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Published on June 29, 2017 

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Best Evidence Must See to Believe! UFO Documentary 2017

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This is a video compilation of captured UFO footage The UFO caught on camera is proof of intelligent alien life visiting earth. The footage include eye witness encounters/ first hand accounts of fully visible space crafts, lights in the sky and strange occurrences. These UFO caught on video/tape footage cannot be verified and are presented by you the viewer to choose to believe it or not.

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UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed

One by one, a succession of long-retired United States Air Force veterans stepped to the podium. Their accounts were eerily similar and equally far-fetched. In a presentation before the National Press Club in 2010, these honorable servicemen admitted to having first-hand knowledge of UFO sightings, each of which occurred in close proximity to their military bases during the height of the Cold War. UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed investigates their claims by presenting never-before-revealed documents and riveting eyewitness testimonies.

These veterans, and hundreds of others just like them, have confirmed sightings near military bases, test areas, research laboratories and missile silos. The areas in question spanned the countryside from Tennessee to Montana to California. In many of these instances, the presence of the UFOs temporarily disabled the nuclear weaponry housed at each site. This phenomenon was not limited to the U.S.; it was experienced by members of Soviet military forces as well.




Published on Jan 31, 201

There is much testimonial evidence that 12 miles south of Area 51 there is a highly classified facility called S-4 that in the past has housed different extraterrestrial entities for limited periods starting as early as 1953. To this pool of testimonial evidence we can add the live alien video. If genuine, it is hard evidence that extraterrestrials have been held at classified military facilities, and have been interviewed by various officials who have yet to share with the general public what they have learned. Richard Dean was moved by the footage, and still stands behind his words today. “This is Real!” During the past 60 years, since the alleged Roswell crash, there have been tens of thousands of reported UFO sightings. A global hysteria has emerged from “evidence” of what is presumed to be extraterrestrial phenomenon.
Concurrently, the unrelenting denial of this phenomenon by the U.S. government has precipitated an uninterrupted flurry of accusations, counter accusations, cover-up conspiracy theories, lunatic fringe speculations, “scientific investigations”, etc., etc., ad nausea, and a growing multitude of similar alleged “close encounters”. In addition, the subject has become so thoroughly overwhelmed with obvious false reports, discredited sources, hearsay, manufactured falsehoods, misunderstandings, missing information, added inapplicable information and a myriad of other conflicting complexities which have made the subject laughable or unapproachable as a science.
This may be intentional, or simply a reflection of the general chaos and barbarism that is Humanity. In 1997 an anonymous whistle blower calling himself “Victor” came forward to tell a fantastic story about a captured alien held at a remote secret U.S. facility near Area 51, Nevada called S-4. What made Victor different was that he had a video to prove what he was saying was real. The Alien Interview video has been controversial since it was first aired in 1997 in a documentary, The Alien Interview. The video itself takes place in a darkened room where a large headed creature with big black eyes appearing like a classic Gray alien is being interviewed. Two individuals appear to be conducting the interview. One is allegedly a general asking questions while the other is a telepathic communicator relaying the alien’s responses. Towards the end of the nearly three minute video segment, the Gray alien being appears to have breathing difficulties and is helped by two medics who rush into the room to give assistance.
The video released by Victor had the audio removed allegedly to protect identities, so Victor added his own commentary to one version to explain what was happening. Victor’s alien was allegedly captured in 1989 and interviewed at S-4 in January 1991. Apparently it was a different alien to what the CIA agent’s boss had seen and interviewed back in 1958. There have been other whistle blowers who have claimed to have worked at S-4 and witnessed a live alien being housed there. These include Robert Lazar (1988) and Dan Burisch (1994).

My Observations:   Obviously, the emotions behind the determined voice in this video, testifies to some very serious revelations that could implicate the whistleblower’s family and personal safety.  It seems our behavior in past dealings with the ET’s has been far from congenial and welcoming, and more aptly put dare I say it, ‘self serving’ to the greatest degree. The compassion and respect replaced by the deployment of interrogative measures based as usual on gross mistrust and paranoia (generated by extreme fear of course), has set us all off on the wrong footing. However, let us rejoice to know that today many ET and Alien Disclosure Organizations in existence worldwide (representing the greater percentage of earthlings) are encouraging ET contact and demonstrate to our neighboring ET races that there are a greater proportions of the human race capable of compassion and deepest respectfulness, when coming face to face with their visitations.These visitations will continue to become ever more prevalent on a regular basis as we move into the future. The exposure of the ETs to the world will not be instigated by earthly governments, but more aptly the Alien presence will be revealed to us all on a much more individually aligned basis to receptive humans and CSETI types of organizations of peaceful and enquiring dispositions. That coupled with a high degree of consciousness and spiritual development, we as individuals can all attain to communicating with these dimensions of higher intelligence by first coming to a more informed knowledge about our other ‘star races’, their cultures and their means of telepathic communications.




Published on Feb 15, 2017





Snowden WARNING! How Deep Does The ALIEN Conspiracy Go? “Tall White Greys Agenda” 1/23/17





Published on May 26, 2016

Whistle-blower William Binney worked for the NSA for 32 years and is regarded as one of the best mathematicians and code breakers in NSA’s history. What he reveals is shocking… “Those who give up liberty for security deserve neither.” Benjamin Franklin NOTE: All you have to do is place your phone next to your keyboard to provide a direct channel for anyone to read what you are typing – and it’s all down to the vibration of the keys. A team of researchers from MIT and the Georgia Institute of Technology have provided proof of concept for logging keystrokes using nothing but the sensors inside a smartphone.…)


New Death Bed UFO Testimony from High Level Canadian Official