A Dying World? How Can We Empower Ourselves for Good by Deep Introspection?



Are a number of our founders of social networking mediums taking a few steps back by taking deep personal introspection and feel that in hindsight perhaps they may have invented another Frankenstein’s monster, opened a can of worms, or lifted the lid off the proverbial Pandora’s Box?  Or more probably, and let’s face it, the technology has absorbed our lives within it trappings and confines and we’re suddenly all living in a big fat bubble with no way out until it will finally burst, and is biting us all in the a…….eh, I mean hinie?

I guess time will tell, but I pray sanity shall prevail, good shall win over evil, survival shall overcome annihilation, and catch our transgressors and adversaries in the act and bring them to their knees, and it won’t hurt perhaps that we should seek a little help by earnestly reaching out to ‘you know who’ – and I don’t mean ‘Ole Nick and his ‘cronies’.  But all jesting aside, or making a poor attempt at sounding like a stand up comic, I deeply sense there are some worrying impacting events ahead for humanity.  I wonder if some years into the future I shall still be around to face that socalled ‘great tribulation’ so many famous forward thinking gurus have fore spelled.  Gosh I hope not!   I always live with an acute sense of insecurity wondering when the hour will strike.  Ultimately though  I believe that once we’ve worked out our mess and make some serious readjustments by creating and adapting a few new rules and legislation in place, regarding the boundaries of our personal privacy and what is deemed acceptable and what ought not to be out there exposed for media gazing and where every Tom, Dick and Joline hangs out their dirty laundry;  that our remarkable technology can actually benefit and save us – and it surely shall.

Let’s face it, I, like the many of us around the world have become wiser and more enriched and informed, all at the touch of a key on our PC keyboards, and I wonder how the world ever did without its wealth of resources and convenience throughout the centuries.  In the old days all they could resort to were ‘mediums’ and ‘soothsayers’; the majority proving clever charlatans, but at least today what with all the genuine media footage provided by the public (everybody can now be a journalist),  we are witnessing scenes of important events in nations beyond the borders of our own fatherland, groundbreaking and catastrophic impacting  events, progress and ongoing medical research taking place and thundering in leaps and bounds within the branch of medical science, the politics of earthbound nations, our vital industries that are aimed to making our lives easier etc., etc., all of which would have eluded us two centuries earlier.  Apart from what the clever artist could provide as seen through their own biased perspective and personal impressions of world events.

I am again quoting Dr. Steven M. Greer as I have done in various of my other postings on this site, whose undeniable contributions have been huge over the last two decades or more, but we can all now make our own contributions as well to the world scene and spread our observations and messages.  But he was the forerunner and he made possible the ‘Witness Accounts’ by top security level clearance professionals, who may otherwise never have come forward on their own initiative so soon, but because they were able to offer their witness accounts within the good company of a conscientious and tight knit group (safety in numbers as they say), and were supported by so many other professionals in the industry who also came forward as they each related their spell binding experiences to the massive public audiences that sat mesmerized, and listened excitedly with bated breath to their revelations.  This is exactly why Dr. Steven Greer deserves the recognition and the respect for getting this ball rolling.  But unlike elephants, humans forget that.

Today we are programmed and greatly influenced by the Media, by the espoused gossip within that dangerous medium,  by each other, and then trying to decipher what is fact, and what is fiction as the contradictions and fallacies fly us daily in the face on our chosen social media sites; and that is where this story of our world’s history and its politics begins to become evermore exposed and unraveled as we do eventually get the majority consensus that indeed UFO activity is real and that those intelligent professionals can not all be hallucinating.

So who are the creators of this technology?  It must be those that operate those vehicles with the greatest of ease and acumen so seamlessly through our skies, and they are definitely not of this earth.  Even the crafts build by our own us based on the principles of genuine UFO vehicles by means of ‘back engineering’, does make it quite a lot more obvious which is the genuine article and which are man produced.    All those roads that led us to seeking solutions and answers to our fragile World’s conditions in this the 21st century particularly will lead us to two sources ultimately.  One is evil, and the other is of a more celestial benign source.  We must all make our own informed choices however as to which side we turn our attentions for our salvation, and where we are feeling secure and confident enough where to sacrifice our trust.