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J. C. Belgard has have been writing for as long as he can recall. Even before he ever had the idea to put any of his ideas on paper he’s been regaling stories. It’s what he does he told us.   We sense it is the Author’s natural compulsion and comes driven from the creative spirit within, he was born with.


Joel has a love for telling stories and the craft of writing them down, and he has yet so very many to tell. His particular passion has always been for Fantasy / Sci-Fi though; and loves the freehand in being able to bend the reality somewhat.


Only since recently he came to the rather sudden realization that the rest of the world might also like to read them. Since then, he’s been very prolific in the distribution of  samples of his work.  He now claims a small but growing and fiercely loyal following of his works that he distributes though e-mail.


He did have a live blog at one time, where he would feed a couple of pages a time for his faithful fan base following,  but is currently focusing and expending all of his efforts on publication, and which he has now achieved with the “ERAS’ STORY”.  Nothing will stop him from succeeding he avowed us and his words were fulfilled.  It seems that J. C.’s  persistence is legendary and he very much hopes you will enjoy having a read of his first book out and sold in Kindle format at Amazon.com  Paper is to follow.  We urged J. C. to submit the rest of his planned works so he can build up that impressive literary portfolio we believe he is capable of, providing us with much entertainment and great unique visuals and colorful, sentimental imagery, created by choice narrative for your reading enjoyment.


More about this author in the months to follow!  We wish him the best of success and consideration for film representation at some time in the future is definitely an option.



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Product Details
Print Length: 173 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: LadyBee Publishing (November 3, 2015)
Publication Date: November 3, 2015
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.


Eras is the youngest Archmage in history. Her power and skills with magic are unheard of. Still, even with all her power, can an eighteen year old girl really live up to the station of Archmage?

When she falls into a whirlwind romance with a devilishly handsome young man from Zal, will she have the strength to save him from the darkness to come?


There are things in the world that Reality itself refused to acknowledge. Things that even Eras, with all her perfect scores from the academy has no knowledge of. What will happen when one of these Forgotten creatures threatens to take away everything the young Archmage holds dear?

“Eras, I read the book.” Roth was solemn as he spoke but he hugged Eras back just as tightly.
“So what? I forgive you. We can move past this.”
Roth sighed. “It’s more complicated than that. You have a Forgotten One inside you. I’ve seen it with my own eyes now. I will not let you become one of those creatures.”
Eras shook her head violently. “No it’s not true! I feel perfectly fine.” Eras was clinging tightly now, her knuckles turning white.
“Eras, I love you and I promise I will find a way to save you but right now I need some time to think.”
Eras shook her head again. “When will you listen to me!? I don’t need saving!”

Roth gently pulled her away from him and held her shoulders at arm’s length. “I wish I could believe that but I’ve seen things now that I’ll never be able to forget. Visions of creatures the world was right to forget about. Please just trust me. I need some time.” Hot tears began to roll down Eras’ face as she shook her head again.

“What do you mean? You’re not leaving are you?!” Thunder rumbled in the distant darkening sky and the first drops of rain began to fall.

“I don’t know yet. But please give me some time to think.” Eras’ tears began to fall in large heavy drops and the rain followed her example. Long minutes passed with only the sound of the rain to drown away the silence. Roth let go of her shoulders and stared out over the city. Eras could control herself no longer and ran down the stairs, her tears copiously falling without restraint.



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