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Re: THE STORY IN THE SKY – ‘THE TWELVE ECLIPSES OF JESUS’   (The First Eclipse–January 15, 11 B.C.)

Published by Seaburn Publishing & Distribution Group

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We found Michael’s book a fascinating, compelling and detailed read and  were also very much taken in by the author’s child-hood ‘spiritual’ experience, and the varied and diverse achievements of his adult professional life.     “The Story in the Sky”  presents as  a book for anyone with a curious and discerning mind, and those questioning some of the  major and most  impacting events in mankind’s history.  This is a book to be enjoyed by both Christians and non-Christians and also provides a fascinating read for those with a strong religious, or  academic and more philosophical background.

Many will find their faiths re-fortified and reaffirmed simply by the revelations and astrological findings and data revealed and discussed within the  pages of Michael’s book.

The author certainly nurtures a most ‘spiritual outlook’ on life, and approaches prophetic historical events and all living things with a very liberal and open mind,  neither taking or leaning towards one side or another where theological matters are concerned.   He has expressed these sentiments most vividly, compellingly and not least humbly,  if in a somewhat unorthodox approach, in the Thesis he has written.

We found Michael a joy to work with every step of the way.   Clearly the author has done his homework and  extensive and thorough research in coming to the conclusions of his findings as expressed in his book, and upon which he structured his amazing story.  The various elements the author used as the building blocks and foundation on which to present this work was through thorough study and investigation of astrological/astronomical and historical data and which gave Michael the opportunity to approach and deliver the story of ‘Jesus Christ’ from an entirely fresh angle.

Michael’ book certainly provokes a whole new way of thinking on how we may come to view this very special ‘man’ Jesus Christ, who changed the tide of history as he went unerringly t about his mission and self-confessed purpose in revealing to the world why he came among us.  His memory was to be a lasting impression embedded within the greater scheme of human history throughout Christianity.

Michael is currently working on the sequel Titled  The 2012 Eclipse: “A WARNING FOR AMERICA AND THE WORLD”, which is an equally fascinating account and quite an eye-opener.  However, he is still unsure of the final title he will be using for this book, which he envisages will be completed sometime in February of this year time permitting.

Book Description 

Genre and Source: Historical, Prophetic, Astrological and astronomical

For over two thousand years, humanity has worshipped, questioned, debated, fought over, and died in the name of Jesus of Nazareth.  Christian and non-Christian alike have, to this day, an almost inherent obsession regarding his birth, life and death.

Despite two millennia of study, there remain many unanswered questions.  Was Jesus’ birth an Immaculate Conception?  Was his mother, Mary a virgin?  Was his death fated or subject to Jesus’ free will?  Did Jesus rise from the dead and ascend into heaven as written in the Bible?

Devout Christians accept these Biblical teachings as unchallengeable  “Mysteries”, which must be accepted on faith alone.  Billions of people the world over wish they could go back in time to find out who Jesus really was–and why?  After two thousand years, the question remains:  Does the Bible accurately tell the story of Jesus or, is has his life been hidden from view by religious dogma and political expediency?

In 2009, the Author became intrigued by two questions:

(1)  If Jesus really lived, would his life have been foretold astrologically in the stars?

(2)  What did the Magi see in the sky that brought them to Bethlehem?

These questions confronted both Christianity and astrology with an interdependent test.  If Jesus really lived and if traditional, Zoroastrian astrology was valid, then each should be reflected within the other.  I determined to find the answer to this question as objectively and scientifically as possible.

Using NASA’s catalogs of ancient eclipses, I discovered twelve eclipses between 11 and 7 B.C. visible to astrologers of the Zoroastrian Fire Temple called Azur Gushnasp located at Takht-i-Soleyman in ancient Persia.  One of these astrologers is believed to have been the Parthian warrior-prince Gondophares (known to Westerners as “Gaspar”, one of the three Magi said to have visited Jesus in Bethlehem).

Once the twelve eclipses were isolated, I applied an Internet-based astronomical ephemeris to pinpoint the exact placements of the stars and planets at the time of each eclipse.  However, this was still not enough.  Predictive astrology requires that the exact moment of greatest eclipse be determined–at the precise geographic location at which the eclipse is being observed.  This information is necessary for determination of the astrological Ascendant–without which, no interpretative analysis is possible.

Michael has prepared a full overview and description of around 84 pages, which includes a full and detailed Chapter Summary of the work of and what he did to create this very interesting work, by  isolating certain factual data with other recent research and full astronomical and concurring astrological supporting data which he himself conducted.  He has also prepared an intensive marketing and promotional campaign to make this work a success, and provide his share of author input.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – An Extraordinary Biography

Michael Tewell is a 61-year-old lawyer, who has spent the last 20 years defending the poor as an Assistant Public Defender in Florida. Over those years he hasrepresented thousands of people accused of crimes from petit theft to murder and has tried over 150 jury trials and has trained other lawyers on trial practice and procedure. Michael lives in the Tampa Bay area with his wife Clementine “Cee Cee” Conde and their son, Alexander.

Michael was admitted to Kent State University’s Graduate School after completing his sophomore year and earned hisMaster’s Degree in International Relations in 1979. He received his law degree in 1982 at George Washington University’s National Law Center in Washington, D. C. While a law student, Michael served internships with the United States Attorney’s Office and the Securities Exchange Commission.

Originally from Hamilton, Ohio, Michael’s spent a sickly youth, constantly battling severe asthma and chronic bronchitis. Due to his poor health, his family moved to Phoenix, Arizona before he was six. They lived in a one-floor bungalow on East Pinchot Drive. At that time, all that stood between Michael and Camelback Mountain was almost five miles of desert. He fell in love with the mountain’s majestic presence where later much of his rather startling inspiration and revelations came to him which he used as a foundation for his two books.

The Author’sBiography has been kept short as much as possible, but  should you be curious to read what extraordinary events Michael experienced as a young boy in the Arizona Desert, then read his books.   In a way, Michael believes he owes his life to that extra-ordinary night of his youth experienced in the Desert and to the “Stars in the Sky.” He believes even today that his knowledge and insight was a gift from the Universal Consciousness. Michael hopes this “Story in the Sky,” in some small way, passes the wheel around once again.

We believe that some of us humans are more spiritually connected, sensitive and influenced by elements of the  invisible realms.  Not unlike all those prophets of old, such as our Christian messengers and well known prophets and bible writers who gave us the Christian Scriptures and prophesies under divine inspiration.   There were also other prophets from various other religious factions and divisions of the Islamic, Muslim and Hindu Faiths over the millenniums throughout history.   All providing spiritual sustenance, guidance but above all offering a renewed hope to a receptive mankind in a turbulent seemingly godless world.   To allow for those with the capacity to ‘believe’ and nurture their ‘faith’ in a new world to come, where they may be reunited in a kind of universal brotherhood under the guidance of a universal God’s divine laws and theocratic guidance.

Published and available now at Amazon.com; Barnes and Nobel, Black Book Plus and various book retailers in the country.

This great read was receiving pre-orders already from various retailers by the Publisher well before the book was scheduled to go to print.  Like music to any author’s ears.    Now that is amazing!


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