A Dying World? How Can We Empower Ourselves for Good by Deep Introspection?

Citizens of Earth need to reevaluate their part and share in how we conduct our Privacy, Social Interaction and how we apply our personal guardianship over our Planet in order to see it surviving, and see itself regenerating for our Children, and Future Generations.


We can make a start here by viewing these videos, and by taking stock of how we allow the introduction of new technologies into our lives by using our personal discernment.  To ensure advancements in technology not only continues to sober up the human race for good intention, but also by becoming guardian ‘Watchers’, ensuring we play a vital and verbal part throughout our lifetime, and in how we utilize these new technologies and still able to maintain the social fabric of earth’s societies and cultures.

Are a number of our founders of social networking mediums taking a couple of steps back by taking some deep personal introspection, and concluded in hindsight that perhaps they may have invented another Frankenstein’s monster and opened a can of worms, or lifted the lid off the proverbial Pandora’s Box?  Some acknowledge that the technology has absorbed our lives within it trappings and confines and we’re suddenly all living our lives in a big fat bubble with no way out until it will finally burst, and bites us all in the backside as the technology gradually takes over every facet of our existence?

I guess time will tell, but I pray sanity shall prevail, good shall win over evil, survival shall overcome annihilation, and catch our transgressors and adversaries in the act and bring them to their knees.  Neither will it hurt perhaps that we should seek a little help by earnestly reaching out to ‘you know who’ – and I don’t mean ‘Ole Nick and his ‘cronies’.   I and many others wonder, if some years into the future our children’s children shall still be around to face that so-called ‘great tribulation’ so many famous forward thinking gurus are fore-spelling.  Gosh I hope not!   On a personal basis I always try to live with my life with an acute sense of discernment and wonder whether there is any credence to ‘when the hour will strike’ and see the end of our civilization as we once knew it in the days of our innocence.  Ultimately though,  I believe that once we’ve worked out our mess and apply some serious readjustment by creating and adapting new rules and legislation, as regards the boundaries of our personal privacy and what is deemed acceptable and what ought not to be out there exposed under the media microscope.  The Internet is a place where every Tom, Dick and Harriet hangs out their dirty laundry;  with the consequential destruction of personal lives over which we have no longer any control.

Let’s face it, I, like the many of us around the world have become wiser and more enriched and informed, all at the touch of a key on our PC keyboards, and I wonder how the world ever did manage to survive over the centuries without its wealth of resources and conveniences gained in leaps and bounds it seemed throughout the 21 Century.  In the old days all they could resort to were ‘mediums’ and ‘soothsayers’ and suppositions; the majority proving clever charlatans (and they’re still around), but at least today what with all the genuine media footage provided by the public (everybody can now be a journalist).  We are witnessing scenes of important events in nations beyond the borders of our own fatherland, and what used to be from a very narrowed outlook from our own secure environment.  The groundbreaking and catastrophic impacting  events that have  become commonplace, but also the progress and ongoing medical research taking place making advancements in leaps and bounds to encourage our longevity, are also areas which overall effects our earthbound nations and our vital industries continues to make our lives easier, no argument there!  But at what cost?

To quote one trend-setter in the field of ET technology, Dr. Steven M. Greer, as I have done in various of my other postings on this site, whose undeniable contributions have been huge over the last two decades or more, we can all now make our own contributions as well to the world scene and spread our personal observations and messages.  But he was the forerunner and he made possible the ‘Witness Accounts’ symposiums provided by top security level clearance professionals on the ET phenomenon.   What we used to consider hype floating around about Alien back engineered technologies and its spin off in industry and space programs we’ve already come to recognize is no longer the case, and proves to be very real.

Today we are programmed and greatly influenced by the Media often leading many of us to wonder, what is fiction and what is fallacy?   But we can also deduct from all the information provided by all those brave Professionals in all areas of the Space industry that, UFO activity is real and that those intelligent professional individuals laying their reputations on the line; can not all be hallucinating.