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Ron Hepner

R. J.  Hepner’s  background includes over twenty-five years in private consulting and public relations. Insofar Marketing and Promoting the work/s Ron has many fine connections in the media industry. He has also explored many other promotional avenues to promote his book/s once they are in print.  He lives in Summerland, B.C. in the Okanagan Valley with his beautiful wife and life long companion, Marion; whom we have come to welcome also as part of our literary family circle.  They  travel to the U.S. quite often especially to Southern california where the Author used to live and work.  Holding U.S. and Canadian dual citizenship has many advantages so ‘R J’  tells us 🙂

I deem it my personal privilege to have come to know Marion, as R J’s other half,  who keeps encouraging him to continue providing us with great entertaining novels, and food for thought.  She is standing by with the whip. Ending this introduction with an additional note of interest – Readers of thrillers such as Vince Flynn (Pursuit of Honor), Brad Thor, (The Apostle), andRobert V. Spelleri (Blast Man Standing), continue to be intrigued and fascinated how counter-terrorist investigators discover truths about themselves yet find the capabilities to unleash equal amounts of terror against those who harm America.


Brave One Banner

The Brave One Strikes Back by R J Hepner


Art Dodek joins an FBI/Homeland Security task force to stop the Somali Brotherhood of Jihad from attacking targeted sites. Teamed with Consuela Mercado, a no-nonsense DHS officer, they clash with militants throughout Los Angeles. Not only chasing terrorists, so-called unit members are pursuing them because the agents discover evidence that their handlers are torturing prisoners and want the Canadian operative eliminated at any cost. The further Dodek becomes involved with the brutal insurgents the greater his risk. Justice is blindsided. Vengeance turns personal.   Other upcoming Titles by the Author “Protect, Then Defend” the Sequel to “The Brave One Strikes Back” is to be released in the not too distant future, to be followed by “Radical Measures” to complete the trilogy. The Author’s other novel “Marked” is currently under evaluation for publication; and we are proud and deem it a certain privilege  to have  R. J.  Hepner on board with us.   PROMOTIONS AND MARKETING UPDATES Book signing venues locations to be announced shortly!





Protect Then Defend

The Art Dodek Series Book 2

Author: R. J. Hepner

Print ISBN:

E-Book ISBN:

Genre: Covert Action / Intel Thriller

Release Date to be determined


How do you prevent an assassination plot that targets the prime minister of Israel on Canadian soil? Senior agent Art Dodek and his partner are faced with tracking down two elusive insurgents in Vancouver. Meanwhile, deadly terrorist attacks are hitting the city’s infrastructure and taking lives of innocent civilians. Is there a possible cover up by a top government official? Rapid-fire action and gun battles erupt between the NSU operatives. Then Dodek uncovers a dirty secret hidden by a long time friend. He doesn’t believe what may occur until he dwells further, resulting in a dangerous confrontation: he must choose which means more—loyalty, friendship, or duties he swore to uphold. Personal and political forces clash. There is only one way to settle this—and just one who will survive.



Radical Measures 200x300
The Art Dodek Series Book 3
Author: R. J. Hepner
Print ISBN:
E-Book ISBN:
Genre: Covert Action / Intel Thriller
Release Date to be determined
NSU agent Art Dodek is assigned to investigate the death of a Saudi-Canadian couple in Montreal and the theft of 1,500 pounds of silver bullion. In no time he’s embroiled with a Lebanon bank and two in the U.S. alleged to funnel fraudulent money transfers to the notorious Hezbollah terror organization and drug cartels. Twice, assassins almost take him down. His real life and death struggle occurs when his former Israeli Intel instructor asks him to infiltrate Hezbolla. His mission goes terribly wrong. A so-called asset betrays him; he’s imprisoned, beaten, starved and tortured by Taliban fanatics. He must fight his way out. But weakened, unarmed, his attempts fail with disastrous results.

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