fans of super hero movie concepts.


Author and Publisher, musician, martial artist, and out-of-body explorer Jonathan Womack is committed to raising awareness to topics which are related to the spiritual world, and even our connection with Mars.  Jonathan freely lectures on his own amazing out-of-body episodes, which began at a very early age to provide, at least from his personal standpoint, a clearer understanding of how he views the soul’s experiences and existence before, during, and after life – in a captivating and compelling manner, cloaked in an approachable, aw-shucks Midwest charm.

Jonathan is employed by Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, where he still works nights as multi-media specialist, and writes in his spare time.  In addition to these time consuming responsibilities, he also runs a busy publishing company, Charles River Press, which keeps him fully occupied.  Over the years Jonathan has had a positive impact on many people’s lives, and those who have been searching for answers to the usual confounded and perplexing issues such as why we are here, what it all means and what does destiny hold for us as individuals after we leave this planet.  The author resides outside of Boston and is currently at work on his new book  Ram I Am, the sequel to A Cry for a Hero, and has already started on the 3rd novel in the series “The Dolphinius Effect”.


Jonathan Womack is an unusual man to say the least, and one endowed with a high level of spirituality;  who also demonstrates a remarkable humility.  Jonathan’s story is unique and rare in itself, and perhaps because of what happened to him at a very young age, and which was an experience  that proved rather unsettling and bewildering at the time; he embraced the experience which molded him into the person he is today.  He is a man with a vision too, and has never abandoned his personal values and  convictions but remaining steadfast and true to himself about what he believes in even from the time he was a mere lad.    His personal convictions on many issues of life and the ideals he holds dear, have remained  a constant in his life from which he has never wavered even for  a moment; nor has become sidetracked from his mission and goals.    His very first ‘out of body experience’ came as a bit of a shock, and soon realized that it was not a common experience for most of his peers.  However, sometimes such an ability is beyond a person’s control at any age, and some of us may have been born with instincts and that certain uncanny ‘6th sense’;  which can’t just be brushed off like cobwebs from our shoulder, and is inclined to bond with the person for a lifetime.  Instead we have a choice to be accepting of it and to nurture and harness such a gift, and use it for positive and up building purposes.  Certainly individuals who have had these experiences are gifted with a little more insight, instinct and leverage in all areas of their lives, than would maybe the majority of persons on earth who has never been exposed to it.

The OBE experience as it’s commonly referred to however, procured its most life changing and  profound effect upon young Jonathan at the time, and which gradually carved its imprint onto his psyche.  As consequence it  spurred him on to making a firm personal resolution fueled by both aim of purpose and mindset, to learn all he could about it and why this happened to him.  From there on the author began to do some intense study and research in his seeking to find the  answers to the numerous unanswered questions which had begun to formulate in his furtive and inquiring mind.   As the years ensued the author came to realize also that, his amazing ability and experiences were in fact a privilege in disguise handed  him.  He read as much as he could on the subject of the OBE phenomenon, and read as many books as he could absorb  about the ‘spiritual’ side of life, and the  invisible or otherworldly realms most of us know not too much about.  By the exception of what we may have learned about the study of heaven and hell in a religious sense, and dare I say through our exposure to religious indoctrination in our early childhood, many of us can only wonder and guess what lies beyond our earthly realm.

From that point forward the author’s desire to learn all he could about OBE concepts, began reading and studying as much literature he could find on the study of the Soul, reincarnation, heaven and hell, and the  invisible realms that lie beyond our known material world.  He began to understand where we as humans fit into the greater scheme and purposes of our grand Universe, as he gained a deeper understanding of life itself.  Much ground has since been covered and now a mature man,  and Award winning novelist of some note, a Media Specialist at Harvard,  and a Lecturer and Publisher, Jonathan Womack has written and published several books on the topic himself.   He also conducts regular seminars  and engages in speaking to eager audiences about his work and his books, his beliefs, his outlook on life, his past lives, and his personal day to day management of the experiences he has come to adopt as part of who he is, as a complete soul;  and how he personally manages to strike up a balanced and harmonious existence for himself.

VIDEOS – Uploaded on Aug 26, 2008

Author/Spiritualist Jonathan Womack shares his OBE’s and discusses his views on the existence of the soul before, during, and after life. www.jonathanwomack.com



OBE, as its referred to,  is a state of being where a fully conscious person realizes that they are actually hovering outside their own physical body.  From the statistics and interviews conducted with those who have lived through such an experience or the plural thereof, conclusive evidence has been provided that it does happen to a greater number of people than we realize.  Most also insisted that what they remembered of the experience was very vivid in detail, and had not left them with any sort of post fuzzy memory or lingering sense of  having just experienced some kind of dream or nightmare.  The majority interviewed maintained instead that  it felt more like actually being fully awake during these ‘phases’.   Some have even described the experience as a physically tangible sensation much the same as in being awake and fully conscious.  A place where time and space to the individual appears to be just as real in terms of perception and structure, emotion and physical sensations experienced during such a phase – which some have described as more of a sensation that of actually being wide awake.   Some  also maintained that the physical sensations experienced often proved even more intense than those of the waking reality; where one was able to walk, touch, hear, see, eat, and experience a sense of  joy or pain, and much more.  In addition, one can now fly, walk through walls, morph into other creatures, and so forth.
(Bring it on I say, lol!)

Of course, the debatable topic of OBE still remains subjective to contention and speculation among the skeptics, the various branches of the medical and scientific fraternity, and the  religious factions – as to whether this is in actuality a reality experienced.  One may ask whether the subject is merely experiencing an imagined state of being.  Is it possible that it may also partially be regulated  by the exposure of the brain’s electrical and magnetic field components, capable of producing an over abundance of pheromones ignited by our impressionable and complex brain’s functioning?  Could this in turn play tricks on our senses and our perception of the reality at the moment of experiencing such an  OBE phase?   Isn’t after all the human  brain the most amazing and complex part/element of the entire human body, or temple if you will?   Does it not constitute as the core powerhouse  all our functioning?   In a sense our brain  represents to a larger extend the symbolic  heartbeat of our entire existence, which in turn regulates and mechanizes our every bodily function, thought and moral decision making, and more significantly, who we become from the day of our birth to the  individual we become later on in life.

From the many reports received over time and through researched studies obtained from various quarters,  the ‘Out of Body’ phases experienced by individuals varies and differs widely from one to the other subject.   Some have described an additional element also, at the point of experiencing an out of body phase; where they could actually see an  invisible tether-like silver cord keeping their soul attached to their fleshly bodies.  However,  not all subjects interviewed about their personal experiences offered such a vivid description of the overall journey.   Could this manifestation of the OBE ‘phase’ be connected to more pronounced psychological factors  produced by our  impressionable and subconscious ingrained awareness?  As in for example, where the subject feels urged to exercise a subconscious effort to maintain an unbroken connection between the physical body and the soul.   It may well serve as  a symbolic lifeline and reassurance in a sense that, to be in full control over our spiritual connection to that of the body is imperative for fear that we may not be able to re-enter our physical bodies again.  The impressionable areas where we perceive, assimilate, and receive data, impressions and imagery from the world around us, absorbed from newsreels, movies and books,  and what we have learned and been conditioned to over a lifetime, has also much to do with how each individual experiences and perceives the various stages of existing;  as in whilst we are asleep, awake, in a deep coma, experiencing dreams or nightmares, or whilst under the influence of an  ‘OBE Phase’.   I imagine this overload of data have left their imprints and  impressions contributing a vast storehouse filled with millions of embedded fragments that remain indelibly rooted in the seat of our ‘subconscious conditioning’.

Then there’s that other phenomenon which comes to mind, and which is seemingly a very common occurrence;  that of the ‘Life after death experience’ experienced by an astounding number of people (both young and old).   An experience which has  commonly been recited and regaled by so many people/patients, that were once clinically pronounced dead for one reason or another.

For those specialists who have studied and trained at this level of ‘consciousness of being’ such as in the practices of higher levels of Yoga, the devotional adherents will have learned to harness, control and manipulate their newfound plane of existing – and how to do so safely under controlled conditions by gradual gradients.  With the right mindset and full familiarization, knowledge and study of these practices, we might well all be able to learn how to perfect, enjoy and apply an induction into this amazing state of being; whilst still being able to exercise full control over our bodies without any sense of fear.

Jonathan Womack does what he can to help others understand more about these areas of life of existing during his lectures and seminars, or when conducting live Radio interviews to eager audiences wanting to become more informed.    This bring me to the very creative and innovative literary prowess of the author’s projects, and in particular his unique ‘out of body’ Super Hero Action Fantasy Adventure Series entitled  “A CRY FOR A HERO” and the sequel , “RAM I AM”.   His novels are to some extend based  on his own personal experiences, and what he has learned over a lifetime of exploration into the spiritual world.   His first OBE phase experienced as a frightened young lad, was very daunting if not frightening.  He was one overwhelmed young boy, who was certain that on that particular night at 3.00 am in the morning whilst everyone else in the house was fast asleep;  he was going to be trampled and flattened upon his own comfortable bed.  Whilst he lay playing ‘dead’ as he heard BIG FOOT stomping up the hallway of his home making for  a beeline to his bedroom.  Jonathan discovered there was more to our existence on terra firma, and the familiarity and tangibility to which we are so accustomed in our comfortable and familiar world of  flesh and blood existence.   We don’t doubt for a single moment that Jonathan Womack will be making his own “Big Footed” mark  upon the film and entertainment industry, as well as the literary and other media sectors over the ensuing years ahead.    Keep watching this space surrounding updates and more news from the realm of cinematic miracles and blockbusters.


For local author Jonathan Womack, 2013 was an auspicious year. Last July, his out-of-body superhero adventure, A CRYFOR A HERO, won Top Honors at the Hollywood Book Festival, an annual event honoring books with the highest potential for film, TV, graphic novel,gaming, and multimedia franchising. As a follow up, Womack learned onDecember 24th, 2013 that his sci-fi thriller, OLD SOULS (2nd Ed. Hardcover, June 2013 Charles River Press), was awarded Best Science Fiction by the New England Book Festival. Womack has since received interest from Hollywood and sees himself as a step closer to realizing his big screen goals.

Womack will be giving a seminar titled, “10 Things You didn’t Know About Publishing” from 1:15pm to 2:30pm.Saturday, Jan. 18th, 2014 at the New England Book Festival held each year at the Omni Parker House in Boston.

The festival is free and open to the public and includes a daytime book fair and publishing seminar focused on developments in the fast-changing world of independent and mainstream book publishing. The Parker House is a grand literary hotel where Thoreau, Emerson and Longfelllow met at the legendary Saturday club for poetry readings and high-minded discussions.  In addition to panels, readings and presentations, there will be a special “Drinks with the Author” exhibition area where attendees can purchase a book and enjoy a free cocktail of their choosing with the author.

The day the festival takes place from noon to 5pm,  Admission is free to anyone who cares to come and listen in.

For more information visit The New England Book Festival website.

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New England Book FestivalOmni Parker House Hotel, 60 School Street in Boston, 02108.

Jonathan Womack Seminar “10 ThingS You didn’t Know About Publishing”

Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014 from 1:15 to 2:30pm


Grand Prize Winner 2013_A Cry for a Hero by Jonathan Womack

Book Trailer for Jonathan Womack’s superhero adventure, “A Cry for a Hero” Grand Prize Winner at the Hollywood Book Festival 2013, featuring fiction’s first out-of-body superhero, “Ram”.




TRELLIX Hero_3D_Book_poster

“RAM I AM”  –  Sequel to “A Cry For a Hero”



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Facebook Promotions – February 14th, 2014    


Introducing and Promoting JONATHAN WOMACK’s  Projects for Film ….

  “A CRY FOR A HERO” The first graphic novel in the series, followed by “RAM I AM”

and  “THE DOLPHINIUS EFFECT” , the 3rd sequel coming to your book store shortly.

Learn much more about the new arrival of our incredible “out of body Super hero”, Ram, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zt6rs_4ohHM)  and the rest of the Author’s amazing fresh and unique character creations and concepts that are part of this  Action Fantasy Adventure Series. Quite unlike any of our numerous aforegone famous ‘Super Heroes’, having graced our cinemas, television screens, and who were and still are being featured in traditional comic  books; all of whom have come and gone before this one – it is time to embrace a new and trusted friend and welcome him to the fold of Super Novas.





A few words about Jonathan Womack’s achievements…click me!

Published on Jan 19, 2014

OLD SOULS by Jonathan Womack is a superhero fantasy with a Martian reincarnation twist. Womack received the award for Best Science Fiction by the New England Book Festival at a reception held Jan.18, 2014 at the Omni Parker House in Boston. OLD SOULS has been turned into a screenplay and Womack is working with an agent toward a movie goal.
Our sincere appreciation to “Epic North Music” for the epic soundtrack, “Battlescars”. Thanks to Richard Turylo for the animation. For more information visit www.Jonathanwomack.com





Published on Jul 28, 2013
HOLLYWOOD BOOK FESTIVAL  Selects  “A CRY FOR A HERO” By Author Jonathan Womack, for top Honors!


A Tribute by a beloved son to his mother … 

Rowena Womack

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