Some of My Most Favorite Music Artists of all Time…


My husband, and soulmate, shared some very eclectic tastes in music, and our choice of music for a given occasion well catered to the mood we were in. If we felt like unwinding and relaxing with a glass of good port or cognac, we’d invariably tuned in to the great masters of the classics.  If we were in the mood for dancing we’d turn to Tina to get us in the mood.  When he was writing his memoirs, he’d always keep the classics streaming softly in the background as a form of inspiration and for recall.


The Raw power, soul tugging and Primeval quality behind the timber of our beloved Tina goes straight to the heart…

Outstanding in all her dynamic performances over the many decades, and one of the greatest and adored artists of our time and all time, Tina is irreplaceable and she will always be unique.  As so many things in a human lifetime we will never see the likes of her caliber ever again.

Survivors who conquered their respective Adversities life dealt them in their private lives they both fell onto their feet.  What an unforgettable electrifying pair they were….

If you wanna get crazy and let your emotions FLY!  Watch Tina with Bryan Adams!



And then there’s the one and ONLY BOWIE!  Weird, wild and absolutely wonderful and never the same twice!  We will never forget you…

Always fantastic acoustics and super quality tempos in all his tracks, provided by top back up band artists of their time leaving every one of the 100s of thousands fans at concerts tingling for weeks!   The transition from a young David Bowie into adulthood presented a stark contract, as he aged with dignity and that undying appeal that kept us captivated always leaving us fans wanting more of that energy he exuded…






BOWIE AND LENNOX with that unmistakable timber of her voice no one else owns… Fabulous combination of raw magnetism, as they bounced off of each other during their electrifying performances…


REFLECTIONS   Celebrating love and life



More of the very best of nostalgia by Shirley:




































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