The Questionable Validity about Royal and Other Titles

Throughout History Man has wanted to elevate their status through Titles. Back In Ancient times political leaders aspired after recognition by the mere masses as self appointed god-like entities, by means of accumulating immense wealth procured through questionable means, and built monumental temples and places of worship where effigys in their very own likeness were worshipped as the next best thing in the absence of the real leader. Oh Ye Gods! There are indeed many Lords and many Gods, but there is only one Most High who rules over ALL of his Creation…and that is the one and only, who made himself known to the first humans as Yahweh – Indeed “I AM“, was and is the grand and majestic Maker of all things!


Titles overall have some curious and often spurious beginnings just the same as the description “blue bloods” which is both as elusive in essence as capturing the single-horned unicorn, plus it is vain and wishful thinking lacking both in character and humility. Monarchy and Aristocratic circles were and still are the main and worst offenders of all that decency and justice stands for and represents, as their inherited wealth and titles bestowed on themselves have come to them through their birthright in the form of inheritance and dowreys and are passed on from one to the next generation in succession of their genetic line. These acquisitions of materialism are jealously guarded and much of what they came into possession of was attained originally through oppressive means of theft and warring between the clans.

How was material wealth and power created?

1. theft and exstortion, 2. vanity; 3. lusting after power; 4. unrestrained corruption; 5. Hunger for wealth and total and absolute power and ultimately what evil means would and will continue to sustain and perpetuate their decadent, almost obscene and self-centered lifestyles. These individuals and wealthy families and industrial moguls, tycoons, and barons, and more succinctly the Monarchical and other Aristocratic societies who associate and mingle within the paremeters of that same clique of social strata, aim only and often desperately to maintaining that level of existence at all cost and by whatever strategy and means to their avail.

We see this example right now of the Royal families of Europe and Great Britain in particular. Their main aim is to maintain the status quo as a ruling monarchy. They appear noble on the surface but their history is based upon a murky foundation in all their business dealings and which always sooner or later in time surfaces and manifests itself. Most Royal and so-called aristocratic and self-made powerful families have inherited their wealth and status through a fair degree of stealth and corruption and were/are passed on from their original descendants to consecutive generations, who came by such gains and almost obscene material wealth through questionable and often dubious acquisitions. Read your history books.

Personally, I find it all so gauche, disturbing and disturbingly questionable, and even embarrassing as the monarchy elevates their ranks and which is teamed with public service socalled and duty to country, especially when outwardly they go about in noble procession accompanied by pomp and ceremony, they, in an almost perfunctorily fashion outwardly appear to provide a degree’ of public service’, whether it be raising funds for a good cause, or unveiling a bunch of plagues in order to justify and warrant their status. However, I assume it’s highly more likely that once back into the confines of personal privacy they toss their shoes off their weary feet relieved its all over and dusted.

They are after all, simply humans in disguise under the banner of God’s special agents by right of birth; or so they believe and justify such a myth. Public services which they would rather abstain and refrain from had they a choice TODAY, but that would bring much into question as to whether their existence is actually tolerable in these changing times in which we live, and as their private lives are becoming ever more so blatantly transparent, and which often goes viral in a world inundated with all manner of media technology. It opens up a whole new goldfish bowl diegesis, where they are continually being held under the microscope of close scrutiny by their fans or critics. Their reactions have been such that all a sudden the Monarchy is becoming more transparent and less private in order to appease public demand that some things need to change.

Our current Queen in Britain, God bless her soul, as she knew no better, has fought tooth and nail to maintain that privacy and element of mystique during her long reign, passed on to her and inculcated by her parents and in particular by King George VI, who, like his forebears upheld these traditions in order to maintain a strong dividing line between the Monarchy and the rest of the populous, and was and still is an imperative element in order to maintain its very survival, and not least nurture their financial security.

Token appearances were looked on as generosity by the average peasant, however today there is no longer that sense of awe, and as to how it was back in history where they were a class act all its own doing it their way! Hence, as the adage expressed by a Royal once to the starving population and which still echoes in the hallowed halls of history today: “Let them eat cake!” Such was the blatant extent of their ignorance to the plight and suffering of many. To a large degree that is what every generation throughout the passage of history has faced and suffered at the hands of Monarchy and tyranny of some sort. Hence the adage the ‘haves and the have-nots’ as it was from times beginning is still valid today.

But after some rumination and deep introspection as to my values on the matter, teamed with an element of perfect honesty as to how these abused traditions actually developed over the passage of time throughout history and which had become the acceptable protocol, I realized that I’d rather be a straight up ‘have not’ in the eyes of the greatest provider, who is still known as the one and only supreme God. Or whether the motivation was simply for reasons of choosing to do what is right for the sake of grooming one’s own good conscience? But to be in possessession of a good conscious is that not a quality God himself imparted within the hearts and minds of the first man and women from the infancy of the world, who were blessed with reason and discernment? I concluded that, I would rather not be a part of ‘the haves’ clan, and be forever burdened in the knowledge that what you’ve stood to inherit through the successive line of inheritance and the traditions of man – was on the main derived from blemished acquisitions and distorted values. Mark 7:1-9

Perhaps not a good standing in the sight of God either. Hence the scripture: Mark 8:36 “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world…

Do look up the rest of that poignant scriptural reminder yourself, if you dare!

Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert (May 14th, 2021)