Our Client, and Author M. P. Ward

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Our Client, and Author M. P. Ward

It gives us great pleasure to introduce another of our very talented authors M. P Ward, for his soon to be released book this time in Paper back version titled “SAM AND THE SEAWITCH” Book 1 of a series of a Trilogy, and maybe a 4th to be added, their content consisting of dark and mysterious, and psychologically gripping tales about a boy who lives in a Cornish seaside town. It contains a background of myth and legend, within the Cornish setting, which makes Sam’s story highly atmospheric. By all accounts its the stuff that the best movies are made of, and definitely we want more of them that run along the lines of this genre too, and maybe there is room for us to explore that possibility for our author also.


Former Publisher:    http://museituppublishing.com/    (Destined for a Reprint with Lang Book Publishing
“SAM AND THE SEAWITCH” Book 1 is a wonderfully, compelling and bewitching tale written in the best of Cornish tradition. The work is the first of several books in this series aimed at the Young Adult audiences as well as Adults with a real sense of adventure and fun.

Sam and the Seawitch cover Mike Ward.pdf_page_1


The Author considers himself a part-time writer and full-time father. He lives in Warrington, England with his lovely wife, Karen, and three children, Sam, Louise, and Eleanor.

After graduating with a BA (hons) in Primary Education with qualified Teacher’s Status from Edge hill University class of ‘2007, Mike quickly found work with children, working for Warrington Borough Council’s Children’s Services, and has been there ever since.

Whilst studying at night school prior to University, he told us that his tutor recognized his ability to write and suggested he write a compendium of horror stories. He did and achieved publication in 2007 with a short story in a horror anthology, which gave the confidence and enthusiasm to go on to writing books. The Author harbors a great love for Cornwall and spends as much time as possible there. It was at the time he was in Looe Bay, Cornwall, which gave him the inspiration to creat a series of books starting with “Sam and the Sea Witch”.   Lamorna Cove has the house built on the slate hillside overlooking the cove just like the one in his story. When the author first saw it, it looked grey and unwelcoming and the row of cottages were also there. All M. P. Ward’s books are about children with problems to overcome in fantastic and sometimes harrowing situations, but aims for a happy ending and outcome for his novels.

He has now also completed another novel in the series titled “The Beast of Bodmin Moor” book 2, and a third book is nearing completion.  Other books M. P. Ward has written are “The Claw and The Eternal Flame”, which are of the same genre and also carry a message. The boy who thought he could fly is an illustrated poem, and “The Odd Sock”, “The Girl Who lost her Tooth” and “The Lion and the Bee” are stories he wrote with added contributions by his then ten-year-old-daughter and were aimed at primary children with educational and moral themes.

Our Author has a big passion for flight. He is enamored by anything that flies and confessed that he would love to one day build his own flying machine. But for now, cloud jumping in his little Microlight aircraft keeps him happy and sane. He quoted Leonardo Da Vinci, who once said, “Once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned forever skyward, for there you have been, and there you will long to return.”  What wonderful sentiments and how true these ring for many of us who area fascinated and drawn to the skies. Were we born to fly in another time and space perhaps? Might this strong urge most of us are bewitched by been indelibly imprinted upon our psyches since the beginning of time; to share the realms where angels dwell? LOL!

People who have read M. P. Ward’s work and know who he is, urge him to pen down his flying experiences and turn them into grand adventures of which we could all partake and share his joys within the recesses of our impressionable minds, simply by purchasing every book our Author is going to produce over the coming years.


So Keep your eyes peeled on this talented author, because he promised us that one day into the not so distant future, he shall.


M. P. Ward’s new book soon to be released now in paper back entitled “SAM AND THE SEAWITCH” Book 1 is a wonderful, compelling and bewitching tale which was written in the best of traditional Cornish tradition. The work is the first of several books in this series aimed at the Young Adult audience/readers.


On July 9, 2013, Author M. P. Ward ran two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, with pupils at Lymm High School, Lymm, not far from Warrington.   It was found to be both very interesting and hopefully inspiring for the students. The Author had his “Sam and The Sea Witch” banner up, also and photos were taken at the end of each session by the school. They told me they will be in the school monthly magazine and they will send them to the local paper with a few lines. It will be positive for the school and for the book. Lots of people were asking where they can buy it.


All of M. P. Ward’s books planned in this Young Adult / General, will reflect that magical old fashioned element, which is sometimes missing in so many modern day fantasy editions. The authenticity and realism of the Author’s books bring back a taste of the romance linked to the Cornish region’s elegance and magic which is able to conjure up visions of the wild Cornish coastline with its rich and colorful history of sea-faring pirate ships and treasure chests in secret hidings places within its coast Cave system of , and Mermaids…but the cute kind of course.


As soon as we have a release date for “Sam and the Beast of Bodmin Moor”  Book II, we will advertise the news immediately. When all sequels are completed we will be presenting the books for an evaluation in view of an adaptation to a Film series, and hopefully we will see a successful outcome to this venture.


Another exciting non-fiction work this time,  M. P. Ward is working on still is a book about Microlights complete with videos and photos of the author’s personal experiences and utter joys experienced,  flying one over the green fields of his hometown at Warrington.  After all, we only live the once…so why not experience all the most ethereal, if not esotheric joys of the human senses… and leave no ‘bird unturned’, so too speak! Lol!


M. P. Ward is an avid and driven  writer, an artist, a garment printer, a qualified teacher, a husband, and father of three lovely children.  He was born and live in the North West of England, and the author graduated with a BA (hons) in Primary Education with qualified Teacher’s Status in 2007.


He has  always had a fascination for writing and has written stories all of his  life as far back as he can recall. However, it was his night school English tutor who recognised the potential and magic writing talent in M. P. Ward, who then  suggested the author pursue writing  horror stories.


Cornwall is where M. P. Ward’s creative juices began to flow and where he was inspired with the  idea to create the  Sam and The Sea Witch trilogy, and was to be the first book in the series.   All the author’s books are about children in fantastic, and sometimes, harrowing situations.  The magic in the words conveyed as they spilled off the quill onto paper was clearly inspired by the surroundings of the wild Cornish Coast in which the author found himself living and integrated into, the breezy  ambience of which is also clearly tangible within the pages of the books.


Some of the other books M. P. Ward  has written include Sam and the Beast of Bodmin Moor,  Sam to the Ends of the Earth – The Seawith, The Claw, and The Eternal Flame. They are all the same genre, and the author hopes each carries a message that will speak to the sentiments and the hearts of young readership.





The second book in the sea witch series Sam and the Beast of Bodmin Moor,  is filled with magic, murder, and mystery, written against the tapestry of, and within the Cornish setting.


Whilst spending the night camping in the garden, Sam and Johnny hear strange howling noises. The next day Jenny says it’s the Beast of Bodmin Moor. Sam tells her he wants to catch it and this is going to be the best mission ever.
But what does the Beast of Bodmin Moor look like, and how do you catch it, when it has eluded, so many, for so long?
Jenny tells Sam it’s a big cat, released onto the moors when Government officials went around taking them from their owners, back in the nineteen seventies. She shows Sam a newspaper article about the event. Now he’s desperate to find it.
They set off for Bodmin and soon come across an eerie, campsite, near Saint Cleer (known locally as Hell up by Liskeard). Sam thinks this is the perfect place to hunt for the Beast of Bodmin Moor.
That night a Black Panther circles the camp. Sam thinks he’s found the beast and chases after it into the Forbidden Woods.
But he discovers there is more than one creature running around these parts. Sam and his friends have stumbled upon a terrifying secret, hidden away for hundreds of years, and the sea witch has no small part to play in it.
He finds a book hidden beneath an old man’s bed and contained within its leaves are the names of every living Berserker, Lichen Throat and Imp. Later the old man tells him, “When the book is full, it will be the end of us all and Cornwall will be destroyed along with everyone who lives here.”
Sam hasn’t much time, but will he be able to stop the witch, save Cornwall, and capture the Beast of Bodmin Moor?





Sixteen years old, Jenny, is struggling with the loss of her friend, Sam. On the day he was kidnapped, by the most horrible sea witch ever imaginable, she vowed to find him. ‘I’ll travel to the ends of the Earth, Sam, if needs be. Where ever she takes you, I will follow.’


It’s a promise that weighs heavily on her heart. She has no way of getting to him.  Go with Jenny on her journey of discovery. She has many obstacles to overcome and things go from bad to worse. In her search for Sam, Jenny finds another big problem. The sea witch is mustering a plan to destroy Cornwall.


How will Jenny ever be able to save the boy she loves, when the most horrible sea witch has taken him to the bottomless pit in the bay? And how will she save Cornwall.  Johnny, Sam’s best friend is doing everything he can to help, but he finds himself falling in love with her and Jenny begins to have feelings for him. An emotional triangle ensues, but who will she chose and will any of it really matter when the sea witch is about to destroy Cornwall? There isn’t much time. Jenny needs to find Sam and save Cornwall, but how?


Sam to the Ends of the Earth is a fantastical adventure that recounts real places, and historical facts, based around the old tin and copper mines on Caradon Hill. St. Cleer was known as Hell up by Liskeard. It was a town that grew dramatically with the rise of the mining industry, and fell just as quickly after the mines closed. What was left attracted the worst kind of evil. It remained below the surface, unknown to the rest of the world, until now.


Product Details
Publisher: Lang Book Publishing, Limited (February 1, 2017)
Language: English


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