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Alan Mehrer came to us with a host of fantastic Westerns he had lying in a drawer.  A retired but energetic Electrical Engineer he told us how much he has always loved westerns.  That resonated with me as I too still love a good old fashioned Western.   He then discovered that he actually enjoyed writing manuscripts more than reading them and hence his tenth manuscript was born.

The Author was raised at a time and place where being a cowboy was a profession, not just a costume.  He has experience about what it is like to raise cattle.  He also knows the genuine and seedy characters that are associated with that occupation. Although Alan took some literary liberties in his novels thus far published, the overall technical, language and geographical qualities are honest, as he maintains that usually the truth is always stranger than fiction.

Alan wrote his books, not just for his own  enjoyment so much, but for what through his experiences he has concluded what publishers really want. For example, the length of his books is just under 50,000 words, although some of his other titles are longer, and has often endured the suffering of unwanted critique that his manuscripts are too lengthy.   We believe that a good book with a good solid word count that reader can sink their teeth into will remain a favorite.

Below find a list of Alan’s Titles published in both Kindle and Paperback and are available from Amazon.com


BOOK DESCRIPTION –  ‘The Commodore’s Mine’ – The first novel in the series – and some of the very best of well written classic ‘Westerns’ – regaling the adventures of many a famous/notorious American legends to keep our readers enthralled and entertained.

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  • Publisher: Solstice Publishing (May 14, 2014)
  • Publication Date: May 14, 2014

Just as Colt expected, and right on cue, the Sheriff and another man emerged from between two buildings. They moved in step with assurance of the outcome of this meeting. Penelope said, “Colt, we better surrender. I think I can get us out of this.”

But can she?

“The Commodore’s Mine” is another adventure packed western from Alan Mehrer!   The sequel Penny Storm is on its way to join the ranks of this great Westerns Series.



Otis Ornsby

 May 8, 2014
Published by: Solstice Publishing 
Otis Ornsby was an unusual man, although he would be the last man to tell you that. He was so special that a syndicate of ruthless outlaws had a vendetta against him. They would stop at nothing to see to his demise. They had everything at their disposal, money, power, railroads, a cadre of ruthless men, not to mention an extreme hatred that spread unanimously among their ranks.Otis had nothing, other than himself. He preferred it that way, for he was a loner. A loner who loved life and didn’t appreciate interference in his peaceful ways. However, he realized that sometime you had to give up those peaceful times and substitute a smack on the nose, a kick in the pants, or a downright killing, in order to maintain your peaceful state.
Molly McCassley

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Published by: Solstice Publishing
Susanne and her daughter, Kate, have spent a rare day shopping in town. With her fifteenth anniversary coming up, Susanne was in the mood to surprise her husband with something new.
What they find when they get back to the ranch, though, is not what they left. Kate finds the body of her father and two ranch hands lying in the dirt. Now it’s up to the pair of them to find out who killed off the men. And why.
Penny Storm cover
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Publisher: Sarah Book Publishing; First edition (April 27, 2015)
Publication Date: April 27, 2015

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Penelope Highbridge was a privileged Philadelphia socialite. She had the best of everything the Eastern United States could offer. She was on the board of her family owned ship building company, her family was prominent on the social, business, and legal scene, she had a degree in law and she was not in want financially. She had everything and knew everything when she departed from Philadelphia that day in 1869 to go out west and take over an inherited gold mine her Uncle had bequeathed to her.


This is the story of when she returned to Philadelphia. She was a changed woman with western values, but the big question was, would she fit in to the society she once left? What about her new husband? He fit in perfectly to the rugged western life. But Philadelphia is definitely not the same as Montana and that was definitely going to be a problem.


Alan Mehrer was born in South Dakota before WWII. His early life consisted of no running water, a wood burning kitchen range, potbellied stove for winter heat, no refrigerator and outdoor toilet facilities. This was pretty much the norm for that era and rural location but it also consisted of being amid broad spectrum of people who each had their peculiar characteristics, but all were hard working and honest. Alan went on to many professions and life situations. In each of these life experiences he met many various characters and experienced diverse circumstances and has used these to enrich the texture and realism of his writings.


Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Five Stars * * * * *
By Tumbleweed on December 10, 2012
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Great book. Not your usual shoot em up. very realistic.


ABOUT THE BOOK – “TOVAR COOKE Book 7          Where are the other 6???   🙂  They’re on their way!!!



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Publisher: ADMELITERARY (February 12, 2015)
Publication Date: February 12, 2015
Tovar Cooke is just getting back to civilization with his new bride, Morgan. Immediately, his father-in-law contacts him, telling him to get to Boston immediately. He has a chance to go to France and see some secret design on an under water boat. It is an obvious trap, but what is Tovar supposed to do? It is his father-in-law and he needs protection.
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