BOB LAZAR – Condemned Hero


Blacklisted, struck off the record and the book of life if you will, discredited and manipulated and threatened into silence under the heavy and coercive pressure by the so called ‘Cabal’ /Military Complex had then and possibly still is making life very difficult for Bob Lazar for some decades.  They tried to debunk Lazar’s claims and succeeded for a time to strip him of his professional credentials by going as far as placing heavy pressure upon the very institution of higher education where Bob Lazar claims to have earned his degree in Astrophysics.  They put the clamps on by advising the respective Board of Directors of that institution of higher learning to flatly deny Lazar was ever enrolled 0r noted on their records – and that he never was, and never has existed to their knowledge.   To be honest, I don’t think you can deny any person’s existence in more eloquent and colorful suppositions than I enumerated herein!

Lazar’s Profile on Wikipedia has also been blackened, where their report only notes the negative elements about Lazar, and is stripped 0f the facts about Lazar’s educational background and personal integrity as a law abiding citizen, and thus made him appear incongruously guilty for pandering by linking him to a local brothel to whom Lazar provided his services by installing security cameras on the said premises.  Undoubtedly, Wikipedia had been held in a stranglehold to publish only what they were allowed or told as to what pertinent information to leave out and what to publish under pressure by the very authority that vilified Bob Lazar’ reputation to such an extreme degree.  Of course they believed Lazar needed to be punished for his betrayal of a highly secretive nature to which he signed an Oath of silence.   They wanted to make him look as bad as possible and did so very effectively by discrediting his personal qualifications and claims that he worked as a Scientist at Area S4, Los Alamos where he was involved in the Alien technology reverse engineering program.


Wikipedia repeatedly states in the vein of that well chosen word that, Lazar claims one thing and another, and claims this and that, and makes outrageous  claims of such an such and that he worked at S4…and so forth and so on…in a tone that blatantly smacks of conspiratorial coercion by the military complex.  Making it abundantly clear and obvious that Wikipedia had been well briefed and influenced by these same authorities who blacklisted Lazar; as to what information they could and could not publish about Lazar.   The hierarchy involved in secret government ‘black ops’ programs, do hold the power and can make those demands on any institution offline or online.

Unfortunately, Lazar had made a huge faux pas back in the 80’s by exposing the testing site where they were back engineering UFOs flying discs patented on Alien UFO technology.  Admittedly, to my mind I found this a very foolhardy act and violation of the Secrecy Oath lazar was bound by when he decided to take his wife, and a number of their friends to Area S4 undercover and by stealth of night on a number of occasions.

Lazar had become so overcome and excited about his introduction to this incredible technology which he believed to be of genuine Alien origin, and felt it his rightful duty to expose this astounding news to the world around him.  He and his wife, and a number of their friends decided to drive to the site on the night that he knew they were testing the vehicles, to give them a first hand peek view of the flying discs.   On one last consecutive visitation to the site the spectators were caught and apprehended in their spying act and Lazar was promptly moved by force and subjected to many hours of interrogation, subjugation and incarceration for his so called illicit activities and by making public and disclosing top security level information to the media as well.  Lazar felt it imperative at some point to take such a drastic action in order to sustain a certain amount of security for himself , as he felt that his life and that of his family by going public was in some kind of peril.

So in a sense Lazar’s naivety is what brought these woes upon himself , whether well intended  to his mind and for the good of all mankind, or otherwise, and were the very reasons why his claims of involvement on the secret military research base were vehemently denied by his superiors/employers.   Hence Lazar was swiftly and virtually stripped of his very identity, which was followed by a spate of threats and continual harassment of  intimidation which began to impact very confoundedly upon his life and that of his wife’s, and was beginning to make their daily existence very uncomfortable for some time.

In one of Lazar’s videos he admits he had perhaps been young and foolish and perhaps naive in thinking that, he would get away with such shenanigans unscathed and without any consequences;  and had he been given another chance to do it over he maintained that he would not have crossed that line of secrecy to which he was legally bound by a very binding Oath.  If broken this could entail jail time, and a hefty fine that would break his bank for years to come. There goes by the  man who claimed to have worked at S4, run by a top secret US Military base in the 80’s, where Lazar had been involved in projects involving Alien reversed engineered technology research programs, and who became a virtual non-entity overnight.  What a price to pay!

The proof that he is genuine has slowly been trickling to the surface along with everything else over the last number of decades since in all things pertaining to Alien Technology and UFOs sightings, and in particular since 2000 and onward and was also brought to the public’s notice.   A time when UFO sightings and claims of horrific alien abductions not by the hundreds, but experienced by the millions on a global scale.  Then there came reports of unsightly animal mutilations reported and brought to light by Linda Moulton Howe, famous US Journalist  who runs  Like Dr. Steven Greer, Linda has made this research her sole life’s quest.

Many videos and stories about the presence of Alien Species from other dimensions began to dominate the news and the fact that these extraordinary ‘beings’ are and have since times beginnings been frequenting and influencing our planet so they say the time is now ripe for full acknowledgment and Disclosure by all world governments who have been in collusion with one another to keep a tight lid on this information and more importantly to always maintain a neutral stand on these associated otherworldly phenomena.  However  pre-Disclosure in a sense has been happening world wide much of it noted and introduced by the public as the Internet developed and digital technology made it possible to reel proof of what people have experienced and the thousands of sightings that have been witnessed by groups of people.  However, furthermore it is owing to those professional individuals who worked in these government run industries all of whom held top level security clearance positions within the Military, Navy, and Air Force departments, as well as the CIA and NASA employees, and whom we now refer to with deep affection – the ‘Whistleblowers’.

Since the advent of all these developments gaining momentum from 2012 to 2020, and with the immense life’s work and untiring fervour by Dr. Steven Greer (also known as the father of Alien and UFO technology research (, so much new information has come to light through Greer’s relentless devotion toward delving deeper into investigating this phenomenon, by setting aside his professional work as an Emergency Trauma doctor.  Greer’s research and connections to top security clearance individuals, who were in the ‘know’ and who decided to cooperate with Greer has given much weight, credence and validity to the existence of Alien technology reverse engineering programs.   Not too speak of the various other associated biological research programs conducted by the military complex and wealthy privateering sectors who were instrumental in funding these objectives.   Many of these various employees working in one capacity or another at close quarters were also deeply complicit in turning a blind eye to these secret government  projects and ongoing coverups.  The day of a personal accounting will arrive.

In a nutshell, there you have an energy source which could solve many of our world’s problems and it is Dr. Greer’s mission to  continue working towards bringing full disclosure and acknowledgement by governments around the world a reality.   Bob Lazar’s position can then also be vindicated if this has not already been achieved.   However, ultimately this needs to be acknowledged by the very authorities that incarcerated Lazar’s good name.

The enormous significance of breaking an Oath of allegiance to a government and then breaking that classified secret code of  silence takes away the value of such a privilege, but what’s more is also holding at peril the very security of a country and its government’s vulnerability.  So this is what was behind such a dark act of  discreditation on Bob Lazar’s good name and is why the system falsified Lazar’s claims by stating that he was a man in need of psychotherapy, for spreading outrageous lies, fabrications and for grossly distorting and embellishing the truth by claiming he worked at S4 on UFOs.   So it’s clear: “whatever you do in life just don’t mess with Uncle Sam”! as they say.

But the truth always rises like a ‘Phoenix out of the ashes’ sooner or later and justice will prevail. But in time the vilification of Lazar’s good name shall be removed and his reputation will be restored, one hopes.  In fact, the time has now come to vindicate this gentleman, who withdrew himself from public view over a number of decades and simply carried on with his life the best way he could.   What’s more he always stuck by his honor and never diverted from the truth, and also as is so characteristic in Lazar’s good nature, he never made a fuss or noise to defend himself.  He did not have to.


The interviewer presented Lazar with very specific scientifically based related questions on the various principles of space, time and mass and the interactive elements that entails the basic principles of propulsion systems and aerodynamics technology.   Bob was never phazed nor hesitant or failed to deliver his answers succinctly, knowledgeably and with confidence, poise and calm.  Just as would any scientist who was fully conversed in the related subject of the technology in which he was engaged.  Any individual who claims Bob Lazar to be anything other or less than what he still claims to be and the industry in which he was so well versed obviously, while employed as a physicist at S4 at the time, must be a naive and absolute moron – for want of a better word. . .












With Disclosure now imminent and many hundreds of Professional Witness Accounts having come forward and now affectionately known as  the ‘Whistleblowers’, boldy related their own experiences about the ET and UFO phenomenon and its other linked derivatives of related industries at a Symposium held at US Congress.  There they provided their personal testimonials of what they too knew to be the truth about Alien reverse technological research.  Another Symposium was also held at the International Press  Club event in 2001 organized by Dr. Steven M. Greer – Founder of CSETI.   They were all  such brave men and women who were determined to finally bring this knowledge to government officials and the public, as an act of “conscious awareness” and an ‘owing up’ that this significant information belonged to all human kind and the implications of its incredible importance needed to be heralded to the entire globe.

Hundreds, if not thousands of formerly classified documents and files now declassified by the CIA, is bringing the reality of UFO Sightings seen often by many millions of people the world over, and  Navy and Military personnel, and Air Force pilots, all of whom were sworn to secrecy about their experiences could no longer hold back what their instincts told them to do, by  campaigning vigilantly as the risk of being ridiculed, and pressing for full disclosure by all global authorities.  Bob Lazar for one, should be able to breathe easier.  He has always maintained his innocence, but has however paid the hefty price over some decades of lost time.  Nevertheless, he has always maintained his claims were true and genuine about his knowledge and having worked in his capacity as a physicist at Los Alamos in the 80’s on flying saucers.