Alien Races, Afterlife Phenomenon, and Other Entities into the Mix? Which?

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The Afterlife Process Questioned

We, humans, are easily led to believe what is not real because most of have a lack of discernment. All religions ask us to believe what cannot be proven. When people have near-death experiences, (NDEs) their experiences reflect their religious beliefs. They do not question the validity of their experience. If there are beings in the afterlife who an easily manipulate our spiritual experiences, would we be able to discern this? This article examines various aspects of NDEs, including the appearance of aliens during those experiences. To a lot of people the presence of aliens in the afterlife will seem ludicrous, yet they happen. I should add here that it is possible that extraterrestrial races, who live in other dimensions, can easily manipulate our minds, I tend to see the ‘aliens’ not as ETs but as non-human spirits who resides here on Earth in the Other World.

This article might go far out on a limb, but I believe we should question established doctrines and explore new avenues based on real experiences in order to learn how to discern what it really going on. After all, some people have seen alien beings in their NDE, so what are these beings doing there?

gates of heaven

A detailed explanation will come later, so let it suffice here to say that beings on Iarga that possess this mentality are denied reincarnation. This selection is the cause of the continuing improvement in mentality, generation after generation, which enables a race to become unselfish. On Earth, this selection was blocked some twenty centuries ago by extraterrestrial intervention whereby we cannot improve our average mentality.

UfO…Contact from Planet Iarga: Stefan Denaerde, published by Ankh-Hermes, Deventer, Netherlands, 1969

The above book was published in 1969, a long time before anybody made a link between near-death experiences (NDE) and control of the afterlife process by aliens. Even today nearly everybody would reject such an idea. But, what if the author is right?


Near death experiencers never question their afterlife experience. With a few exceptions, it is all wonderful and life changing. However, their stories contain plenty anomalies that are overlooked or given an interpretation afterwards to fit their own belief system. NDE researchers often do the same thing, or they loose themselves in statistical data. Both don’t have enough information or knowledge about other subjects that might tie in to the afterlife experience to consider that maybe there is something else going on.

This article will go into a critical analysis of the NDE’s in the first part, and then, in part 2, examine the connection to an alien factor by some of the NDE’ers own experiences and other issues related to this connection. In my opinion the so-called aliens (Greys and the like) are actually elemental or spirit beings who are known to interfere with the spiritual state of development of humans.

If you can’t accept such a connection, don’t read this article. This article is only meant for those few who can expand their awareness sufficiently to explore a possibility that might not be pleasant to consider.

Think about it

All near-death experiences are different, but the essence of an NDE is the experience of love and how all life in the universe is connected. On the other hand, the experience is difficult to describe because it is so unfamiliar to the NDE’er. His description is not a complete one, because he does not really know what he is dealing with, and often we will find that NDE’ers try to interpret and identify what they went through, based on their own belief systems. Some NDE’s are short, or follow an almost standard process, while in others the soul has elaborate mystical experiences. Overall, an NDE has a profound effect on the person when he comes back to his body. He gains another perspective on reality giving his present life more meaning.

At the other side, NDE’ers never question what they have experienced. Is what they experienced and who they encountered in the afterlife really what they thought it was? Is it possible that they misinterpreted the experience? Is it even possible that they were misguided, misled or even manipulated by beings who pretend to be what the NDE’ers would expect to see? A lot of NDE’ers would not even consider that their favorite religious figures who gave them so much love might not be the real ones.

In my opinion, the worst thing with NDE research is to take everything at face value, and to avoid any critical examination. Some NDE researches interpret the NDE reports in a religious fashion, supporting their own religious beliefs. This distorts the real experiences. One needs to look at all details, especially those that don’t quite fit the religious interpretations, to figure out if the afterlife process might be different than what most people believe it is.


Part 1: The Afterlife Investigated

Why Does The Soul Go Back To Earth?

An Overview of the Afterlife Process

The Void or Darkness

The Tunnel

The White Light

Welcoming Beings

The Presence of Deceased Relatives

The Mission

The Thunderous Voice

The Argument of Sending Souls Back to Earth

The Council

About Karma and Reincarnation

Predictions or Scenes of the Future

Part 2: Aliens Controlling The AfterlifePart 2: Aliens Controlling The Afterlife

An Alien Control Agency

Similarities Between NDE’s and Alien Abductions

Aliens Giving A Life Review

More Aliens During NDE’s

An Alien Council Giving Life Reviews


NDE’s and The Moon

Tunnel Experience During Abductions

The Artificially Created White Light

Special Missions and Contracts

Liberate Yourself From Alien Control  

Part 1: The Afterlife Investigated

Why Does The Soul Go Back To Earth?

The afterlife sounds nice and well organized. When I learned about the near-death or the reincarnation process, I accepted it without question. After all the reincarnation process is explained in terms of karma. You did something wrong, well you need to come back to pay of your debt by undergoing suffering. However Buddhism teaches that karma keeps you on the wheel of reincarnation, because every time we come back we accumulate more karma. So, Buddhists seek a path of liberation through meditation and practices.

Because I like to understand everything, instead of blindly accepting religious doctrines or teachings, there were still a couple of issues that bothered me. How many people who practice meditation ever get enlightened or liberated? Very, very, very few. So, what’s the point? I am not saying that it doesn’t have any value, but when you reincarnate again, you have to start all over again.

That is a sore point with reincarnation. Life is really short. It takes twenty years to grow up and learn the basics, another twenty years to have a family, and then most likely you have come down with some ailment or disease. By the time you have gained some wisdom about life, it is time to go, and start over again. After all we don’t remember anything about our previous lives.

Why is it that our memory gets wiped when we incarnate? That way we keep on repeating the same things over and over again, and we never spiritually evolve.

Why is it that bad people, like psychopaths, murderers, warmongers, are allowed to incarnate and do their bad things? When souls are told to go down to Earth again, a blueprint of their coming life is drawn up. How can a soul pay of his karma, when gets a blueprint of a serial killer? Something is wrong here.

If karma would help the soul to rectify his past misbehavior and become a better person until he gets enlightened, then karma does not work when you look at the past millennia of constant wars, declining civilizations and the recent fast disappearance of morals and ethics with an increasing egotism and narcissism. Humanity is not getting better, it is getting worse.

What went wrong?

Well, now we are starting to figure it out.

An Overview of the Afterlife Process

No two near-death experiences are exactly the same, but there is a common theme. When the soul leaves the physical body it encounters a light, and or goes through a tunnel, or finds itself directly in an astral landscape. It goes through a life review process and is purposely sent back. With final death it is made to incarnate again.

About one third of people who have had a near-death experience will go through a tunnel at the end of which is a brilliant light. The soul will go into this light. Another third will see a religious figure, such as Jesus, or an angel. Sometimes the soul will find itself in a park with deceased relatives. The religious figure and relatives will tell the soul that it has to go back to Earth, or the soul will be taken to a council who makes the soul go back. When death is final, the soul will also pass time in self-created heavens or hells. The souls don’t always realize that these environments are self-created, often by groups of souls with like mind. When the time comes, the soul will have a choice where it wants to incarnate, and a blueprint for its new life is written up.

The void

The Void or Darkness

Some near-death experiencers finds themselves first in darkness. It is a total black darkness that stretches all around them into infinity. It is sometimes called the Void. It is total stillness and peace. Although it might be initially scary, it does bring relief after all the pain and trauma the physical body had to endure. Now one feels free and calm. Some people might think that the darkness or void is something bad or evil, but that is not so. It is sometimes explained as being the void that is full of potentials, before creation.

After the impact, I faded to black into what I call a void. It was dark, black, empty and wide open. It was the most peaceful and calm feeling I ever had. I knew with just one thought I could travel through the void… NDERF

I found myself in a black void completely at peace. I had no self-awareness, no memory of who I was but I somehow knew that I was separate from the void. I cannot describe the feeling of completely peace: no pain, no worries, no sense of self, it was fantastic…I didn’t feel very lucky and was really angry at being back. At the time, I really would have preferred to stay in the void.  NDERF

When the soul starts to move, usually because it perceives a light in the distance, it goes through a tunnel at the end of which it enters into the White Light. It seems that the movement itself creates this tunnel or this vortex like tube that will connect the soul with the next higher level. The time spent in the void seems to be related to what the soul needs in order to contemplate its new state of being. When it is ready it will perceive a light in the distance.

Some people become afraid of the void. As there is nothing else in the void but oneself, it will depend on how you view yourself if you like the void or not. In a certain way you could call it a black mirror. The void itself is neutral.

The Void is actually the basis of everything, for all creation. The stillness and nothingness is only apparent, as it contains all potentialities. I think this is what the alchemists called Nigredo, the Blackness, and also the Prime Materia, the substance underlying all creation.

NDE’er Mellen-Thomas Benedict expressed it this way:

At this point of my near-death experience, I found myself in a profound stillness, beyond all silence. I could see or perceive FOREVER, beyond Infinity. I was in the Void…

I was in pre creation, before the Big Bang. I had crossed over the beginning of time / the First Word/the First vibration. I was in the Eye of Creation. I felt as if I was touching the Face of God. It was not a religious feeling. Simply I was at one with Absolute Life and Consciousness. When I say that I could see or perceive forever, I mean that I could experience all of creation generating itself. It was without beginning and without end…

I can tell you this now: the Void is less than nothing, yet more than everything that is! The Void is absolute zero; chaos forming all possibilities. It is Absolute Consciousness; much more than even Universal Intelligence. The Void is the vacuum or nothingness between all physical manifestations…

I began to see during my near-death experience that everything that is, is the Self, literally, your Self, my Self.

The Void itself is devoid of experience. It is pre life, before the first vibration.

Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife

When the soul is in the Void, and has reflected upon itself and its new situation, what to do next? There is only one thing to do, and that is to create. From the void anything can be created. Right there you can create anything you want: a house, a landscape, a city etc. Or you can go wherever you want: to other souls’ creations such as buildings, landscapes, towns, or what they consider heaven. You can even go to other parts of the galaxy, or other dimensions.

However, most people have a poor or no understanding of what the astral worlds are about and their newly found freedom, that they will only go the first light that present itself, and that is the White Light.

The Tunnel

The Tunnel

I have always found it strange. How can there be tunnel in the afterlife? Why does a soul have to go through a tunnel? However, a third of near-death experiencers do. The tunnel can be experienced as being in motion, and with texture or grooves. Colors also vary. Most people go over to the next level directly without going through a tunnel. Maybe this is because the soul is still ‘out of it’ after having experienced the traumatic process of death, and did not consciously experience the transition through a tunnel.

Most of the time the White Light appears at the end of the tunnel. At other times, a figure is waiting.

Although the term ‘tunnel’ is widely used, the soul can also go through a ‘door’, ‘passage’, ‘tube’, ‘shaft’, ‘hole’, ‘funnel’… these are all transition structures.

The soul can also go through a tunnel when it returns to the body. This is rarely reported, probably because the descent into the body is usually very rapid and the tunnel experience might not have been consciously noticed.

I must go back; I have not accomplished my mission. In that moment, I sensed I was going backward into a tunnel and I found myself back in my body. NDERF

So I returned through the same tunnel, seeing my life pass before my eyes from my childhood until my age at that moment. At the end, there was a window. When I looked, I saw my body on the table of the operating room and the doctors around me, operating. NDERF

In regression therapy, when the person is brought back to the life in the spiritual world before incarnation, a tunnel is also reported when the soul goes ‘down’ into its new physical body.

It seems that the tunnel experience has to do with the transition from one plane of consciousness to another, or from one dimension to the another. Something like a wormhole that connects dimensions.

We find the tunnel experience also with out-of-the-body-experiences. In his book Far Journeys II Robert Monroe reports on the tunnel experience as the result of fixation on a pinpoint of light when the latter appeared into their vision:

These phenomena were gradually perceived in a pattern, as somewhat of a band preceding a change into the out-of-body experience. There were also preliminary physiological responses—lowering of blood pressure and pulse, slight temperature drop (03°), loss of muscle tone. Subjectively, there were reports of a heaviness in the physical body, sometimes catalepsy, and a strong sense of heat followed by coolness. As the induction of the OOBE state was examined further, one key element did repeat consistently. Subjects began to locate within their nonphysical perception a pinpoint of light. When the subject learned to “move” in the direction of the light until it became larger and larger, and then move through it, the OOBE state was achieved. In slow motion, it “felt as if one were going through a tunnel to get to the light,” a classic description that has been brought forth by many who performed the OOBE inadvertently or in a near-death situation.” (page 19)

OOBE’er Oliver fox writes in his book Astral Projection about going through a tunnel when he wanted to visit a scene in the past:

I then willed to travel to a certain temple which I have been told once existed in Allahabad. I moved off at a great speed and came to rest in a modern brilliantly lighted room. Here a man and a woman were seated at a table, having a meal. They did not seem to see me. Again I repeated my desire : “Temple —Allahabad—India—in the Past”. And now it seemed to me there was a sort of hole or break formed in the continuity of the astral matter ; and through this, in the distance—as though viewed through a very long tunnel—I could see something indistinct which might have been an entrance to a temple, with a statue still further away showing through it. I then moved forward again, but to my disappointment came to rest almost immediately in another room, where three women were seated at a table which also bore the remains of a meal. A fourth woman—pretty, with fair hair and blue eyes—was standing up in the act of leaving the table. Apparently, none of them could see me. Sticking to my objective, I once more repeated “Temple Allahabad—India—in the Past”. The tunnel arrangement was coming into view again, then something must have occurred which broke my trance —though what, I do not know. Instantly I rushed back to my body and awoke. (page 98)

It seems that the tunnel can also appear when consulting the Akashic Records to see or relive past events.

On page 106, he writes about another experience in which he arrived at another scene in the past:

I then decided that I would try to reach a certain ruined temple in Tibet, of which my Master, Azelda, had spoken. With this end, I concentrated all my will in one big effort, expecting to rush off in some horizontal direction. The result was absolutely unexpected. The ground collapsed beneath my feet and I was falling, with seemingly tremendous velocity, down a dark, narrow tunnel or shaft.

Tunnels also appear with people take mind altering drugs. Here is a quote from and person who took DMT, posted on Erowid Experience Vaults:

The visuals began. My breathing became heavy, I was laying on the ground and could see the night sky above me. Large beings were circled around me, observing me as if I had fallen right out of the sky, they all bent over me, blocking my view of the sky, suddenly they began to circle around me, raised their arms and the next thing I knew, I was trapped in a colorful tunnel. I was overwhelmed by what was happening, the tunnel began projecting me through it and I had no idea where I was going or if this tunnel ever ended. 2- dimensional beings were dancing on the walls of the tunnel…I was thrown back into the tunnel, but this one was slightly different; It was as if the artist Alex Grey had painted the inside of this tunnel for me. I remembered the end of the last tunnel, this one too had an end! I Indubitably reached the end…

So, it is not unusual to go through a tunnel in a near-death experience.

The White Light



Consider the Book of Enoch and its bearing upon Biblical prophetic events: