Afterlife…Beyond the Veil of Human Mortality! Part 2


Christians ought to know better what the Christian Bible actually teaches us about Heaven, Hell, This Life and the socalled ‘Afterlife’, and what happens to us after we die!  OR DO WE?  Sadly many pick scriptural verses to suit their innate desires, because God put eternity into our hearts at birth, and yet we do not take clear notice of what God actually does have  in store for mankind and which can be learned if the Bible is studied in its entirety and is not clipped in bits and pieces.  Ecclesiastes 3: 10, 11.


Yet the scriptures make it very clear and plain.   Many in our world are being deceived in this, what the Bible refers to as, ‘our war not one of the flesh, but the war of the spirit’; a fact that is prophesied in the gospels and is clearly seen manifested in our chaotic world status today.   Many will be deceived in the last days, not by the Christian teachings but by unseen forces working behind the scenes in the guise of ‘angels of light’ aiming to deceive and turn humans into  disobedient subjects away from the true God albeit unwittingly so.  As  Satan and his armies are powerfully using and manipulating many in order to mislead the world by promoting the deception from its infancy in the Garden of Eden – of an “Afterlife” through the immortality of the soul, and so he continues to perpetuate the ‘original lie’.

As he said to Eve in the Garden of Eden, that eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad, that she would surely ‘not’ die.  This is the main focus of discontent raging between the forces of good and evil, between God and Satan (the Bible refers to Satan as ‘the father of the original lie’) and humans are merely used as pawns in these exchanges and tug-o-war between ‘good’ and ‘evil’.

God clearly stated to Adam in Genesis 2:17  that regarding the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, “in the day that you eat from it you shall surely die.  Despite reaching a ripe old age Adam did eventually lose his life as did all his offspring and mankind as a whole.  Eternal life was gifted to the first man and woman but that privilege was lost through a simple act of disobedience.  When Satan came along to deceive the pair and tempted them to consider their free will to choose as the will, he simply told Eve:

Genesis 3:4 King James Version (KJV)  And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die.  

God’s plan is to restore earthly paradise conditions during the thousands year reign.  The well known Lord’s prayer speaks of this loud and clear: Matthew 6:10, “Let your Will be done upon earth as in heaven”.  So we can assume that when that aim has  been achieved, Earth and the planet upon which we live in our real hell today, will be made perfect also.  Why does God promise in Matthew 5:5  that “The Meek shall inherit the Earth?”  Are they just empty promises?  He shall do this by means of his new Heavenly theocratic rule from Heaven.  Everything is possible by God’s standards, yet nothing works by man’s intellect when it comes to life everlasting on planet earth.  It is an inconceivable concept for many.  Is life in heaven for all eternity than also not an inconceivable concept?  The skeptics will not choose one or the other prospect, yet many of these same new age adherents  (not religiously oriented) will still maintain that we have a ‘universal consciousness’ that travels into other realms and spiritual dimensions?  The question is, who do you believe?  God, Satan, or the philosophies of vain Man?   I would say that when we die our Spirit goes back to He Who gave it, for safekeeping until the day of the Resurrection of both the ‘Righteous and the Unrighteous.  Acts 24:15 as He wants all to attain to life everlasting.   Death will be swallowed up forever!  Romans 5:17

When God tells His people through his word not to consult mediums, psychics and soothsayers, He did that for a reason.  Knowing full well that there are indeed powerful hierarchies of evil origins that are permeating those otherworldly dimensions.  God gives us advise to not allow ourselves to become embroiled or deceived by these powerful practices;  yet we keep doing it.  And all in the name of God, who is warning us against it.

But that said, what about these journeys millions of people have experienced in their NDE, OBE and periods of Consciousness Awareness experienced by many, when meeting their death knell through traumas experienced during operations, or car accidents, or when drowning and who all in their own way experienced that state of clinical death and were being pronounced dead, but were able to tell the stories of their otherworldly experiences when resuscitated back to life. Where does the truth lie?  The truth is there and the facts are also there to back up these personal and close up  experiences which were researched by a body of very brave medical people in a global effort and who took up the torch of progress.  Now it is time to open our minds.  


Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert, November, 2018









SO WHAT ARE WE TO BELIEVE?  Afterlife, the survival of our Consciousness beyond death, NDEs and OBEs.   Why is it still taboo, smirked at and frowned upon by the mainstream medical and the Medical Scientific communities around the world erring on the side of shortsightedness and somewhat draconian attitudes.  Perhaps it’s time to shake loose the narrow views and concepts we’ve adapted to for so many decades since entering the 21 st Century, leaving many still isolated in their secret experiences while undergoing the knife, and experiencing their NDEs and OBEs after having been announced clinically dead?  Then were resuscitated to recall their journey into another realm?