Our Client, and Author Jaden Kelley


Jaden Kelly

Jaden Kelley is a native Floridian residing in Orlando, Florida.  She currently works in the healthcare field as a pharmacy technician but her passion for writing has been a dream since grammar school.  It seems that when she writes a story, the characters take on a life of their own and it becomes an adventure to see where the plot will lead.  Even though most of the characters are lesbian, anyone can relate to the affairs of the heart and with relationships, how exciting, daring and complicated they can become.

During her free time other than writing, she keeps busy by volunteering with local community organizations and traveling, which includes a desire to visit Europe in the future. Jaden’s other hobbies include swimming, the martial arts (kung fu, tae kwon do), and bowling.  She admits that her love of Italian food is her Achilles’ heel and the local restaurants know her by name.


Genre: Adult Fiction/Espionage Thriller

Word Count: 57,20

Publisher:  GREY GATE MEDIA, LLC (Formerly Briona Glen Publishing)   Pamela Marin-Kingsley


Jaden’s soon to be released “Codename Viper”  is an espionage thriller involving an American woman assassin named Adanna Taylor.  She works for a secret government agency that assigned her the code name of ‘Viper’ because of her dead-on accuracy in killing skills.   She lives with her girlfriend and lover Brenda Winters, who has no idea of the “real” profession her girlfriend is in.  She believes that Adanna works for a computer agency, which requires her to travel a lot.

Things become complicated when one of Adanna’s assignments hits close to home.  Deso Alomar, a hired assassin for a secret terrorist organization only known as “La Peste Negra”, or the “black death” has arrived in the states for unknown reasons.  Deso and Adanna have prior history because he was responsible for a bombing that took place 15 years ago in Caracas, Venezuela, which killed her life partner and wife of five years, Elena.

Thinking that she will have the chance to avenge her death, this obsession blinds her to the point where history may repeat itself in her new relationship with Brenda, if she is not careful.

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