“Unacknowledged” by Steven M. Greer – Professional Witness Accounts Momentum 10 of 10


New UFO sightings reported over USA –  May 2017 – Article in link!

Published on May 26, 2017

May 2017 – UFO sightings from all over the world. Strange disc shaped UFO was reported flying in the sky of New York. Multiple witnesses sent video footage showing the UFO sighting. And another scary one reported by hihers in Minnesota. Click here to read the complete article : http://www.section51-ufo.com/2017/05/…


UFO Presence Of Aliens On Earth Documentary 2016 || Best UFO Documentary Official

UFO Documentary Official




Published on Feb 24, 2016

UFOTV® Accept no Imitations! (Please vote thumbs-up for UFOTV®!). WATCHERS 7 – WINNER EBE FILM FESTIVAL BEST UFO FILM and PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD. UFOs are being reported all over the world in greater numbers than ever before. Has something changed? Who are the visitors, where do they come from, why do they work in the shadows, and what is their agenda? Has the United States been sharing technology from these visitors since the 1950s? In Watchers 7 you will examine the best evidence from around the world including the latest sightings that occur daily. Learn about possible hidden structures on the Moon. Take a trip into the X-Ray room with a man who believes he has an alien implant. Go behind the scenes at the Washington DC Citizen Hearing for Disclosure.   After decades of research on alien abductions, top experts reveal a possible alien end game. Get the latest news on the Vatican’s acceptance of extraterrestrials. Watch as researchers take samples from a sphere that crashed to earth and analyze them under an Electron Microscope. And, see the science behind UFOs and their origin in ancient Biblical text. All this and more is presented in Watchers 7, here on UFOTV®.


Published on May 30, 2017

Close Encounters UFO Providing News about UFO, Space, Technology, Science and Conspiracies Theories from Around the World. Watch Daily Updates and News from Around the Web! Email us YOUR footage and help us Continue the work with the Channel. Disclosure Coming Soon!

 Published on May 30, 2017

Bigelow Aerospace Founder Says: UFOs are Real and Aliens Live Under People’s Noses.

Billionaire Bigelow In Charge Of Space Program Just Admitted Aliens Are Here On Earth! 2017 Bigelow Aerospace is an American space technology startup company, based in North Las Vegas, Nevada that manufactures and develops expandable space station modules. Wikipedia #1 Most Viewed UFO Youtube Channel Thirdphaseofmoon Shares Your Incredible UFO Videos To the World! Upload your UFO Video To Youtube, Then Copy Paste The Link To My Email! cousinsbrothersproductions@gmail.com Keep Your Eyes on the Skies! We are not Alone!



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FREE EPISODE of Beyond Belief | Nick Pope & George Noory: The Truth on UFO Case Files

Published on Mar 1, 2017

New Set, New Season, All New Energy!

As a member of the British Ministry of Defense, Nick Pope had access to some astounding information concerning UFO phenomena, much of which remains classified to this day. Today, he continues to pursue his passion to bring forward the truth concerning reports of UFOs and alien contact. His numerous years of official and unofficial investigations has given him a unique perspective concerning some of the most famous UFO cases. He cracks open several of them, including: Roswell, Rendlesham Forest, Battle over L.A., and the most recently released CIA files.

Nick Pope give a full overview of the UK UFO Project, and who set it up, and why.



Published on Feb 11, 2015





UFO Documentaries – Hot Sphere UFO SIGHTINGS – Underwater Submerged Objects USOS

UFO Documentary Official

Streamed live on Jun 2, 2017



Pushing The Planet Forward – Dr. Ted Loder – A Sirius Disclosure Presentation


Dr. Ted Loder Presents ET Contact

Published on Jan 23, 2013

The implications for scientific and technological advancements after open contact with advanced ET civilizations are based on an analysis of a combination of the technologies needed to visit Earth, the willingness of ETs  to share knowledge, and multiple reports by contactees on what they observed and what they were told.