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Our Sci-Fi author Charles Arien is a Sci-Fi Wizzzz, when it comes to creating exciting story telling, and being able to masterly project an amazing futuristic world filled with characters and otherworldly scenarios that keeps the pages of his novels turning.  The reader will develop a close and unforgettable rapport with all of the diverse personalities who play their roles admirably.   We will see how Alatya, our heroine and central character of these novels, develops and grows into a phenomenal Warrior, and who will grow permeably on the reader’s mind and steal a place in their hearts, as she and her co-characters continue on their arduous journey and noble quests throughout this series of four amazing novels in the series.

We would like to think that not only Captain James Kirk, or Dr. Spock had the magic personas able to steal  into the hearts of their fans, who inexhorably welcomed all of the cast of our beloved ‘Star Trek’ series, and who procured to the status of ‘household names’ renown, and an amazing and wonderful series which managed to grow into a virtual cult following of the highest order the world over.   Unique were all of the characters whom we all came to love and admire, and who were catapulted into our lives through that fascinating and powerful medium and curious world of  celebrity,  film and TV entertainment sectors.  They provided hard core fans with a whole new source of planetary  intergalactic cultish escapism in which the reader and film buff alike still today, are able to play out their imaginations and interact and re-enact over and over again these mind boggling scenarios and senes at ‘Star Trek’ symposiums, which unfolded during the original making and screening of the amazing Series.  When the Series finally experienced it inevitable and final curtain call, FANS CRIED!!!  What more can I say.  🙂

The Alatya Series may well be the next exciting new Sci-Fi Series for TV serial viewing.  We will certainly explore all those areas and possibilities for our Author, who is most deserving and deserves every ounce of literary recognition for his imaginative and exciting original work, which has taken Charles Arien many years to finally complete and publish.  There are two more sequels in the making however, so more goodies are in store for all lovers of Sci-Fi Fantasy in the style of Charles Arien.   The books project elements of War, Love, Hate, and…dare admit it…segments of hot ‘explicit’ sex…but very tastefully written.   However,  if those segments are not for you, then please do keep your eyes tightly shut, and pass on to the next paragraph…as nothing in these works will disappoint.  So there’s something within the pages of these volumes to please everyone and even the most critical and discerning readers.

The Alatya Series was created against a backdrop and fabric of Japanese Culture.  The Author studied Japanese culture and took a deep interest in the martial Arts, which led to the natural progression of his becoming involved in the Martial Arts and currently holds the rank of rank of Ni-Dan, second black belt on 5th September 2009.  He is also learned in the art of Iaido, Drawing of the Sword.  Charles  has continued to write novels off and on during these periods and this Novel, Alatya is the latest creation.  The author lives in peaceful retirement with his lovely wife Diane Flockton, 20 years his junior  (Lucky guy).

ABOUT THE “ALATYA”  SERIES ( Sci-Fi Adult Fantasy Thrillers)

Book Description – ALATYA “REBORN”  Book I

Publication Date: December 18, 2013

Publisher: Solstice Publishing

Alatya Reborn

How it happened…

In the 24th century, the doors of space opened up to an overflowing Earth Galaxy and the tides began to pour into the great beyond. With them they brought their hopes, hereditary customs, and their prejudices. In the great neighboring galaxy that became known as the Furbian Kingdom, they encountered humanoid beings similar to themselves but of far different belief and some years behind in technology.

The political and religious fanatics soon turned a tentative beginning at trade into a horror that became termed as The Kingdom Wars that were to span three whole generations and lay waste to both galaxies with appalling loss of life.  Midway through the 24th Century, with Earth now fighting a defensive battle at their own back door, the sudden demise of the old King Cretor of Furbia sent the conflict into neutrality.

Sane negotiators from both sides set up a pact and the separate galaxies withdrew and began rebuilding what was left of their shattered empires.

It is now thirty Earth years on that we take up this story.

Overview of “ALATYA REBORN”  Edition I

Set in the twenty-fourth century, this story takes place after the planet Earth has suffered a devastating war with an alien power called Furbia from beyond its galaxy. Following the war three people form a group retrieving war surpluses. While fleeing Furbian patrol vessels, Sian Dee and Barret Cole discover a container in a crashed ship that yields a stunning creature that appears to be a female android named Alatya. Taken back to the Earth base of their partner Starn Menskie, Alatya is activated but she is almost childlike and reacts violently to Menskie’s scientific probing. Sian and Cole spirit her from the base and with the aid of Shanee Little Hawk, she is taken to one of the last earth nature reserves where she undergoes an Indian birth totem ceremony to awaken her spirit. A wolf appears and she becomes a wolf totem, a brave but often ruthless totem in a human.

Returning to civilization finds Menskie calling a truce, as the materials of the container prove even more interesting to his commercial mind than what it contained. It is a product he has dubbed M.C.D and could advance space ship construction to a point where they could compete with anything in the known galaxy. One of the minerals in its construction can be found only on Tosciuman, a mining planet deep in Furbian space. Meantime, Sian has become Alatya’s guardian.

A complication is the arrival of Sian’s terminally ill father at their home. Sian employs a young nurse to care for Gerard while Alatya becomes fascinated in martial arts when she discovers Sian has files of her former training. Sian leaves for Furbian space with Cole. Shanee and Mountain who have become part of the crew. Left in charge, Gerard is unaware of the fact that M.C.D has drawn the attention of a lawless element named the Kuji, who operate from the ruins of Los Angeles. The nurse in fact proves to be a Kuji agent and betrays them, Gerard giving his life to save Alatya as she battles the invaders. A mysterious Kuji known only as `The Hat’ has hired a group of fringe criminals to spy on `My Eden’. She sets out to eliminate the group, one by one using her powers of the wolf totem to control a pack of wild dogs in her campaign. Exasperated, `The Hat’ finally takes a hand personally, invading `My Eden’ with what remains of the criminal gang. This cumulates in a deadly martial arts duel in the Transporter bay. Alatya, faced with a fighter of deadly experience barely survives.

Far away in Furbian space, Sian and her crew stop over at the slave-planet Vocta, and contact a mysterious slave trader named Karbole. She gives them information about the mining planet Tosciuman. Tosciuman is a place so harsh that no one can survive on its surface without sophisticated equipment. Sian and Mountain discover the mines through a vent shaft but are attacked by some sort of subterranean monster worm. When contact is lost from below, Shanee goes to investigate leaving Cole with the ship in orbit. She finds an injured Mountain and they discover Sian has been taken by the dwarf miners and is in the hands of the sadistic overseer of Tosciuman, Burchna, a Furbian appointee.

Burchna tortures Sian for information but she is saved by Mountain and an eventual dwarvan rebellion. The dwarf workers now regard Mountain as their leader, but the only hope for their survival is if he can become legally appointed to the overseer’s position. Returning to Vocta, they persuade Karbole to approach a wealthy member of the council to back Mountain’s claim. Mountain finds he must enter a Voctan gladiatorial contest battling alien creatures and humanoid fighters to win this powerful individual’s backing. Mountain encounters the champion Begarn who attempts to goad him into a fight before the tournament even begins. He also meets Averla, a tough female fighter. As the battles progress, these two are thrown more and more together until they are involved in a brief desperate sexual relationship among the death and fear. Ultimately, Mountain must battle and defeat Begarn to survive and obtain his goal. With the precious by-product from Tosciuman stored in they’re ship, Sian, Cole and Shanee head back to earth. Waiting there will be the news of Gerard Dee’s death.


Welcome to Alatya In The City of Angels. This continues the tale of Alatya, a creation of an unknown race found in a wrecked space ship on a dust planet and resurrected.

Alatya and the City of Angels


Sian Dee goes with Alatya to the ruined city of Los Angeles alone, using the captured Kuji nurse, Hedda Mercer as a guide. What Alatya really intends is to wreak vengeance on the Kuji and they’re mysterious Master for the death of her great friend Gerard Dee. However she discovers that Los Angeles not only contains the deadly Kuji sect, but also brutish cannibalistic survivors known as The Sly. Beyond the Kuji stronghold, a fanatical religious sect named The Cardinal has also evolved. The Kuji constantly battle these two factions for domination of Los Angeles. The Kuji commander Harkuri sends them to the Kuji stronghold, which is situated at the former Los Angeles gardens via the old subway tunnels beneath the city. In the stronghold, The Master decides to train Alatya for a mission to assassinate the religious leader of the Cardinal. During this training she encounters the three deadly Madams of the Kuji, Madam Chan, the mind guardian, Madam Yamosuki, the deadly sword mistress, and Madam Suni, the Healer and keeper of the gardens. During rigorous testing on a water wheel in an attempt to save Hedda from the cruel punishment arranged by Madam Chan and the Master, Alatya’s spirit transcends time and she at last discovers her origins.

After surviving a ruthless test known as `The Hunt’, Alatya sets out on the mission accompanied by the Kuji fighter Harkuri. They battle tremendous odds to survive and complete their mission, the reward for which will be Sian’s life and perhaps freedom. During the mission, love grows between Harkuri and Alatya. Disguised they enter the `Sacred City’ of the Cardinal. The discovery that world corporate organizations are secretly arming the Cardinal so they can invade the Kuji stronghold creates additional danger for the pair as they attempt to destroy the huge catch of modern weapons as well as eliminate the sadistic Cardinal himself.

Captured and condemned to death by the Master, Alatya must now fight the deadly blade of Madam Yamosuki, her recent teacher, in the hope that she and Sian can survive and somehow flee back to the outskirts of Los Angeles. The action takes place in the disused underground transit tunnels that link the huge city. Pursued by Madam Yamosuki’s lover Tasha and a group of Kuji, the novel finishes with a bloody showdown at the edge of the city. At the end there is a surprising result as to the destiny of the Kuji and Sian’s future after her relationship with the Master.

So now it remains for you, the reader to turn the page and discover just what happens to Alatya and her lovers, friends and colleagues in books III and IV.  Enjoy!


Alatya Earth Cleanser


Alatya encounters a poacher pack in the protected White Mountain Reserve led by a dangerous mercenary and the trail leads to a destructive and powerful corporation based
in Centre City. She travels on Bonna Venture to the slave planet Vocta and there becomes involved in an attempted assignation of a high Councilor before returning to Earth and battling mercenaries attacking the Daphes fishing fleets on coastal Los Angeles with the Kuji. Join her environmental battle to prevent the corrupt Sturmundrang Corporation from felling the surviving Denver forests, and then a blow by blow battle through all levels of the Sturmundrang Tower to confront and destroy its evil creator and the machines that protect him. Alatya battles to save the last remainlng natural resources of planet Earth in this action packed novel.

In this, the third volume of the Alatya series, Alatya and Barret Cole encounter a fierce but engaging mercenary named `Irish’ Brady while attempting to remove Shanee little Hawk from the wilderness where she has been waging a lone battle against corporate poachers. Brady has been contracted by Sturmundrang Corporation to rid the reserve of Shanee who has been preventing their illegal poaching. Alatya and Barret with the computer ‘Fern’ installed depart as crew on the Bonna Venture to Vocta to pick up the next shipment of Rathgama5 but on their way encounter a fake Furbian Patrol vessel named the Aksus. This is crewed by space pirates who take considerable interest in their presence. On Vocta a plot to assassinate Ragan, a Voctain Councillor is uncovered and foiled while a creature called a Va’arun is loosed to kill their agent, Karbole, but is halted by Alatya after killing the wrong victim. On the Bonna Venture orbiting Vocta under ‘Fern’s’ control, a member of the Aksus crew invades the ship but encounters a ruthless guardian when ‘Fern’ destroys him. After uncovering the identity of a traitorous Voctain Councillor, the crew of the Bonna Venture heads back to Earth with its cargo. On this voyage, Alatya rids herself of some demons, and reinforces her bond with her Wolf Totem. Arriving back they discover Menskie’s operation is under the surveillance of a spy satellite.

Brady reports back to the ruthless Vasil Sturmundrang in his huge modern security tower headquarters. While he is reporting, a Kuji agent penetrates the tower and before his death he manages to send data on the place and its defences. Sturmundrang closes down Starn Menskie’s operation and begins to spy and harass them. He also sends Brady and a selected mercenary force to the Western Coastal region to destroy a blockade that has been set up by the Daphes settlement to protect their fishing grounds. The new leader of the Kuji, Madam Suni comes to `My Eden’ to enlist Alatya’s help against the Sturmundrang Corporation when she discovers the mercenary’s mission.

Sturmundrang in a rage attempts to clear fell the Denver Wild Forest forcing Alatya to resort to guerrilla warfare to save the trees from the machines. Fleeing the police, she learns of a close friends death and decides to seek out Vasil Sturmundrang and destroys him. A high level Earth Council member has been deeply involved with Sturmundrang for some time, and Menskie is planning to sell the M.D.C. material to the Earth military that will pay a fortune to get hold of it.  How Alatya will deal with these vital issues is the subject of the novel that is at present being written.


Alatya Beyond Sone Rema

Overview of:  ALATYA BEYOND SONE-REMA  – Book 4

In this, the fourth Alatya novel, Alatya, Barret Cole, and Shanee travel to back to Furbian space to discover that a Furbian Black Sun investigative team has invaded the Tosciuman mines suspicious of Mountain Four-Hands Overseer presence. The three, accompanied by Voctan Councillor Karbole become involved in the battle to regain control of the mining planet. The cause of the trouble, disgraced former CIS Investigator Grier Tench flees Tosciuman with the Hy’ale keeper Dryden to Sone-Rema when the Black Sun forces are defeated.

The Terran ship under the command of Barret Cole defeats the black Sun Scout vessel Antioc captained by Chian Karlse-Han former first officer and forces it to retreat back to Furbia via Sone-Rema. Alatya and Karbole discover the possible plans of the Furbian Council to re-ignite the Kingdom Wars. This gives Alatya a perfect excuse to take Bonna Venture to Sone-Rema and fulfil a vow to the late Gerard Dee that they attempt to discover if any of the marooned crews of his ship Venture, and the Furbian Warship has survived. What they discover there is a settlement of embittered castaways lead by the former medical officer Stephanie Matthews who believes that Gerard Dee betrayed them by failing to send help. She rejects Alatya’s attempt to repatriate them back to Earth, although some of the survivors and their descendants wish to leave.  Intent on freeing them, Alatya and her friends discover that mind-sucking Hy’ale are bred in the caverns below the settlement, and they instrumental in the creation of the clone armies Furbia is renown for. Alatya frees the survivors and destroys the clone factory but their escape is marred by an Hy’ale draining Shanee’s mind while she defended their retreat.

Fern the Bonna Venture computer persuades Alatya to transfer her entity into Shanee’s mindless husk and become as close as human as she can ever be. Returning to Vocta, Alatya is forced to take the unwanted office of Council Marshal to earn enough credits to upgrade the ex-pirate ship Aksus which she has taken over. This comprises of a list of outland despots who must be overthrown. Once Aksus is complete, Alatya intends to set off to Furbia and attempt to prevent the looming war threatening on the horizons of space.

All the novels in this series are now available at Amazon.com in Kindle edition.  The paperback editions are planned to be completed in the not so distant future.  Any Sci-Fi lovers looking for something entirely unique and new to the market place, than this wonderful series of books is for you.  Balancing just the right measure of elements, of intergalactic travel, warfare, the quest for a more sustainable existence for the inhabitants of the various locations these stories unfold, and providing just a sufficient amount of’erotica’ to keep the readers titillated and breathless, these books will provide the hard core Sci-Fi buff thoroughly mesmerized and well entertained with many hours of fine reading.

Get your copies now!

Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert

Copyright ©2014.by Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert. All rights reserved.

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